Monday, November 30, 2009


I had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We had 19 people in this small house for dinner Thursday. My turkey was dry, the ham was overcooked, I burned the sweet potatoes and the stuffing... but we had a great visit. For once, Grandma Ruby's Hot Rolls turned out perfectly.

Mom and Ralph brought up their travel trailer, but I still had kids "camping" out in the van. Friday, Tom and I took the kids and grandkids ice skating. Mr C did his grandpa thing pretty well, helping the kids on the ice after getting them all skated up. I got to hold Kimber and take pictures.

The house is completely wrecked... the TSD wallowed on pillows and blankets that were removed from the temporary beds. I had planned to keep the pillows and blankets CLEAN, leaving only sheets to wash. But... I went to work and the boys and Mr C let the TSD do whatever. Mr C thinks "spraying them with febreeze" will be fine. NOT! They WILL be rewashed.

Dan and Sam want to go to the library today. It might happen. But first, I have December birthdays to think about: Tom's sister on the 4th, Jade on the 7th, Nola and Lalani on the 8th, Chris on the 12th, Becky on the 16th... and so on all month. Becky was already 'presented', so I only have Chris and Jade to get something for. I have cards on hand for the ones I don't get gifts for. Tomorrow is the 1st of December. WHERE did this year go?

At least the laundry is started, schoolwork going, Matt still sleeping. Guess Thanksgiving really wore him out! I better find more to do than play online! Have a blessed day!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Busy Day

We were up and busy early on today. Right now, we are having a SECOND break. (Or second breakfast, as the case may be for some of the kids.)

The front room is presentable, though the kitchen is in shambles. Ben has been working on his room and doing a mighty fine job of it. I am breaking from the laundry room... where about five loads of clothes magically appeared today, despite me having asked for "all" the dirty clothes yesterday. I guess we need to work on the definition of "all". The laundry room is our 'catch all' room. It has packed boxes, ready for our big move. It has Tom's dresser, my big desk, the washer and dryer, Tom's extra mechanics tool box, a chest freezer, and a refrigerator. Seldom used items are stored here. I am preparing it to be used as a bedroom. Mostly, I am sneezing. Whether it is from dust, or must, or what... I am almost to the point of NEEDING an antihistamine.

We have dug the extra leaves for the table out of the closet, and the extra flatware. I got myself a new set of drinking glasses a couple of weeks ago, and room has been made for them in the cupboard. The extra groceries and snacks have been laid in... bring on the family!

Well, there was the last swallow of my hot tea... I suppose I better get back to work. May your day be as blessed as mine!

Monday, November 23, 2009

I saw GROWNUPS next door....

A rare thing with those little kids. Two adult women out looking concerned and yelling, as we drove up from our trip to town.
No bodies floating in the pond... a good thing. (The kids have been down there shoving one another in all weekend, no adults in sight.)

So as we finished carting in the last of the groceries, we finally see the kids running towards their home... mere specks on the property behind ours. They had gone FAR afield. Wonder if the walloping they are getting will keep them closer to home, or if the mother's scare will cause her to keep a closer eye on them? Probably NOT.

I suppose I ought to call my "break" over and get back to work around here! We decided to do our errands this morning, library and grocery store. The turkey is in to thaw. About all I need now are some Debbie snacks. I figure to get those on the way to get the kids tomorrow. We are fixed up for spaghetti and salad tomorrow evening, sandwiches Wednesday noon, enchiladas Wednesday evening, brunch and snacks Thursday until supper... and leftovers after that!

We will start baking Wednesday. Hoo boy! I am having fun!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Best layed plans

and all that.
The original Thanksgiving plans appear to be scrapped. At least as far as timing and such. But over the years, I have learned to be flexible... and that more you plan to the Nth degree, the more likely things are to go wrong.
Thanksgiving dinner at 6:00 PM next Thursday. We will have a big brunch earlier in the day and plenty of snacks and such. Mr C will (probably) be working until 5:30. Ben is (supposed) to get off at 2:00 PM. Tommy and Becky will arrive when they arrive... depends on how early they actually get out the door Thursday morning, and how many baby stops they have to make along the way. Roger isn't coming, he will be going to our Dad's house instead. Stephen has to work... DARN! Except the year that Jack passed away and Stephen accompanied Becky to Ohio for the funeral, I don't think he has ever had Thanksgiving with our family.

