Tuesday, June 30, 2009

But first...

My mom called me this morning, saying she was going to be going through her shed today while it is "cool" (only 90* instead of 102*+). She and Ralph are hoping to come up next week and bring my corner hutch. My Grandfather built it in the early 80's, probably one of his last projects before he became sick with cancer. It was built into the corner of the dining room of the house. Mom bought the house a few years after PawPaw died, and just re-did the dining room. I laid claim to the hutch. One thing after another has kept the hutch at Mom's... but they are ready for it to be out of their way.

Before the hutch arrives, we had HOPED to be moved to our new place. Seeing as how there is no new place to move to even on the horizon, I have had Ben and the twins slaving away all morning. I decided the best place to put the hutch is in the SE corner of the front room. To get it there, I had to move the buffet and the shelving unit stacked on top of it. (Due to a knick knack shelving unit on the wall, I couldn't leave the buffet shelving unit on top of the buffet and slide the whole thing down)

I decided to take the shelving unit off the top of the buffet, and move the buffet over about four feet. The removed shelf would stack on top of the second shelving unit where the fish tank sat.
(But first) we had to move the fish tank. And the "game" TV and TV stand.

We drained and cleaned the aquarium. Dan and Sam made room for the game TV in their room. Ben carried the TV for them. Then he carted out the nearly empty aquarium, so we could drain and clean it outside. (Much better idea than the kitchen sink!) I cleaned and wiped off the shelves... Ben doing the high shelves of the unit on the buffet.
Then we discovered it is an extremely tight fit for the shelving unit atop the shelving unit... the thermostat at one end and the light switch to the kitchen at the other end. We squeezed it in anyway.

Sam swept and mopped as we rearranged. Dan scrubbed aquarium parts. We got the buffet slid down to its new place, and set up the aquarium on top of it. Just as we plugged in the last of the aquarium accessories, Mr C arrived home for lunch. I told him what we are doing... and why.

He said I should just call my Mom and tell her NO- we don't have room for the hutch. I put off calling until he was ready to go back to work. As he headed out the door, he decided it would be OK to go ahead with the hutch plans... "just one more thing to move".

The boys and I have been on an extended break since lunch. If we don't get back to work soon, we will end up not completing the rearrange. While Mr C was still home, I got all the knick knacks and videos and DVD's put back onto the moved shelf unit. I even tried sorting the dvd's into categories.

Guess I ought to call the boys back in here so we can finish. Have a great day.


This is the last day of JUNE. Already!
I was supposed to get Connor and Alana (two of my grandkids) this week. Their mother decided to postpone their visit. Which isn't great- I had this week all cleared and plans made. Instead, it looks like we will clean house. It really needs it. Ben had it all nice and neat when we came home from Ohio. Since then... clutter has begun to accumulate.

Yesterday, Dan and Sam and I picked blackberries. Then Dan and I made jelly. Some of my most important canning supplies were no place to be found. We looked and looked for the canning colander, and the pestle that goes with it. Those are handed down from my grandmother! I also couldn't find the "jar sleeve" and the jar lifter, and the rack for the bottom of the pressure cooker. (My kids always called it 'the holey frisbee'.... and it gets looked for every canning season!) We made do with other items in the kitchen, and the jelly jelled this year! (I did forget to skim it, though.)
We have enough berries to make another batch... except for jars. I may do it with the jars on hand... I have five pretty jelly jars left from the case, and can use an old recycled jar for what is left- or an actually 'jelly jar glass' and then seal that the old fashioned way, with Gulf Wax.

With one month and three days left, I have yet to make ANY plans for our 25th anniversary. I haven't figured out a gift, made any plans for a getaway or a party of any kind. Maybe we will go to Callahan's for dinner or something.

I only planned to sit at the computer long enough to finish my tea... and I just drank the last swallow. Hmmm- do I fix another cup or get off right now? (The second cup won out.)

Have a blessed day today!

Monday, June 29, 2009


While we were in Ohio, Al got steadily worse in every way. Ben banished her to the outside, where she has contentedly, for the most part, laid in the sun and slept. She began her atomic meowing Thursday morning, very early, and was let inside. She found a pillow in Ben's room and curled up. Later, she was doing the atomic meow in the bathroom, and I went to pick her up and set her into the bathtub, so that she could drink fresh trickling water.

I picked her up... and she was urine soaked. There was a small puddle directly beneath her... but not enough to saturate her fur as it was. Mr C checked, and the pillow she had been laying on was wet. Back outside she went. Friday, she could barely get up or down the steps on the porch. Mr C found her curled asleep under the canoe by the well house. He said he needed to 'put her down" and didn't know if he could. We both sat and boo-hooed for quite awhile. Friday night, she meowed on the back porch, but I didn't let her in.

