Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Pass the Imodium

Really, I don't feel bad. But I didn't make it 15 minutes at work before it was necessary that I return home for a change of clothes, a shower, and Imodium.... not necessarily in that order. Rumbles in the gut tell me it is best I not return to work today, to avoid a repeat performance! (Thankfully I was the ONLY person in the building!)

My brother Ricky (Eric) is currently in the hospital with diverticulitis. If he isn't much better today, the Doc has mentioned surgery. Prayers appreciated!

Hmmm, sounds like the entire family is full of manure. (I am less full of it at the moment thankyouverymuch).

I want to remind family members that the Taylor Family Reunion (Grandma Rose's Family) is October 5th at the "old" Senior Citizen Center in Broken Bow, OK.
 I am presuming it will start by about 10, and be done by 5 pm or so.
The family is providing meats, and the rest of the meal is pot luck.
The White Elephant Auction will be held, as always! (Bring something you no longer want or need. Proceeds pay for next year's reunion costs.)
Everyone enjoys seeing your family albums if you wish to bring one to pass around.
 Toys or games for the youngsters might be a good idea.

well, guess I am going to go lay back down now.

Thursday, September 12, 2013


I have been released by the ENT doctor, and also by my regular doctor in regards to not having a voice. The ENT  (Different doctor, same office) stuck a camera up my snoot and down my throat and had another look he saw no damages and knows of no reason why I don't have a voice (or much of one/ odd sounding one). He did say he could send me to speech therapy, and suggests I "learn to speak in a higher register". I laughed, I really did. The Monty Python skit I wish to report a burglary came immediately to my mind. I have tried to speak in a higher register, but I just cannot manage it without a very bad phony English accent. Makes me laugh even thinking about it. The ENT says my voice might, or might not ever come back.
My regular Doctor, Doc Benjamin, is hopeful that it will. While releasing me from care on the accident, he did say if the case needs to be revisited, he will do it. Meanwhile, we both felt that perhaps the voice isn't healing due to gagging gallons of sinus drainage... it is ragweed season! He put me on an inhaled allergy medicine, and two different OTC allergy meds- one for morning and one for evening. While both are SUPPOSED to be 24 hour products, neither actually helps for 24 hours. Because they work in different ways, they CAN be taken the same day.
I hope they do start working soon!

Today was oil day. I went to the library in Gentry afterwards... less than 1/2 mile away from O'Reilly's and by the time I parked, I could barely get out of the car. Stiffness set in so fast! I got my books, got home, and had to hoist myself up the steps with the porch railing. I was moving so stiffly, Mr C got me some Advil and water. Looks like a nap may be necessary! But first, get my work jeans on to wash so I will have clothes for the rest of the week, and then stand in a hot shower! (Hmm, maybe stand in the hot shower in my work jeans and kill two stones with the same bird!)

Speaking of hot water, Tuesday I got home from work needing a shower before going to my appointment with Doc Ben, and learned Dan had discovered a spewing pipe leaving the hot water heater. Calls had been placed, water to the tank turned off, and no shower was to be had.

The plumber showed up and fixed the leak while I was gone to Doc Ben's.

The fellow (Contractor) who was SUPPOSED to show up to measure the back door for a brand new door (promised/ planned by the landlord over 18 months ago) didn't arrive until 8:30 PM last night. (He was scheduled for between 11:00 am and 2:00 pm on TUESDAY!) After taking his measurements, he kept telling Mr C about all the options and needs and so forth, and Tom told him repeatedly- IT IS NOT UP TO US! He says he will be back in a week or two to actually install a new back door. The whole new door thing has been the landlords idea for quite some time. There are a number of OTHER things this house needs that would be far more practical  to spend money on than a pretty new door. But, it isn't up to us.

Meanwhile, you know how I like to add pictures to my blog. This is my favorite that Becky has taken in awhile!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Cluttered thinking...

I have been looking around me and not liking what I am seeing. I have too much stuff. And so much of it is sentimental 'collections' of  various types. I have trouble letting go of things that remind me of others.
I have my Granny's little ceramic bear collection. And her ceramic chickens.  How many of my relatives even remember granny collected salt and pepper shakers and chickens before the bears?

