Thursday, May 28, 2009

Happy Anniversary, Becky and Stephen!

My only DD and her DH have been married 4 years today. May they have many more together!

Also on this day: My brother Ricky (Eric) was born 47 years ago. Happy birthday to him!
I graduated from L.D.Bell High School in Hurst, Texas 30 years ago today. It was the largest graduating class of any high school in Tarrant County that year.

Mr C let me "sleep in" this morning! I woke up and looked at the clock at 7:26. Closed my eyes and tried to go back to sleep. Finally got up at 15 til 8:00. Sleeping late just isn't happening.

Thought for Today:
Have a great day!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I love the Internet

Monday, Tom and I watched his all time favorite movie, Sargent York. I had put it in my 'shopping cart' on Amazon months ago- and never did get it ordered. (The price went up between the time I put it in the cart, and the time I put $$ in my on-line transactions account.) Monday evening, I went to Amazon again- and the movie was once again on sale. This time, knowing I had $$ in my on-line transactions account, I ordered it. Today, I get notice from Amazon that the transaction didn't go through. Amazon instructed me to contact my bank. A lot of thoughts ran through my head : Did I forget to write down a transaction and overdraft the account? Has my account been stolen?If I forgot to account for a purchase, how long ago was it? Have I bounced several purchases... and accrued the $49.95 overdraft charge on each one?

So I hied me up to the bank to have a talk with them. Whatever the problem was, it was on the bank's side. The lady made me a brand new card. I had plenty of $$ in the account, no overdrafts at all. (*wipes sweat from brow*) She said there hadn't been any sign of fraudulent activity on the account, but it was easier to create a new card than to straighten out the problem with the old card. (I had an "older" card- the new cards have more numbers encoded). Got home and changed the numbers for Amazon... and now have the movie ordered.

Wanda just picked up Matthew. He is headed to his grandparents house Friday or Saturday. He's out of my hands for the next month and a half. The bad part of the break comes when he returns- having been coddled and having his every whim catered to while at Granny and PawPaws house. His goodbye to me was to deliberately stomp my foot when I took a stick from him on his way out the door.

Yep. Break time!

I got online this morning and typed in my van's year and type, and 'blower motor problem' into a search engine... and discovered that the van had a resistor that Tom didn't know about. It told where to locate the resistor, how to remove and replace it. I went to Oreilly's web site, got the part number, and pulled up a picture of the part. When Tom got home for lunch, I showed him the info and picture. He went out and found the resistor on the van- and had me go ahead and order the part. If this fixes the problem- whoo-hoo! The day is saved for well under $25.00! And it is way easier to get to this part than Tom thought- he was pulling the entire dash. All that is necessary is to open the hood and remove a couple of bolts, then unplug the resistor. (It could still be a wiring short.) (We won't know until I can get the part on Friday.) I love the internet!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Selah! (A pause)

I pause,
before tearing my hair out, screeching wildly,

and stomping Matthew's toy car into 10 billion pieces.

What if, after stomped into said pieces, the toy car continues to yell, in its Cheech Marin voice, "Hey Homes, take it easy", or "Show some respect!" ," Vrooooooom! Vrooom !" "screeeeeech " (tires peeling out). Or what if each piece carried on the infernal noise?

The batteries are in no danger of dying out. Mommy and daddy make sure all his obnoxious toys have fresh batteries before sending them along to my house.

We started the morning with Matthew barfing all over the floor during breakfast. I have been making him lay down, but he seems to feel perfectly fine now. I fed him a few crackers, which he has kept down. I only have him today and tomorrow, before he leaves for his summer vacation. So I am trying to be patient with him and his annoying toys.

Dan spied the crackers out on the counter. He asked, "Do you know why crackers were invented?" I thought he wanted to know.
He interupted my explanation: "Crackers were invented as a holder for mustard and cheese!" My kids think saltines with mustard are a primo snack. Strangely enough, none of my kids are big catsup eaters. I like catsup on fried potatoes, and mixed with horseradish on seafood. Otherwise, we wouldn't even have any in the house. But we can't seem to keep up with the demand for mustard, or tabasco sauce.

Here it is lunch time. Matt is claiming hunger. I'm wondering just what I can feed him. Is he really sick, or was the barfing this morning because he didn't want what I had fixed for breakfast. *sigh*

(I had Daniel snag the worst of Matt's loud toys when he wasn't paying attention- we can keep them put up until he goes home tomorrow.)

