Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Almost October

The Individuals and I went to the Taylor Family Reunion in Broken Bow over this past weekend. We had a very nice time. My Uncle Johnny was there, as well as my brothers Ricky (Eric) and Robbie. Rick's daughter Laura and her husband Chris also made it out, so Mom had a nice turnout from her group!
The entire reunion was small this year- even counting inlaws and outlaws! I hope that some of the family can really try to make it next year- last Saturday in September! (If you marked your calendar NOW, then you would be able to say NO to other plans on that date... just saying!)

Tomorrow my brother Roger would of turned 50. I have been thinking of him so much, and of Bill Joe, Granny, and the other losses the family has had in recent years.

We started our week Monday with our usual grocery store run. (It also began my detox attempt!) We got home, and got the groceries put away. I was still up to my armpits in items we had come home from the reunion with. As usual, it was piled about the front room... and now the kitchen had that post-shopping war zone look. At that moment, we have someone pull into the driveway... a realtor was here with a client to show the house. Dishes in the sink from breakfast, floors not swept, boys rooms utter disasters, dirty clothes on the bathroom floors and toothpaste residue still in the sinks.
The showing agent said they had called the listing agent and arranged the viewing. The listing agent had NOT let us know. Mr C let them in anyway... and we learned in their tour of the house, the potential buyer had driven from Checotah, OK... which is pretty close to two hours from here. We tried to be gracious under pressure. Not sure if we made the final cut of the places the woman would put on her list to show her husband.... I don't even care.

I had been trying to do a detox- starting with just the detox herbal drinks, water, and some juice. This was to last two or three days, followed by adding veggies to the list, and then meats. (I still planned to leave out grains and sugar for even longer.) Best laid plans and all that... I was about to fall out shaking with low blood sugar by 3:00 pm. I had to put food back on the list!

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Crazy day

It was a busy week last week- the house was shown TWICE within a 24 hour period. On Wednesday night, I went to a picnic given by my bosses at the Spoon. That was quite fun. I watched the pre-dinner baseball game- and the twins participated in it, on opposing teams. By the time they were ready to eat, I had to come home. It was time for the blood pressure medicine I try to take at the same time each evening.
  I took it easy over the weekend- and let so much of the house slide. The boys both worked every single day all of last week. Dan had people vying for him on Friday, so he put two of them off and worked Saturday AND Sunday. Sam helped Dan build fence Saturday, and Dan took neighbor Anthony on his errands Sunday.
  Monday, Tom and I did our weekly shopping. He mowed, and Dan sort of had a day off- but used it on errands of his own. Today, everyone was back to work. I requested rooms be neatened and beds made before they took off. There were no showings scheduled, but the agent had said there might be times when I would have little notice.
  I put some mail out, and happened to see two horses trotting, untended, down our road. The speed limit here is 55- and hitting a horse would be bad for all concerned. I walked towards the horses, which came willingly to follow me. I saw another lady parking her car in the road and hurrying my way. Turns out she was just concerned, they were not her horses either. Someone had told her where they saw the horses emerge, some quarter mile up the road. (Half a mile from where they were when I saw them). I have NEVER seen a horse on that place, but helped this lady walk them back into the long driveway, which she blocked afterwards with her car.
  Just then, someone pulled into MY driveway, and didn't come back out. I had left the house unlocked, as I was just outside, if down the road a piece. So I scrambled for home. It was a person whose Garmin had led him to our address... he had only intended a drive-by. I ended up giving him the nickel tour- mess and all. At least the beds were made... although I was rather embarrassed that my box of wine was on the counter beside a fifth of vodka! (The vodka being one of the purchases yesterday, to make some herbal tinctures! It doesn't have a "home", as I have never needed a place to locate it before now.)
  The lady who I had helped wrangle the horses had called the county... and a couple other people. Every time a vehicle slowed down and seemed to be looking, I asked if they were looking for missing horses. All were, but just to see that they had not strayed back into the road from the neighbors drive. Then the Sheriff's department sent an officer. I spoke with him, as the lady had left after she called. He checked and saw the horses actually in an enclosure, where they might stay, unless driven away. It had a low rope across the opening... and plenty of the neighbor's hay!
I am keeping an eye out for people looking for the horses, or the neighbor to get home. The sheriff's deputy said he'd probably get two calls- one to report the horses found, and another to report them stolen... and thanked me for helping.
  Altogether, little was accomplished today- unless the house hunter decided he really likes the place! (In which case, I need to be packing soon.)

Monday, September 14, 2015

The quest continues...

