Thursday, July 31, 2008

And who is this?

This cute little fellow is my grandson Gavin. He will be TWO on September 11th. His Mommy is my favorite photographer... who is waaaaay too busy to take many pictures these days. Gavin's mommy goes to school full time, and works full time. She and my DS have five kids between them... so not many moments are left for photography.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

My kids are different...

Today was my 'last day off' until Wanda takes some time off this fall. We went to the library- Dan had an overdue book, and my last library book failed to hold my attention.

While there, I went to the Library Used Book store, where I found a book by one of Tommy's favorite authors, Ann Coulter. He has probably read the book, but I got it for him anyway. What sort of teenagers read Ann Coulter?

Then I went on into the library itself- where Daniel found me roaming the stacks. He needed help to find a non-fiction book in the adult stacks.

He wanted "An Inconvenient Book" by Glenn Beck. It took us awhile, but we found it. This is a fairly new release- but instead of being up on the new book display- it was buried deep in the stacks, where one would not find it unless deliberately looking for it.... and then it took some searching.

We watch "The Creation Network" on TV on Tuesday evenings. All of the boys could pretty well refute any anti-creationist based on evidence. Some people think we are raising social misfits... Kids that don't follow the crowd. They can think for themselves and present logical arguments for what they believe is right. They are learning to base their beliefs on evidence and not theory. I hope they are also learning kindness to others, and how to give people a hand up.

They listen to political issues and have intelligent questions and opinions based on many different sources. They get that from their Dad; I'm about as political as I am athletic.

In Other News:
I am liking my Oreilly's job. I AM challenged by non-computer lookups. And I DON'T know my vehicles. Someone comes in and says I drive an S10. I ask who makes the S10... they look at me as if I have suddenly morphed into a space alien. I don't speak car. Someone comes in and says they need a new cam shaft. I have to ask what system of the car this is related to... I have categories to select from before I can get as specific as a particular part.... and I have NO CLUE what a cam shaft is. So folks can have a good laugh at me. The other newby does speak car- fluently.
I was trapped by several people conversing in car yesterday. They all carried on for several minutes, when my ignorance became obvious. "You didn't follow any of that, did you?" one asked me. I said "no... I don't even think you were speaking english."

(But I can speak aircraft! I could call the AOG desk for an SFECU for an A&P to put on a CRJ for the BOW.... aren't you impressed?)

I picked up 18 Sam Adams today- WM just did NOT have a selection. I made up the other 6 on a build your own 6 pack... Lets see how that works out. I found a funny card- so I am almost all set for the anniversary. I think I will pick up makings for a nice dinner when I get off work on Saturday evening- since I work next door to the local grocery store that has the best meat counter.
So we libraried, and went to the store. I never made it to the post office. I got a small nap in. We are making egg rolls for supper. Our home made ones have spoiled us into finding most store-bought or restaurant egg rolls just not stacking up. MMMM MMM MMMMMMMM!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Feels like I haven't slept

I know I slept. Bad dreams plagued my sleep. I know I slept, even though I thought I was awake during some of last nights misadventures.

I woke up in my bed in an aisle of O'Reilly's Auto Parts- someone asking me where to find the oil. That was weird. Naturally, I got right up and began stocking shelves. I hate it when I keep right on working when I'm dreaming.

How bizarre dreams are in the light of day! ************************

I was home for lunch yesterday and talked to Wanda. Matthew comes back this weekend, and I resume sitting for him on Sunday. Wanda and Tom may see if they can take some of the same days off in October- and I will ask my new boss to take me off the schedule for a few days if he can- so I can make a trip to Ohio. If I can't get off from O's, maybe I can just fly up for a couple of the days I don't have Matt.
What good are 'flight benefits' if you never use them? It IS hard to get in and out of Port Columbus, though, flying standby.********************

We have had a summer break from schooling since the twins went to Becky's. They have been back almost two weeks- so we really need to get back on track. I do have some supplies I need to get ordered... but first I have to decide just what I need. I had a list all made up- but it has been mislaid. Oh well- the catalogs are lots of fun to go through. One of the top of the list items is a computer! Wish me luck on that one. **********************

I will close this morning with a laugh Sam and I had a few nights ago. Tom and Sam were watching a TV show- I think it is called "Monster Quest". The folks on the show were looking for Sasquatch in Oklahoma, where 'many sightings have occurred for years'. The host had a guide trekking up along a mountain, and they are whispering back and forth. The guide stops and sniffs the air. "Do you smell that? Can you smell him?" At this point Sam says in a stage whisper, "Oh sorry! That was Me".
We both got to laughing so hard Mr C threatened to turn off the show.*********

Monday, July 28, 2008

Did we barrel through this month, or what?

The end of July happens this week. You may have noticed that July has a tendency to be followed immediately by August. And August brings...

Mine and Tom's anniversary on the 3rd. It will be 24 years this year. That's a long time. I have no idea what to get him to commemorate the occasion. Maybe a case of Sam Adams... after all, there are 24 bottles to a case!

I don't expect he will make any big-to-do over the anniversary. Some years we have gone out to eat- but that is one of Tom's least favorite things to do. (If we are not travelling, we don't eat out. We seldom even buy carry-out to eat at home.) If anyone has any ideas for "24"- share them with me! It needs to be cheap... I am just starting back to work and won't have a check by then- but I can manage cheap!

I best be getting ready to go sell some auto parts- I sure enjoyed (unexpectedly) having the day off yesterday. I am off this Wednesday- and then my 'regular' schedule of 10-7 on Thursday and Friday, 8-5 Saturday will begin. Hooray again for PART TIME!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Becky Moments... where DID they come from?

I had myself a doozy of a Becky Moment this afternoon. This made Mr C question the origins of Becky Moments.

We have had a rodent invade our house- sneaking onto countertops to boldly try for goodies even with people in the kitchen. Mr C invested in some nice new mousetraps. (That means they are CLEAN until they catch a beast). I saw one sitting out as I was cooking supper- and noticed it needed to be re-baited.

Note to self (and others who would learn from the stupid mistakes of other people): Always disengage the trap before attempting to re- bait it!

I was NOT thinking.... obviously!

The snap of the trap about scared the wits out of me... not to mention OUCH! My finger isn't broken... but I have always had blood veins that break easily. I have a heck of a swelling coming on, right on the knuckle.

Can you say DUH-UH?

