Friday, July 29, 2011


Sent an email to the folks who I'm waiting to hear from about the job. This is their reply :"I think you would definitely make a good fit for the IC department, but at this time we are on hold for hiring anyone else for IC until we see over the next few weeks if we need more people. I will try to keep you informed. "

So am I hired or not?

Apparently NOT at this point. But I'm not NOT hired....

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Updatings for mid-week

My mom and SF Ralph are here. They brought us more boxes and brought Connor and Alana some scooters that had been given to them. We had an awesome roast beast for supper.

Tuesday I did NOT make it to the library. I was lucky to be home from work by noon. So I put off library for my typically easy Wednesday.
On arriving at work Wednesday, I was gratified at how little freight there was. This gratefulness turned to frustration when ALL the computers were down. Tech support couldn't tell me where to find some master controllers I needed to get at. So I called the boss... who didn't answer. After searching... aha! I found the controllers and called tech support back. For all the good it did... I needed a third bit of equipment found. So I tried Boss again. He called back shortly... and assured me he was on his way and would be "right there". In his Boss-speak, this meant he was planning to be there at his regular time, stop calling. He arrived (at his regular time) and the solution to my computer woes was an easy fix. Shut off and re-start each computer.

And he could not of told me this over the phone? Sparing me an hour and a half of trying to think like a geek? GRRR. So then I got started on freight. The store was open when I was putting away the out front merchandise. Within half an hour of one another, I was sought out by two women to figure out what they needed for their cars. Both said they were just more comfortable talking to women about cars. (Guess they think the guys will laugh when the reply to "What kind of car do you drive?" is "Blue".) So I had some counter time.

It was nearly eleven when I finally got finished. Then, my annual job evaluation was overdue. So Tim and I spent another half hour on the Tammy "atta-girls". He put me in for a raise... but said that may not happen. He asked what I have heard on the potential new job. Nothing. (I had learned the day before he was totally kidding about them having called him... not just about telling them I was a bad employee. They hadn't even called.) The woman said a week or two before they decided... it has been just over a week now.

So anyway... having a nice visit! Hoping my "oil day" today will go smoothly!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Just another Monday...

I woke up at 6:00 am... having "slept in", for me. Sunday I was so wiped out tired and never did get a nap... I was in bed by 8:00 pm. I don't think I even ate supper.

I went for a walk before it got hot. (Got 2 miles added to my running total!)  Came home and started cleaning house. With all the accrued boxes, and the visit of the grandkids, our cleaning schedule was a bit off. We moved furniture, vacuumed, swept and mopped. Laundry was started... and before 10:00 am... there wasn't much left to do. Bathrooms got cleaned, more laundry finished. A regular boring day. For supper, we had our favorite roast beef dip sandwiches. (I could of sworn they were on the recipe blog, but I see they are not! Guess I will have to add them!) I LOVE these super easy sandwiches.

While cleaning out desk drawers, I came across "points" issued by my bank... the one I use for my online activities. I had been tossing these "points" into a drawer. I figured that with me probably closing this account soon, I ought to look into redeeming these points. It was both harder, and easier, than I had imagined. I had thought I would take the accued points coupons to the bank, be led to their room of prizes, and make my selections. Not so. I had to set up an online account, list codes from the coupons, and then shop. My selections were mailed to me. I got an electric knife, and a battery powered radio. "For free!" I had an electric knife for years, that I utterly wore out. I really missed it. I can hardly wait to try out this new one. The radio is OK... especially for a free radio.

Still no word from my (potential) new employers. Mr C and I have compiled a list of nine or ten houses to check out when/ if I am called up for the tests. I will have to have a couple days to prepare for the trip, and during those days, we hope to rent a moving van  and pile in a load of stuff, to be stored in Ohio until we actually move. I will call a real estate agent and have them line up the houses for us to look at. (Really, I had always hoped to buy rather than rent. But if we have to rent just to get there... that is OK too.)
Tomorrow is our usual library day. Whether or not we make it will depend on the amount of freight I get in the morning... and how well I sleep tonight. Some days, I can only muster enough energy for a nap!

I ordered some pictures from Shutterfly this evening. I had a coupon for 50 free prints. Their expected delivery date is August 3rd.
WHAT?!... how can it take them clear until AUGUST to get the pictures here? (And August 3rd being our 27th anniversary... which is later this summer.) LATER this summer right... right? My gosh... it is the end of July! Already!
It has sure snuck up on me.

Guess I don't have any anniversary plans for this year! As if I ever do. Still, 27 years seems like a long time to me. God has been working patience in my heart.

Thanks for reading! Have a blessed day!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Weekend again...

