Saturday, June 28, 2008

one Fried Modem, over easy

I neglected to disconnect the computer 's phone line from the wall before I went to bed last night. Of course, this would be the night huge thunderstorms moved through. I heard the Kah-POP of the modem blowing as the first lightening strike woke me up.
All morning we have thought the phone lines were out.. and I couldn't find the corded phone to test the jacks. Then I discovered someone had unplugged the cordless phone from the electrical outlet. Once plugged in, we DID have phone service... but the computer will not connect. Fried Modem for sure. I am using Ben's laptop- which reaches a blazing 19.2 Kbps.
Is it even worth getting another modem for the computer?

My Mom emailed me an eBay auction for the Statue of Mom. I have bid on it... so would my dear children try not to bid it out of my price range? With eBays new hidden bidder identity, we can't tell when we bid against one another.

I don't know what else to do but start looking for a 'real' job. Otherwise we are going under. Mr C has been 'keeping us afloat' by using his savings account. So I may as well find a second shift job. Then I can keep Matthew, homeschool the twins, and then go to work. Then Tom can afford to go on vacation with the boys... and as usual- I will get to stay home because I can't get off work. I suppose it is better for SOME of us to get to have fun than none of us.

We were going to go blueberry picking at Laurie and Andrews today, but the storms stopped that. We will try to reschedule in a few days.

Have a great day everyone... my grandbaby is here and he just got back from picking wild blackberries with his Mommy and Uncles.

Friday, June 27, 2008

The Dream seemed so real

Last night (technically early this morning) I woke up having night sweats one of my short, private tropical vacations. I was sooo thirsty- I couldn't just lay there and wait for morning to get a drink. I also had a pounding headache- which CAN be caused by dehydration. I got up and chugged two mason jars worth of water... and an advil.

When I do have to get up in the night, I have trouble falling back to sleep. It was 3:45 when I got up for my drink. I layed in the bed with my head pounding and drenched in sweat, wondering if I would ever be able to get back to sleep... and I found myself in the kitchen, standing in front of the sink.
I was talking to Tom and someone else about having a calling of God upon ones life. We were talking about not being where we knew we ought to be in our walk with God. I told someone that the Gifts of God are without repentance. When God gives you a Gift, he doesn't remove it when you walk too far away from him.

I said, "I know God wants me to lay hands on people and heal the sick". I put my two hands together in front of me- and I could see the power in them- I could feel the virtue of God's healing power rushing through my arms and into my hands like lightening bolts. I laid my hand on my own head, and felt myself falling out in the Spirit. I said, this is how Jesus knew when the person touched the hem of his garment - he felt the healing power going out into the man in the crowd.

Then I woke up.
I prayed for a really long time before I went back to sleep.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

COW- Momba!

The first of these pictures is a cookie jar I used to have. Tom and the kids dubbed it "The Statue of Mom". I sold it in a GROJ sale, and have never heard the end of it. So I am keeping my eye out to replace it- cheap.

This cow/ bull in blue overalls is a recent find. Looks like I have a cookie jar collection started, doesn't it? He arrived today.

And these two brown cows are "salt and pepper shakers". They also arrived today. Good thing I don't plan on actually USING them for S&P... they are huge! They would probably hold a cup and a half of salt!

I really am trying to stay off eBay!
Becky is coming tomorrow... a surprise for her Daddy! I will be so glad to see her!
As an added bonus, she is bringing cute little Tyrel along. He is almost walking. Becky told me he tried taking a step several times over the last couple of days, but fell on his sitty-downer. He might demonstrate to his Cowgranny how much he has grown. Last time I saw him in person- he was barely rolling over- and "airplaning". He would lay on his tummy looking like a skydiver- arms and legs arched in the air behind him. NOW he is cruising and trying to walk.
So we are getting the house extra clean. Tommy took the area rugs out and beat them. Dan is sweeping and mopping the front room- he does almost as good of a job as Tommy does: Moving furniture, dusting, then sweeping and mopping. I will have to figure out who the proper bathroom cleaner is today, and make sure they do a good job on the front bathroom. Tom and I always use the bathroom off our bedroom- and FOUR teen/preteen boys use the front bath. It has a tendancy to smell like a locker room.
I just conquered Mt. Washmore. AFTER demanding the hoarded laundry from the boys rooms. Whoo Hoo! (I even picked up Mr C's collection from his side of the bed.)
I have heard from both my DIL's in the last couple of days. Wondering why their husbands aren't the housekeepers that the younger boys are. I have no answer. When those two were younger... Chris was a good housekeeper. It was Felix and Oscar in their bedroom. Chris was Mr Obsessive-compulsive neat. Bill was- and IS- Bill. He could stretch a sinkfull of breakfast dishes into an all-day chore.
When he WANTS to clean, he can obsess with the best of them.
ALL of the boys can cook- and actually seem to enjoy it.

I suppose I OUGHT to be thinking of things to cook while Becky is here. I try to make the kids favorites whenever I can during their visits.
Have a wonderful day!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Do You Like Blacksberrys pie?

Ala Bahma asked Bugs bunny.

Tommy the Walker pronounced the first crop of roadside wild blackberries worth picking. He, Ben, and Daniel set forth and came back with almost two quarts. Instead of putting these by, Tommy is baking a fresh blackberry pie. MMM MMM MMM!

