Friday, April 25, 2014

This has been a week of

God speaking to people's hearts. He doesn't speak the same things to everyone, God deals with people where they are at.
Many times, I am guilty of figuratively putting my fingers in my ears " >lalalalala<  I'm NOT listening!" When God is trying to talk to me. I don't know why this is. (Perhaps too many times of another's philosophy being heralded as the only correct one?)
God has His ways of sneaking His lessons into our everyday lives.
When friends and family members have been trying to share with me the things God is speaking to them, I just have not had open ears, or an open heart.

This week, He has been gently chiding my heart for not loving some persons as He would have me love them. Justifying to my own heart it's 'rightness' in holding some persons at arms length, when the call of God is to embrace them. In accepting that I have wronged people in this, I seek ways to change my attitude. Not for their benefit, but my own. (Rooted in selfishness. Ever the downfall of mankind.)
I have been having some bad days of missing Bill. It has been more than two years now. He would have been 33 this coming Tuesday. I still find myself reaching for the phone to call him, or finding some little something that I know he would love...
Most days I do an admirable job of coping.
A whole new crop of babies in the family- how Bill loved babies! I am so thankful he got the opportunity to be a dad.


At work, things have finally slowed down a bit. We did have a whole lot of freight today, but I was only 1/2 hour over in getting finished. Both boys work tonight- so I have just to fix supper for Mr C.- and myself! And clean ump the kitchen.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

It's been awhile...

(Sorry Auntie!)
Last week I was pretty sick, having caught Mr C's cold. Missed two days of work. I am much better now. The weather has still been roller-coastering here. Currently a nice 62*, but we had a hard freeze that got the first sign of leaves on my rose bushes. This was after it was warm enough we were sleeping with the windows opened!
Tom got spinach planted, as well as onions. The spinach had not yet come up, and onions are fairly hardy. We have been trying not to jump the gun on the garden this year.
Tomorrow, Dan and Sam are supposed to meet Tommy about halfway, and return his updated chain maille to him, so he will have it for his upcoming mission trip to Brasil.
Tommy's birthday is this coming week. Twenty-four!
Becky and Ben plan a visit to Chris.
Becky is a month< from her due date with the newest little Jones firearm.
We are six weeks away from getting to go meet him... or her!
Alana is supposed to go down to Becky's when we do.
Jaffa is also doing well. He did try to follow in his brother's paw prints a few days ago- galloping after the postman. The boys grabbed him in the nick of time. Our poor mail carrier would of been heartbroken had he hit another of our dogs. We have Jaffa broken from chasing everything EXCEPT the postman, so we try to make sure he is NOT outside when it is time for the mail to run.
I was quite annoyed at the dog yesterday. I had a LONG day at work. Jaffa was inside when I got home, so I let him out. He immediately, without leaving the porch, wanted back inside. I refused and shut the door. Jaffa ran around the house and barked at the back door, wanting inside. He was too quick to have even hiked a leg en route. After he barked several times, I let him in. He jumped up on the couch.
So I went about my "just got home" routine. In a few moments, I sat down at the computer... and Jaffa watched. I hadn't even logged in, when he jumped down from the couch and went to the door wanting out.
I said NO!
 He scratched. He barked. He whined. He barked. He scratched more.
So I got up and let him out.
Maybe he is more cat than dog!
That's about all from here!