Guess I better feed the boy something.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Just another Manic Monday

It is raining again. I like rainy days. Wish I had been able to sleep in- but Mr C couldn't find his billfold and was running late, so I got up and found it for him. (On the roll-top right where all the rest of his stuff had been laid out- he just overlooked it.)

I got the oil section completed at O'Reilly's yesterday. I knew it had been in a mess, but not what a huge mess it was until I had so much 'open' oil left over when everything was in its new place. (Not open containers of oil, but oil removed from the cardboard cases.) I had more than five cases of some varieties that were on the shelves in an over abundance. We have a few grocery carts on loan from the store next door, and I filled three carts at least four times each... making circuits around the oil section. I was actually done (and sent home due to lack of customers) by two o'clock. I wish I had thought to take pictures!

I got a call from Wanda last night: No Matthew today. The boss had asked me to work today, but I had said No, I have Matthew and wasn't sure if Ben could cover for me. So boss got someone else to work... and now I don't have Matthew! An unexpected day off.

Hahaha. Off.

Dan and Sam will still need to be doing school work. And while Tom and the boys did quite a bit of house up-keep over the weekend, there is still much to be done. A day off- I don't think there is really such a thing, is there?
Ben is off today as well, and the fellow he usually works for on his 'days off' is out of town. Wanda said that I will only have Matt Tuesday and Wednesday this week, then he leaves for his grandparents house.

Two more weekends at O'Reilly's and then we head to Ohio. Mr C hasn't been able to figure out why the fan in the van isn't working. He said we may end up driving two cars up (Shhh, he doesn't know he is agreeing with what I had already said!). If we do- he may head up there on Friday the 5th, leaving me to follow (with Becky?) on the 8th.

I suppose I best get the boys up and "at 'em". Have a great day!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

quiet morning

I have to leave for work in 20 minutes or so. The boys are all still sleeping, and Mr C is running errands.

It is going to rain later today- I can see the radar has it barreling right towards us. I have a major project going on at work- the store designers have swapped the layout of the oil section. I moved all the gallons yesterday. Today I tackle moving the quarts of oil. I anticipate I will be rather grimy when I get home. If it doesn't take me all day, I may be home early. However, the planners call this a two day project for 2 people. And there is just me to do it. (But I'm good. *wink*)

Connor and Alana are supposed to be here the 29th of June. Other than playing games with Ben and the twins, I haven't made any 'fun' plans. I should think of something to do with them. I'll probably never be the favorite Grandma- I generally leave kids to entertain themselves, and put them to work at the first whine of "I'm boooorrrrred".

Guess it is time for me to head out the door. Have a blessed day today.
(PS : Mom, the graduate colors were red and black. Thank you!)

Thursday, May 21, 2009


The allergy attacks have gone on, and on. Usually, I'm only affected this bad in late summer when the ragweed breaks out. But I have been wheezing, sneezing, dripping, itchy eyed, and stuffy for weeks now. Sneezing endlessly started yesterday afternoon. I must have sneezed for more than 3 hours. Jaffa joined me, both of us sneezing and sneezing to the great amusement of the boys. Dan said we were allergic to each other.

I took Claritin D and later had to have a generic antihistamine... which had me asleep quite early.
Matt wasn't here today, so after Dan and Sam did a bit of school work, we headed to town. The boys put their checks (earned working at a neighbor's house this week) into their bank accounts.

We are still laughing our way through the . It is really scary how .... dumb... some people can be. We read a letter to the editor of a newspaper, blaming drought on daylight savings time. That extra hour of hot afternoon sun is evaporating too much moisture from the atmosphere. If the government would just DO SOMETHING about daylight savings time, drought would come to an end.
Another explained that it should come as no surprise that there are earthquakes in California. Putting the weight of so many people right there on the edge of the continent like that is causing it to break off into the ocean, resulting in earthquakes. Duh! It is so obvious!

The blower of the fan in our van is acting up. It works sometimes, and sometimes it doesn't. Today it blew for nearly a quarter of a mile. We either have to get that fixed, or we will be driving two small cars to Ohio instead of one big van. No way we are driving 800+ miles with the windows down! I wondered if it were the fan itself, or the switch. I decided it has to be the fan, or a connection from the fan (relay) because there are separate controls for the front and back.. they wouldn't both work/fail /work /fail at the same time. Guess it is a good thing I work for an auto parts store!

