Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Hmmm, maybe we should still be having the kids reading aloud...

Dan was telling me something about one the the books he has been reading. He said it was written by Keh Neath ________ (whatever the last name was).

Keh Neath _______.

Can you spell that name for me, I'm not sure I have ever heard it before.

"K-E-N-N-E-T-H, ...Kehneath."

It reminded me of a book I read when I was about 12. The main character was SEEN. It was spelled SEAN, but I was pronouncing it SEEN. To this day I have to stop and think SHAWN when I see Sean.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood

Going to grill some chicken tonight. I thought I would try my own marinade: I added apple juice, soy sauce, ginger, garlic, and cayenne. Some fried rice as a side, because I cooked a whole lot for the gumbo lasterday. Need another side, it will probably be a veggie tray, as the veggies are ready to use already.

It is over 70* this afternoon. Wow. Very sunny, and the wind is whipping. I got an air filter on order for the tiller... it has NEVER had a new one, apparently. Tom bought the tiller back when Tommy was little, and it was used then! I also have a muffler being priced for it. I will find out the price and availability tomorrow. ( I could call work this afternoon and ask.. but since it is a pre-pay to order item, I may as well wait until tomorrow.)

Wow, my days with Matthew may be even more numbered than I thought. His Grandpa retires tomorrow, and is coming to get him "after Easter", which is Sunday. So I may only have him another day or two... or maybe a week. Guess I will know soon. If Matt had his way, today would have been his last day. He started gathering all his toys and putting them into his bag. I told him NO, they go into the toy box. He pitched a major fit and told me he was NOT coming back here, he is going to MeeMee and Pa paw's house TOMORROW! I knew his Mom would have let me know if that was the plan, so I told him No, do as I said. Put the toys into the toy box. This caused a major meltdown. Mr C intervened, and Matthew cried. When his Mom arrived, he told her to Make Me give him his toys, his PaPaw was coming to get him tomorrow. She told him No, he was not coming tomorrow. This caused another meltdown. He was totally distressed that I was keeping his toys!

Oh well. It will be strange to put away the toy box when he does go... bringing it out only when grandkids visit. It has been a fixture in the living room for four years!

Today is my daughter-in-law's birthday. A happy "Big 3-oh" to Seneca! May your life take a brighter path this coming year!

One of my grand daughter's won a baby pageant this weekend. Nickole took first place in her division.

I do wish that a happy acceptance of the trophy was enough... but it looks like the pretty baby is headed to a State competition come June. I just hate to see the whole "Toddlers and Tiaras" scene happening. Granted, she is a beautiful little girl.

But the pageants are stressful, expensive, often have little girls made up to look like streetwalkers, expensive, are mainly put on to line the pockets of the producers, expensive, can lead to the idea that beauty is the most important thing a girl can possess, expensive, contribute to some children feeling like entitled, spoiled brats.... and did I mention they are expensive?

Can't she just be OUR beautiful baby?
(I suppose I better learn to sew those frilly little dresses to perfection in a hurry!)
Maybe the State competition will be enough, and she can grow up relatively normal afterward. (Normal being a relative thing in this family.)

I hope you all have a blessed afternoon!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Daze Off

Well, my "weekend" is drawing to a close. I really didn't get much of anything accomplished. Mr C got the garden tiller fixed and tilled up a small patch of soil. It will need several more tillings and some weed killer before planting time arrives.

I did several loads of laundry. No sooner can I see the bottom of the basket, than it 'magically' refills. I am fed up with re-re-rewashing blankets and having the dogs lay all over them. Dogs should be outside! especially reeky dogs.

Back to work tomorrow. I learned from the Mom of the boy I babysit, he is going to his grandparents early this year, sometime "after Easter". He will be gone all summer, until school starts. So I will be down $100 a week in income soon. I don't know if my new hours at O'Reilly's is going to make up the difference. If I HAVE to work full time, I need a job that pays better than O's... even though I truly enjoy the job.