We haven't seen her since then. Mr C looked all day Sunday for her, every place she might have curled up to sleep. The boys say they didn't let her inside. She has been missing more than 24 hours... I am afraid something 'got' her. There are coyotes, foxes, and dogs that roam about here at night. Mr C said he should of put her down the day before, lest she is out there injured and suffering somewhere. I just think she quietly passed on.

After having the critter for almost 18 years, it is hard not to miss her.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Back on track...

Ben and I returned from Becky's yesterday. It was far too short a visit with Tommy and Stephen. Heck, even our visit with Becky and Ty were too short. Tyrel is beginning to speak so clearly. I asked him if he could say "Tyrel". He said "Tyr-eh". I asked him id he could say Jones... and he says, quite clearly "Jone". Pretty good for someone who is a full month from being two years old.

Ben and I detoured slightly from our route house. We go right by the exit to the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge. Since the kids practically grew up out there, Ben and I just HAD TO have a side trip through there. We didn't get out and hike- it was 103* But we did stroll around the top of Mt Scott. I sure miss " home".

When we did get house, I relaxed and visited with Mr C and the twins for a little while before heading off to bed. I was in bed by 9:00... and didn't even stir until 9:15 this morning. I don't even think I rolled over in my sleep. Daniel asked if we could go to the library. Mr C called with a list of grocery requests. So we headed off to run errands.

One of the twins discovered I had Tyrel's mock-Croc's still in my car. I also had Becky's magnet still in the car. On our way to take Becky home, we took the realllllllly long route- down 59/259 along Oklahoma's eastern edge. We stopped and saw the Heavener Runestone. What a route to West Texas! We stopped in to see my Dad and Kathie, and my Mom and Ralph, who were at Dad's. After visiting a couple of hours, we headed off into the sunset. Literally. We arrived at Becky's at midnight.
The stars. Oh my. How many people realize there are still so many stars to be seen? I could of stayed out there for hours... if I weren't dead in my tracks. I didn't sleep too well... every little sound woke me. But I did get a nap the next day. Good thing, since we all stayed up until midnight+ again. We were on the road by 7:00 on Monday and on Wednesday. Counting Saturday, we have put in about 2200 miles of driving over 5 days.

No wonder I slept 12 hours.

I had to make laundry detergent this afternoon. Mt Washmore is underway. Becky had to make detergent and get on her Mt Washmore as well... though she may of done that yesterday while Ben and I were on the road. Meal plans this week include Granny's Garden Vegetable Saute, hamburgers on the grill, chicken alfredo, spinach mushroom salad, pulled pork.

Tomorrow, it is back to Oreilly's!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Popping in....

We had a wonderful time in Ohio- one of the best trips ever. We went camping in Tar Hollow State Park- my first trip to that park, though everyone else has been numerous times without me. We had a nice camp site- very large and relatively private, considering the park was jam packed and most other campers were shoe-horned in.

Daniel wasn't having a lot of luck getting Sam to hike with him, until Becky and I agreed to go along. I was insisting... I should say INSISTING that we carry water along on our hike. Tom didn't feel it was necessary, as it was a 'short hike' and a 'cool' day. So the boys gave in (take water or stay in camp!) and we set off for the trail head. Becky and I told the boys we might not hike the whole trail, and if they got ahead of us, they didn't have to wait, as we might turn back.

Tyrel is good for about 100 yards, tops, before he wants "Up". We had already walked for over a mile, just around the campgrounds that morning, with Becky and the boys showing me other campsites they had had in the past, before deciding to take this hike. I had Ty in Becky's Ergo carrier before we reached the trail head. The cute little guy weighed in at 30 lbs. at Gma Arlene's, according to her scale.

So we started up the trail. Dan and Sam stayed with us for awhile, but it soon became apparent we were holding them back. They took the backpack with a couple of bottles of Snapple tea (and Tyrel's shoes!) as Becky and I lagged farther and farther behind. We were really enjoying our walk through the woods- which wended ever upward towards the mountain top. Tyrel was soon sound asleep on my back. The trail switched back several times. We heard traffic from the road- not too far away through the brush from time to time. Daniel and Sam seemed to have vanished from the planet. At times, the trail was a bit precarious- overgrown and slippery. There were unexpected roots and trip hazards- and in places the ravine fell sharply off one side.

After an hour or so, Becky and I saw that the road was about 5 yards from the trail. She graciously consented that we leave the trail and walk on the road. Due to the switchbacks, I thought turning right on the road would take us back to camp. Becky thought left would return us, but didn't speak up. We hiked another 3/4 mile, and found a shelter in a meadow where 3 roads met. Which to choose?

Fotunately, there was water available. Our bottle was dry! We both drank our fill, rested, drank more, and refilled the water bottle. We hadn't taken any snacks. Becky had developed a blister from damp socks. An elderly couple drove by, and let us know which was the correct road... the one we had arrived on! They offered to drive us back to camp, but we didn't have a carseat for Tyrel. After using the facilities across from the shelter, and drinking again, we set off down the road to camp.