Friday, July 25, 2008

Happy Birthday, Tyrel

Here it is already a whole year since Ty was born.
He has really grown!
My nephew Tony will be graduating from basic training Friday- at 10 am at the Theatre on Ft Sill.... in case any of my kids wanted to go. We are proud of you, Tony!*****************************
Yesterday was my first day on the cash register. The young man who was in charge at closing was astonished... my drawer balanced perfectly. I would have been astonished if it hadn't. Thanks to Noel Reeves, the manager of the Duncan WalMart. Noel insisted his cashiers count the change back to customers. If he observed you just handing change back, you were warned. Once. I had several customers of the handful who paid out in cash yesterday, comment that they appreciated having the change counted back to them. The young man in charge yesterday said he has worked at O's for a year... and had his drawer come out perfectly ONCE.
Not that I didn't make mistakes yesterday.... not getting credit card sales signed, forgetting my key in the cash drawer, just not "getting" how to fix an exchange/refund/ plus additional sale on a single ticket. My brain was mush.
Now I am off to do it again.
What I was doing a year ago was WAY more fun. (Holding a really fresh grandbaby)

Thursday, July 24, 2008


I am decidedly worse for wear this morning. As in- I can barely move and OMG I have five more days before I get a break yikes how on earth am I going to manage...

I took a hot soaky bath last night and ibuprofen before bed... I may need the bottle of advil to get through the day. I am doing some stretches this morning- so once the initial beat to death feeling passes, I will do fine.

Benny put in a couple of online applications yesterday. He doesn't have any 'restrictions' on what hours and days he can/cannot work- but I would sure feel better if someone were home with Dan and Sam every day. Tom and I have that covered except for Thursdays.

Once again, I have to remind myself that they are TWELVE- not 'babies'. I am wondering if two twelve year olds should add up to one twenty-four year old, or divide into four six year olds. Even if we end up with Ben working Thursdays- I don't go in until 10 (9:45). Tom comes home for lunch about noon, for an hour. I can come home for lunch about 2:15. (Stay half an hour). Then Tom gets home at 5:45, me at 7:15. That gives them their longest stretch of time alone at 3 hours. Tom and I are both 8 miles away, though opposite directions.

It is hard not to think of the twins as "little", even though they are close to being taller than I am. I have told about me at their age- I was the oldest of a blended family with 6 kids. At age 11, I was "in charge" from 4:45 in the morning until 6:45 at night, five days a week. Breakfast and supper, getting kids up and ready for school, to school on time, feeding and watering all the animals. Housekeeping, laundry, and homework was in there too. My Dad and (former) step mom worked an hour and a half away. I survived and so did the siblings. (That was only for a year or 18 months or so.)

Obviously, I am bothered by leaving them alone at all, or I wouldn't have to keep telling myself they will be fine. And perhaps Ben will be here Thursdays...

As usual, I start fretting long before I have any cause.

Maybe I worry due to all of the 'close calls' my older kids had while I worked "part time" when they were growing up. Bill Joe messing with the shotgun- shooting a hole in the wall- comes to mind. Not that I learned about it at the time- I didn't learn about this until YEARS later. He was fooling around in my bedroom, accidentally fired the gun and shot a hole in the wall! Chris happened to be on the other side of the wall- an outer wall. The shot missed him, but left a chunk of stucco missing from the outer wall, as well as the hole in the bedroom wall.

What did these two boys do that kept their parental units from finding out about this for YEARS? They cleaned the house spotless. They apologised for the hole in the bedroom wall, where *Bill accidentally hit the wall with the mop handle while cleaning*. That explained the inside... so what about the outside? Like I said, we never knew anything about the incident until years later.
OUTSIDE, the boys used plaster of paris to fill in the hole. They approximated the texture. They then went around the perimeter of the house (which was old and decrepit anyway) and found flaked off bits of stucco. They glued these over the plaster of paris, and then used a waterproof sealant over the whole patch job.

Knowing how smart the twins are, I have no doubt that they could pull off a cover-up if they found it necessary. When they were about two- a bit under- it took them 45 minutes to defeat a new deadbolt that Tom and I had installed during their nap. They worked together to locate the problem (why they could no longer get the door open): Then they had to REACH the problem. Once they found a way to reach the deadbolt- turning it was no big deal. Keeping those two corralled as toddlers was no easy task! Al the chairs and stools had to be put up out of their reach. The trashcans as well. Who would have THOUGHT about pulling the liner from a trashcan, turning the can over, and standing on the bottom to reach forbidden stuff? Daniel and Sam- that's who. They dragged the can to the door, and surrounded it with couch cushions to enable them to get up on the overturned can.

Oops... there are THREE bits of ancient history in the blog today- making it pretty long. Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

first day recap

Whoo- am I tired! There are no stools nor chairs- except in the break area. It was half past lunch when someone remembered me and the other newby had no clue... I went across the parking lot to Sonic...

Every space was full, and a line of 8 or more at the drive through. I opted for home- less than 10 minutes away. Snagged a morsel of leftovers, sat for a few minutes and changed shoes (secret of survival on concrete floors- a change of footwear). Then back to work. I was sooo glad to see 7pm roll around. I would never- EVER- have suspected this small town parts store of being so busy. There was only twice today that didn't have at LEAST two customers in there... and that was briefly.

I "got" the computer system. After Eagle- it is a breeze- a dream! Easy, user friendly, wonderful! The parts storage was chaos... and it is mine and the other newby who are designated to "fix" it. Today we learned general locations, changed prices... mostly UP, but some significantly down. I got through three and a half of six pages of "out of stock" items... comparing our computer stock to the actual stock. Boy is THAT off! But my feet and legs are falling off tonight. I know it takes awhile to adjust- and I have been off the concrete floors for 7 months. ARRGH.

I work (training) straight through to Tuesday. Yep, that is 60 working hours before my first day off my "part time" job. After that, I should be about 24 hours a week. I told the boss man it was OK, since Matt is gone another week and a half. I never had a chance to ask about future days off (as in travelling). Probably not a good topic for day one.

Everyone has been very nice. I wasn't stressed out too bad. I answered the phone 4 times, and "rang up" several customers under supervision. I offered help to several customers- including a battery sale!, and assisted some phone customers. I just hope I DON'T Dream about the job all week.

My first night of being a mail carrier- I dreamed I was delivering a milk crate full of mail by scooting a wheeled office chair down the road. Nightmares!

yes, it is less per hour than Eagle. But it is delightfully part time! Hooray... or hooray once part time starts.

Shaking in my boots... or lack thereof

This is the big day- I start the new job at 10. I feel sick- my tummy is roiling. That's normal when I do something new. This job isn't anything I can't handle... I KNOW that. I don't have to grasp all the finer points of how this places system works on my first day. I have a notepad. I am shakey anyway.

I woke up this morning minutes after Mr C had left- and found the front room screen wrenched out and twisted. My guess is a very bad dog decided a mere screen was not going to keep him in the house. He hasn't come back wanting inside yet.

I heard from another person who reads this blog that they "got" the name recently. Tee Hee! She wasn't the only person a bit slow on catching meaning.
PB4UGO was actually a license plate on a mini van I saw frequently in Duncan, Oklahoma. And if you are setting out with a whole van full of kids- you might want to remind them to "Pee Before You Go".