The surgeon says, conclusively, I do not have carpal tunnel.
I "might" have a pinched nerve bundle in my neck. (Suggests an MRI).
I "might" have a rheumatoid disease... as was inconclusively indicated a couple of years ago. (Says see a rheumatologist).
I am NOT cool with spending money to no purpose.
If a pinched nerve was found... what then? I am sure they would call for physical therapy. Rheumatoid disease? Nasty medications with awful side effects.

I am not sure WHAT to do at the moment, but here is where I am leaning: A "cleanse" with fasting and perhaps some herbal teas. A trip (or several) to a chiropractor... a person NOT quick to prescribe drugs to mask symptoms, and will work with me instead of drugging me to zombiehood. A beginning regime of light, strength building weight training, possibly coupled with yoga. Testing some combinations of Essential Oils.

Don't get me wrong, I am not ruling out medical interventions... I just prefer that as a last resort, rather than a first call. I went down what seemed the obvious course: it looks like carpal tunnel- a simple fix for that if the brace failed to work. After 6 months, it was much better, but not "fixed", so I saw the surgeon. The surgeon who today told me, "Medicine isn't like McDonalds! You can't just walk in and get what you want fixed to order!" He admits he thought this was carpal tunnel, but the electrical resistance test is within normal parameters, so it can't be CT". His course of actions are "more specialists" and tests.
OK, CT is ruled out, time to see what diet and exercise and other natural remedies might CURE, BEFORE calling out heavier artillery.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Howdy! Guess a few updates are in order...

First of all, Doctor visits!
The surgeon was visited on the 1st. He assured me he "stopped counting carpal tunnel surgeries (he is a hand specialist) at 1000, and that was several years ago." He is "90% sure I have carpal tunnel which will require surgery"... but just to be sure, he sent me to a neurologist. He won't do surgery without the neurologist report. (So... is this why Doctors "practice"? After thousands of surgeries, he isn't sure I have carpal tunnel?)
   I saw the neurologist last Thursday for an "electrical resistance test". I would hope every is fairly resistant to be tasered repeatedly. This Doctor assured me it wasn't an actual Taser. "Tasers have prongs which shoot out from across the room.", he said. This one was applied directly to my skin, with conductive gel for a good jolt. The nurse had told me that I would have some small needles inserted into various places in my arms and hands. "They are real small needles, like acupuncture- not like hypodermic needles." I guess she's only ever HEARD of acupuncture... because these were NOT the small needles. This was more like sharpened electrical fencing wire- I have seen finer gauge hypodermics used on horses!
   The Doc's only comment about the results of the test was "You have been putting off this surgery for awhile, haven't you?" as he directed me to make another appointment back with the surgeon. (Who will discuss the test results with me.) The repeat visit at the surgeon's office is Monday the 14th.
   Yesterday was the blood pressure follow up visit with Dr. Benjamin. 127/70. (SCORE!) I admitted I have only been taking 1/2 of the prescribed dose. He was good with that, since I got good results. We also discussed the stinking seasonal allergies, which have resulted in my annual respiratory infection. I left the office with four prescriptions. One antibiotic, one "dose pack" of prednisolone, and two different nasal sprays.
Daniel and Sam were featured in last week's local newspaper. They were headliners, the lead story above the fold! (Second story, bigger picture... Bird eating a bug!) (Yeah, there is that much local weekly news.) The guy didn't get his facts straight. He made the hike sound like Sam's idea... after Daniel's three years of planning, Dan was credited with "going along with his brother." Sam's trail name of "Link" was given and explained. (It is the name of a video game character who plays an ocarina. Sam carried his ocarina along with him and played it at rests.) Daniel's trail name was Folklore- which was not given in the story. The story called him "Ocarina"- a fabrication by the writer. ("Folklore" was given to Dan when he mentioned they could expect rain during the coming night, based on the activity of the birds around their camp.) Pretty much every quote from Dan was attributed to Sam, and Sam's quotes attributed to Daniel. Still, front page!
On the first of the month, I hit a local truckload sale, and bought 80 lbs. of chicken leg quarters. (Maybe I ought to write a chicken cookbook!) We have had BBQ grilled chicken, grilled chicken, chicken casserole, Mexican chicken casserole, chicken pasties, cold chopped chicken on salad, and tonight: chicken gumbo! (Lest you think that is ALL we have eaten- last night we had beef and bean burritos, and one night- grilled pork chops.
I got to work 6-11 today at the Dayspring warehouse. Tomorrow, The Spoon!
I got sculpey clay to make some items for little gallon jar terrariums, but haven't gotten any further than buying the clay and "pinning" ideas on pinterest.
That has pretty much been September so far. Thanks for reading!
I also want to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my Grandson Gavin, who will be 9 on the 11th, and my brother Robbie, who shares the day.