When I was buying groceries the other day, I found a reasonably priced package of stew meat. (The store had roast beast on sale- I am sure these were trimmings from those). Normally, I use leftover roast to make stew. But this was a good deal; so that is what we are making for supper in the slow cooker. In some ways, I like starting with the raw stew meat better than the cooked leftover roast. We cut the stew meat into bite sized pieces, dredge in seasoned flour, then brown the floured meat in a skillet. It just tastes better than the leftover roast... which isn't bad!

I had a message on myspace from my friend Laurie... her blueberries are ready to pick! I was hoping to go pick some tomorrow or the next day. Then I talked to Becky... and she is going to come in on Friday (Surprise, Mr C!) and we will try to go to Laurie's on Saturday.

Fresh blueberries, blackberries, and the wild plums are nearing ripe... oh boy, summertime! I hope we can gather enough blackberries and plums this year to can some jelly. The blueberries will probably go into the freezer, for the most part. If cherries and strawberries start coming down to a more reasonable price, I will put some of those into the freezer too.

In Which Reading and Tattoos are Similar

Daniel and Sam have used every spare moment the last couple of days, listening to an unabridged audio book of Mark Twian's "Tom Sawyer" . I had made several starts on reading this story aloud to them- but never got too far. My voice would give out... or I would start laughing so hard I would have tears running down my cheeks- as they would look at me wondering, "what was so funny?"
Being The Mom, there is always something I had to stop reading and take care of... or I would mislay the book, or we would lose our place from the last time....
Anyway- the audio book is wonderful. The narrator can get through the part of Tom doctoring the cat without going into hysterical laughter- one of the parts that gets me every time!
The twins actually got their room clean and rearranged while listening. Then, they went and picked up the actual BOOK, "Tom Sawyer". They want to read it... voluntarily!
We have gone from Hank the Cowdog to Tom Sawyer in just a few months. Not that they like Hank any less... Thank You, John R. Erickson, for igniting a love of reading in my children.
I do hope that the love of reading will stick with my kids. Reading is a bone of contention between DH and myself. He doesn't enjoy reading, and doesn't understand how anyone can be entertained by a book.
I suppose I can compare this in myself to not understanding why anyone would want a tattoo. I know that people become tattooed for a variety of reasons- but I just don't understand why they would want to get one at all. Some of my best friends and children have tattoos. I certainly don't like these people any less because of a tattoo- I just don't understand why they would want one- (or more.) Maybe it is the same for Mr C not understanding a love of reading.

Ok... time to get this day on the roll!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Too Quiet

You wouldn't think that four boys could be so quiet. I guess growing up makes them quieter. (Not that I noticed it in other families... back when we knew other families).
Maybe I am missing having Matthew around. I hear he is having a wonderful time with his grandparents. They are camping at a lake, where Matt gets to go out on the boat with grandpa and fish every day. Other grandparents are there with grandkids, so Matt also has playmates. He won't be wanting to come back here!
Mr C called the employer- the one he needed a resume for. The position had already been filled. Anyone holding their breath can exhale.
Nobody was holding their breath?
I woke up this morning feeling much less depressed- someone must be praying for me. Thank you!
I expect some sort of good changes are on the way.
It is hard knowing that your kids are preparing to leave the nest. Even though you know it is right, and that the day has to come- it is hard.
Have I done everything I can for them to be a success on their own?
What more remains to be done?
It doesn't seem to be getting any easier- despite having been through this three times already.
And I am already thinking it is too quiet?
Have a wonderful day, everyone!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Library Day

I have been out of books all weekend. Dan has been pestering me since Friday evening to go to the library- so we went this morning.
I also stopped at the post office for stamps and to mail the letters that didn't go out Saturday.
Last time I was at the Library, I bought a couple of audio books from the library used book store. One was "The Hobbit", which we listened to today, on the way *there and back again*. (Insider joke for Hobbit fans).
Today, the twins found an audio book of Tom Sawyer, which they are listening to as they *clean their room*. (Insider joke for parents whose kids say they are cleaning their room)
(For non Hobbit fans- the main character in the book names his journey "There and Back Again". For non parents- any time a kid says they are cleaning their room- it is a joke.)

I was in a lousy mood all weekend- just irritable and crabby for no good reason. I did put in several more applications to various companies in Ohio. Another colossal waste of time. Mr C looked at houses online- there and here. He says he needs a resume to apply for an interesting job he saw there. I started making him one during his lunch break today. When you have worked for the same company for almost 19 years... the resume is going to be pretty short!

Just so you know- even if he sends in his resume- it doesn't mean he will be offered a job. Even if he is offered a job- it doesn't mean he will accept it. Even if he accepts the job, it doesn't mean we will actually and in fact move to Ohio so that he can work at said job.
Having been down all of these roads before, I have learned I cannot count on any decision being a "final" decision.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

More Grandkids

My DS Chris and five of six of my grandkids at the Ft Worth Stockyards... plus an unidentified horse. Isn't his wife beautiful? Oh wait... his wife is taking the picture! That's the *native american* pony master... NOT Seneca! (Look at the way Gavin is eyeing the guy!)

Great Minds... and Becky Moments

This morning when I woke up, I was thinking of doing a "Becky Moments" post. Then I read in the comment(s) to my 100 post... Becky suggested I could do 100 Becky moments,. LOL. Must be our Pizz-Chick connection. A "Becky Moment" is our term for when an otherwise very smart person suddenly lapses into blondeness. Becky was famous for these while growing up.

The first Becky Moment that came to mind this morning was her instructions to one of her siblings on how to read a compass. "The needle on a compass always points to the North. So you hold the compass in your hand with the needle pointing to the "N". Then you look at the compass, and whatever direction is on front of you... that is the direction you are facing."