I made some of Seneca's gumbo for supper tonite. It is the best I have ever made. Even if it may not be "real" gumbo, as I leave out the okra. I just hate it boiled.
I was looking at the clock an hour ago, wondering if it was too early to head to bed. I decided that 3:30 IS too early for bed. So I am sitting around yawning and NOT getting anything done. Mr C is out cleaning off the front porch. I got started on it earlier, but was soon and easily distracted.

May everyone have a wonderful blessed week ahead!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Eeeewwww! Worst Mommy Moments

I got a call from my daughter a week or so ago, with her "worst Mom moment ever". Grandson had been feeling a bit under the weather, and experienced loose bowels. He was wearing footy pajamas... and filled the footies!

It reminded me of my worse Mommy moment... presented to me by the same (my only) daughter when she was about 10 months old. She had been taking a nap in her crib in her bedroom. Knowing it was about time for her to be awake, and knowing she usually played quietly after waking, I peeked in on her.

The moment I opened the door, I knew things were going to be bad. The smell! AAAWWWWWGH!
Standing happily in her crib waving to me, her bright blue eyes were peering out of a dark brown face. Apparently, darling daughter had been awake quite awhile. She had not only stripped down to access her "art materials", she had 'decorated' the rails of her crib, as much of the bedroom wall as she could reach, her arms and legs and face and hair.

Oh yeah, worst mommy moment ever. It even beat fishing the "crunchy parts" of a June bug out of Daniel's mouth. (He had swallowed all the soft bits. *gag*)

I "chatted" online with my DIL over the last few days. She was telling me that her male child- MY grandson!- is indeed "his father's child". He had come up to her ind told her to sniff his fingers. (One should be wary of three year old fingers at any time... !)
He had been scratching his "anatomy". Unfortunately for DIL, he hasn't quite got the "wiping" thing perfected.
She just THOUGHT that was the worst thing all week.

Living in warm south Texas, DIL has been letting Grandson run about in his all together. He is still working on potty training, and they do live way out in the country. So Grandson tinkles on trees and gets an all over tan. DIL looked out to see him squatting in the driveway. While tinkling outside is fine, there are some things he has to learn to do inside, in the potty. She started out the door to get Grandson, and clean up his mess. She was a bit too late. Their doggy decided it was snack time. *gag*
DIL had just had lunch, and doggy's treat was just too much for her. Lunch reversed itself, all over the porch. Now she had another mess to clean up.
First things first. She cleans up Grandson. He goes off to play while she sets about cleaning off the porch.
Grandson returns, telling my DIL "Boo-boo, boo boo!" holding up his fingers. Being a busy, distracted Mommy, intent on cleaning up a vile mess, she kisses his the boo boo on his fingers.

Only to discover he was not saying "boo boo".

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Keeping up...

Connor and Alana stayed the night last night. It is great having them here. I had to head to bed "early"... and went in to work by 20 after 5:00. I was done and home shortly after 8:30 am. I really expected it to be still quiet when I arrived.

Hardly! Matthew and Alana were running and shrieking. That hasn't stopped most of the day. At least they have taken it outside a couple of times. They have also "played" video games.

Daniel checked the New England Clam Shack Cookbook out from the library again. He is going to make clam chowder for supper, and some crab cakes. We bought some small packages of frozen crab. Says in bold letters right on the front: made with real crab!

I suppose I should have reasoned:
MADE WITH inferred that this was not REALLY crab meat. In fact, it contains less than 2% crab. It contains more sorbitol and potato starch than it does crab.

Fine print. Gotta read the FINE print!

Nevertheless, we shall have "crab" cakes.

I love that my kids are willing to try new recipes, and delight in making them.

When Tom and I went out the other night, the boys made our famous eggrolls for their supper. Once a person has our home made variety, the restaurant variety just doesn't taste good anymore.

Oops. "Disaster" has struck. Matthew hit Alana on the hand with a stick. He is in timeout, she has already quit whining. (Which she did the instant Matt got into trouble... it took her a minute to work up a good snivel, anyway.) His timeouts are based on age and infraction. I made him stand there a good 90 seconds.

Ahh. It has been a long time since mine were this age.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Where's my worm?

I was the early bird this morning, clocking in at 5:30 this morning. It still took me until 10:15 to get finished. I got home and the boys had put on Wall-E for Matthew and Connor. That is a cute movie, but still pretty wacko.