I have a few ceramic items that I grew up with, that were my Mom's Mom's.  Old books, and candles, and toys that belonged to the kids. My cookie jar collection. a zillion cow collectibles. (Please, do NOT give me a cow, or a cookie jar, or a cow cookie jar. I am trying to curb this hoarding!)
My Mom has elephants of all shapes and sizes. And teapots. Mom Kathie has basset collectibles, as well as hand painted porcelain from her Aunt, and a salt and pepper shaker collection I really admire.
 Someday, when I pass on, someone has to go through all this STUFF. Will it matter to them that this little set of bears belonged to a great great great grandma they never even met?

As much as I would like to, I can't hold on to everything. I need to let things go. And I don't know that I CAN yet.

I was thinking today that holding on to stuff, binding myself to the past, keeps me from moving forward. What has God got for me in the future, when I am ready to let go of the past?

The present- the gift of today!- how much of the gift of each day is spent- or needs to be spent- caring for the past? Dusting little knick knacks and remembering the people they belonged to. Maybe I should chose ONE thing from each person, and pass the rest to those who want them. And then sell what is leftover.

The very thought of it hurts my heart.
But I know I cannot keep EVERYTHING. I am a hoarder waiting to happen.

I get attached to ROCKS, for- crying- in- the- sink.

So, family, if there is anything of granny's/ great granny's that you would like for yourself, or your kids, please let me know. If you are interested, I can send pictures.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

September Starts

I began the month with a quick trip.... er... slip! We had a stray rain shower find its way to our house on Sunday afternoon. It was a very warm day and I was going to grill wings and some baked beans, so the house didn't heat up. There had been no sign of rain until I was ready to cook. It wasn't raining hard, but the back steps were slick. I had the beans in their foil pan balanced on top of the raw wings, and headed out the door. Ducking down a bit to shelter the food with my torso, I slipped right off the top step onto my sitty downer. I hit the edge of the second step with my pelvic bones and the bottom step bruised my tailbone! Happily, I didn't hit hard enough to break anything... and I didn't drop the food! Sam had opened to door for me and showed the good grace to be alarmed and caring, rather than falling over laughing.

Last week, Dan had been cruising YouTube for videos of people demonstrating how to play some songs he wanted to learn on his guitar. He and Sam drove over to Bentonville and picked up lesson forms to apply to take guitar (Sam was thinking Viola/violin) lessons.
I'm sure it was one of the 'cookies' that the ad-ware monitoring our computer use supplied that caused an advertisement for a homeschool guitar course on DVD to appear on my facebook page. I clicked on the advertisement to see what was being offered.

After checking out the course online and looking at various buying options, Daniel decided it was far more practical to buy this course than to take four half- hour lessons per month... and the course was about the same cost as two months worth of lessons... and that wasn't even counting gas to get to the lessons!

The Gibson Guitar Course arrived today. Dan started at the beginning- lesson one, though he is already familiar with the bare bones the first lesson covered. He didn't want to miss anything! I am not sure, but he has done at least two lessons since lunchtime, perhaps three. He is delighted.

Mr C told me a couple of days ago, Dan is becoming a better player than he is... and Mr C has been playing for 30ish years. Dan has been at it about a year, completely self taught, other than the basics Mr C taught him.

My nephew Tony and his wife Cami welcomed their second daughter on Friday- naming her Paisley Grace. I THINK it brings my parents count of great grands up to 14. I may of missed someone.

Tomorrow will be back to work for me, after my long weekend. (The warehouse folks and truck drivers for OReilly got Monday off, so no freight today, so I got to be off!) I will surely be paying for it the rest of the week! I imagine I will be doing pretty close to eight hours a day between now and my next days off.

I cooked up a batch of beans yesterday. Tonight, the leftovers shall be transformed into either enchiladas or burritos... I have yet to decide. I am thinking enchiladas with corn tortillas- which I haven't made in years.

Guess that's all the news I can use! Be blessed and thanks for reading!