Good Motto if travelling with drivers like Mr C too. He IS much better about stopping than he used to be. Once when Becky was a preschooler, she asked Tom several times to stop so that she could potty. She finally told him : "Daddy, if you don't stop RIGHT NOW, I am going to pee out the window!". (Now wouldn't THAT have been a sight driving down the highway?)
On one of our very first trips to Ohio, my Mom gave me an "emergency kit" to take along, since the truck had two gas tanks and Mr C figured potty breaks would only be taken while he put gas in the truck. Mom's emergency kit was an empty 2 liter pop bottle, a funnel, and a silk ivy plant so we would have a bush to 'go behind'.

Yep, I remember that trip- we went up for Thanksgiving. Tommy was 2 1/2, I think. (He may of been 3 1/2.) He wanted his turn riding in the back of the truck. (It had a camper- and it was NOT illegal to ride in the back of a truck in those days). So Tommy is back there with a couple of the other kids, eating some "Tart'N'Tiny" candies. For reasons known only to God and small children- he stuck one up his nose. It stung as it dissolved... and made his nose run. He was screaming... and we were on a bridge over the river between Louisville, KY, and Indiana in rush hour traffic. Bumper to bumper, no place to pull over.
The candy would start to slide out on a string of snot- Tommy would snort and it would go back up his nose to sting more. We watching in fascinated grossness from the cab of the truck as this happened over and over. Finally, just as we were to a place to pull over- the candy slipped down far enough that he didn't snort it back up. He discovered the slime coated candy had slid down onto his upper lip... and did what any small kid does when confronted with snot coated candy. He ate it.

Yep. I remember that trip.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Cross it off the list

I called O'Reillys just a few minutes before noon. The boss was "just about to call me".... uh-huh. He had said he would call MONDAY. Anyway- I start tomorrow at 10 and work the rest of the week.

So Mr C got home and I asked him what to do about Ty'ger's birthday. He said he doesn't "knnn-ooo-owww... aren't you (me) supposed to take care of stuff like that?". Told you it was probably written somewhere in that handbook I missed getting. I decided to go over to Cavender's western wear and have a look. But before I got out the door- I decided it was too hot, too far, I'd still have to pack it and ship it, I don't WANNA go fight traffic all the way over in Springdale at a place that probably doesn't have what I wanted anyway.....

Yep. Talked myself right out of going.

Bad Grandmoo.

I DID put in an order for some little jeans (not Wrangler because Wrangler didn't have 18 month any place I checked online) and saw some other cute little clothes I tossed in for good measure. I wonder how places like Amazon expect to sell kids clothing items when they have three pages of "photo not available" items to wade through? Do they sell these things to the visually impaired? (I'm not sure how a visually impaired person would go about shopping online anyway).

I did have a toy tossed in for good measure... but it was being shipped from a different vendor- and *choke* *gasp* the shipping fees were gold plated. So the toy came back out of the cart.

I have some stuff I am supposed to be getting together to send Tommy. So I will try to get Ty a birthday toy (wonder how he would like a squeaky alligator?) and send it in the next box I mail to Becky's house. (Tommy got a pair of squeaky alligators for his second birthday- they were his favorite toys).

My brain already feels fried. Maybe I should write a nap on my to do list... and cross it off next.

Getting nowhere

O's failed to call yesterday. I suppose if they don't call by noon, I will call them. I sacked out early last night- then didn't get up when Mr C did. I was well rested enough this morning that my dreams dissolved into chaos.
As I woke up, I was frustrated because I couldn't type a web address into the address bar on someone else's computer. I would get so far, and hit a wrong key- and in trying to back up would erase all I had typed... over and over again. I was delighted to discover I was dreaming. Once awake, I wondered WHY I would really even want to go to Sesame Street and listen to the wubba song.

Becky has a list up (on her blog) for Tyrel's first birthday. I mentioned to Mr C last night I needed to deal with that... then never did. He is someone who doesn't mind waiting until the last second to decide something- while I prefer to get things done ahead of time. Occasionally, this causes me some stress. In the last year or so, I have begun taking matters into my own hands most of the time. Mr C never has been a leader type.

So I suppose I just better get with the program and get something going for the Ty'ger. I think choosing birthday presents and sending appropriate cards in a timely manner is somewhere in the job description in the Wife's Handbook. I don't know, because I never did get a copy of it. But when one of my in-laws birthdays rolls around, Mr C asks me if I sent a card... so I am sure it must be my job. And you know what a terrible ordeal it is to check out the greeting cards aisles. (LOL)

Alrighty then... time I got off here and got started on the que necessitos. Have a blessed day... maybe I will be back later.

Monday, July 21, 2008

What happened?

The guys all got home back from West Texas Saturday evening while I was at the baby shower. It was good to see so many of my old friends and former co-workers. The baby was 7 weeks old already.... I was thinking she was about a month old! But she is TINY, and I got to hold her. She got LOTS of little pink clothes. The BBQ was delicious.... I had a great time.

Mr C was up and busy early yesterday. He changed the oil on at least one of the vehicles, mowed the yard, and washed the car he took to Texas. Ben was also busy... he cleaned his bedroom within an inch of its existence. Normally, Ben is a bit less than neat. Not a total slob- but if something needs cleaned, he has to be reminded. Maybe this is a reaction to missing Tommy. These two have always been very close. (All my boys came in pairs.) I think Ben was replaced by an alien clone.

It is really strange to some people to hear us talk about how empty the house feels when we are down by even one kid. It takes a period of time for us to adjust to the 'new normal'. At the baby shower- I had people asking me if I was doing the happy dance: Another kid has finally left home.

Um, No.
I can't quite grasp the joy these folks exhibit over a kid moving out. These people look forward to not having ANY kids at home- how strange is that?

Daniel and Sam both appear to have grown several inches in the last two weeks. And spent a good deal of time outside- they are tanned! I guess we ought to measure them for the record.

Our home in Marlow had a board in the pantry where we marked everyone's growth... from the time the twins were big enough to stand. I wish we had taken that board with us. Mr C had a minor meltdown yesterday over missing that house. It would be within a year or two of being paid off by now- as we consistently paid extra principle every month. We had deer and wild turkey, a garden and chickens. As Tom said- it still feels like we had the rug yanked from beneath us.

We were watching a Batman movie on TV. Watching a movie as new as Batman Begins is a very rare thing around here. Tom had just wondered aloud whether the movie had been edited for TV, or if this was actually a 'clean' movie- when he discovered it was not exactly clean nor edited. This brought us to the discussion of Becky and Tommy and the Concho Pearl. Tom said he has to give Tommy a lot of credit for not living at home in fear, but boldly stepping out and giving this a shot. He has pointed himself in a direction and launched. (This is about as close as Mr C ever gets to patting a person on the back).

Today I am supposed to get a call about coming on down to O'Reilly's to start training. Mr C is hoping Anixter calls me for a second, and schedules a third interview. IF they did that fairly soon- like in the next ten days or so- I could go on up and interview before Matthew gets back. Otherwise, I would have to draft Ben into babysitting Matt, and going up there on my off days from O's. If I flew up for an interview, I would have to borrow my MIL's car. Or rent one. Or else do a 'quick' drive up and back. (It is a 13 hour drive one way). If Ben were stuck watching Matthew, I would be driving by myself. Not that I mind.

