Thursday, October 28, 2010


I didn't want to announce to the world at large that I was going away on vacation. Pretty much all of my ten or so regular readers already knew I was gone, though. I had set the last half dozen or so posts of pictures to automatically launch each day.

I started out my trip to Ohio, via Texas. That is pretty much the long route from NW Arkansas. I was feeling terrible the day I flew in, and niece Tammy and I had our misadventure. I was up and down all during my time away from home. I spent literally ALL DAY Monday at the DFW airport. The joys of working for an airline are the flight benefits, right? The benefits that let you fly free... on standby. It is difficult, at best, to get in to Port Columbus. Arriving at the DFW Airport before 8 on Monday, I got bumped three times before snagging the LAST seat on the next to the last flight out, arriving in Ohio after 7:00PM.

I hiked DFW, exploring other terminals and enjoying the SkyTram. Major drawback was having to lug my bag all day. It was a simple canvas tote... no wheels. So when I woke up Tuesday with a stiff neck, I assumed it was from lugging too much stuff along with me all day. It was worse Wednesday... my birthday. I didn't let something like a stiff neck and achy muscles stop me from getting out and doing stuff!

We went to the Pumpkin Festival, came home for lunch, then went to Cedar Falls State Park and hiked. Later, I started fajitas for supper, which Daniel finished cooking. We topped off my birthday with pumpkin ice cream, and a pumpkin cake. Pictures are up at Moocrew2. I broke the pictures into groups, so there is more than one set of photos of the trip: My birthday, hiking, and the Pumpkin show.... or something like that. You are welcome to look at all the pictures while you are there!

Getting out of Ohio was going to be a repeat of getting in... so Mr C decided to cut his visit short and drive me home. He is hanging around at home until he has to return to work on Tuesday.

I am back to work, and straightening out the messes made while I was gone. I am not the only dyslexic person at work, but somehow if the numbers are out of order, it jumps out at me more than if things are where they belong.

Have a great day and enjoy the pictures! I will be changing up my blog headers as time allows, using some of my trip photos.

Friday, October 22, 2010

The Best Laid Plans Of Tammy x 2

I have a niece named Tammy. Depending on who you ask... her Dad or her Mom... she was or was not named after me. This past week, Tammy and I had made plans to take care of a bit of legal businesss together. I needed to sign a paper for her- a document that had to be presented at a specific office in TEXAS. Tammy now lives in South Western Oklahoma. I live in Northwest Arkansas. Our business was in Arlington, Texas.

So Tammy got up early and drove to Texas. I worked Friday, before hopping a plane to DFW airport, where Tammy picked me up. We hurried to the Texas State Office of Unscrambling Paperwork, through heavy afternoon traffic. We pulled into an empty parking lot. What was this? No lines ahead? Other cars began pulling in and filling the parking lot as we hastened to get her baby Cris out of the carseat and in to the building.

We heard an angered shout as we approached the door... the TSOoUP was CLOSED... because they were MOVING! They had closed that very afternoon... just about the time I had boarded the plane. They would re-open at the new location on Monday.

Both Tammy and I had other places to be on Monday. None of which were in Texas.

I did get Tammy to drop me off to visit one of my longest standing frinds, Robin. Robin and I have known one another since second grade, and were close friends in High School. Our birthdays are two days apart. hers is TODAY! Happy 50th, Robin!

Have a blessed and wonderful day today. Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


About 4 years old


1995, age 34

My 49th birthday Present, Kimber Ann

Happy Birthday to ME! and a HAPPY FIRST Birthday to Kimber Ann!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Oldies again!

Christopher and Bill, late 1982, or early 1983.

This is Christopher and I, probably in 1981 or 1982.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

More pics from the past!

 Top picture is my Granny, early 1965, with her grandkids. I'm the little girl in the middle, with my mouth hanging open.
Lower picture is Granny with most of her great grandkids. it would be taken in late summer or early fall  of 1996.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Looking Back

My Pa Pa. and Granny, on their 50th Anniversary  (My Dad's parents)

This is My "Keyes" Granny ... My mom's mom.

The little girl is me!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Busy week!

I had made several plans for yesterday... most hinging upon Mr C and the boys going on to Ohio... which they didn't do. Mr C spent the day "preparing"... getting the van loaded, all the pressures and levels checked for the third time this week. I finally decided I was going to go ahead with part of my plans... one of which was to go get my hair cut.

So, instead of asking if I could go, I just announced I was going... and went. My friend Cindi cuts my hair for me,  when we can arrange it. I told her I just wanted it trimmed... and that was what she did. We had a long visit. Other than inhaling a chain smokers second hand smoke for three hours, it was fun. Girls afternoon IN. I had stopped by Sonic and got us onion rings. She had baked peanut butter cookies.

When I got home, Mr C liked the haircut... even if he did object to the person who did it.

After the haircut, I ran by the library to drop off books, and pick up a couple more audio books for the twins to listen to on the ride. Audio books sure make the ride go faster! They had thought they would not be able to listen to any audio books on the drive, as Mr C isn't interested in the reading matter the boys like. I suggested they take their portable CD player, and use it to listen. They BOTH wanted to listen to the CD at the same time, and didn't see how they could do this with headphones, as the CD player only accommodated on pair. I stopped by WalMart, and we looked in the electronics section... where I found an inexpensive two-way jack for the CD player, and got an extra set of headphones. The boys tried it out... It was a perfect solution!