Tommy reminds me of Becky's "upside down sound". Sitting in front of a small stereo speaker... she wondered out loud : "I wonder what this would sound like upside down?".
Or... "You can't get a kink in a power cord... the power still gets through".

Becky was the kid who would do her older brothers chores- like washing the dishes- so that they would "let her" help them push the lawnmower. If she did a really good job on the kitchen, they would even let her push it all by herself as long as she wanted!

I had my own Becky Moment on the way to town the other day. I was talking to my Mom on the cell phone as I left the house. Tommy was driving... so I just continued my conversation to the end. As I was hanging up.... I remarked that we had better get home before Mr C did, since I had forgotten to bring along my cell phone. It wasn't in my purse where I keep it! Duh-uhhh ... Becky must come by it honestly!

Maybe I can think up some more Becky Moments later....

Saturday, June 21, 2008


This is my 100th post on blogspot. That is a lot of mostly nothing to say, isn't it?
The house was not bombed yesterday. Instead, we went today.

Ben and Tommy went out doing whatever they wanted to do.... Tom and I and the twins took the two stupid dogs and set out. We planned to go by the post office first. Jaffa puked before we got there. The PO wasn't opening until 9:30, and it was just 8:45. So the puke got cleaned up, and we decided to take the 'scenic route' to Jane, MO., to go to Wal Mart. Just as we got to Gravette, AR., Drover began puking. I voted to take them back home and leave them on their chains.

On the way home, one of the two dogs did it again- all over the seat. I was sooo glad to continue without them. Still having 3 hours to kill, we set back out for Jane, in the car instead of the van. We stopped at the Bella Vista PO... which was closed on Saturday! GRRR! I reminded Tom we can get stamps at WM... so we went on.

I exchanged Dan and Sam's jeans for some that fit... and Daniel picked out a new 'dress shirt'. He and Sam prefer the dress shirts for every day. (Once home, both boys dressed up... and went out to climb trees!!! WHY can't they wear ratty jeans and old T shirts for that?)

Ben and Tommy arrived home moments before we did. Their diplomas were delivered in the mail today. They did excellently on their test scores. Whoo Hoo!
Once the house was aired out, we put away the groceries, had naps, and sat around. I got started on "The Sackett Companion"... which I have found really interesting reading.

Yesterday, I put in three more applications (in Columbus). Mr C began talking today about one of the houses we looked at last year... around here. For the amount they want for that mobile home on 4 acres, we can have a REAL house on 13 acres near Laurelville. I really do NOT want to settle here.

Oh yeah... we forgot to get stamps! Guess that is something for Monday.

I was thinking of trying to think of a list of 100 (somethings) for my 100th post. But I couldn't, so you are spared!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Take a de pictch

I swiped a couple of pictures from Becky's blog.
Today, we are going to flea bomb... again. After we wash the dogs and apply a better brand of flea and tick killer. And put flea killer granules in the yard. Then we alllll get to go for a nice ride- somewhere. Somewhere for four hours. What fun.
Guess I should be making preparations for that instead of blogging.
Enjoy the pictures! (there are MORE at Becky's blog... you can get there by clicking on the link in my sidebar)
I said he looks like Curly: Nyuk nyuk nyuk


Thursday, June 19, 2008

Growing Up

I woke up earlier this morning than I have in awhile. Probably due to the sunshine: complete daylight by 6:00 in the morning. Even my pillow over my face didn't keep daytime away, so I got up.

Tommy was already up and busy. He was out the door- ALONE- by 7:30. He is off to seek employment. Benjamin, however, is still snoozing away. As are Daniel and Sam. I was telling Mr C last night about how hard the twins were working on their lessons. He suggested I lighten their load some- give them a bit of summer freedom.
I had them start a journal yesterday: Practice at handwriting, putting thoughts into writing, and they can look back on it in the future. Sam wrote about something being missing on his birthday. He decided it was his two favorite members of the opposite sex: His sister Becky and his niece/biggest crush Jade.
This time last year, we had just taken our annual "4th of July" float trip. I don't think we will be able to go on a float trip this year- whether on the 4th of July or not. (Last year's float was the day before Father's Day, as we had a mega-party-weekend. We had a baby shower for Becky, the float trip, Father's Day celebration, and the twins' birthday all stuffed into one weekend. It was attended by most of our extended family.) Becky took the twins home with her, Ben and Tommy went with my Dad and SM. We had over a month of NO KIDS. That was the first time that has happened in all the time we have been married.
Last year at this time, DS Chris and I worked at the same place, in the same job capacity. By September, he had moved up in the company, and by October he had moved away- back* to DFW. Now I don't have any extended family in the area. Makes Mr C and I both wonder WHY we would want to buy a house here. He could retire. He has enough time in with the company, as well as enough age to combine into retirement. But he would still have to find a job somewhere. At age 55 (2 1/2 more years) he can retire with full flight benefits. Right now, he could retire without flight benefits... they would kick in when he reached 55. I hope we get moved into a place of our own somewhere before he decides to retire.
*back to DFW: Chris was born in Ft Worth. We moved to Oklahoma when he was about nine
Well, the troops are finally rousing. Time to get our day started!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Yesterday was a pretty good day. Daniel and Samuel really liked their birthday gifts. Tommy baked and frosted their cakes. Using a loaf pan as the base, and cupcakes as the 'bumps'... "lego" bricks were formed. Sam had a lemon cake with lemon frosting. Daniel had chosen a banana cake, with strawberry frosting.