So things are still all waffley here. We will see what the day brings!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Not completely lazy

I had one thing on my MUST DO list today... the baby shower for little Ashlyn who was born last month. That is at 5:30. I had quite a bit on my OTTER Do... go finish the grocery shopping, wash clothes, clean house, make my weekend calls. I only had a minor meltdown to tears when I got up... and Tommy wasn't coming out of his bedroom.

I had pretty well talked myself out of going to the grocery store. I just don't DO WalMart on Saturday. I stripped my bed and got the sheets washed and dried. (The bed still isn't made.) Made Hummingbird food and refilled their feeder. Called my Dad- who was out making hay in the sunshine. Called Mom Arlene. My Mom called me. I talked to Tom (on the road home) and Becky (who doesn't know how well her audition went for the Concho Pearl). I sat and read for a bit. Got hungry and stood in front of the fridge, freezer, and cupboards- and felt like old Mother Hubbard. Did that make me go to the store? No. Figured I would eat at the baby shower/ BBQ later.

But then I did decide to go on and get the shopping out of the way.

What DID make me go to the store- since I braved WalMart on a Saturday? The kids next door wading in the pond. At least this time the big sister was out there supervising. I am so very ready to move out of this place!

Now I'm back- the groceries put away, the dogs let out and in again. WalMart wasn't too bad... I hit it after most of the sleep-in-on-Saturday crowd had come and gone. I got on here to check for email... and figured I could blog for a few minutes, anyway.
I wish I had time for a nap... but instead I have a bed to make and clothes to fold... and I need to change out of this ratty T shirt before heading to the party. Yep- I wore a holey old T shirt out to the store. I knew if I took time to change out of it, I would talk myself out of going.

Guess I better get back on track- or it will be time to go before I'm ready.

Friday, July 18, 2008

A day late...and dollars more

I just had my second response to all the applications I scattered about. One of the warehouses I applied to in Chillicothe, Ohio. They did their initial telephone interview- and said they are passing my application to the next phase of the hiring process. If the next phase likes my application- it will be a second telephone interview. Passing that would net a face to face interview. They pay considerably more than O's, even to start. MR C seemed real excited about this call. He is NOT as thrilled about O's as I am.

Hmm, Hmmm, hmmm. What to do, what to do?

Up, Up, and Away

I got up this morning when Tom called the boys. I wanted to be sure to see them off. Ben and Tommy were up, breakfasted, and had the car loaded before Tom even showered. Then he had to pack, get dressed, potty, and have breakfast.

I held together Ok, just a teeny bit of tears- until they were on the road. Then let lose the waterworks. Good thing for you that I hate to wake people up- I didn't call anyone to boo-hoo on their shoulder.

I had to go 'fill out some forms' at O'Reilly's yesterday. Took under 3 minutes. That was for a background check. They will call today for me to do more paperwork if (when) I pass the check.

I have dishes to wash. Mr Ben the kitchen person stacked them in the sink last night, where they still sit. I need to go to the grocery store. And stop by the post office to mail the broken cookie jar back to West Virginia. (I have located another one- actually the original one I found- in WV. They want $15.50 shipping- which just seems a bit TOO steep. I know it is about $8 for actual postage. But almost $8 MORE for 'handling'? Worth it so it won't arrive in bits?) (I think Becky comes by her cheapskateness honestly.)

I was dreaming this morning that someone gave me a coupon that discounted Girl Scout camp to $49.95. I was anxious to get to go- hoping I would like it better than I liked day camp in elementary school. (I was a Camp Fire Girl... never a Girl Scout). The camp (in my dream) was by a river in upstate New York... not a place I ever considered visiting! I woke up when Tom called the boys to get up... I had been looking for him in the dream to ask him if I could go.

My Mom probably remembers what a fiasco Day Camp was when I went. I was eight or nine years old. I did OK the first day, despite the hateful clique of girls I was assigned to. The second day, I was less than thrilled at going- and the one counselor that had made my first day tolerable was assigned a new group of girls.

The mean girls lit into me. One shoved me down a ditch, and another stomped my ankle. I think I just told my parents I fell and twisted it. Camp was NOT fun if you didn't already have friends. I was never very good at making friends. Mom had to come and get me and take me to the doctor- and I got to limp around on crutches for a week. I don't remember going back to camp after that.

I just wonder why I would have a dream about WANTING to go to camp!

Hmmm. What shall I do today after washing the sinkful of dishes? I have to wait to hear from O'Reilly before I can go fill out paperwork. I was hoping to make just ONE trip out- buying the groceries after filling out the forms. I am OK once I get going somewhere- but getting myself out the door is a challenge most of the time. I just do NOT want to go out and deal with people. I usually talk myself right out of leaving the house. And I know I'm not fit to be around today- dissolving into tears at the drop of a hat.... and even dropping the hat myself.
Mr C called me once they were well on their way- having stopped for gas and snacks, and reached a cruising speed. He knew I was crying, and said "we could have probably told Tommy he couldn't go... and he would have stayed." I said we couldn't DO that- we have to give him the freedom to go and try his wings. Mr C said he knows that- he was just trying to make me feel better. Yep, you have to let them go. But be there for them if they need you.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Gainfully Employed

I am once again gainfully employed. O'Reilly Auto Parts has offered me a part time (Hooray for PART time). Provided I pass the background check- which should not be a problem- I will be working by next week.

This meshes perfectly with keeping Matthew... and I can keep Matt while homeschooling.

We will either be doing school on Sunday- or only 3 days a week. (Mon-Weds.). Of course, I can make assignments on Thursday and Friday mornings in the subjects that are easier- like reading and writing. That sounds best to me- I will be off on Sunday afternoons with Tom. He will be home Friday and Saturday to supervise the twins with lessons and housework. Ha- I figured that out while typing.

Mr C came home for lunch and I told him about the job offer. He said he was hoping I would have been hired on in Ohio. *sigh*

Last Day

Tommy and Tyrel
Here I am on the last day home with Tommy. He and Tom- and probably Ben- leave tomorrow for San Angelo. Tom has been hinting for me to go instead of him- but what would *I* be able to do if the Geo broke down along the way... other than pick Tommy up in the other car?
Tommy's boxes are packed. He is excited- and nervous. I'm trying not to be weepy. Covering by cleaning. Boy, is the bathroom sparkling or what?
Tom said he saw a couple more jobs on Monster yesterday I ought to apply for. In Ohio. I also found a newly listed house on 6 acres. Tom said: It only has TWO bedrooms. Yeah... how many do we need? We are rapidly running out of kids. I would like to have a bigger place. But hey, I would be happy with any place I could call my own.
While I was in Ft Worth, Ralph said that he now has reason to go to Ohio other than us (if we moved there.) He said they could just make a circuit and see us, his kids, and my brother in Tennessee. At the moment, moving at all is just brain overload for me.
This is it... the last day before yet another big change in my life. I haven't put together the traditional leaving the nest gift: A couple of laundry baskets full of cleaning supplies, kitchen and bath towels, and a potty scrubber. Maybe when Tommy finds his own place I will have one for him. For now, he will be at Becky's and not need his own.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Here is my "Statue of Mom". The seller has offered a full refund, including shipping... after receiving this back. (Shipping back? duh-uh... WHY?)

