Thursday, October 29, 2009

New header...

This is my Dad's driveway in east Texas. I took this picture (or maybe Daniel did) when we went to visit back in September.

It is a quiet, rainy morning. We are getting back on track with life. Trying to anyway. The boy's washed the STINKING TSD this morning. Didn't help much... now they smell like WET stinking dogs.
I am looking forwards to Thanksgiving and the end of the year. I am apprehensive about what the future holds for our family, but I know we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us.

This afternoon, I am supposed to go see my grandchildren, Connor and Alana. I want fresh pictures of them for a photo book I am working on, of my grandkids. (Seneca, pretty please can I have some of Gavin, and the girls?) (Glynna, I need clearer shots of Nickole.)

Tomorrow is the annual O'reilly customer appreciation day at our store. Free food to all comers from 11:00 until we run out of BBQ. (Last year that was before 1:00). I have to go in early. Which makes for an extra long day. Fridays always seem to drag, since I don't get off until 7:00.

Julie Z, are you hanging in there with the 31st as a delivery date? I will be praying for you!
Hugs to all... and this is how you do it if no one is around: Place your right hand on your left shoulder, and your left hand on your right shoulder. Then squeeze. That is a cyber-hug... just like my Mommy showed me!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Gosh How the flies are timing.
Here it is the 28th already. I will get to go see Connor and Alana tomorrow, if I don't come down sick. Jammers is home sick today. So far, most of the kids are more like me when sick... just leave me alone in my misery. Sam was a tiny bit like Tom. He laid on the couch moaning while he was sick. At least he moaned quietly. He may be saving the horrific moans and groans for when he is married.
I wasn't feeling too well when I went to bed last night. It wasn't even 8pm. But I feel much better this morning. I suppose I should get the shopping out of the way, I do have a whole list now. Knowing me, I will put it off until I HAVE TO go. I am just not much of a "go" person.

Actually, I just discovered I DO have to go this morning. We are on the last roll of necessary paper. That is a must go, before someone "must go".

I had a "Becky Moment" yesterday. I was trying and trying to log into my email. I was bounced back, at least six times, to the "error in your name or password" page. I made sure I didn't have the Caps lock on. I typed the password slowly, watching every keystroke. I made sure I had used "dot com" instead of "comma com". Finally, I caught my mistake, just before I accused someone of messing with me and changing my password. I had tried logging in to my email at "." (dot) instead of "@"

Things here have been quiet... I can do without the drama. We do have two houses to look at this week, one Friday and another Saturday. Not holding my breath on either of them. I'm about to the place I would just as soon NOT look.

That's it for today, Hope your day is blessed and happy.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Economic Musings and other stuff

Yesterday, I was driving to town, and happened to be thinking (along the strange and convoluted lines my brain takes) about the economy. About this time last year, Tom and I were stocking up on canned goods and filling the freezer and such. We were sure the economy was headed for a big crash. So far, the crash hasn't come, but that doesn't mean that it won't come, soon.

My mind came up with the image of the mean older sibling (government) holding down the younger sibling (the US Citizens) while drooling a line of saliva over the younger ones face. Just as we are sure the spit is going to fall into our face, the big brother sucks it up... only to continue the torment. You are powerless and struggling as they laugh and hang their spit over your face, time and again. You just know, sooner or later, they are going to allow the spit to splat you right in the face. Then run away laughing.

Not that I would know anything about being the older sibling and being mean or anything.
Since the twins have had the flu, my best laid plans of getting all caught up on schoolwork in one day has flown out the window. OK, so that wasn't a feasible plan anyway. They really are still recovering, so any schoolwork at all is an accomplishment. And I didn't manage to get the entire house completely cleaned yesterday either. I don't suppose that comes as a huge surprise to anyone, does it?
I did get the 'dining room' area of the front room cleaned up. I got the plants all watered, trimmed, and situated. (Yeah, the house is in chaos and I spent two hours trimming plant leaves.) I also got Mt. Washmore down to a mere molehill. And laundry detergent made. Errands ran. And supper cooked. And my expenses entered into the checkbook.

It looks like I got things accomplished, on paper. If only they were more visible to the eye accomplishments. I can thank Tommy for my early start this morning. Instead of sleeping in, I got a call at a bit past six am. Since I had to get up to answer the phone anyway- I was "up and at em" for the day.
May your day be blessed! I have more pictures up at if you want to have a look!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Back on track, text

I had written a post through Shutterfly with the pictures. However, it didn't post the text. As for getting back on track- the twins have had the flu. They were in Ohio while I was in Texas. We have a lot of schoolwork to catch up on. And the house... sheesh. Four guys have been here alone for almost a week, and one guy alone for a week prior to that. This places reeks of dogs, has so much dust my Mommy would gasp, and is so cluttered I am on visual overload.