The fewer number of folks here on Wednesday won't stop the enchiladas... the leftovers will be great for snacking on Thursday, with dinner being so late.

I pick up Connor and Alana Tuesday evening. I will do the last of the shopping that day, I think. (Jennifer, what sort of breakfast cereals and pop do the kids like?)

Bill and Glynna: Any idea of your date of arrival yet? What sort of things should I have for Nickole to munch on? You can either comment the answers here, or email me. (Hey there is even that novel device called a telephone... but as Ben said, "Mom, that's so 20th Century!")

Have a blessed day everyone. This is my "Monday", and I know I have to work full shifts every day this weekend.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Unexpected Day Off

For whatever reason, Matt's Daddy took today off. So I don't have an extra kid around. Dan and Sam asked about going Ice Skating, so that may be what we do. IF they get with the program and get their school done.

I don't think *I* will skate today, I will just sit and watch.

Becky and I were laughing again this morning about cleaning... she re-arranged her kitchen cupboards yesterday. I beat the boys with sticks haunted the boys every waking moment until they got their rooms clean. OK, so not CLEAN clean... but acceptably sanitary. One of the twins actually cleaned out the hallway linen storage shelves... without being asked! The kitchen got both swept and mopped. And the laundry was caught up once again. I checked my shopping list and added to it... hmmm, never did get those fridges cleaned out.

We are having trouble figuring out how to get some of the kids here for Thanksgiving. Looks like we may have a VERY late meal Thursday. Tommy has to work Wednesday, and then it is a 10 hour drive on to here. Ben doesn't get off until 2:00pm Thursday, so we were already looking at 3:00 or later for Thanksgiving dinner. Maybe we will have to do a big "brunch" spread that day to tide everyone over. Hmmm, maybe Mr C can go ahead and "bank" Thanksgiving... have dinner at 6:00? (Just thinking 'aloud' here).

I know it will all work out. I sure wish Stephen was getting to come. And Chris, with his family. *sigh*

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A 'brisk' afternoon

As much as I whined and dreaded going in to Oreilly's yesterday, the work wasn't that bad. I started with the window clings. You know what happens when you pull 30x36 window clings off? You get shocked. It is pretty well unavoidable. They build up quite a static charge. It fills my co-workers with glee to stand inside and watch me get zapped.

Putting the new clings up involves slopping the window with a goodly amount of water... I used very warm water, since it was 40* out and my hands are so cold sensitive. I keep the new clings inside, far from the water. I learned from experience, one drop of water on the paper backing of a cling, and the paper will NOT come off. So the clings stay inside.

I peel off all the old clings... ZAP! ZAP!ZAP! ZAP! then slop one window at a time... run inside, dry my hands, peel a cling, rush back out before the water dries, position the cling, squeegee it on, and then move to the next window.

I did the marquee next... and even then, the lights came on before I finished. Indoors took about an hour... so I was done a few minutes before six. Once my body adjusted to the outdoor temperature, it really wasn't too bad. I had on a double layer of shirts, my jacket, gloves, and a ball cap. I put the hood of the jacket up over the ball cap, and was quite comfortable.

The chicken noodley stuff was good... a nice warm, filling meal after being out in the cold. Ben had arrived home just before I had to leave, so he got to finish making it.


I forget how annoyingly messy little kids can be. Matt's Dad brought him in this morning with breakfast, a sausage mcmuffin and chocolate milk. About three bits into the sausage patty, Matt decided he was *not hungry*.
Since he will normally eat two large bowls of cereal and then want something else... I took this to mean what it did: He didn't WANT a sausage mcmuffin after all.
Mean lady that I am... I made him sit there until he ate it. He finished the chocolate milk early on, and wanted more milk. I told him no... not until he finished his sausage. He did eventually comply. I sent him to get dressed, and poured him some milk while he was gone. He comes back, and asks for milk. I told him I had some poured for him. He yanks up the glass like it was empty... and it wasn't. Milk goes everywhere... so he dropped the (plastic) glass on the floor.

MeTammy was NOT pleased.
MeTammy yelled.
That was the last of the milk... so I guess he can have some water when he is done being traumatised.
I shouldn't have yelled. Had it been one of my own kids, would I have reacted the same way? Probably so.
Mr C thinks I am "too hard" on Matt. I think I am less hard on him than I ought to be at times.
I cleaned up the milk. I didn't spank him... it was an accident.