Well, I think whatever it was that started the sneezers yesterday afternoon has returned. Oh joy. Have a great day!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Yesterday, I was on Piece of the Puzzle's blog, and checked in on her son via his blog. He and his wife mentioned a blog called

I haven't stopped laughing. The clothing label above really made me LOL.


Last night, I we were watching a program on TV that was mentioned diamonds. It started a discussion between Tom and the boys and I. When I was in school (millions of years ago), we learned that diamonds are made from coal. Mr C informed me that I am wrong. Diamonds and coal are both made of carbon. (So much of what was and is taught in schools has changed. If you are my age, instead of global warming, we learned about the coming ice age.)

I was sitting there thinking about my learned falsehood: "diamonds are made from coal under pressure". Diamonds are beautiful, while coal really isn't that pretty. About all the times I have heard the analogy that we are like lumps of coal, and God puts pressure on us to make us into diamonds. Diamonds reflect light, just as we are to reflect the light of Christ.

Now I learn it isn't true at all.
Both diamonds and coal are made of carbon. As in Romans 9:21-22, each was created for its own purpose.

The old analogy may be ruined, "diamonds are coal under pressure", but we need not be ashamed of being coal.
While diamonds are beautiful, they are also hard and brittle. They may cut, grind things down. Coal is softer. It can be used to make a mark, burned to give off heat. It sure doesn't reflect very well, but glows from within when lit. It is more readily available and more useful to the average person than diamonds are.

When we see the diamonds reflecting the light of Christ, we appreciate that they are created to be what they are, and do what they were designed to do. They are brilliant and polished, yet still made of the same substance as coal. Coal, with the energy stored within to bring warmth, to mark the way, to do the work required that allows the diamonds to shine.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

icky start to the day

I woke this morning with my throat and sinuses very dry. A sneeze started a nosebleed. Then Dale arrived with Matthew. Matt was pitching a fit about getting out of the truck, and in his fit, smacked his face on the truck. He came in with his lip bleeding. Dale even had a bandage on his finger- having broken something at home and cut himself in the clean up. Then Daniel woke up with the dry sinuses... the day has to get better for everyone, doesn't it?

Yesterday, Ben, Sam, and Daniel worked all afternoon at a neighbor's house. Matt was playing nicely, so I got a bit of scrubbing done in the house. The clutter is really starting to bother me. I hope to have "spring cleaning" done before we go to Ohio. This morning I already have a load of 'throw rugs' washed and ready to hang on the clothesline. The boys were all up very late, and I let them sleep until 8am. We have school work to do- and the grass needs to be mowed again. (second time this week). My "spring cleaning" will be back burnered again.

I suppose I better get off the computer and get started on everything. Or I will be procrastinating all day.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Blue Sky

It seems like forever since we have seen sunshine here. Three weeks of rain and clouds have come to an end. It is pretty chilly for the middle of May. More like early April normally is. Yesterday was gorgeous, as today promises to be. Strangely, the pretty weather didn't translate into many customers at O's, and I was sent home early Saturday as well as Sunday.

Mr C talked to his brother yesterday, and then decided to take an extra week of vacation. Looks like we may head to Ohio about four days earlier than we had planned. (Driving up on a Monday instead of Friday.) Then we can go camping on the 12-14th. (I haven't been camping in ages, and never in Ohio.)

Today, we have errands. Library, bank, and I'm sure there was something else I was supposed to do. One of the boys will have to remind me of what it is.

I can't believe my "babies" will be teenagers in another 30 days. Matt is going to his Grandparents for a couple of months in another 10 days. Summer plans are already gearing up.

I better be ready to get out the door here in a few minutes. Have a blessed day!

Friday, May 15, 2009

My grass patch is growing!

I noticed a couple of days ago that the grass seed I planted at the bottom of the front steps (after filling the depression with potting soil) was finally sprouting. Mr C noticed it today. If the next few days doesn't wash it away, I may have the mud puddle fixed!

I am still wondering whether to do the lattice at the end of the porch like I wanted to do. When I went to see Mom last week, I saw that A-Z Gifts in Alma had narrow lattice panels for something under $5 each. If I had had room in the car, I would of got a couple of them. I am able to lay the back seats down to make more trunk room, but I had passengers.