I had my interview yesterday. The store manager will let me know one way or the other- which I thought was nice. While I was interviewing- the rest of the employees seem to be kids. Hope they don't mind working with an old lady.

If I get hired.
I put in another online application already today- no sense just sitting around waiting for people to call. While waiting for the picture to upload- I am browsing job listings. Ben has a cable that connects my camera straight to his computer... maybe I can start ebaying or start an Etsy store! Of course, it has taken thirty-five minutes so far to upload ONE picture... and it still isn't done.
Well- have a great day.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

New haircut/ covered grey

Here I Is:
I look like my Dad posed like this:


This is Al E.Cat
I like this picture- Tommy took it a few days ago. Al is 16 years old. Most days she finds herself a cozy spot to sleep. We check to see if she is still breathing.

Take a message, please

This morning, I called the Auto Zone number someone took down yesterday. Someone with handwriting very much like Tom's. All of the possible message takers yesterday were over the age of 18.

There was no message written, just a phone number... which I called. I identified myself, and the reason for my call. I arranged an interview for 3:00 pm this afternoon. To my complete and utter surprise... my interview is in GENTRY. There is no Auto Zone in Gentry. There IS an O'Reilly Auto Parts. Which happens to be who called me. NOT Auto Zone. Not that it makes any difference to me which one called... but I am sure it makes a difference to THEM. Both are almost the same distance from my house. I would just think that adults could take a simple message.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Home safely...

Mom and I went and visited one of her friends today. Bonnie Sue is in a recovery home... whatever they call the places you get physical therapy after a hospitalization, but before you can go home. Please be praying for Bonnie Sue to recover quickly, so that she can go home!

Yesterday we went and saw Granny. I got some pictures where she actually looks lucid. Not that I understood much of what she said... but her pictures made her look less frail and 'out of it' than she has in a couple of years.

While we were out, Mom and I got hair cuts... AFTER coloring our grey yesterday afternoon. (We had a girls day!) (Mr C didn't notice or didn't mention it)
I had a safe, pleasant flight home. My "Statue of Mom" was here when I arrived. Except it didn't have a safe journey. It is literally broken to bits. It was VERY POORLY wrapped. Apparently the seller took it out on me that he got no other bids on his " LOW OPENING BID, NO RESERVE" and also underestimated the shipping. He paid to send me the cookie jar. That happened to me before, as a seller on ebay. I was aggravated I had underestimated the shipping cost, but considered it a lesson learned. I didn't sabotage the packaging because I messed up.
So yeah, they may refund my .50 bid. Which wasn't my HIGH bid... just no one else bid, and that was their opening asking price. I think they should refund my ENTIRE cost, shipping and all, since they failed to offer insurance and then pretty much just tossed it in a box and shipped it. They would then be out another $7.50. THAT would get them a neutral feedback. The full refund PLUS and apology I might rate positive..... maybe. Guess I will be back to looking for the Statue of Mom cookie jar.

Mom took pictures of my haircut... which I will post after she uploads them for me.

Oh, I also got a call from AutoZone while I was gone... I may be interviewed. (Centerton, AR) I will call them back tomorrow. Should I hope NOT to be hired... as in I really don't want to do this? Or Nike? (just Do It).
If hired locally, they have to work around Matt.
Well. that's about all from here. Have a great evening!

Heading Home this afternoon...

Chris and Seneca
Magnified Cute
VERY Christopher

His Royal Cuteness, The Gavin

Samuel and Dan ... about 3 years old

(Is it me... or do these two always stand with Sam on the left and Dan on the right?)

I have had a great visit... and gained lots of pictures. Sad to say bye to the high speed net- but oh well- gotta go home!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

All Things Work together....

One day last week I mentioned seeing another really cute cow cookie jar I had bid on on eBay... but the bid immediatly went higher than I was willing to pay, and I didn't NEED another cookie jar.
So my Mommy and I were out running the thrift stores today- looking for jeans for the boys and an interview outfit for me. I found my outfit... and one pair of jeans and a western shirt for either Dan or Sam. As we were checking out... my Mom saw a cow cookie jar. It had NOT been out when we arrived. And instead of being too much to spend plus shipping... It was 2.99. Whoo hoo

More Pictures

Chris and Seneca's kidsBill- around 2002
Sam and Dan... with Becky's lost hat
Me and Connor Around 2002
My brother Ricky, REALLY!!!!
Granny and I, at her 90th birthday

Guess Who?

A picture of my Mom and Dad and me. (I'm the baby.)

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Wild West Cowboy

My son Tommy- ready to head out to San Angelo, Texas.

Thank You Seneca

Stephen, Becky, and Tyrel

Tommy and Ty and Tweety

Ty and Drover

Tommy and Ty again

Tricky Flag Picture

Daniel and Sam on their 12th BirthdaySeneca uploaded all the pictures I had on my camera to shutterfly for me- so now I can add some to my blogs!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Off to see the Wizard

Or at least my mommy.

I haven't gone down to Ft Worth just to visit in a long time. Short trip- I will be back Monday evening... unless I have to make other arrangements to come back for a job interview.

Figure I better do it while I am still unemployed and on vacation from the Mattman.

Mr C and Tommy are figuring out logistics of Tommy going to West Texas. I hope he is able to find employment ASAP once he gets there... something flexible enough that he can work on the Concho Pearl too.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

And what did you do today?

I put in two more online applications before storms necessitated shutting down the borrowed computer. One here, one in Ohio.

Then Tommy, Ben, and I made some blackberry jelly. At least I HOPE it will be jelly.

My pectin expired in 2006.

It turned to baby jellyfish lumps in the boiling syrup. I fished out nearly all of the lumps... and it seemed to be jellificating (technical term) anyway. It is cooling now, and I won't know anything until it is cool. If not jelly, we will have some lovely blackberry syrup. We endeavored to strain all the seeds from the berries and use only the juice, so my Mom can have some. She loves blackberries, but the seeds aggravate her intestines to the point of hospitalization. We don't want that to happen!

Tommy began making some of his wonderful home made bread once we finished the jelly. Maybe he can turn some of the dough into hamburger buns for supper tonight. I think what I need right now, on this lovely thunderstormy afternoon is a NAP.