Today's agenda... I am thinking the scrubdown of both fridges. Dan and Sam cleaning their room. Bathrooms. Can't think of a single reason I have to leave the house... which suits me just fine. Maybe I can tackle a couple more 'hot spots' where clutter builds up. (Since these 'hotspots' are places that actually show... you might be right in thinking I have pretty much got the hidden disorder temporarily tamed.) Oh... I suppose MOPPING the entire kitchen will be on the list, since I have an obviously clean spot where I cleaned up the milk.

Hope you have a great day! (Kids and all)

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Yesterdays errands went well. We zipped right through the library, and headed up to the Jane, MO., WalMart. We stopped by Papa Murphy's on the way, for a Take and Bake pizza. Got there right at shift change, and must have been there 20+ minutes before they even GOT to our pizza. Once we got to WallyWorld, we zipped right through... up until check-out. The lady ahead of us had quite a bit of stuff, as did we. I sent the boys to get an extra basket to speed up HER check out. (We were in the garden center.) A LOOOOOOOONG line began to form behind us. A second cashier finally came along, and we swapped to his line. He actually had us OUT THE DOOR before the person who had been ahead of us in the other line was done checking out. And we had as much, or more, stuff than she did. The guy told us we better hurry home before the SNOW hit!

We got home MINUTES before Mr C did. Daniel and Sam races to get things put away before he walked in the door, while I got the pizza on to bake. They were successful. Mr C commented on the pizza. Said he had never had one of this variety before. (Papa Murphy's 5 meat). It is the kind I get every time... we have had it on at least 2 other occasions here. He commented on it last time as well. But he swears he never had this kind before. Oh well. He ate FOUR slices. I barely made it through one, and I'm not even sure the twins had seconds. No wonder we don't have this often.
Jimmy Raynor (the goldfish) seems to be feeling MUCH better. He is actively swimming around the tank. Colloidal silver as a fish medicine!

Matthew was VERY good yesterday. I was suprised and relieved.

Daniel asked if he could make an apple pie yesterday, and I let him. Tom had some at lunch and pronounced it the BEST apple pie he had eaten in a long time. We will have to try again to duplicate the recipe for Thanksgiving.
The snow didn't happen here... but it is cold. And I have to work this afternoon and will be having to change the sign outside. brrrr

Monday, November 16, 2009

since my last blog...

It is another fine day. We have an expected high of 44, which probably hit at midnight. It is rainy and chilly!

Yesterday, I took the day off so that we could go look at a couple of houses. The real estate lady had a blonde moment, and didn't schedule us to see a habited house that Tom had specifically asked to see- the whole purpose in my taking the day off. Oh well. She did show us the PERFECT place. A pristine doublewide. Huge. GREAT kitchen. A laundry/ mud room. The master suite is bigger than the double sized living room where we now live. On 13+ acres (between 13 and 15 acres). Reasonably priced. At the end of a road, only about 3/4 mile of gravel road, the rest paved.
In real estate, its all about location. This perfect place is a full 10 miles SOUTH of Rose, OK. A full 50 miles from here. I cannot see Tom driving 100 miles a day... and Ben would be driving 140 miles a day until he could transfer to Talequah (or Siloam, which would still be 30 miles away). It is simply too far away from XNA. The search goes on.

Matthew is back with us today, after having been visiting his grandparents since early October, while I awaited Kimber's arrival. He had to remember he is a big boy here, and do big boy things like get dressed. I laid out his clothes, but he has to put them on... a task I know he can do. He *forgot* how to put on his shirt, until I had one of the boys set a timer. The timer works wonders on his memory.

We lost two of our aged goldfish this weekend, to some disease. I didn't know they were sick until TWO had died. Poor Finnix and Tassedar are gone. Only Jimmy Raynar remains... and he is sick. We changed out 2/3 of the water, put in a fresh filter, and added colloidal silver to the water. He showed immediate improvement, and has made it through another night. We have added silver several times now. Jimmy Raynar actually felt up to eating a few fish flakes this morning. He still isn't out of the woods, though.

I have quite a few errands that need to be done. Library and WalMart, the butcher shop and the bank. Two are east of here, two are west. Since I have to go to work Tuesday afternoon after Matthew goes home, I figure the westward errands can wait until then. The new Oreilly's sale goes into effect Wednesday, so Tuesday I will be doing the old sale tear down, new sale set-up.