I need to go to town and deposit my check from the 15th, stop by and see Jennifer and the kids this afternoon, and try to prepare a real meal that doesn't involve pizza boxes or sandwich meat.

I am hoping Mom and Ralph can bring up the travel trailer for people to sleep in at Thanksgiving.
I am coming up with 16 people being here, though several of those are under the age of 8. Becky and Glynna, let me know what you would like to bring, so I don't double buy for the dinner. Or I can do dinner and maybe you can take turns on breakfasts? Just trying to sort this out early.

Have a blessed day, I really have to get busy!

Trying to get back on track...

Click here to view these pictures larger

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

more pictures of Kimber

Mommy and daughter

Uncle Tommy prepares to be the favorite Uncle... again!

My favorite of the pictures!

Kimber Ann!

Sunday.... NOT laboring!

Stephen and Kimber

Tyrel loves his sister!

I got my present!

By the skin of my teeth! This is Kimber Ann, weighing into the world October 20, 2009, at 11:48pm. She weighed a modest 7 lbs. 1/2 oz., and a tall 19 3/4".

Mother and baby are doing beautifully.

Daddy had a load of critters to haul, and missed being at the birth. Nola (Becky's MIL) and the midwife and I were there for labor support, but Becky did so well on her own.

From the time Becky awakened from her nap yesterday, the contractions were a steady 2 minutes apart. The midwife arrived and checked B. (around 6:00pm), then went back off to see another patient. Labor just geared right up, and I called the midwife to return. Labor went from second gear into overdrive in short order. At 11:00 pm, Becky was dilated to 8cm, with a "lip". I didn't expect Baby to arrive before midnight, but she did. It was amazing.

Kimber was wide awake and looked at everyone. (As we got to the push phase, Becky's sister in laws came in to witness the birth). Becky's brothers Tommy and Bill Joe had arrived on the scene moments as the push phase started, but they decided to remain outside until we had a clean and "presentable" mother and child.

Happy birthday to Me! Happy Birthday, Kimber!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Happy Birthday to me!

But so far I don't know if I will be a Grandmoo or a grumpaw today. Becky went to bed at 10 with strong contractions. I told her to wake me and call the midwife if they became strong enough to waken her, or if her water broke. She was still sleeping when I came over to make my reports. So I don't know if contractions are still happening. When I was having Becky, my water broke at 9:00 pm without so much as a twinge of contractions until I got up the next morning. Then labor started and Becky was born within five hours. So... we will see. I will keep folks updated!

Monday, October 19, 2009

We have....

Regular contractions! it is three days past the due date. The contractions are mild but regular. I am hoping this is it! (But if baby waits til after midnight... all the happier of birthday for Cowgranny!) Of course, it might be a false alarm. Keep Becky in your prayers! Safe, easy delivery of a healthy baby!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Impatient tapping of foot...

Still no baby. Becky had a few regular contractions last night... enough for us to start timing them. But they fizzled out. Today, she has had a few irregular contractions. We wandered around Snanjlo for awhile, got a few wantcessities.
I'm all for a nap, but it is getting a bit late for that... already after 6 and we still have to think of fixing supper.
I hope everyone is having a blesed day!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

No baby yet....

But Becky and I are having a nice visit and Tyrel is reminding me of certain two year olds I knew in the past!
Mr C is having a good time in Ohio.
The surface of the ground is finally drying enough here that I don't clump in gobs of mud every step I take away from the house. But the roads... heh heh. THAT is another matter. Nola took her camera with her to get pictures of her truck that TOMMY was driving this morning. It is the most thoroughly stuck vehicle Nola says she has seen to date. She rescued him on her way to the hiway this morning, where she was headed to pick up her other grandson Kyle. Nola graciously lent Tommy yet another of her trucks so that he could get on to work.

Guess that is all for now, I don't want to hog up a borrowed computer!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Details, details...

I have a few last minute things to do before heading out... like find a road atlas and some change... just in case, LOL. Yes, I know the route, I have traveled it many times. Even by myself. No, I am not nervous or afraid of driving so far alone. But I still like to have a map along... just in case. And change for the turnpikes... in case the booth is closed. again.

I think I have all my stuff gathered/ packed/ put in the car. hmm.. maybe take off the Oreilly's shirt and put on something warmer?
Anyway, Mom, it may be a bit after 9:00+ when I arrive. Call my cell if you want! Or if Becky starts laboring, I may changes directions entirely. (Hence the map).

Sooo... off here and on to the tripping.