At least it was mostly down hill! Becky's blood sugar bottomed out, and I left her resting about 1/2 mile from camp. I took Ty with me and sent Tom to get Becky once I arrived. Sam and Dan had been back about 15 minutes by the time I arrived. Later, we measured out the route via the road... and our round trip hike was over 5 1/2 miles. In 80* weather, carrying 30 lbs., I didn't do too poorly for an overweight, out of shape grandmother. (Don't forget we had already walked well over a mile earlier in the day- and that isn't counted against the 5 1/2 miles.)

ALWAYS take water when you go hiking- even if you expect it to be a short hike and the weather is "cool".

Tyrel has got to be the best little traveller I have ever seen for someone his age. He was happy, stayed in his car seat, didn't cry and fuss. He sang us songs and played nicely with his toys. We travelled nearly as quickly with him as without- only taking slightly longer breaks at the rest stops. (The longer stops were probably beneficial to ALL of us). Which is good, as we head off to take him home tomorrow!

Monday, June 8, 2009

We're Off!

It is just past six a.m., and we are about to say our traveler's prayer and hit the road. "See" you soon!

PS... I am leaving my cell with Ben. Call us on Tom's or at Gma Arlene's if you need us! (Mr C's phone ends in "6" instead of 5- otherwise the same as mine.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Almost time

The trip home with Becky and Tyrel went well. We took our time, and even took the scenic route. We were supposed to get some Dorian's Habanero Salsa while we were in Marlow... but the store was sold out.
Becky thought watermelon sounded good, so we stopped in Rush Springs (The Watermelon Capital of the World) at a fruit stand. They 'happened to' have two jars of Dorian's Habanero! Two jars being better than none... we snatched it up.

We are supposed to leave in the wee hours of morning... figuring the more miles we put behind us before Ty'ger wakes up, the fewer stops we will have to make. Ty is a VERY good traveller.

And I haven't even begun to pack.

Work has been BUSY! Even with four (or more) people manning the store, we have had customers lined up down the aisles. Boss gave me a stack of "to-do" price changes and display resets almost an inch thick. Every upcoming display change due between now and the end of the month. The store has been so busy, I barely made a dent in it. Boss told David that if I was finished and the store was slow, to send me home early. (Vanessa had a wedding to attend this weekend, so David is acting assistant manager).

I guess it is time for me to get ready to go!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Ever since I have been coming to Nola's house (My DD's MIL), it has rained when I have showed up. Not necessarily ME... but Tom, the twins... any of our family not LIVING here.

Rain in the dry west Texas caliche.

The road was passably dry when I came in yesterday afternoon- drying out from .2 rain two days before my arrival. Storms threatened... but they have had a 50% chance of rain many times, and not gotten a drop.

The storms gathering around began to look serious, so Becky called a friend who lives up the highway a bit, and got permission for me to leave the (non 4 wheel drive) car at her house. Good thing. We had STORMS last night, and they got 1.5 inches of rain. I'd never have been able to get the car the 3 miles from the house to the nearest paved road... the highway.

My DD and her family live in some serious boonies.

We will be heading out fairly early tomorrow... we have to have someone take us up to the car. Someone with 4 wheel drive!

Have a blessed day!

Monday, June 1, 2009

I may be MIA for awhile...

but I will try to post when I can.

Summer plans have taken another fast turn. I am leaving in the morning to go to Becky's house. We will hang loose- or do whatever Becky needs to do to get her squared away for almost a month... before she and I and Tyrel head back to here on Thursday. We hope to drop in on Bill and Glynna and Nickie on our way home Thursday. I work my regular schedule Friday- Sunday... then we all head out Monday to Ohio.

Everyone except Ben, that is. Poor lonesome Benny, here all alone with the two stupid dogs.

Ben is going to take the twins to the library today or tomorrow. We have to get packed for our trip- and remember all the stuff I need to take along for the cakes I will be attempting. I hope to do a graduation cake for Luke, then birthday cakes for Daniel and Sam. I have one week to get everything done that needs to be done... including a 1200 mile round trip to Texas, grocery shopping, house cleaning, laundry. (The laundry piles grow exponentially with house cleaning... I told Daniel and Sam I want their closet CLEANED out. The cleaning of their room and closet will give them something to do Wednesday and Thursday.... two days when they will be on their own from noon-thirty until five forty-five.)

While I am in Ohio- I have very little opportunity to get online. So it may be a pretty dry spell for my blog. Hopefully, I will get back with plenty to 'talk' about!

Right now, Ben and the twins have gone to Atwoods- Ben has been putting off getting new boots, but now he has to have something to cover his pontoons feet. He is almost to the point of duct taping his old boots together. I am trying to finish up a book, so the boys can return it to the library when they go. Guess I ought to get on with that!

Have a blessed day- today and every day!