Now, all four are back playing The Sims in Ben's room. Or at least one is playing, with three in his audience. I am trying to keep my eye on the clock, reminding myself not to forget to pick up Grand daughter Alana this afternoon. Two more hours until Wanda gets Matthew, then another 45 minutes until I go pick up Alana.

I haven't given supper a thought. We still have a fridge full of leftovers. Chili; potato and ham casserole; salad; and something else that is escaping me at the moment. I am feeling in need of a nap, or at least a good cup of hot tea. Yaaaaawn. (is it as catching in writing as it is to SEE a person yawn?)

I took another tumble at work this morning. Caught my foot in the shrink wrap I had just cut away. Stumbled, fell over the pallet and splat on the floor. (At least there wasn't a witness to laugh at me today! ) WHEN will I make it through a work day without a cut, scrape, bruise, nail broken to the quick? I wasn't hurt... but if I had been, I did have my cell phone right there in my pocket. My cell phone with one click of charge that beeped out on me ten minutes later. (It is on charging now.) Dad always said he "didn't name me Grace, for a good reason."

My Mom loaned me another sewing machine. Mine has been broken for awhile. I don't know if it is worth the cost of taking it to a repair person. I know a small metal rod, about the size of a toothpick, snapped off and fell out of its inner workings, and it hasn't sewn right since.

I'd like to start making some little dresses for Kimber and Nickole. Maybe shorts for Tyrel and Gavin. I know I am not nearly accomplished enough to sew anything for Connor and Alana, and the older kids at this point! It has been ages since I have done anything more than simply hem baby blankets or make curtains. I guess the best way to get better at it is to get a pattern and start sewing! (I did price patterns for little girl outfits. YIKES! $12- $15 just for the pattern! Fabric and notions on top of that.)

Ok. I have had a cup of tea as I typed here. Guess I ought to find something constructive to do!
Have a blessed day!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring has Sprung

Last night was the reward dinner for the employees of the O'Reilly's where I work. Fifteen people (employees and their spouses) at dinner at PF Chang's in Roger's. Most of the group rode in a rented limo. Tom and I are a bit too cheap for that... the ride was $40 a couple. I don't know that we have ever spent that much on just the two of us going out to eat, much less on a ride to get there! I had dressed up really nice. Mr C complained I was overdressed (I was wearing the dress I wore to my Granny's birthday party five years ago. So I changed. I was too fat for the dress I chose... so I changed yet again. I ended up in the blue pantsuit I wore to Bill and Glynna's wedding.) Wouldn't you know, pretty much everyone else wore jeans? I was still overdressed.

The food was good. There was a lot of passing plates and sharing. There was a LOT of laughing. Our crew makes one another laugh on a daily basis, and that is without anyone drinking. With a long table seating 15 people, our group was boisterous. As we left, someone stopped my boss and wanted to know who we were. She wanted to know if we were filming a TV show or something, since they couldn't help but overhear us and thought we were the funniest people they had ever heard. My boss said yes, we were actually being filmed right then, at the dinner... and watch for us on TV. The rest of us had a gale of laughter over that!

Then Mr C and I drove home. This was what it looked like when we left the house... and it was snowing hard.
For the 2 hours we were at the restaurant, it continued to snow hard. It was getting slick as we headed home; the snow appeared to be falling sideways in the strong wind.

Yesterday was the official first day of Spring, 2010.

So it follows that today is the second day of Spring, right?

Would you like to have a seat in the big rocking chair on my front porch, so you can enjoy the lovely springtime weather?

It is STILL Snowing! A winter storm advisory is in effect until 7:00 tonight.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Library day

Here I am at the library again, while Daniel and Sam do their volunteering. They have only missed the week that we went to Becky's house, since they began.

I got a call yesterday, I am invited to a friend's house for a "Home and Garden Party". The folks that used to be Home Interiors sold out to this company. I saw a mini catalog that another friend sent a few weeks ago. I didn't go to her party, as it fell the day of the big race.