Mr C is off getting tires on the Honda today- one of his was going flat. I am standing by to see if the car makes it all the way to Jane, or if I will have to go rescue him.
My stomach has been really hurting for several days now. I'm not sure if the ulcers have flared back up, or if I have a bug going around. I have been taking the nasty chalk liquid as if it were the ulcers. Guess I ought to call the doc and get the Nexium refilled. Spring allergies usually don't bother me much- maybe a day or two... but this year I have been hit hard. Already taking Claritin D daily.

It is hard to believe it is the middle of May, with the weather we have had. Tom's Mom had a frost warning a couple of days ago at her house in central Ohio. His sister in Boise had a record low of 24* last week. In May. Global warming, LOL.

Becky may get to go to Ohio with us next month. We were laughing at how we imagined Tyrel may react to playing in the hills. He will hardly know what to do with steeply sloped ground- he is a flatland kid. I hope we get a chance to go to Tar Hollow while we are there. Almost all the kids have been camping there. I have never even been to the park. One year when Tom and Bob took the kids camping, they "lost" Tommy and Luke. Everyone went off and left the boys in camp- I think they were about 9 & 10 years old... and were gone a long time. The boys decided to go hiking. Only no one knew that. The boys were gone all afternoon. (Maybe that was the first of Tommy's disappearances... he was always taking off from home and hiking for hours- usually without telling anyone he was even leaving the house.)

Time for me to get off here and see what all I can get done before time to head to work. Have a great day!

Thursday, May 14, 2009


When Matt was picked up yesterday, his Mom told me I would have today off. Matt's dad is working from home today. I had a chance to sleep in!

About 15 minutes before Tom normally wakes me up, I woke with my heart pounding, gasping for breath. I'd just had a terrible dream. Mr C came in as I was calming myself. I was still breathing hard and holding my pounding heart. It scared him, thinking I was having an attack.

I'd dreamed that we were driving somewhere in a van... not the van we actually have. Tommy was driving down a very bad, rocky road, almost as if he were driving through a ravine. He clipped a big tree with the front left bumper, and then we plunged down a steep drop.

We huddled together in the center of the van, the five of us hugging one another tight, as bystanders began to gather to get us out. Tommy and Sam were badly hurt.

I woke up and began to pray against the dream happening, asking for protection for all my family as they drive.

Tom asked if I thought the dream was a warning dream. I don't know. It may just be a reaction to the two wrecks Bill has had in the last week. This dream did involve the same elements as his accidents did- hitting a solidly planted object (tree/utility pole) and going across and dropping down a ravine.

I have always made my kids wear seatbelts while we are driving, and as far as I know, the seatbelt habit has stuck.

Wear your seatbelt and drive carefully!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Doh! Maybe I ought to label things....

We had pork steaks a few days ago, and had leftovers. These were being too slowly consumed by the ravenous masses, so I decided to chop them up in the food processor and add them to the BBQ pulled pork I had in the freezer.

Hmmm. BBQ sammiches sounded just great for lunch. I added everything to the slow cooker and turned it on low.

I stirred it a few times, making sure the BBQ sauce was getting into the newly ground pork chops.

Then I noticed what appeared to be tomato chunks appearing in the BBQ. There are no tomato chunks in my BBQ pulled pork. I tasted it. It wasn't BBQ at all. It was spaghetti sauce.

We had had spaghetti last night, and this was NOT the sauce left from it. I made do as best I could for lunch. I reheated the spaghetti noodles from last night and served the pork chop laden sauce over them.

Not one of my better meals.

Note to self: LABEL the containers before freezing them. Spaghetti sauce, chili, and BBQ pulled pork look an awful lot alike as frozen bricks.

Quite a week so far

DS#2 was in a car accident Friday, then another one on Monday. He is banged up and bruised, but has no broken bones. I can hardly imagine how stressed he is, I have been really freaked out. Friday's wreck was totally his fault. One should never multitask while driving! Monday's wreck was just a combination of bad circumstances... hydroplaning during a heavy downpour.

Someone asked me whether he was using cruise control? I don't know. But I did learn that you should NEVER use cruise control when it is raining, or in freezing weather. Hitting a place where you lose traction makes your wheels spin really fast... then when one (or more) wheels gain traction- you rocket.