This morning while filling out applications, I had to call one of my friends (and former co-worker). She asked if I had heard about another of our former co-workers. He lost his job with Eagle a couple of years ago- shortly after getting married. He was shot and killed yesterday afternoon! This young man has always had a drinking problem. He learned his wife was "seeing" a neighbor. He kicked in the neighbor's door- and was then shot by the neighbor 'in self defense'. He had been drinking before confronting the neighbor. I feel so bad for his daughter- my friend and I had looked after her one evening when her Dad had brought her up to the job. Just so sad.
After hearing about this fellow from my friend- I heard the story on the radio.

OK... maybe I should try for that nap now.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

How about this...

I just shut up about Ohio?

How can I let him dupe me over and over- how many years has it been? He acts all sincere- I am sure he must be. I become convinced he really means it THIS TIME. And I fall for it. Every year. Sometimes twice a year.

I woke up this morning with the weird dread feeling- something wrong in my universe. I have noticed I am back to shaking in the early morning. Perhaps trembling is a better word. It went away for awhile. I wonder about maybe low blood sugar or something. But you would think, if it were low blood sugar, I would wake up ravenously hungry. I don't. I seldom get hungry before 10:30 or 11:00 am.

It is gloomy rainy outside. I don't WANT to get dressed up and go job hunting, but I suppose I better. Today I am thinking maybe Lowes in Siloam Springs, Oreilly's in Gentry, and maybe Auto Zone in Centerton.
It seems weird to apply at an auto parts store, but inventory is inventory... it is all pretty much stored and located in the same manner. I didn't speak Aircraft when I started with Eagle. I sure don't speak Car right now, but it will come. At least I am somewhat mechanically inclined. Or at least not intimidated. I have changed a starter on my jeep, removed a water pump from a Subaru, and replaced a thermal coupler in the furnace we had in Marlow.

If we stay here, maybe I should go for the staff assistant job with Eagle. The old staff assistant took the teaching job that was MINE if I had wanted it. Mr C said No... I need more time with the boys and school- and now it is back to work... probably for minimum wage.

HAHAHAHAHA. I just caught myself. Did you see that? "If we stay here".

Somewhere that little spark of hope remains.

Maybe I could go around to the local school districts and apply as a custodian. That has been like our family career. My Grandpa, Mom, brother, SF, ex.... all were/are custodians.
It is something I can do swingshift. Hmmmm- I am liking it. Better than McDonalds! And while Petco might be a really fun job... but bad for me. By the time I was out of there, my chest was tight and I was starting to wheeze. I would be on antihistamines all the time.

Still, today is just not the sort of day that I want to go out in at all. I don't know if Ben and Tommy are sleeping in, or if they are out walking or something. I suppose I better find out. And get ready to go, even if I don't want to.

Due to all the online applications I put out in Columbus, I DO still have a chance of getting hired there. Wouldn't that be something? LOL.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Mr C said I could go...but forcing him to work in Columbus would make him unhappy... and we won't like him when he is unhappy.

I hate job hunting...

Ben and I only managed to put in TWO applications today. At WalMart Distribution Center, and at PETCO. Both places had kiosk computer application centers. And both had long personality profiles that had to be completed. The only 'real' people we spoke to all day simply pointed out the kiosk locations.

It felt very strange to be applying for jobs here. I mentioned how strange it seemed to Mr C, and he suggested Ben and I go ahead and go to Ohio in the morning... and put in applications there. Whichever place offers me a job first is where we will live. Very diplomatic, I think. Because that puts the decision in God's hands. Which is a good thing because we sure haven't been discerning where we ought to be.

If I get hired in Ohio, I will be coming back here to pack.

Anyway- looking for work is a difficult process. Seems like no one wants resumes. Maybe I should have gone to McDonalds... Becky went in to a McDonalds inside of a Walmart Store. They gave her an application- which was nearly half a page long. She turned it in- and they asked her to return in half an hour for an interview. She was employed before we even got the groceries loaded into the vehicle! (that was Becky's first job- four years ago).


Yaaaawn. I need a nap. Wearing make-up seems to make me sleepy.

Still Here

but still packed. I have resumes made up for Ohio... and for here. I am about to head out to scatter some local applications.

Go read Tommy's blog.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Evening Quiet

Most of my kids got to see one another over the past few days. Bill Joe was at Chris' house when Becky, Stephen and the twins stopped by. It isn't often we have everyone in the same place at the same time these days... I think that the last time I saw all of my kids together was on the raft trip last summer.

It has been a very quiet day. Tommy has been cleaning non-stop since right after Becky and the boys left yesterday. I finished a book- my reading efforts have waned the last couple of weeks. I can't remember the last time it took me three days to read a paperback.

It is hard adjusting to our kids growing up and scattering. Time and work and finances seem to be at such odds, we don't get to "do" the things with our kids we would like to do. It is also hard on the kids- leaving home is a big step. You try to let them go, and let them know you are there for them if they need you. Root for their successes while not letting them see how hard the letting go is.

Parents always wonder if they have done enough. Have they done things right? What should I have done instead, or in addition to what was done? I'm sure my own parents feel the same way. You can go through life full of regrets: Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda ... Or just let go and hope pray for the best.

I have been looking online at employment opportunities. It appears that if I want to work for Lowes, I must be available 24/7 to meet their scheduling needs. I can't do that and keep Matthew... or should I say I can't do that unless they assign me an afternoon shift. I'm thinking I may go out tomorrow with a box full of resumes and see what fairly local jobs are available in Centerton, Decatur, and Gentry. I am pretty much triangulated between those towns.

Mr C and I are (even more than usual) trying to decide where we are headed. Buy a house here, or move to Ohio?
My brain hurts from thinking about it.
I actually have my clothes packed to drive to Ohio to job hunt.
No, Mom and Becky, I didn't mention it, because I probably won't be going.

The "plan" is for me (and Ben?) to head up there and job hunt. Tom to follow after I have a job.
Drawbacks abound. He doesn't want to work for Eagle in Columbus. He doesn't want to drive 50 miles to work, as would be needed to live in the Hocking Hills and commute. The few places he has thought might be potential homes here are from 30 to 45 miles from his job here. I said if he was going to drive that far to work, why not do it in Ohio? To just drive up there and find jobs would be easy enough... but! Is it worth the stress and hassle?
Mr C can't pack up this place to move. Well, Maybe he could but he would take the opportunity to dispose of the things he doesn't consider important: i.e. MY STUFF!
What would happen if I did go and get a job there? I would probably end up having to quit and come back here- making the entire ordeal pointless. Not to mention expensive. Oops, too late, I mentioned it.
*forehead banging on desk*


Saturday, July 5, 2008

Fireworks, Manipulation, and Neglect

Thursday afternoon, my boys and SIL Stephen were setting off firecrackers and bottle rockets out back of the house. (Perfectly legal here, and we live out in the country).
Three of the neighbor boys (7,4, and 2) came over to watch. When our guys came inside for awhile, the 7 year old neighbor asked if they could stay in our yard and wait for the guys to come back out. Ben (19) told them that they were going to have lunch and probably be inside for a long time. When the boys did go back out... they discovered that the key was missing from the riding lawn mower- which the neighbor kids had been sitting on. Ben and the boys looked all around for the keys... and couldn't find them. So when the three little hoodlums neighbor boys came back over, Ben asked them about the key. The oldest one told Ben, "We didn't take your lawn mower key to our house!" (Ben had just asked if they might have seen the key.)