Mom and Ralph surprised me by stopping by yesterday. Mom had emailed me the night before, but I didn't check my emails til after work yesterday. They had intended to stay the night, but a last minute change of plans occurred as they traveled. Mom's cousin Ruth, who has a cake shop in Russellville (here in Arkansas) arrived at the shop yesterday to discover a disaster. The ceiling of the shop had collapsed! Ruth had an especially busy schedule this weekend, with a number of wedding cakes and other orders to get out. Now, she has no place to work.

Mom and Ralph stopped in to say hello, then headed on down to Russellville. They will help as much as they can with clean up, and helping find some place Ruth can get her orders out. You can't exactly cancel a bride's wedding cake three days before the wedding. Mom and Ralph are headed to my brother Robert's house to pick up a few things he needs them to store for him.

The little boy i babysit is getting all grown up. he was registered for Kindergarten, and gets his vaccinations today. Once he heads to his grandparents for his annual summer visit, I probably won't be getting him back. He has been in our care since he was born!

I hope you all have a blessed day!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Escaping the past

The strangest and most unexpected turn of events has happened in the last 24 hours. I was forwarded an email from my ex-husband's ex wife. Her son with my ex is looking for the man who contributed genetic material to his existence.

The ex-wife and her son and I have sent several emails back and forth.

Basically, she has the same story with the ex that I do.

Just strange we should "meet".

The past jumps up and seems to engulf us when least expected.

Saturday, March 13, 2010


On my way home from work this morning, I was thinking about how things have changed over the last half-century. I was a toddler when the "hippies" and "flower children" were in their heyday.

Organic food, home birth, long dresses, refusing to send their children to public schools... who are the people doing that NOW?

Mostly people from the opposite end of the spectrum from "hippies".

Long hair is making a come-back on boys... and these appear to be just regular kids... not the "dope smoking hippie FM type". Ultra- short hair these days is often associated with the neo- nazi movement.

Funny how things change, while staying the same.

Friday, March 12, 2010


Saturday is the birthday of one of my internet friends. Like me, she doesn't use her last name online. However, I put together bits from her blog and FB posts, as well as another board we are both on... and then googled her name that I had surmised. It came right up with not only her address, but her phone number as well. So I mailed her off a birthday card today! (Happy Birthday, Truth!)

It is really rather scary how "public" our lives are with the advent of the internet.

I just talked to my Mom.
The tree that has been shading her front porch since I first saw the house in 1972 was chopped down today. My brothers and I, my children and their children spent many happy hours playing in its branches. The tree was a "short lived" fast growing variety that had finally succumbed to some rot. As close as it was to the house, it was feared the tree could fall onto the roof if a bad enough storm ever hit.

I am too sentimental over trees. I cried rivers of tears when the landowner next to us (in Marlow) bulldozed a road through the woods along our joint property line. I am not a tree hugger to the point that I get upset over logging... I love real wood furniture and cabinets... and I love to read. Books are printed on paper that also comes from trees. I know trees are a renewable resource... and that Mom could replant a tree near the same spot. Maybe she will. I hope it is another "fast growing" variety, because I don't think that the house will be there by the time even a "fast growing" tree reaches the age of the one that came down.

We transplanted a "tree" that we found growing right against our porch at our Marlow house. I put "tree" in quotes, because when we discovered it against the porch, it had one leaf and a trunk smaller than a toothpick. It was a cottonwood. We set it out in the side yard... and marked the spot with a stake so we wouldn't accidentally mow it down. It has been at least two years since I have seen the tree, and it was at least 50 feet tall then. (The tree would be about 12 or 13 years old now.) I miss that tree as well.

Guess I am out of random rambling.
Have a blessed day!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

getting the hang of it

I am finally catching on pretty well to the new responsibilities at work. Still no key... which has led to some aggravation. Boss arrives really early, and CRANKS UP the music. I arrive... no key... forgot my cell phone... and BEAT on the door. Repeatedly. I go back to the car, gather change, head for the pay phone. Deposit my .50, No dial tone.

Phone won't give me back my money. I belatedly notice the phone handset is barely connected to the inner mechanisms of the phone.
By now, I'm late. Back to beating on the door.
Boss finally heard me and let me in. That was yesterday.