I just got back from taking Connor and Alana home. I tried a nap... but for all the drowzies that have had hold of me all morning, I couldn't get to sleep. So the guys are all napping. Dan and Sam took Connor "Wood Sparrow" hunting last night. This is another word for "Snipe hunting". For those of you not raised in the south, A Snipe (or Wood Sparrow) is a non-existent bird that comes out at night searching beneath rocks and brush for insects. To hunt them, you sit quietly in the dark beneath a tree or bush, and have a sack or bucket ready. When you hear the Snipe (or wood sparrow) coming, turning over rocks... you prepare to catch him in the sack or bucket. The persons leading the hunt either sneak off and see how long their victim will wait alone in the dark, or hide and jump out and scare the person giving up on the hunt.

Dan and Sam thought it the most horrible thing ever done to them (several years ago), and cried for hours. Connor came rushing in last night, heart pounding and sweat dripping, declaring he had been pranked and would have nightmares forever over this. He calmed down quickly, and sat next to me, contemplating the meanness of Uncles in general and these two in particular.  I'm sure that he will be as delighted to lead a snipe hunt when his chance comes, as the twins were last night.

I was probably too old to be taken Snipe hunting when teen friends of mine and my sister Lalani learned we had never been. First of all, my step Mom was keen and excited for us to be going out after dark with these boys. TOTALLY out of character for her. Second, it just seemed these boys were up to something, and I was suspicious. I really don't know if I am more suspicious, or more gullible, by nature. But by nurture... I am suspicious!
So these boys took Lalani into a field about a quarter mile from our house. We were set under bushes and instructed to await the snipes. The guys said they would hunt over in the next field, and left us. The minute they were gone, Lalani and I got together. She was also suspicious. So we found a different spot to hide and watch. After a good while, we heard the boys coming back. They called to us, but we refused to answer. They began yelling, and still, we didn't answer. So they went and got my parents and their parents.. and a search party was taken to the field. As my friend's Dad walked past, calling out for Lalani and I, I stood up out of the dark and said "Yes? we are right here." The poor man about fell over. Of course, we really got screamed at by my step mother... worrying everyone like that. It was fine and dandy if WE were the ones to be scared, but not so fine to scare them.
I didn't hear anything about my prospective job this week, except that they did call my boss at O'Reilly and speak to him.
We got the contract to rent the house mentioned in my last post... and decided we are NOT going to sign it. It had all the liabilities of owning our own home, and none of the benefits. We can find a place to buy for less than the rent they decided to ask for that house... and maybe they can find someone less suspicious and more gullible to sign their contract. So house-hunting is back on the to-do list when I do get a call to come back to Ohio.Since they had said it could be two weeks before they called me, I am not yet concerned that I didn't get the job.

Tomorrow is Tyrel's birthday. He will be a whopping FOUR years old. He is so cute, opinionated, and accented. To meet him is to know he is a West Texas cowboy. He wears his hay-at, bay-elt, and boots. He says "aigs" and "laigs"... the cutest drawl you ever heard. (Right?) (Right? is Ty's catchword... everything he says is followed by "right?")

Supper tonight is leftovers. We have the choice of spaghetti, or tuna surprise. If I can stave off sleep until it cools down somewhat, I have to get out and walk. My "miles" for this month are pitiful... I may have 10 miles instead of 50 racked for the month.

Be blessed, and Thanks for reading!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Updates and rambles...

I have been back from my ever-so-quick trip to Ohio for a couple of days now. I am currently seated at the uncluttered and cool library, as dan and sam do their volunteering. Connor and Alana are checking out all the fun stuff there is to do here.

I had a good interview, I think. it was their psychological screening interview. So I was told they will make a decision in a week or two as to whether or not I am hired. IF I am hired... I get to make another trip up to Ohio for their drug screening and physical, and they will do a background check. Pass all of those hurdles, and I am hired!

While there, I did look at the house that is between Tom's brother Bob's house, and their Mom's house. It IS for rent, and we could "do" with it. Not sure just how much rent they are asking, but it ought to be less than we are currrently paying. It will be available in a few weeks, as they are painting and putting in new windows, as well as some minor repairs and clean-up.

It looks as if things are falling right into place. I still hesitate to get my hopes up... things have "fallen into place" any number of times in the past. Meanwhile, we have got a lot of packing accomplished.

Connor and Alana are visiting us for a few days. Perhaps I can take them on a quick trip up next time I go, although I don't want to mention it to them now, as I don't know what will be happening myself. I always hated to be looking forward to things like that as a child and then have them fall through. Then again... these two were "are we theeeere yet"-ting me just on the trip to the library... it is about 20 minutes to here from my house... not the 14 hours it takes to drive to Ohio.  Am I that brave of a Granny?