We went last Friday and looked at the house on the 33 acres, mentioned in an earlier post. It is in a beautiful setting, the outside is quiet and neat. Inside... the poor house needs more work than we can afford. There isn't a square wall nor level floor in the place. (And Tom saw what I meant about it HAD to have new counter tops). We drove through a heavy rain to get there... great for checking the house for leaks! Water was running across the floor in the 'pantry', and the insulation was falling from the ceiling in that room. On top of that... the long drive to work for Tom.

So the great house hunt trudges wearily on.

Wanda told me yesterday, Matt leaves for his Grandparents' house the weekend after Memorial Day. Mr C. is taking off for Ohio on June 12. If I can get off at O's, I will get to go too. Ben isn't due vacation yet, so he will probably get to stay home with the TSD. We would be in Ohio for Dan's and Sam's 13th birthday.

Did you see what I said? My "babies" will be 13 in just a few weeks! Next thing you know, I'll be getting gray hairs.

What do you mean, I already have gray hair?

It isn't gray! It is silver. A lovely shade of silver. And already more silver than brown up above the dye lines. And once again, in dire need of trimming.

Dale arrived here with Matthew a little bit ago. A wide awake Matthew toting McDonald's french toast sticks and SYRUP. (Gee thanks, Dale.) When I make french toast, I use a dash of powdered sugar over it... which is bad enough with a 3 year old. SYRUP! (At least I don't have carpet in the kitchen.)

We went to the library yesterday. Dan has started reading a new series of books, and is quite absorbed in them. I just love to see that happen. Mr C finds reading boring, and thinks the boys should 'find something to do'. Dan has been choosing to read instead of play video games with Sam and Ben.

My reneckous gardenous is doing poorly. Ben and I poked lots of drainage holes in the plastic pool, but we have had torrential rains for almost 3 weeks now, and the plants are all turning a sickly yellow color. Which reminds me... I need to make sure Ben remembers to water my hanging baskets while we are in Ohio... they are doing just fine with all the rains, but will probably need daily drinks come June.

We made spaghetti for supper last night, because I got a couple of loaves of day-old italian bread at WalMart. Instead of plain old garlic butter on it, I made a spread with butter, garlic, toasted onion powder, and basil. Mr C usually has little comment on the bread, unless it it to note its burned/ unburned state, but he complimented it last night! (Since we have been married, the two things we can count on with spaghetti for supper are that Tom will be late, and I will burn the bread!)

Well, I better go unstick Matthew and get the boys lessons started! Have a blessed day, and thanks for reading.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A lull in the rain...

Tom got the mower started on his lunch break today, and Daniel and Sam were out working on the grass cutting... Until the belt slipped from the mower. Mowing has come to a temporary halt.

Mom's mother's day book was delivered today. The postman honked and Dan ran to get the package. Ben snatched it from Dan, and came in shouting that he had the mail. Dan attempted to snatch it back... and in the wrestling... the two boys socked me right in the mouth with the box.

The book turned out nicely... Even Tom was impressed. He hadn't seen some of the pictures of my brothers and I from when we were little. He never realized just how much Becky looked like me when I was a little girl. I will be taking it to Mom tomorrow in Russellville. (The weather promises to behave!) I'll have to take Matthew with me. I figure Dan and Sam will volunteer to go as well.

For supper tonight, we have roast beast in the slow cooker. It is already smelling good. I got the mother's day cards sent off today, as well as a little impulse buy for Nickole. Two cute little onesies... one says "Daddy did my hair". I also got nephew Luke a graduation card sent off. He graduates on the 20th. As Kermit would say, "Time is sure fun when you're having flies." I must be having fun, because time is sure flying.

The boys got in a goodly amount of school work today. They are working on the computer DVD math course now. We are doing a lot of politics and American history- both really interest these two. They aren't too thrilled with the Thomas Kincade Art course... but I am making them do it anyway. It is so funny to have Matthew insist on having a pencil and paper so that he can draw along too.
I have a ton of 'gently used' curriculum I need to get rid of. If anyone knows someone with an antique computer that can use windows 98 disks, and would like to have some educational disks, please let me know- I'd be happy to give them away.