Today, I remembered my cell, and called him as I drove up. He was expecting me!
Yesterday I worked five hours, today I was down to four. Tomorrow may see me up a bit in the time. I disclosed today I was "slowly" catching up on the returns. When I began learning the "returns" job, I was told that it was required to send back the returns marked "**", The ones marked "*" ought also to be sent, but could be postponed if necessary. Items without an asterisk I could send at my convenience... which was what I have been doing. Turns out, Boss wants ALL requested returns done daily- the entire page (or pages, as the case has been). I have whittled it down to about half a page, but he says he wants it ALL done daily from now on.

Dan and Sam have been doing well with Matthew. Today, they didn't have him. I got home expecting them to be ready to go to the library for their volunteer day. Instead, the house was in chaos (as usual) and they had been playing computer games with Ben all morning. They had not even STARTED schoolwork. Dan got on his schooling right away. Sam was about to begin when Mr C got home for lunch. It is impossible for anyone to concentrate with Mr C listening to the radio on... so we headed on in to the library. Sam can do his lessons this afternoon.

Despite having been to WalMart day before yesterday... we will be stopping back by there this afternoon. Someday, maybe people will realize I don't just KNOW when we are out of things like coffee filters; toothpaste, and shampoo in the boys bathroom. Write it on the LIST! (Have I mentioned how many times I have arrived at the store to find "IT" dutifully printed on the list?)

I read on my daughter's MIL's blog that my DD is sick again today. She was really under the weather when we headed home Sunday, but had been feeling somewhat better. (Get well soon, LG!)

Yesterday was a beautiful 73* here. Today is a rainy 54*. We have had the windows open some this week. It has been nice. Everyone is ready for Spring... but not deceived into believing we won't get at least one more snowfall/ice storm before Spring truly arrives.

I mentioned to Mr C that I haven't taken the twins skating in a couple of months... so we may try to do that soon. Maybe even tomorrow. (Hey Laurie, we should set up a good time to go skating, meet at the Jones Center!)

Have a blessed day!

Monday, March 8, 2010

A day at the races


Sam holding Kimber Ann; Stephen with Tyrel

Miss Nickole gets brainfreeze.

Kimber says to let her out of the car seat... NOW!

Dan prepares to race

Is there any doubt these two are father and daughter? Neither knew the other was going to make a face.

Cap'n Tommy places in the races!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The "F" word

Becky and I were just instant messaging one another online, and she reminded me of how the boys used to scream and cry and tattle whenever anyone would say "Fickle".

"Fickle" was the meanest word, sure to bring tears and screaming, and a run on the Parental Units.

We began calling it "the F word".

So we were visiting my BIL in Ohio, and all the kids were playing in the basement... when one of the little boys came up shrieking, "Mooooooommmm! Cousin used the F word. He called me the F word!"

My BIL was quick to react and was headed down the stairs to scream at his errant son... and we were as quick to call him back. "No, it isn't THAT F word. It is "Fickle". Your son said "fickle" to our son.

Over the years, the outrage of being called " a fickle", whatever they had perceived it to be, finally wore off.

We had a good laugh over it today.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


I was a bit upset today to hear a government official telling members of Congress to "stop thinking about their jobs and pass health care"

Those she was speaking to are elected officials. They are elected to do the job of representing those who put them into office. If the majority of their voters tell them to vote AGAINST something... then should they not vote against it?

Should they go against they wishes of their constituents... which they were elected to REPRESENT... and pass into law that which the majority is opposed to?

I don't think so.

It really disturbed me to hear that this morning.

The new position seems to be going well, but I am just not very FAST at it. I have tomorrow, then I will be taking my children to Texas to see how fast they are... in a 5K race. I believe the race is in Snanjlo... but I could be mistaken. Dan and Sam have been practicing.
Since I didn't take them today, tomorrow will see us at the library so they can fulfill their volunteer obligations... and perhaps we will check out a couple of audio books for the drive.
Mr C and Ben will hold down the Fort here. (Yay! I don't have to transport the TSD!)
Have a blessed day!!!