My own mom may be coming up to visit this next week... I am sure looking forward to that! And Ty'ger Jones will be FOUR in just a few more days. He is such a big guy.

Hope you have a blessed and happy day. My time at the library is finishing up. Thanks for reading.

Friday, July 15, 2011


I have to work tomorrow, then I am driving to Ohio. Daniel is riding along to keep me company. I got a pay-as-you-go cell phone. (Which I haven't activated yet, I will do that in a few minutes. I forgot all about it until now!) If we get to choose a phone number, I will see about using Sam's favorite number!

I will rest up on Sunday and Monday (Except for the couple of hours set aside for interviewing/travel), then we will drive back on Tuesday. That is a quick trip, LOL!

Dan and I have several audio books to listen to on our drive. In fact, I could probably make the trip three or four times and not listen to all of the books. (It seems we both had the same idea at the library and got audio books independently of one another.) We got our snacks laid in, and drinks cooling. and I plan to stop for lunch and supper when we get hungry... not just push on and starve. There are some nice rest areas along the way if I need to take a break and rest... and I am not shy about doing so!

I have driven "by myself" to Ohio several times before now. The first time was with five kids, the second was when Ben was a new driver. Becky and I made the drive when Ty was a wee baby. So I was never really "by myself" and I won't be this time either. If it makes you feel better, you can call or text my cell all day long! (I will be calling family with the cell so I can get them programmed into it!)

I fully intended to gas the car up today, as well as get some cash to take with me... but the ATM was down. All plans just shifted into procrastination mode. I came home and grabbed a snack, checked my stuff on the 'net... and procrastinated more.

But I best get out of that mode and get busy.
Have a blessed day!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Another step closer...

I had my second telephone interview this morning. It led to scheduling a face to face interview on Monday!

I don't know how many people have said , "Well, if this is what you waaaant, I'm happy for you." OK, so I stretched out the waaaant- but I "hear" it said like that even when the person is typing instead of speaking.

Ohio is not in a foreign country. I really won't be any farther away by telephone or instant message or email or blogging than I am now. Seriously, even my co-workers and cousins I have barely seen in years act as if they cannot imagine anyone wanting to move from Arkansas.
And it isn't as if we hate Arkansas. We live in a very pretty place... we just don't have any friends close by, and very little family in the area. (Two grandchildren, who will in all likelihood be more than thrilled to visit us in Ohio.) And you know what... while moving again isn't really all that thrilling of a thought, we can always move "back".

So... looks like I will "probably" be driving up this weekend and back either Monday evening or just drive all day on Tuesday. Or perhaps I will fly up, if the flights look good. (They seldom do, so I'm not holding my breath there.) If I drive, I will take my car full of as much as I can get in it, and store it with our family up there.

Have a blessed afternoon. Love to you all!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Wonderful Weekend

I had a great weekend. My daughter Becky, son Benjamin, grandkids Tyrel and Kimber, and friend of the family Paula came to visit. Cooked lots of good food, played games, took walks. On Saturday, after I got off work, we all drove out past Berryville to visit Laurie and Andrew and their children. We took Tree to his new home. (I gave baby Trees to Becky, Ben, and Tommy, and have a few left myself. I think the Trees are in the schefflera family, to answer Laurie's son's question. I just couldn't think of the name Saturday)

We were sad to see the kids headed back to Texas yesterday. I am hoping Becky will have some pictures to share soon!

I have a second job interview today, with a company in Ohio. If I get the job, we will be moving to Ohio soon. Hey, stop laughing... that's not nice! Just because we have planned to move to Ohio a dozen or more times in the last 25 years doesn't mean we won't eventually get there! We are even packing.
Oh wait, I've done that before too, haven't I? Carry on with the mirth.

Benjamin brought some "PowerisersPoweriser Jumping Stilt Classic 158-198 lbs" with him. They are like a combination stilt and pogo stick. I walked on them for a couple of minutes... and even let go of Daniel and Sam, who were holding me up and offering advise. Becky has proof of my feat on her camera. (Like my few steps were such an accomplishment... the boys have all walked (literal) miles in them!)

My regular walking has sure fallen off. The treadmill was covered in boxes and packing materials until yesterday, when Tom moved it to a different location. The area where the treadmill had been is our "staging area", where the packed boxes are stacked. I'm currently out of boxes, so packing is at a temporary standstill.

I began ebaying some of our stuff... first thing that sold... was mislaid! I think it got sent home with Becky in the bag of fabric and old jeans I had sent for her to make into quilts. Not an auspicious beginning.