I can't seem to stop yawning this afternoon. Maybe I need another cup of tea. Or even some coffee. I seldom drink coffee these days, but it wouldn't hurt to make another pot and pour it into the roast. Have a blessed day!

Thanks, Nola, for the pictures of Tyrel on your blog. Family- there is a link on the sidebar to "Mom's Adventure", where Nola has some photos posted.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Can't believe we forgot AGAIN!

Yeah... cinco de Mayo... fifth of May. Oh by the way, did you remember to send in the rent check?
Uh... no.

So I have made 2 trips to town today. We went to the library, and then to WM... where we learned they are closing out the fabric section at Ben's store, and the Siloam store as well. We were looking at stuff to make renaissance fair outfits for the boys... but really didn't find much. Matt got to pick out a pretty pot and a plant, which he decorated up for his Mom for Mother's Day. His Mom can explain to him this is for HER , not for him to keep, LOL.

I got back and went to heat up some lunch... and remembered my microwave is DEAD. Scary dead... with sparks and arc's and sizzles and horrible noises and smells. (Thankfully, I had put off buying the stupid $36 glass turntable!) I actually LOOKED at microwaves at WM today, but would rather have Mr C there to input the final decision... so didn't buy one. I heated up the enchilada's in the oven... which not only takes longer, but dries them out.

Then I set off to pay rent. Dan offered to watch Matt... and Tom was soon to be home for lunch, so I let him. (We were on our way home from town the first time when we drove past the rental office, and were discussing Cinco De Mayo... and it occurred to me that we are well into this month and I didn't know if Tom had paid rent. So I called him when I got home, and learned he had not.) (oops!)

Sam and Daniel bought me a mother's day card... which I am saving to open Sunday... and a marigold plant. They had asked if they could go to "sporting goods"... and took the long route. They made their purchases and hid them in the car. Once home, they found a decorative planter I had sitting unused... and potted the plant for me. All on their own! Dan is actually the one who helped Matthew pot his plant for his Mom, to give due credit.

I will be dropping Mother's day cards into the mail tomorrow... unless Ben wants to volunteer to go to the post office this afternoon. He is over working at a neighbor's house right now. The lawnmower refused to run today, so we missed our chance to cut the grass. Sam did get some weedeating done. While at WM, we got another bag of topsoil and a small bag of grass seed... I filled in the puddle in front of the porch steps with the soil, and scattered seed over it. Mr C says it won't work. Oh well... What did I expect for under $4.?

Amanda's doctors told the Adult Protective services, which told Ruth... They do not expect Amanda to get well. In a few days, they intend to 'wean' her from the ventilator and 'let nature take its course'. The APS promised to let Ruth know, so that the family can be with her. I am still praying for a miracle.


That's about all from here! Have a blessed day.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Star Wars Day!

May the 4th be with you.

LOL. I stole that from the Tons of Kids board.


Yep. It is May, according to the calendar. So far, our high this month has been 52*... though it is supposed to reach nearly 70* today. I wouldn't think 52* too bad in May, if I lived someplace in the north. But Arkansas is considered to be a SOUTHERN state.

It sure looks like the fellow who correlated sun spot activity cycles with temperature changes was more correct in his assessment of climate "changes" than Algore.

With continuing rain, I was sent home early on Saturday and on Sunday, though I did get more hours in this week than last. The grass sure needs to be cut, if it dries out enough so that we can start the mower today. (Today is the only day this week without rain expected all day.)

I have been having to refill my two hummingbird feeders every day for the last 3 days. We have seen more than a dozen hummingbirds at one time feeding. Perhaps I ought to set out a third feeder? Most are the ruby throated hummingbirds, but not all. (The twins call them 'redneck' hummingbirds, LOL)

Yesterday was Tom's sister, Angie's, birthday. Happy birthday to her! She sent us an announcement regarding the Michael family (Grandma Arlene's family) reunion. It is held every other year, in various locations. It will be held in June 2010, at the Cumberland Falls State Resort Park. That is in Kentucky, south of Lexington, just above the Tennessee line. I hope that we can all plan to attend. They will be renting a lodge, and there are cottages/ cabins available, as well as RV and primitive camping. With 13 months to plan ahea

I am hoping we can have a good turn out.

( hey did you see my visual joke, plan ahea
d) ?

I wonder how many grandkids I will have by then, LOL?

I hope you have a very blessed day!