As Tommy iced the banana cake, Daniel looked at it with apprehension. "I guess I didn't realize that strawberry frosting would be PINK," he said. So we had pink and yellow cakes... like the Spongebob episode where SB and Patrick taunt one another: "Pink!" "Yellow!"

The cakes were tasty.... or so I was told. (I don't eat cake... at least not often.) We sang happy birthday, after having take-out pizza from Jim's Razorback for supper. The boys got to open their gifts at while Tom was home for lunch. They played Hank the Cowdog cd's on the listening devices, wearing their earbuds. They wore their Hank T shirts, and carried things around in their Hank backpacks.

Once Mr C went to bed, I asked the boys if they were satisfied with the way their birthday had turned out. They were. Before he went to bed, Sam came and said "Thanks for everything, Mom. I had a really good day."


Our Internet has refused to connect for most of the day. I called the ISP... and it wasn't just us. They hoped to have it fixed 'soon'. We eventually have achieved sporadic connection.


The twins started the remedial Language units today. We are continuing in Math, and Building Thinking Skills, as well as some supplemental American History workbooks.
Poor old Al. Once again, she has been urinating on clean clothes. Clean clothes waiting to be folded and put away, and on clothes laid out for the next day's wear. Her MEEEE-OOOOOOWWWWW-YOW-OWLLLLL atomic meowing has become more frequent during the night. In the daytime, she finds a warm spot and pretty much stays put. We have to look closely to see if she is still breathing. The last bout of "using" laundry baskets was solved by adding an additional litterbox in another part of the house, and making sure the laundry was dealt with entirely, every day. I don't know what to do this time.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Today, my twin babies are 12 years old. The last year before they reach their teens.
They are going to have 'Lego Bricks' as birthday cakes. Tommy has been busy baking all morning. I hope to be able to post pictures... but to do that I have to have them put on disk first. So it won't be today!

They will be getting many of the items- MOST of the items- on their list. Tommy got them each a very nice pocket knife. (The knives were NOT cheap!) It was his own idea- he said their pocket knives were 'junk'. I got them a 'boombox'. Not exactly what I wanted, but the shelves were virtually bare of CD players as we shopped yesterday. They are getting a very very cheap clock radio. I found ONE portable, personal cd player in my budget range, but got it anyway (in addition to the boombox). I found a K'Nex set that will work with Lego's, since the Lego shelves were also rather bare.
Grandma got them Hank T shirts and the Hank Tornado board game. Becky got them Hank backpacks. They received several other gifts as well. Maybe we will let them open presents while Dad is home for lunch. (The cakes aren't yet ready).

I just can't believe how much they have grown up.

Monday, June 16, 2008


The weekend wasn't great. Too much time spread with too little to do. Unhappy DH just put a damper on everything we tried to do to celebrate Father's Day.
Tomorrow is Daniel and Samuel's 12th birthday. I have to go to town this afternoon, or tomorrow (I procrastinate too much) and get groceries. Yeah, it has only been a little less than a week, and I am out of things like milk, bread, peanut butter, and fruit. And Ice cream to go with the birthday cakes that I still have to bake. I also have a couple of presents left to buy to add to the ones on my desk. Those presents, from Becky and Grandma, have been creating a lot of wistful looks today. I did let them have their Nintendo DS games when they came in on Saturday. So at least the twins had a great time over the weekend.
Since we aren't getting to take a trip during my month without Matthew, I have suggested Ben and Tommy go ahead and start job hunting. That way they can afford their next car insurance payments. And they need job experience. Even when/if they continue their educations, they are going to need job experience.
The new school books came in today. I may not do any more school this week... or I might start on Wednesday. I haven't yet decided.
I don't know what I am supposed to do. I gave up several authors I enjoyed reading because DH didn't approve of my reading them. I have been reading some kids books, and Christian mystery authors. He still gets upset when I read. He considers non-technical reading as a waste of time. I can watch TV, but only shows he likes. He doesn't like home improvement shows, or shows about other people and their babies, or anything with a laugh track, or Who Dunnits. WHAT am I supposed to do in a rented house where I cannot do any 'improvements'. I cannot garden "because we aren't going to be here that long".
I can't ebay things, since I have no way of getting pictures onto the internet, and the connection speed is lacking when I try to upload. Reading is disapproved of. We don't GO anywhere. (There are crowds. Gas is too expensive. "That" would not be fun. {"That" being pretty much anything I suggest}. Hollywood is evil and we aren't going to support perversity. We don't have the money because {I} am not working.)

We sit around on weekends and look at houses in Ohio online.
I'm depressed.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Just rambling

After we got the car insurance bill in the mail, Mr C says we are not taking a vacation anywhere.
We had a 'discussion' about what we are going to do with our future. Mr C is worried we haven't done enough for our kids. He says Tommy doesn't want to move to Ohio... like our whole future should be based on what TOMMY wants. For all intents and purposes, Tommy, AND Ben, are grown up. They don't HAVE to go to Ohio. Even if we stay here, it doesn't mean Ben and Tommy will.

IF we are ever going to go, it should be now.

I am not trying to be mean, or hard @$$ed . We have been here FOUR years. FOUR YEARS, three months, and counting. Even if we had stayed in Marlow, it doesn't mean Becky would not have moved to west Texas.
Mr C says he is tired of being depressed and unsure of what to do. It is about time... I have been tired of it for far longer.
Ralph called yesterday.... pleased as punch about his photo mug. Dad was happy with his shirts and book. Yippee. Happy Father's day. I loved the sentiments of Jenn's blog, One Thing:

Where are those cards?

