Friday, December 19, 2014


I've never done well with dealing with disappointment. At my age, you'd think I'd be a pro. Ben and Paula aren't going to get to come. Vehicle problems.
I know you don't take off across three states with a vehicle making bad sounds. (Unless you are Jack Wilson.. but that's another story!)
Meanwhile, Mr C and I fixed my Dyson! It really sucks now, almost as good as new! AND the problem was diagnosed, so it will CONTINUE to suck.

In other news... fibrocystic breast "disease" also sucks. Overnight, a golf ball sized lump. Nasty fluid, mostly expressed. Mr C took me to town and we found evening primrose oil, which even the online diagnosis places say is good. Taking internally as well as external applications.

While at work today, I was typing my company ID number into the system to start an order I was pulling. It crossed my mind, do you keep the same employee number "forever" at Dayspring, as at some companies? (You do at AMR, You don't at O'Reillys) I wondered if Bill still remembers his number, and figured I'd call and ask him this afternoon. Yeah... I forgot. Which is good. And bad.

Well hello there...

Looks like I've been missing awhile. My most recent excuse was finally getting sent back to work at Dayspring Cards.
Boy, have they been busy there. Since last week, I have been working 10 to 12 hours a day. It finally slacked up a bit... and since us temps were into overtime, we have been sent home early the last couple of days.
Just in time! Benjamin and Paula and the kids are supposed to be headed this way this weekend.
Tommy and the twins have had to cancel their planned winter hike through the Ouichitas. Dan couldn't find anyone to work for him on the couple of extra days they were going to need. Tommy had planned to stay in Dallas and work.
Best laid plans sometimes go awry. Last weekend, Tommy was on his way back to his dorm with a friend he had driven to church. The highways were rain slicked... and few people slow down.  As I understand it, someone hydroplaned in front of Tommy. He swerved to avoid a collision, spun out and hit the guardrail. Thus ended his truck. He and his friend were unhurt... but no vehicle means he had no way to get to work... so he is spending his winter break in San Angelo.
We don't yet know if the boys will try a shorter hike during the time they all have off. (The Wooden Spoon is closed between Christmas and New Year's day.)
Anyway, having a much shorter work day today means I have been getting ready for visitors. The floors are mopped in the kitchen. The weeks worth of clean laundry folded and put away, kitchen scrubbed down.
The mails this week brought goodies! My aunt Lennie sent me an apron with flamingoes on it! And a couple of new pot scrubbies, which she crochets from tulle netting. (My old ones were about worn out!) Dan and Sam have been marveling over some "antique" hiking books she sent them. Goodness, how equipment has changed since the late 70's! And Oh my! Inflation is evident. Used to be a very good sleeping bag for backpackers ran $25 to $100. Now, $100 doesn't touch even the moderate bags.

My next package in the mail was a fruitcake from my Mommy. Be very jealous.

Thank you to both of them.
Now my break is about over. Got more to do than I can shake sticks at.