Well, that's all for this morning. Be praying for us regarding actually moving. It is a big step!
Have a blessed day and thanks for reading!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Technological A.D.D.

Without consulting anything but your own brain... what is your Mom's phone number? How about your brother's?
When I was growing up... until even as short awhile as five years ago... I could spout off at least fifty phone numbers of family and friends. Most people could. Kids and adults could read maps and get from point A to point B.
Now, we  have to consult our technological friends...
Phone numbers and addresses are stored in the artificial memory of cell phones. GPS systems guide us turn by turn to any place on the planet. How few people still pay attention to their surroundings while driving?

We are becoming a people with technologically induced A.D.D. (Attention Deficit Disorder). We can't pay attention to the conversation with the person speaking to us because a text has just come across the cell phone. We are surfing the internet while talking on the phone... often while simultaneously drving! News is fed to us in "sound bites", school lessons are designed to engage all of ones senses.

Where would we be if we were not constantly in touch with everyone we know, instantly? What would happen if an EMP wave hit the planet... and all technology was rendered useless? No computers, cell phones, ATMs, televisions... perhaps no electricity or land line phones. How would we cope?

All of the technology in our lives has us multitasking to the max. Constant demands for attention come from every direction, like a house full of toddlers stoked on Mountain Dew.

Perhaps this is what leads to "overload".
The need for a nap that suddenly hits... and you shut down.
Or maybe naps just need to happen.

Yes... a strange collection indeed...

I thought it would be an interesting shot to get so many of my cookie jar lids in a shot. There are three or four not pictured. (The taller one at the back was elevated on the hat (top) of another jar, just to get so many in this shot.

Yes, it is a terrible and space consuming addiction... collecting cow cookie jars. (I do have a few pigs... and a Twin Winton Old Woman in the Shoe).
Here is one I have wanted for a long time but don't have. Not that I'm hinting.. I sure don't need ANOTHER cookie jar! Cow Cookie jar.

I have been washing knick knacks all weekend. Leaving messages for my nieces and cousins to email me if they wanted a keepsake knick knack from my our Granny (great granny, Great great granny). I have set aside the ones I have been promising forever to mail my brother. (I will do it SOON, Robbie!)
This weekend I have also been sorting through drawers and cupboards. I have boxes for several of my kids... mostly things that belong to them, yet I have had custody of for years... Some is stuff I am "donating" to said children... they may deal with as they see fit.

I flunked my walking goal for June... and should be caught up to July by the 5th. That leaves me more than 2 miles day through the rest of July just to stay on goal. Yikes! (If I don't make it.. it is just a goal... no penalties imposed! I had to set a distant goal, both challenging yet do-able... and I set it for 600 miles by the end of the year. I broke it down to 50 miles per month.)

Monday, July 4, 2011

Independence Day!

July 4th.
I have granola in the oven. This is the first time I can recall ever trying any home made. Mr C has been buying a pricey variety from the Deli at WalMart, and I thought I'd see what I could do with our own blend of ingredients. I looked up a recipe online... basically to make sure I didn't leave anything out. (Who knew it had so much oil in it? Incapable of following a recipe anyway, I used less.) Mine also has amaranth seeds in it, as well as ground flax, which were not in any recipe I found.

Smells awesome!

It is raining here. We sure needed it. I pray that the drought stricken SW gets rain soon, but I am Thankful for the rain we are getting.
We plan to grill brats today, have corn on the cob and green beans. I thought of making potato salad, but we didn't have enough miracle whip. We will make a fresh fruit salad featuring watermelon, cantaloupe, strawberries, blueberries, and peaches.

My daughter Becky and son Ben are going to try to come up this week- sometime Wednesday. Wednesday stands to be a hugely busy day at work for me... with items coming in to replenish stock sold from Saturday through Tuesday. I may be busy all day long.

Have a blessed and safe July 4th.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Well, here we go...

OK. I had a good visit in Ft. Worth with my family this past weekend. And here is the new one!

Saw my Granny (Picture: Sam (center), Dan, Granny) and Mom, my son, my aunt Jean. Met two internet friends on my drive home. once again, not axe murderers with blue barrels to hide bodies in the woods... (Picture: Christine, Tammy, Jenn)

Then this week. home... sooooo tired.
Then I was called by a company I had applied for a job with online... in Ohio. Yesterday, They called me for an interview. I should know "soon" whether I am hired or not... and moving to Ohio.

Feel strange at HOPING to move. I will miss my kids and grandkids...but Ohio is a great place for them to come visit! IF I am hired and IF we do move.

Soooo... that has been this week. Be praying for us. Thanks!
Be blessed and thank you for reading.