If you need windshield wiper blades (buy one get one free!) or antifreeze (ready to use Peak Universal $5 a gal.), get to your nearest Oreilly's before they close on Tuesday. (Now back to your regularly scheduled blog)

I have, finally, caught up all the laundering of linens stored in the boys closets. Clean sheets, pillows, and blankets are bagged and ready to use. Dog fur free. Hooray! I had forgotten how many we had stored. Mr C is ready to haul it to the storage unit, but I told him it will need to be AFTER Thanksgiving.

May you have a blessed and wonderful day. Thanks for reading.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Last night, my former DIL brought her share of my grandkids to see us. We had a nice visit, even if it was brief. The kids are growing like weeds! I had made "Aunt Jean's Lasagna*" for supper... and they got to eat the 'leftovers'. (It was an impromptu last minute visit... the lasagna a happy accident!) I had got the lasagna a few days ago, stocking up for Thanksgiving week. Dan had asked if we could cook the lasagna last night... and not having any better ideas, we did.

* "Aunt Jean's Lasagna" is Stouffers premade, frozen lasagna. When one of the boys was about five, he asked Aunt Jean if she would teach him to make lasagna as good as hers when he got big enough. She told him he was big enough right then to learn her recipe... and showed him the box in the trash.

It seems funny that the "party size" pan of lasagna has, in the past, barely fed our family. These days, I have leftovers when I make it. But God sent folks to help us eat it up... it was just the right size... and had gone into the oven two hours before I learned anyone was stopping by!

Today, Tom is taking a late lunch, as we have a 'lunchtime' appointment to see two houses. We have actually looked at one before- which sold the same day we saw it, but is on the market again- for more $$ this time! The other, we have done a drive- by on... it is in need of a lot of TLC. (Or is it the "DIY Channel" that does all the home improvement shows?) This will be our first interior visit to this place. Both are close to where we are now, actually on the same road with one another, some 3 miles south of our current location. (We also have 3 places scheduled to see on Friday morning, and two or three more Tom wants to see before making an offer on a place.)

(Breath holding is not taking place.)

The boys are cleaning out their closets, so I can wash stored bedding and linens for Thanksgiving. I have already found a box of pillowcases! HOORAY! Some of this stuff hasn't seen the light of day for 4 years or more, but has absorbed the smells associated with teenaged boys closets... musty, dirty sneakery, doggy smells. I suppose I out to stage at least an annual, if not semi-annual, closet shakedown. As last time, once the bedding is washed and dried, it will go into sealed plastic bags to await use.

LOL, the last two days of "cleaning" is, as usual... Stuff That Doesn't Show. (We have ascertained I don't need "cream of___" Soup... 19 cans on hand. Nor chopped green chiles... 7 cans. Plenty of green beans...29 cans. Enough tomato paste to repair a whole garden full of broken tomatoes, and a mountain of tomato sauce. Funny, I don't use a LOT of tomato sauce!)

Goodness... during the typing of this, I have wandered away so many times... answering the phone, getting dressed, starting laundry, munching on crusty bread dipped in olive oil and balsamic vinegar... Guess I better hit "publish" and get the twins in here on their computer based math program!

Have a blessed day!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Logistics, logistics

I know, I know. I have said MANY times I love logistics.

Right now, I am working on my Thanksgiving logistical problem. How to add 6 to 8 adult bodies and 5 more kids to our house, and still have those who need to sleep, ABLE to sleep. I am figuring that Ben will need his room, since he will still be working. Ditto with Mr C. So, I am intending to add Tommy and Roger to Ben's room. Computer access, smelly guys... works out OK. I am pretty sure I can get two more twin mattresses in there.

Next sticky wicket: Do I toss out Dan and Sam to put Becky and Stephen and the kids in the twins room? I can add a queen air bed in there, once the mattresses are moved to other rooms. It would give Kimber and Ty a nap area... and I can probably nap Nickole in there during the day. It will also corral Becky and Stephen's stuff.

Next, Bill and Glynna. The laundry room on another airbed? My laundry room is the bigger than any of the bedrooms. Glynna doesn't travel lightly, so I have to find a place for her to have her stuff. (Sorry Glynna, but you KNOW it is true. I have never seen anyone need a super sized suitcase for an overnight trip before!) They can let Nickole nap either in my room or the twins room during the days.