Not Yet

Becky was pretty sure she was in labor last night. But I didn't rush into a 10 hour drive with no sleep. I laid down, having taken a prescribed headache medication that usually makes me sleep. Instead, it made my heart race and my head buzz. My thoughts were all over the chart. I wasn't sleeping!
About 4, I woke up( last time I had looked at the clock was shortly after 2 am). I thought about hitting the road, but decided to wait til 6 or so. I forced myself to go back to sleep. Becky called about 6:00... the contractions had stopped somewhere in the night.
So I am headed out to work. Sundays are notoriously slow, so I may head on out once I get off work today. To Ft Worth and stay the night at mom's if I haven't heard from Becky. (if I do hear she is contracting again, I would skip FW and go right on to her house.)
Anyway, please be praying for a safe delivery, an easy birth, and a healthy baby!
PS I will try to post again before I take off

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Beautiful Day

The sun is shining, it is a crisp 64* outside, blue skies... and I was let out of work early! What could be better?
Well, having the home phone working for one. I am at the library... the phone has been down more than 24 hours now.
I have a tupperware party I was invited to... and for once, I will be on time instead of 2+ hours late!
Ahhh, I am so enjoying the afternoon!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


My new haircut

Ben's birthday...

We left first rattle out of the box to go get his insurance on his truck, and the title changed into his name. The insurance agency says the new policy doesn't go into effect until tomorrow, so we have to delay the title until then. We stopped by Sears, because yesterday when I looked online, I saw that the tool set Tom wanted to get Ben was only available in Fayetteville. So Dan and I went to Fayetteville... and I failed to notice the tools were some $70 MORE than they were supposed to be!

So when we realized that last night, I thought I would see if the little local "hometown" Sears in Siloam would make it right. After discussion, we found that they DID have the same tool set, in "last year's model"... for $20 LESS than I had found them in Fayetteville. "Last Year's Model" had better wrenches.. One thing Mr C had griped about was the set I purchased yesterday only had "6 Point" wrenches, and he says "12 point" are better. The one I exchanged for... for an overall savings of $90... has 12 point wrenches. Plus I didn't have to drive all the way to Fayetteville to do all of this.

Ben hadn't thought to bring along his whole tool box... so I had needed to come home and return it to the Siloam Sears. Ben opted to stay home. So while I was out and about- I got my hair cut.
I got some travel essentials for Tom and the boys... run run run!

We had chicken fried steaks for supper last night- with gravy, mashed taters, and a green bean casserole. Pretty funny Ben had been thinking Green Bean Casserole all day. We topped it off with home baked cheesecake... so his happy birthday cake was a day early.

Have a great day!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The kids

Dan and Sam both signed up on facebook yesterday. This also required their getting email addresses. My kids are growing up.
On the other hand... my kids are also very silly. Or should I say "unique"?

Here are my kids names, and in random order, their chosen communication names. Want to try to put the right name to the right kids?

I have :

Their 'secret identity'(?) names, in random order:


Yeah, I have interesting kids. The only reason they have chosen/ assigned different names to one another is for fun.
Tomorrow Benny is 21! I can hardly believe my middle child is grown up.
Tom and the twins are preparing to go to Ohio. I sure wish I was going... but I have such a great reason NOT to go... the imminent birth of the new grandbaby. Going to Ohio would put me a 23 hour drive away- where I am "only" 10 hours where I am. They leave Thursday and will be gone almost until my birthday.
I am trying to think of "what I want" for my birthday. (I already got a nice camera! It topped my list!) I am tempted to say a Kitten... but that would have to be from Mr C since he says no more "kittehs".

Anyway, the day is getting away from me, so I best say bye for now. Have a blessed day!

Monday, October 5, 2009

It's a cool, rainy Monday

The boys are working on their schoolwork and the latest project: Chain mail. Not the unfriendly, pass this letter on or you die type, the ARMOUR type.

I was very discouraging of this project. Look at how time consuming it is to hook all those little rings together... and that is using pre-made rings. They are making their own rings from wire. This will take them forever.

This is their result after just an hour or two. The rings are larger than I had imagined, so it is going more quickly than I had thought. With three of them working on this, they will have a chain mail vest in no time.

Benjamin is going to be 21 in just a few days... day after tomorrow, as a matter of fact. Tom heads for Ohio with the twins on Thursday. It will be just Ben and I at home. We are 'expecting' Becky to go into labor while Tom is in Ohio. I am ready to head her way in a matter of moments, once she tells me it is time. Tom and the boys will head to Becky's once they hear baby is here. (Or sooner, if Becky doesn't have the baby while they are in Ohio! Tom took two weeks off, which starts on the 8th).

I have a couple of errands to run today, so I suppose I should get off the internet and get on with them. Have a blessed day.