Well, That's all for now.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Left off a Zero

In saying about the HVAC repayment for not sticking out the THREE (not two) years, the apprentice repays the company a pro-rated $13,000. Mr C re-checked what he had told me when he was showing the boys.

Not that anyone here seems the least bit inclined to investigate it further.
Here it is our regular weekend. NOTHING happening. A movie I ordered for Tommy came in, so the guys are watching "Paleface". (A Bob Hope movie if you were unfamiliar with the title.)
Tomorrow is Father's Day. Got some "snakes" for the grill. Yeah, "snake" is a rare treat here, special occasions. Most everyone would guess we are having STEAK... and it would be correct.

My former DIL (I won't embarrass her further by naming her) was coming to dinner with my son at our place in Marlow. DS told her we were having "snakes on the grill". She took him literally and begged him to stop and feed her at Mc Donalds... anywhere... just please don't make her eat SNAKE. DS just laughed and brought her hungry. She was almost in tears when she realized it was steak and not snake.
Another time, back when this girl was our babysitter and not a relation, I called everyone to dinner by yelling, "It's Soup!" She came in and was really disappointed that we were NOT having soup. That was just how I had announced that dinner was ready.

Ok, one last laugh at her expense: She was with her family driving through the country one day... and they passed a hand lettered sign in front of a house: "Fresh Goat's Milk and Eggs". After a few minutes, she remarked aloud, "I didn't know goats laid eggs".
Yeah, we have teased her about this for years. We are just mean like that.
Anyway, so far our Father's Day celebration will be dinner on the grill, and a sack of small presents. I think we got him five T-shirts, a pair of shorts, a stooges DVD, and two identical mugs.
The twins nintendo DS games came today, so I went ahead and gave them to them. The rest of their birthday stuff waits until Tuesday. They chose their cake flavors yesterday. One chose bananananananana cake with strawberry frosting. The other chose lemon cake with lemon frosting.
At least I have a fresh stack of library books, and a brand new Rainbow Resource catalog to keep me occupied.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

We Gots Grads!

The Adult Learning Center called Ben and Tommy this afternoon to inform them of their scores on the GED. Their scores were: "um, ah.... well.... we passed!" They said that as soon as the lady told them they had passed, they essentially stopped listening.

Yep, they must be grown men now: Filter out the essential details (we passed) of the female speaking- while the rest is so much blah blah bzzt ztttzzzzttz zzzzztt ztt blah blah ztt zzzzt.

Tommy remembered he got 570 on writing, and 700 in Science. His average was "600 and something". Ben remembers getting 700 in Science. His average was also "600 hundred something". I KNEW I should of had the lady talk to me when she was done with them, if I wanted to know details.

Sort of like when men pass along birth information. "Sally Mae had her baby", a man says to his wife.
"Oh good!" replies the wife. "Was it a boy or a girl? How much did it weigh? What are they going to name it?"
"Ummmm..... is that really important? Maybe you can call Sally Mae?"
Now the boys can start job hunting. Unless we ARE going to Ohio. Then, depending on whether it is "just a vacation", or a prelude to a permanent move- they can wait until we get back or look up there.

I am just almost positive Tommy will be wanting to move to Texas- at least someday. He blushes fire engine red any time a person mentions this, or asks him about his reason for wanting to move there. Maybe he ought to start his courting like Becky and Stephen did- via internet. However, he needs to learn a trade or skill before starting his family efforts. Mr C was telling me about an apprentice program (in Columbus) that trains people in HVAC. (Heating and AC). They pay wages to their trainees as they learn the HVAC trade... wages increasing during the two years of training. But AFTER they are licensed HVAC, the must agree to work for the company for two years (at 'only' $16 per hour) or repay training costs, pro-rated. ($1300) So it really sounds like a good deal- IF a person were willing to become licensed in HVAC. (A skill that applies pretty much anywhere in the US... even in West Texas.)

Now, what on earth shall we do to celebrate our new Grads accomplishments?

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Tyrel, my grandson.

Pictures by Becky (left), and By Annie Z. (right)

I love these pictures... he looks like he is just about to get into something!

And the Decision was....

It is a mug with Ralph's (my SF) picture along side his latest project tractor. It should hopefully arrive in time for Father's Day.
I have to brag on Shutterfly regarding their photo mug service, if I may. Last year (or was it the year before?) I was stumped over what to get my Mom for Mother's day. On the WEDNESDAY before Mother's day.... Wednesday afternoon, even.... I ordered her a photo mug from Shutterfly. These things are CUSTOM made.... and then shipped. She got it the day before Mother's Day... on Saturday afternoon. I have ordered mugs from Shutterfly several times.... I have never been disappointed with them.



Oh, you thought The Decision was about the Ohio trip.


Sorry, no decision there. It won't be next week*... that is all I know.
Today is the last day I have Matt before his vacation to his grandparents house. He leaves Saturday. He will be THREE when he comes back.
*Subject to change. Repeatedly.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Another week

A week to go til the Twins are 12! Wow.
I have been laughing all morning at little bits of song they have added to their work:

"Have you seen the muffin pan, the muffin pan, have you seen the muffin pan..."

"In Drawer Elaine there was a..." (Sung to some Beatles tune, I don't know which one, and the funny thing is the boys have only ever heard parodies of these tunes they are singing... and making up their own parody tunes to them.)