I still have Connor and Alana and the twins, plus Mom and Ralph. If Mom and Ralph bring their travel trailer, I will put either Bill and Glynna out there, or the twins, with Mom. Connor and Alana can sleep on the hide-a-bed here in the house. If Mom and Ralph don't bring the trailer... another air bed in the "dining room" is their usual spot. The twins can "camp" in the van- it has a king sized bed, which I have slept comfortably on, on several occasions. The airbeds in the laundry room and dining room will have to be deflated and stored each day, but that is "do-able".

I really miss MY HOUSE! (The one we sold five years ago, in Central High). My house had room for everyone, without needing campers and vans. Oh well, guess I ought to get over it already.

Ahhh. I feel better, having come to somewhat of a plan of sleeping arrangements.

Daniel is organizing the lower cupboards today, and Sam the upper ones. I am working on menues, since I expect my company will be here more than just Thanksgiving day. I have to do the menues before I can assess whether or not I have ingredients and supplies on hand. My 'decor' for the holiday will be limited... I have one little plastic "turkey pilgrim", a new tablecloth (Thanks Mom!) and some candles.

Our "traditional" meal for a crowd, served on several Thanksgiving eves, is "Leesa's Enchiladas". After trying Leesa's recipe, I made some adaptations. They are YUMMY and easy. I may do the big crowd cop out for one meal... spaghetti. (Remind me to prep some sauce beforehand!)

Kids, the Thanksgiving menu as it now stands: Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, candied sweet potatoes, fruit salad, green bean casserole, Gma Ruby's hot rolls, and a relish tray.
Oh yeah, pies for dessert. Am I missing anything? I think I need at least one more veggie.

Thanksgiving Eve: Enchiladas, Spanish rice, Salad.

Breakfasts: breakfast burritoes, eggs and sausage, biscuits and gravy, blueberry pancakes. (Not all on the same day.)

Friday- Sunday: leftovers; turkey pot pie, turkey noodle soup.

Guess I better lay in some sandwich makings too. And hit up the Little Debbie outlet for snacks.

Whew... I got a lot accomplished, right here on my blog. And I won't LOSE it like I am prone to do with my paper notes!

Have a great day~

Monday, November 9, 2009

*snooze button*

It is overcast and cool today. I didn't sleep well last night, despite trying my usual method of taking an antihistamine after a couple of hours of tossing and turning. Once I finally got to sleep, I sure didn't want to get up.

But here it is, a fresh new day. This is the day that the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it! The boys are on their lessons, I have done my computer surfing already. Even if I am still in my jammies.
I haven't gone through and checked on the laundry status... or anything really. I'm sure I have PLENTY to do! I know I have pictures to mail out- I promised people. Some are actually ready to drop in the mail, others still need to be attached to letters and addressed. (Gotta love the proud Granny, right?)

Guess I best get started... I may post later if anything worthwhile occurs to me!

Have a joyful day!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Early Bird.. or the Second Mouse?

(The early bird gets the worm... but the second mouse gets the cheese!)

Once again, I am off work early. (Becky call me!)
When I left, the store had taken in $500. for the day. The 'justification' for the store to remain open on weekends is $2500. So I go home and the two co-workers wait on... someone surely needs auto parts on a fine Sunday afternoon? Of the $500- my cash deposit was $235.00- not counting credit card sales (which DO count towards the total). So the top salesperson is sent home- go figure.
Really, though, my two co-workers are supporting themselves and/or family. My paycheck "helps" but is not something our family must depend on- so, when someone has to be sent home, I feel better about it being me- rather than someone whose survival is dependent on the paycheck.

And I am always ready to head home, LOL.

Remember my relief when the little neighbor kids moved away?
They are back.

Tension is already mounting at the property line. Their great grandpa, who owns the place, was a good neighbor. But these kids... these poor kids. I told Mr C I felt like I ought to call CPS the first time they are down 'swimming' or 'ice skating' unsupervised on the pond. These poor kids... what kind of a life will they have under their present conditions? I don't mind big families. I truly am pro- family. But most deliberate big families look after their kids. They take care of them. The kids have shoes... the parents WATCH them. Not these kids. They are rude, rowdy, unsupervised... starved for attention... and who knows if they are simply starved?
Poor kids. What am I to do? What would Jesus do? The kids are constantly screaming at our TSD (two stupid dogs)- kicking them and chasing them with sticks. When over on this property- they damage things and steal... they don't know any better.

