Friday, May 27, 2016

Ain't it Grand?

We not only have Nickole visiting, but Kimber as well. As we were leaving the house from picking up Nickole, I was told that she can't stay all summer, but will be with us for just three weeks.
This meant she won't be going to Ohio with us, as Mr C can't change his vacation dates.
The addition of Kimber wasn't quite spur of the moment, but her stay was going to be just over a week. I picked her up on my quick loop through Texas.
My Mom and I got to visit as we made our road trip! (Continued after pictures)
This was in Fredericksburg


Grace and Becky

Kimber, Rose, Dakota





Stephen T. (TOMMY!)



Becky and Kimber
Kimber and Jaffa. Photo taken by Nickole
So far, the girls are getting along quite well.

We had planned to meet Becky halfway, to return Kimber and drop off Alana to visit her Uncle Becky at the same time, then just have Nickole for awhile. Since the unexpected need to return Nickole so much sooner, we were going to have to make trips two or three weekends in a row. That's a bit much on traveling, so we are working on returning Nickole and Kimber at the same time, and dropping Alana off then as well. The plans are still being worked out.

I did get to see my Mom,  four of my kids, and seven grandkids! Plus, Mom and I got to hear little 3.5's heart beating at Becky's midwife appointment.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Making plans and counting down days...

It looks like we have the OK for Nickole to come visit this summer. Until she is actually here, I am hesitant to spend non-refundable fees on classes, so I am sure hoping there are still openings when she does come visit.
I am supposed to pick her up once school is out, towards the end of the month... about two weeks from now. I was forewarned I will be needing to update her wardrobe, as she has been on a growth spurt lately. :) That is OK.
In another week(ish) I will head down to Texas for a whirlwind visit with as many of my kids as I can manage to see. I should only be gone about 5 nights- and putting in about 1800 miles during that time.
It will be the first chance to test out the old Lincoln on a road trip. Tom will have new tires put on it sometime before I go.

Speaking of road trips, I went over towards Claremore last night, and saw Alana in her band concert. She also sang in the choir. She was awarded a plaque for "Most Improved Musician". Good for you, Alana!

Connor was there as well. He has officially become Taller than CowGranny!
I told these two last night, even with Nickole here, they (and any other grandkids) are still welcome to come visit us this summer.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

May begins... 2016 version

Tomorrow is Star Wars Day! May the fourth be with you!
I am still waiting to hear if Nickole is going to come visit for the summer... giving Glenn a much needed break to rest and recuperate. If I hear in time, I can enroll Nickole in a summer dance class. If the class fills up before I hear, there is still a lot of stuff to do around here. I guess this is an advantage to living in town? Library has summer reading programs, plus weekly outdoor activities being offered. There is a pool in town, several nice parks. Bentonville has the Amazeum.   If she brings her bicycle, the boys will fix me up on one of their bikes, so we can ride together. There is walking the dog every day, there is a skateboard park, and a nature trail within a block of the house here. The field behind the house is chock full of blackberry and raspberry bushes, so we can make jelly. The other cousins will all try to visit when they can, as well.

Tom and I got my bench repainted.
 I can't remember if I showed everyone the finished picture of my refurbished giant rocking chair:
 Here is the garden. Not so big! The squash in the foreground are planted in the filled in pit that was in the yard when we moved in. You can see the end of the neighbor's boat, as well as a portion of the field behind the neighborhood.

The patio has all the stuff piled on it from the lawn being freshly mowed.

The weather is cool this week... so cool that I had to get the comforter back out of the closet and put it back on the bed! It won't be long before the brunt of summer hits, though. So we are enjoying this while we can.

Here is a picture of the front of the house. I love my hanging baskets!