Still Thinking on what to get SD Ralph for father's day. Maybe something with tractors.... hmmmm
I found a great card with sound that I should have already had in the mail for its recipient. It has Lisa Simpson repeately saying How about now, how about now? Now? Now? Now? Now? Nownownownow... until Homer gives in and says OKAY! wanna guess who it is for..?
Anyway, I have a small child being defiant... and I don't put up with that.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Another Day in Decatur

indicator! (get it, har har!)

Oh, sorry, sometimes these little fits come over me.

Daniel and Sam are working on 'supplying the opposite' words in Building Thinking Skills. I got their Science curriculum for the coming year ordered today, as well as a 'remedial' pack of language skill builders. Yes, it is strange that kids with their awesome vocabularies and thinking skills haven't quite mastered written grammar skills. Punctuation, capitalization, identifying parts of speech. This is one area we will really work at over the summer.

I can totally relate to not understanding the mechanics of language. When I was in grade school, we happened to move from a district where grammar was taught in the latter half of the year, to one where it was taught in the beginning of the year. I moved at the perfect point to miss learning about nouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs. Or maybe I was there and oblivious to it.

School was a terrible struggle for me all through elementary school. I was S-L-O-W. The teacher was ready to move on before I had absorbed what I needed to know... I was perpetually behind in my classwork. I remember my Dad promising me and my brothers a quarter for every "A" on our report cards. Semester after semester, the best I could do was a "B". I was trying as hard as I could. I was plenty smart... I just couldn't regurgitate the correct answers in a timely manner. (I remember being SHOCKED, when being asked to repeat the alphabet in first grade, to learn elemenno was four letters and not one. (L M N O)) Dad finally gave me a single quarter for a straight "B" report card. I was the LAST kid in the third grade to memorize the multiplication tables. I was not catching on that 3x3 is ALWAYS nine. Every time. Dad wanted my homework papers perfect. If I had to erase at all, he made me recopy the entire page.

I was in college (Jr. College) before I finally "got" nouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs. (This may be why I am so unconcerned that the boys haven't caught on to them yet.) Daniel and Sam are just now at the point where I was already the Meanest Mom In The World to the older kids. "Mom, How Do You Spell _____?" (Any of the older kids can tell you that no matter the word, my answer was the same: "D-I-C-T-I-O-N-A-R-Y"). My remedial packet will give them practice in basic grammar and language mechanics.
I put in two job applications yesterday, via the internet, to companies in Ohio. I figure it is an exercise in futility anyway. Even if I am called and interviewed, Mr C (Who insisted I ought to be looking for work up there) will decided we aren't going. Yet. May I ask that you join us in prayer, if you are so inclined, that the door will be opened and we will have adequate finances to move there "and NOT live in poverty"?
I can't think of anything additional to blog about at the moment. Have a great day!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Ordering online!

I have had such fun the last couple of days! Since my Dad doesn't read blogs: I got him two polo shirts (with pocket), and a book by Patrick F. McManus for Father's Day. I didn't know McManus wrote a fiction series! I was really at a loss for what to get him.... what do you get a person who has pretty much everything he wants? He sure doesn't need more 'collectibles', especially basset hounds. I was forbidden to get him more coffee cups... guess Tom will get those, LOL. (Got a set at Save A Lot Friday!) Now I just have to figure out something for Ralph. (Harder, as he doesn't read for pleasure- has even more specific tastes in clothes and shoes, and also has plenty of coffee cups!)

I also went to Overstock dot com and got several things: A Stooges collection on DVD for Tom, a couple of Nintendo DS games, and a Hank the Cowdog CD for Daniel and Sam's birthday.
I have looked at, but not yet purchased, some new school books for Daniel and Sam.
The stuff that Dan and Sam have on their list has lines through the items they will be receiving... so if you get them something from the list, let me know so I can mark through it.

Mr C says maybe we will plan a trip to Ohio. I will be without Matt for a month, after next week.

oh, Becky and Stephen have a new venture JUST STARTED! They have a store on ETSY, a site for people to market handcrafted items. Their "storefront" is As of this very minute, they only have on item in it, but should soon be adding more items, like the Cowgranny's Taggy Draggy blankets, cloth diaper covers, and more western welded horse shoe items. So go take a peek, bookmark it.... and next time you need a handmade gift, try her shop first!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

What Do Daniel and Sam want for their Birthday? (Updated)

I had the twins each make me a list of what they would like for their 12th birthday- coming in just under 2 weeks.
It is pretty interesting to me that without 'peer pressure', my kids have all stayed KIDS longer than other children their age. They gave me their lists- I have added some translation.

Daniel's List:
"The Quest for The Great White Quail" (A Hank the Cowdog book)
"Tornado" (Hank the Cowdog Game)
Hank the Cowdogs Greatest Hits Volume 3 and/or Volume 4 (CD's)
Hank the Cowdog Drawstring Back Pack
Hank the Cowdog "Warning" T-shirt (size 12)
A Multi-tool
an Alarm clock
An MP3 Player

Star Fox Command (Game for a Nintendo DS)

Sam's list:

A Hank, or Drover "Plush" (stuffed animal)
"The Case of the Kidnapped Collie" (A Hank the Cowdog Audio CD)
Lego Set
"Kirby Squeak Squad" (Game for Nintendo DS)
"The Legend of Zelda Phantom Hourglass" (game for nintendo DS)
Almost everything they would like can be found at and

They didn't put it on their list, but they would also enjoy a subscription to "Brickmaster" (Lego) Magazine

I thought of other things they would like but didn't put down: Street Hockey sticks,
Lego T-Shirts, a radio/cd player, Six Flags tickets, Paintball equipment, air-soft guns

Running Errands

Yesterday was the day I became an official Arkansawyer.
Yep. The driver's license was finally obtained.
The day started out with getting major groceries.... we had been whittling down our stock of staples to the point meals were becoming rather creative. Ben and Tom both questioned having beans and cornbread in the same meal as fried cabbage.