I want to move.

I just got a call from Matthew's Dad. He was supposed to be back tomorrow. Due to family illness, Matt will be gone at least until next week... then miss Thanksgiving week... and all but the first week of December. So I may only have him two weeks (or less) between now and the end of the year. My boss at O'reilly's has work planned for me... so the income should be better.

May each of you have a blessed day. Welcome to little Diez Zesch... born early this morning! (Her name subject to change, LOL)

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Video for Becky and the GGma's

over at moocrew2 go down under the albums to "Video's". "Moocrew2" is a clickable link.

I had the video on my camera and finally figured out how to upload it. Kimber is just over 24 hours old.

Before and after

The pictures in the post below are my before and after shots of cleaning from yesterday and this morning. I have several more "before" pictures taken, but they don't get to be here til I have cleaned up the area, so I can have "afters" with them.


Click here to view these pictures larger

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

It's my Mom's fault!

OK, a person can really only blame themselves for their actions. It is just so hard to resist your heredity sometimes.

I have "clutter piles" nagging me. Stuff just stacks up, waiting to be dealt with, and I ignore it to the point of shame. What do I do when I clean? Do I start with those nagging piles? Noooo... MOM knows where I start cleaning.

Maybe not the exact place- but that it will be someplace that doesn't "show". The bookcase facing the front door is a wreck. So... I organize the canned goods under the kitchen counter. The table is piled with stuff people just sat down and walked away from. So, I run the vacuum under my bed and behind the door. The computer desk is so mounded up, I can scarcely move the mouse... and not only do I sit here and type... I can ignore the pile in favor of picking dead leaves off my houseplants.

I know Mom is laughing.

I best get busy on the stuff that SHOWS. Thanksgiving will be here in no time.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The way God works....

I can't tell you all the ways God works in our lives. But I see them every day. My oldest son is in a very hard place. He has lost everything he held dear to him. A couple of weeks ago, he wrote me a letter and asked me if THIS was what it took for God to get hold of him. He was depressed and doubting his salvation, and the forgiveness of God.

Mr C had been reading an article (sermon?) by one of his favorite teachers, J.Preston Eby. He said he felt in his heart that I should send that article to DS#1. After reading it, I agreed. We haven't heard whether he actually received the article, and if he had, whether he had read it. Last night, my DD called us. She had a letter from DS#1, and wanted to read it to us. Apparantly the article had reached him... and even more, it REACHED him. God reached his heart when none of us could do so.

Sometimes we are so caught up in our selves, in our daily life, that God cannot reach us. We feel like we are just fine spiritually, not a care upon us. God has to do some serious shaking to make us let loose of complacency and really seek what he wants for us, what direction he wants our lives to take. "Oh yeah, fine God. I'm great today. Thanks for everything. Love you. Bye!"

Many of the authors of the New Testament were put in places where they had nothing to do except pray and listen for the voice of God. There was no busyness of living. No lawns to mow, homework to grade, animals to feed. Just time on their hands, which they filled with prayer. Their time with God gave us many books of the Bible. God knows we cannot all be in enforced idleness- and that many who are STILL don't seek Him.

My prayers are that DS#1 will be completely transformed by his time spent seeking the Lord. A new creation. God has already given him a new heart. Thank you, Lord.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Times Change

This is the first week of November. Already. Dark gets here at an alarming hour. We looked at two more houses this weekend- neither was worth the effort of looking, much less telling about.
I dressed as a "pioneer" woman for Halloween at Oreilly's- quite by accident. Turns out the local school is the Gentry Pioneers. I thought I was a cowgirl, but didn't have boots. Hannah Montana, a California surfer dude, and a prison inmate completed the crew.

The boys are back on their lessons- doubling up on several today. Since our bodies are still on "daylight savings" time, we were busy bright and early. Laundry is pretty well caught up, and the boys cleaned their rooms over the weekend. We were going to go to the library, but I seem to be the only one who actually 'needed' to go- so we blew that off the list. Why go out when I can stay home?

The bed is stripped and bedding in the dryer- otherwise, I'd sure vote for a nap about now! (Maybe I will just have to sleep on a "nekkid" bed.) *yawn* *again*

Nothing much going on in my neck of the woods today. Just the way I like it. Drama free.

There are MORE new pictures up at :