Friday, January 30, 2015

End of January? Already?

Seems like life is really picking up steam, headed towards our "empty nest". I sort of want to drag my heels and dig in and say "NOOOO!"
But that is hardly fair to anyone, is it? Kids grow up and leave home. That's the way God planned things.
We had more than the American average number of kids, spread over more years than the average family... so here I am in my mid 50's, preparing for the last of the kids to spread their wings and fly!

Either Daniel or Samuel can tell you exactly how many days remain before they take off on their grand adventure. Me, I don't want to count down the days! I am SO thrilled for them, making such an epic plan and working so hard to bring it about. I never did anything so "big". Of course, I was married before I ever got out of high school, then had kids. It sort of keeps you focused at home! Have your big adventure... at least ONE before you settle down.

Not too much is going on, otherwise. I am trying to average one note of encouragement per day... The days I can, I send two... to make up for missing other days. I have lost ZERO lbs. towards my goal of being under 140 by June.

I suppose I best be getting supper on the table. Have a blessed night!


Saturday, January 24, 2015

Well, it was a nice visit...

Tommy worked several days, put in multiple applications, had a couple of interviews coming up this week.... Got an interview in San Angelo for Monday... and off he went.
I was sad. But happy that he is going someplace that doesn't make him feel like a failure. He had once said, coming back to our house to live would make him feel like a failure. He didn't say that this week, not at all.
However, when the opportunity to interview with the job in Snanjlo came up, he was like a different person. He was like Sam on two double espressos. Livelier, more animated, and certainly seemed happier.
And being an apartment maintenance guy has to be better than working in a chicken barn, or washing dishes in a restaurant, or working the Old Man Network.
This has been some sort of day. Woke to the news that the father of one of Chris and Bill's friends passed away last night. I had heard he was in the hospital and was about to be dismissed a day or two ago. This news just floored me. Then Tommy departing as suddenly as he arrived.
A nice surprise in the mail today- some soap from Paula's mom, Debi. Handmade, in a variety of blends, with Paula's PBJ (Provided by Jehovah) label.
All of the "weather" other areas have been getting has missed us- going completely around us.
It is a little windy, upper 50's, partly clowny (cloudy). Nice, if ever so slightly chilly.
That's all for now!

Thursday, January 22, 2015


Just before bedtime a couple of nights ago, a car pulled into the driveway... and then parked around the end of the house. That is NOT normal behavior of someone just stopping by. It was Tommy! He has come up to stay with us and work until the fall semester starts at CFNI. He went to work with Sam the very next morning, and has taken one of their "extra" jobs. He has his application in at The Wooden Spoon to possibly take over for at least one of the twins. I don't figure Sam will be terribly heartbroken to not have to work a double every Friday!  We will see how that turns out. I am happy he will be here when the handicapped neighbor needs help- I have worried about how he would fare without the twins.

I got to work a day and a half this week, and once again, off until further notice.

So, Tommy being Tommy- or "Stephen" as he is mostly known these days... got off work yesterday and when I got home, was cleaning house. Detail oriented, OCD cleaning. When he cleans- he CLEANS. Furniture is moved, spots are scrubbed instead of just mopped over. Stuff isn't just dusted around, it is removed, dusted, and the surface dusted and washed before the items are neatly replaced. He organizes (reorganizes) as he goes. (We just THOUGHT Chris was the most OCD of the kids.) Sam was helping.  Or, it was the body-snatched Sam. Not only cleaning voluntarily, but he made a salad to go with supper. Without being told to do so. (I'm in good shape if anyone should stop by!)

Excitement is really starting to build in regard to the AT hike. Dan had me cut his hair today for the final time until they finish the trail. He got a warm jacket ordered today- Sam still needs to order his. They are awaiting word from their potential sponsor(s) before buying a tent. The tent pleases me. I have been quite worried about using just hammocks and rainflies before the weather can be counted on to remain above freezing. Later on, they may have me ship their hammocks and rainflies, and will send me the tent.

That's all the news fit to print. Thank you for your prayers!

Monday, January 19, 2015

Good Morning!

I hope you are having a good and blessed day. Yes, YOU!
I didn't go on the Monday Morning grocery trip with Mr. C this morning. When he gets back, we are driving over to Claremore to drop off a birthday gift, as my eldest Grandson turns 14 tomorrow! (Happy Birthday, Connor!)
(There was a change of plans over the weekend, so the grands didn't get to come by after all. And today is a postal holiday, so even mailing his gifts wouldn't get them there on time.)

Even though I just said, one sentence ago, Today is a postal holiday... my mind went other directions and I was looking to set a letter out in the mailbox. Have you ever done that? DOH!

The weather is beautiful for January. Sunny today, headed for a high of 64*. A lovely day for a drive. Or a walk... if I were so inclined.  I am still not back to work. Seems the greeting card company has barely enough to keep its regular employees busy. This will be changing soon, with Mother's, Father's and Graduation Days coming up rapidly.

Dan and Sam are 49 days from the start of the AT, 47 days until we head that way. They figured to be done in August, so Mr c set his vacation for then, so we can pick them up. Now I am reading things that lead me to believe they will be done quite a bit sooner... I don't know how we shall work that out! (A story in Backpacker Magazine about a young man with cancer who hiked the Pacific Crest Trail- and got twice as many miles most days as the boys would need to average to be done in August. They are in great shape, and good health, so will probably do the trail much more quickly than we are allowing for. (If they do 14 miles per day average, it will put them at the end of the trail in August. 14 miles isn't that far at all to a seasoned hiker.) Of course, the Trails (Pacific  Crest vs Appalachian) are vastly different terrain, so maybe 14 +/- per day is a good estimate.

Remember us all in your prayers!

Friday, January 16, 2015

It couldn't of been a month since the last post...

But it IS pretty close. I see I have four unpublished drafts in the draft folder, so it isn't like I didn't even THINK of posting.
So, Happy New Year.
Before the month was half over, I was given a huge pile of stress to pray about.
But you know what?
God's got this. There isn't anything He wasn't aware of as dark places have come to light. Once God's light has shone on the dark places and exposed them, healing starts.
My stress and worry hasn't done anything but kept me awake and made my stomach hurt.

Daniel and Sam are about 50 days out from leaving for the Appalachian Trail. Their potential sponsor is taking their sponsor request with him to an Outdoor Gear Trade Convention in a couple of weeks- so they have the possibility of obtaining even better gear with the latest and greatest features!

This coming week is bringing us grandson Connor's 14th! birthday. Where has time gone? He and Alana will get to stop by this weekend, and I let time sneak up on me so much I don't have time to order him a birthday gift online, as I usually do. I need to go shopping and get back here before Dan has to leave for work. So this is short- please keep our family in your prayers.