What do you do? These kids are left to their own devices almost all the time. (These are the kids I worry about at the pond- the 2 and 4 year old were the ones wading when I went and spoke to their Mother back in April). Ben just said, "OK, well if you should find a lawnmower key in the grass or something, would you bring it to us? We can't fire off the big fireworks until we can move the lawnmower." He repeated this to the little kids Friday afternoon- we cannot fire off big fireworks until we can move the lawnmower.

The little kids ran home and came directly back... with the lawnmower key! Ben is a scarily good manipulator!

After our supper last night, we all went outside. I got to tote Tyrel around in the ERGO carrier. He isn't the least bit bothered by the loud repercussions of the fireworks, and would watch and laugh at the ones that had something to see. The guys and Becky had no sooner started popping firecrackers than the three musketeers came trudging over. These are TINY kids. I would never have put the 7 year old past being 5, if I had to guess. They had another little girl with them- they just said she was NOT their sister... she was about 3. These kids were at the house about an hour before their 'big sister' (age 11) called them home. It must have been to eat dinner, because twenty minutes later, here come these little wraiths through the dusk. We had just sliced a watermelon... so they had watermelon with us. It was after 9:30pm when the 11 year old came on over. It was completely dark, so the guys set off the 'big' fireworks. We didn't have many- but these kids stayed until the last firecracker was set off. The four year old said "I Wish WE could set off some fireworks". I apologised and told him, "No- we don't have your parents permission for you to set off fireworks. I can't let you do something that you might get hurt doing."

It was after 10 PM when Mr C said, "That is everything, there aren't any more fireworks left". The little kids looked so sad. I told them it was time for them to go on home. The little girl was clinging to the 11 year old. I picked up the two year old, he was so exhausted I thought he would fall asleep before we walked them home. We used Stephen's flashlight, and Becky held the 4 year old's hand. (She had Ty in the ERGO by then.) Their house was totally dark when we arrived. I asked the 11 year old if there were adults there, or if she was babysitting. She said that the adults had gone to bed. Not once all evening had these people checked on these kids.
They had left them at a neighbor's house until after 10 at night... without once checking on them. Without even a "do you mind?". We DON'T KNOW these people. They don't know us. After we got home, Becky and I worried. These kids were sticky with watermelon, smelled like cordite and were crusty with dirt. Would the little 11 year old girl think to clean them up before sending them to bed?
WHY should she have to? She is a kid herself!

Tom is looking outside now. The 7 year old shoved the little bitty girl into the pond. All four of the smallest kids are out in the water. No adults in sight. Not even the 11 year old. She probably has the one year old (that didn't come last night) to babysit. The adults don't even CHECK on these kids. You cannot see the pond water from their house. I looked when I was speaking to the Parental Unit over there in April. The bitty girl made it out... but Tom is still watching. He is freaking out as bad as I do when I see them down there.

We had an enjoyable 4th. And as aggravating as those kids are- we cannot feel anything but compassion and pity for them. Please be praying for them!
UPDATE: The Mom finally came outside. She yelled at the kids, and the 7 and 4 year olds both got swatted on the backside.
Becky, Stephen, Daniel and Sam set off for Texas this morning. They left Tyrel here. Ok, that's a lie. He went with his Mommy nad Daddy. But he finally did allow Grumpa to hold him and tote him about.The last day he was here! Oh- and he also decided last night to try this "walking" thing that Cowgranny and Mommy have been trying to encourage him to do. He took several single steps, and once took two steps. I could see the little light bulb click on in his head

Friday, July 4, 2008

Make sure your words are sweet

Since you don't know when you may have to eat them.

Yesterday I said I would be supervising what my 12 year olds would be packing to go to Becky's house.
They came out last night with their bags all packed (despite not planning to leave until Saturday). I said I needed to see what they had packed. This was met with much eye rolling and grumbling.
"Moommmm! We packed everything we need. It is just FIIIIINE"
"Good clothes?
"Yes! and before you ask... we packed play clothes too... and enough of EVERYTHING to last several days!"
"What about your toothbrush?"
"No Mom. We will NEED our toothbrushes a couple more days before we pack them. But we ARE going to pack them."

Ok... I guess I am no longer needed as packing supervisor.
Maybe I should just lay claim to having taught them well. We have been packing for trips several times a year as long as they can remember.

Over all the years we have been packing and taking trips, we have learned a lot about packing, especially to fly. We almost never check bags. A simple carry on for each person is what we limit ourselves to. This prevents lost luggage! We haven't ever travelled to a place that didn't have a laundromat somewhere in town. When the twins were babies, I would check a bag... it was easier than keeping track of carry-ons with my hands full of babies. I would only take enough diapers for one day- making my first stop outside of the arrival airport for diapers and baby supplies.

When the kids would travel to camp(or to Grandma's house), we would place one complete change of clothes into a plastic grocery store bag for each day before packing the bags into the suitcase. When the kid was ready to get dressed, they took a bag out of the suitcase. Dirty clothes went back into the bag. Simplified the kids dressing themselves, and keeping track of their dirty clothes.

We found you get more clothes with less wrinkles packed into a bag if you roll the clothes instead of folding them. These days, be sure you check to see what the rules are for what you can and cannot carry on and/or check.

Maybe I ought to discuss a few things with Daniel and Sam about their packed stuff. If they take their pocket knives along, they may have to mail them home if they have to fly home.

oh, Happy Independence Day, everyone! I hope you have your flags flying and your water melons chilling- we do!

Thursday, July 3, 2008


Becky's husband Stephen arrived early this morning. The boys and I knew he was going to try to come, but didn't tell Becky. Ty'ger was delighted to see his Daddy! He has been crawling all over the place saying "Dad-dee! Dad-deee!". Totally cute.

Daniel and Sam are planning to go home with B&S. They intend to stop overnight at DFW... so be prepared, Gramma and Seneca! (In all likelihood, they will be there Saturday). Sam's leg is 95% cleared up. The Theraworx has been so amazing. My older kids will be rolling their eyes hearing me talk about it... I raved about colloidal silver to the point Chris said it was "a good thing no one had a broken bone, I might to to fix it with silver". HA HA! Theraworx has colloidal silver in it!

We haven't made any plans for fun and frolic any time soon- the boys have been exploding off Ben and Tommy's stash of firecrackers from last year. I haven't given a thought to going anywhere to watch a fireworks display. We haven't even had a watermelon yet this summer.