Normally, Tom and I set out together in shopping like that. But he wanted to go to Missouri for some *ahem* items. I needed to go to Siloam Springs to shop at Save A Lot. So we split up. Tom noticed that Sam's boots were held together with duct tape. So Tom took Sam with him, figuring to get him shoes at WalMart there, where the taxes are less. I took Dan... and as we set out, I checked Dan's shoes. They were also falling apart...but not quite at the duct tape stage.
Dan and I went to Save-A-Lot first. Then to Sears for laundry detergent. We stopped and grabbed a couple of Ticcy Taco's at Taco Tico. Then on to WalMart for the few items I refuse to buy at SaveA Lot.
I looked at WM for shoes for Daniel. He and Sam are hard set against wearing sneakers. As we looked at the non-existent shoe selection for pre-teen boys, he explained he doesn't like sneakers because they 'always' hurt his feet. If we bought WalMart shoes, he had a choice of character sneakers in Spiderman or Incredible Hulk, or a pair of slip on boat shoe sneakers in plaid. Being almost 12... he was not happy with any of those choices. Poor guy was going to settle unhappily for the slip ons. I said No, we will go find a real shoe store later.

We finished at Wally and as we loaded groceries into the car, Dan pointed out a brand new shoe store across the street! It had only been opened a few weeks. We scooted over, and tried on a few pairs of sneakers. Dan put on a pair of New Balance in his size. The look on his face was priceless. He strode up and down the aisle for a minute, and told me those were his shoes. His new FAVORITE shoes, the most comfortable shoes in the world!

We headed home... a mere four hours after we had left. Tom was concerned, as I had left my cell at home charging and he couldn't reach us. Sam was still wearing his duct tape. They had had the same luck in Jane as we had had in Siloam WalMart. I suggested I head back to the shoe store in Siloam... and so it wouldn't be a 'special trip', I said I ought to take the time to stop in at the Revenue office and get my license. We did that first... as it was almost three thirty by the time we got back to Siloam. Then back to the shoe store... Sam also chose a variety of New Balance sneakers.

Tom suggested I see if the WM there had jeans, as the twins are both down to one pair apiece. I bought the jeans by size... giving in to Sam's pleas for 'cowboy cut' wranglers. On trying them on at home... Cowboy cut means extra tight. They couldn't even fasten the jeans! So now we get to do the return thing.

But Not Today! I had enough running yesterday to last me a good while.

I called my Dad Thursday evening to let him know we wouldn't be coming down today. I had hoped to go to a family reunion on my Mom's side, and then staying at Dad's house overnight before heading back home. I didn't get to go- wahhh!
But I did talk to Dad for a little while. I let him know Ben and Tommy are 'graduated' now! I said we still hadn't decided on how to celebrate.

Gotta love my Dad. He says, "Take them out and let them get drunk!" Then He realized they aren't old enough to drink... (and they DON'T drink, at all, anyway. My Dad never believes stuff like that) So after he realized they aren't old enough to drink, he modified it to "Take them out and let them watch YOU get drunk".
Oh yeah, now that would be SO much fun! I may enjoy my Adult Beverage, but I don't get drunk. The times (twice) I did, I was so sick I lost all interest in drunkenness.
I did find out that Kathie finally got her mother's day gift... three weeks late! I had sent hers PRIORITY MAIL. She contacted the post office several times when it didn't arrive after a week. (Arlene's gift went parcel post and arrived in five days, after travelling twice the distance!) Turned out that the mail carrier (must have been a substitute) had left the box on the porch... of the first house on the road Dad and Kathie live on. Those folks left it there. Didn't tell the post office it was not theirs, didn't bother to let anyone know it was there. Earlier this week, Dad and Kathie were driving by and one of the kids who lived in that house flagged them down to ask if they were the %%%%% family. They had a whole COLLECTION of parcels for them, sitting on the front porch for weeks! At least they finally got them. Dad said they had strong words with the post office, UPS and DSL.

Oh! Benny reloaded my printer into the reformatted computer.... and it worked! Hooray, I am back to being able to print off the Internet and scan pictures into the computer! Whoo Hoo!

Thursday, June 5, 2008


Some of the computer problems we have been having were resolved by installing first, a new internet explorer update. This allowed us to access downloads to 'update' the reinstalled windows 98 platform. THAT allowed us to get Toms media player working. However, my latest problem is that when I sign in to go to a few sites (my inbox on hotmail, Nola's blog, foxnews) I get 'pages' so huge I can literally 'page down' fifty times between lines. Anyone ever encountered this problem? I can access the same sites from Ben's laptop and they come up as normal.
Ben and Tommy completed their GED testing today! They are confident they passed, and said they will be getting their diploma's in the mail. (The tests have to be sent to Texas for grading.)
We have finished the final lessons in Dan and Sam's Science. We only have the reviews and final tests left in that. So here we are... still without a thought as to how we will celebrate.
Oh, in our "Building Thinking Skills" book, the twins have each mispronounced words in the last couple of days. Yesterday, Daniel asked me what does 'divversay' mean?
I was puzzled until I looked at the actual word: diverse.
Sam's turn was today: dinn-yeh .
It was deny.
We will be needing to do more reading aloud so that I can catch these little mispronunciations. I still have trouble when I see the name "Sean". I read a book when I was their age that had a character named Sean, and I pronounced it "Seen". Even after I learned it was pronounced "Shawn" (AFTER I finished the book), I still process it as "seen" when I see it, and have to call the correction to mind.
Well, time for me to be getting Mattman ready to go home! MAYBE I can get on here later... or over Tom's weekend. (Doesn't always happen!)