My Mom not only found me an auction for The Statue of Mom... she sent me a gift certificate to buy it with. I threatened my kids to not tell Mr C.
When it arrives, The Statue of Mom will join the other cookie jars crowding gracing the top of the kitchen cupboards. How long til he will notice?
I found a reallllly cute girl cow in overalls, with a bow on her head... and (shame on me) bid on it. But whoever the first bidder was had a higher max bid than I did. Oh well, guess I can keep my eye open for another like it. It isn't like I NEED another cookie jar... I have five already!

Over the next couple of days I will have to make sure the twins have all their clothes clean. All the boys seem to hoard dirty laundry in their bedrooms. I still supervise packing, even though the twins are 12 years old.
I was talking to Bill (DS#2) a couple of days ago. He has my grandkids Connor and Alana for a week, during his vacation. (Bill LOVES kids). He said he was pretty sure that Connor and Alana had packed for themselves, or else Chris (DS#1) had packed for them... in a hurry. Connor had one pair of undies, and Alana had one shirt. So Unka Bill and Aunt Glynna had to make an emergency run to Wallyworld.
(You know I mean Wal Mart, right? Do not EVER just go to a random website by typing something like wallyworld into the address bar. BAD idea. Really, reallly REALLLLLLLY bad idea. Not that we learned this by experience or anything.
OK, we did learn it by experience.
We had JUST got the internet. Who knew about search engines? Who knew what OMG! sites one would be transported to. So don't go there, OK? BAD BAD BAD IDEA!)
Anyway.... I WILL be supervising what gets packed. Or at least that necessities get packed. (Bill said he knew Seneca could NOT have been the one packing for Connor and Alana!)
Hmmmm- I seem to have run out of random thoughts to string together. But maybe I will think of more later.
Have a great day. And thanks for the gift certificate, Mom!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

And now, July

July! Already!
Remember being a little kid? How the weeks dragged on and on?
Now it seems like the toilet paper closest to the cardboard... time rolling off at an alarming rate.

I am enjoying time with Becky and the baby. And what time I can get with Ben and Tommy... I know they will be ready to leave childhood behind and try their adult wings. They will be having families- little strangers who cry when Cowgranny wants to hold them. Like with Chris and Bill- our times together will be briefer and less frequent.
Can you tell I am having a bad case of empty nest this morning? - and I have FIVE of my kids and one grandkid here. Sort of. Tommy and Becky and the twins were up early. Tommy, Daniel, and Sam are out picking blackberries. I think Becky was tired of picking ticks off herself and scratching the chigger's that she's been getting while berry foraging... she stayed here with Ty and I.

It is sort of funny- I am almost looking forward to a job at a place like Lowes. I love doing projecty home improvement type stuff. And there are a few appliances I really covet. I know- I am breaking a commandment by coveting. Or maybe not... I am not coveting something that belongs to another. I just want one for myself. A Dyson vacuum. A frontloading washing machine. A really nifty bathtub with jets. A storage shed. And I could get a discount on some of those things... eventually. IF I worked at a home improvement store.

Well Tommy and the Twins had a bumper crop day for blackberries. A gallon and a half! Isn't it a blessing to be able to just walk the roadsides and gather God's bounty? Back in Marlow (Oklahoma), we would gather wild plums and make jelly almost every year. I haven't canned anything for years now. I sold off my canning jars at a GROJ (Get Rid Of Junk) sale about three years ago, when it looked like the Ohio move was imminent. (Same sale that I sold the Statue of Mom). We actually had the moving van scheduled for the next weekend after my GROJ sale. That fell through... and I no longer have my jars. Not that I have had anything to can anyway.

Since I started writing this morning, I have had to walk away three or four times. Ty'ger was getting into trouble while his Mommy was working on cleaning the kitchen. Becky was cleaning the kitchen because she wants to go to a museum this morning. Ty was being a bit too helpful. He pulled the top rack down out of the dishwasher... he wasn't hurt, and only one glass broke. As his punishment, he had to let Cowgranny hold him. He LET ME! As long as I stayed close enough to his Mommy. He was getting very sleepy... and began idley pinching my batwings arms. The little glazed look came into his eyes, and he was ready for a nap. Mommy can't go to the museum until he awakens.

Daniel and Sam are hoping to go back to Texas with Becky. They went at this time last year and had a great time. They ended up going home about five days before Ty was born. This year won't be quite as exciting, as far as about to be Uncles goes. Still, they love visiting. I don't know how long they will stay this year.

Guess I better get busy here!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Yesterday, the kids and I went over to Laurie and Andrews place, south of Berryville. (Isn't that the most appropriate name for their town?). I would say *WE* picked blueberries... but that would be wrong. The kids picked blueberries... I sat and visited with Laurie. We laughed our heads half off, swapping stories and anecdotes.

Laurie saw the twins remaining areas of staph infection, and had us try a herbal remedy she had on hand. I have to say, Sam was telling me before we left there, he could see dramatic improvement. Laurie sent home the rest of the bottle with us... and WOW! I haven't had to get on Sam's case six times an hour to hot compress and 'doctor' his knee. He keeps coming to say "Look Now, Mom!"... we are seeing visible improvement by the hour. It hasn't yet been 24 hours since the first application, and the affected area is down by half. "Theraworx (with silver)" Multi Purpose Foaming Skin Cleanser is the product. It is available in the health food store in Berryville.
Andrew took Daniel and Sam swimming with his boys Zach and Michael in a nearbly swimming hole in a creek..
Andrew and Laurie fed us steaks... which my boys ate as if it were their duty to personally chew cows into extinction. They were deeeeee-licious! Laurie's DD Lexie used her own special blend of seasoning on the steaks before they were grilled.
When our day grew to a close, we went on our way with fresh veggies from the garden... picked as the kids were loading into the van. We had a WONDERFUL time. Oh yeah, and we had plenty of blueberries to bring home.
I can't believe it is already JULY! Yesterday was Matthew's birthday- he is THREE now. I never had much of the 'terrible twos' show up with him. (Maybe because I sent him home at the end of the day?) (MY MOM always said the best way to deal with a kid in their terrible twos was to throw them a party and tell them they are THREE!) It sure is quiet around here with him off visiting his grandparents. I know it won't be long until we get back to our regular three ring circus around here. For the last few days, I have had Tyrel here. He is a sweety as long as he can see his Mommy. When she is out of his sight, he gets anxious. He sets off to find her, crawling determinedly down the hall to investigate each place she might be hiding. He shrieks incessantly gives his locator call all the while, in case she has simply misplaced HIM. Once he sees Mommy- he is fine. He doesn't want her to pick him up (unless it took him awhile to find her). He just wants to know she hasn't abandoned him. He is SO cute!
My computer is still on the fritz. Thankfully, I can use Ben's. I learned, while at Lauries, that my kids are of the opinion that all I do is sit on the computer all day and/or give orders. I guess someone has to be the General around here. If you have looked at my profile here on blogspot, my job description is "Evil Taskmaster". I feel so validated!
We took a lot of pictures that I still cannot upload- one day soon, I hope I can post some of them.

May you all have a blessed and wonderful day!