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Back in Business- or not?

For the last week, online time has been stressed. I seldom got an internet connection fast enough to be able to log on to any of my haunts. When I did manage to get on, frustration would set in after a dozen or so attempts to get to publish anything.

Yesterday, I decided to call the internet/phone provider. Since it was a toll free number, I used the land line. The land line is basically only used for internet, or telephone solicitor tormentation. As soon as I dialed, I discovered there was so much 'noise' on the line, I could barely hear the representative. Aha!
The repairdude came out, ran tests, there is only noise 'sometimes'. Ben's laptop connected at 44Kbps.... the fastest ever on dialup. My desktop connected at 48Kbps. The guy left. Ben's laptop dropped back to 19.2. My desktop connects faster- BUT I still am unable to sign in to this account and several other 'secure' places. It goes directly to 'page not found'. So I am back on Ben's, where I can log in, but have no speed.

Benny and Tommy took parts 3 and 4 of their tests today. I asked how they did- they said 'adequate'. In other words, they are certain they passed, and seemed as if they really didn't have to try that hard. Ben says the ACT was MUCH harder.

I sent the boys off to acquire a few groceries. We are so out of everything. The twins Dan wanted to go along. This is due to the grocery store sharing a parking lot with Sonic- and Sonic a sale right now on milkshakes or something. Sam told Dan to get him whatever Dan was having, and opted to stay home. Nice that I can hand the boys a list and just let them go.

Ooops. I am online and said I would be available if they had any questions... but they have my cell and have to call the landline. DUH!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Good Reports

First of all- I am just overcome with joy for my former co-worker Don and his wife Bonnie. Don has been told he would never be able to have children, due to a medical condition he has. Just over two years ago, he and Bonnie conceived a baby. A couple of months before the baby's birth, they learned the baby didn't have kidneys. She was born at term, and lived only a few hours. She was a miracle in the first place, and her loss was hard. Shortly before I quit, I learned Bonnie was expecting again. Last night she gave birth to Ashlyn Rae... a perfectly healthy 7 lb. girl! Mother and baby are doing wonderfully.

My brother Rob called me again this morning. His new boss had called him last night, saying that God had laid it on his heart to give Rob a signing bonus! Then as he turned in his old truck, his old boss came up with an unexpected check for him, and will have yet another check coming for vacation time Rob didn't even realize he was entitled to. God answered the prayer Robbie and I had prayed and He answered it abundantly!

Monday, June 2, 2008


My new computer is gone. It wasn't an iota faster than the old one, possibly due to massive amounts of programs designed for use with highspeed internet. When Mr C couldn't get it to do audiostreaming of 610WTVN out of Ohio, he returned the computer. It wasn't doing what we needed it to do. It was no faster, it was incompatible with my printer, and Mr C couldn't get audio streaming.

And today, the old computer is simply at deaths door. Ben reformatted it, but it still is not doing well. About half the problem might be actually internet based... our top connection speed today has been 19.2Kbps. That is slow, even for dial-up. It took me switching to Ben's laptop to muster up that 'blazing' speed. (Ben was given a laptop that had a broken screen and no battery. He got a new screen and a new battery from ebay. So for about $80, he has a functional laptop!

*In Other News*
My brother called me last night. His job that he has held for the last eight or nine years was ending. He called me a couple of weeks ago to ask me to pray with him about finding a new job. Due to a felony conviction- finding a new job is more challenging than for many people. He was having doors slammed in his face more often than not. When we prayed that day, we asked the Lord to open a job for him that would pay more than he has ever earned, and that it would be a job he knew was a direct answer to his prayers.

What he called to tell me last night: He was on the very last leg of the very last run of his truck on the old job. He pulled over for the night, and noted he had a quarter of a tank of gas. He fell asleep, and the next morning started down the road. His fuel light began flashing! Rob couldn't believe he was out of gas- he has checked the night before. He was forced to find the nearest fuel station, rather than proceed on to his regular fuel stop. He suspected that his gas had been siphoned as he slept.

At the fuel stop, he struck up a casual conversation with the trucker at the pump across from his. One thing led to another as they went on down the road, talking on their radios. The guy owns his own business and had been looking for a driver. He offered Rob a job! Making almost twice what he had been making.... and the guy said he had been praying for the Lord to send him the right person to fill the job! Divine Appointment disguised as an empty gas tank.


We are strongly suspecting that the 'spider bites' the boys have had are not bites at all- but possibly a staph infection. Dan's has spread down his arm, and now Sam has the same blisters appearing and spreading on his knee. Containment and cures are in progress. My Mom stopped in to stay the night and visit before heading back to Texas from her month at Ruth's cake shop. Mom 'happened' to have some prescription strength antibiotic ointment that seems to be clearing these sores right up.

Mr C says I cannot go to the family reunion this Saturday. I am disappointed. I still haven't come up with a plan regarding the boys graduation. The twins birthday is two weeks and one day away.... I can't believe it is already JUNE!