By the time I got home yesterday afternoon... what I thought was just  "smoke inhalation" had turned into a severe sore throat. I announced that supper was "leftovers or whatever you can find." I took some NyQuil, and laid down. Mr C came back and went to bed about 6:30 or 7:00 pm. He got up once to remind the boys to be quiet. He was up by 1:30. I got up then as well, as I felt even worse than before I had gone to bed. I helped him get some last minute stuff together, and took more NyQuil. When that kicked in, I went back to bed to try and get a few hours more sleep, before I had to work.

I woke at 4:15. That's a good half hour before the alarm goes off. I got up and started cleaning the kitchen... the guys left dishes in the sink and trash in the cans. I was feeling so bad, I seriously would of called in to work and just stayed under the covers all day. But I have things that HAVE to get done today... so I went to work. It wasn't too bad as Friday's go. I was done in under 3 hours. I took a DayQuil about half-way through... so I am not totally miserable. I am seriously thinking I am not going to do my walking today. I am at 170.3 miles, with five days left until my birthday.

Have a blessed and wonderful day!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


The little hoodlums who used to live next door just came over to tell us our dogs were tearing up their Great Grandpa's trash. Tom stopped the kids' retreat to ask if Richard was still going to have to move.  We are praising God that Richard's home was saved from foreclosure! Another neighbor helped him catch up his payments, according to the kids. We were only able to help through prayer... but God is a mighty God. He helped Richard.

The boys cleaned their rooms. Cleaned AT them, if not completely finishing. This gave me five more loads of laundry. Daniel swept up half a dog from his room... a heaping half dustpan of dog fur. Hope Sam gets his room de-furred.. Maybe I better force them both to mop their rooms.

We are back to *go* as the status.
The date... *sigh*

I headed over to the candle outlet this morning when I got off work. I began debating with myself over the wisdom of the trip before I was even out of the parking lot.
*Internal Debate*
I had only $10.
But I wanted to send candles with Tom and the boys for Mom and Bob. I figured if I put off going til I get paid tomorrow, they could already be on the road... and I was not hauling candles in carry-on through three airports and two security checks.
So If I didn't go TODAY, Mom Arlene and Bob would not get candles this trip.
But you are supposed to go back up next month.
Maybe I still have a few candles stashed at the house from other trips to the candle store.
You can buy candles at the dollar store for ... a dollar.
But they aren't as  nice as the candle store candles.
You only have a quarter tank of gas to last all week.
But tomorrow is payday.
So if  You wait and go tomorrow, You can spend a little more than the $10.
But I won't have candles to give on this trip.
*End internal debate*

Within a couple of miles, I had talked myself clean out of going. I came on home and dug through the boxes on my desk, where I generally keep stuff I intend to give to other people. sure enough, I found candles to send... IF they leave tomorrow. If they don't go tomorrow... maybe I can still sneak off to the candle store and snag up a few, say, as birthday gifts to my friends I will be seeing soon.

I was supposed to go get my hair trimmed tomorrow. Now, that plan is up in the air. It was a multi-purpose trip. The woman who cuts my hair is a friend of mine. We seldom get to visit... and I am more comfortable going over there when Mr C isn't waiting for me at home. I was planning to take over our leftover perishables for her to use... I am sure I will have no need of them with the guys gone. (I tend to grab a frozen dinner or fast food when I'm home alone... indulgences that don't happen often!) Now, I don't know when to get rid of perishables... or even if I should. I thought my friend could go with me to the candle store. I hate not to be able to make firm plans.
Well, that's all for now. Hope you have a blessed day!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

At least the house is clean?

I dislike coming home from vacation and walking in to a messy house. Unpacking from a trip creates enough havoc as it is. So, with Mr C and the boys supposed to be leaving on Thursday (not me... but hey, I want the place clean anyway!) the boys and I have been cleaning. Laundry, bedrooms, bathrooms, even the fridge have been getting a good scrub down.

And now Mr C says they may not go after all.

Now what will we do for his three weeks off? He may yet go... but he may not. I won't know until he goes... or doesn't. Or starts out and then comes back after a few miles. (Yeah, we have gotten a few miles down the road and turned around before now.)

If he doesn't go, I will be working my regular shift, since I was going to be taking some unpaid time off to go up for a few days in the middle of his time there. If I knew for sure he was planning to stay home, I could of NOT cleaned house... it would of given him something to do with his time off!

Uncertainty is one thing I have trouble dealing with. It is paralyzing. Do I prepare for this thing, or for that thing?  I try to be like a boy scout, be prepared... no matter what. (I think I'd rather walk little old ladies across the street!). It is just too much to be prepared either way... if we stay, I need to be getting groceries instead of using up all the perishables I can. If we go, there are people I need to notify.

One thing I have tried to do, is never get my hopes up for something. I am better at it than I used to be. I try to warn my kids when something we have planned to do may not come about, so that if the big event comes around and we aren't part of it, they at least had some advanced notice.

Stay tuned... the Indicision is Final!

Monday, October 11, 2010


I am at the library, and usually spend the time on facebook. However, this morning, this computer will not allow me access to facebook. Darn! I have about 60 "game tokens" I usually use here, since these computers are faster than my home one. Oh well.

Have a great day, I may be back later!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

But First

I have been cleaning this morning. That was my original plan for the day. But first I had to get my treadmilling done.
Then I went in to shower... and decided that FIRST, I ought to clean the house, so I wouldn't need to shower again later.
Our toilet seat had broken in half, and we had bought a replacement seat yesterday. I was elected to do the replacing. But first I had to clean the toilet. So I sprayed cleaner on it, and went in search of a rag to wipe it off with. No rags to be found, aside from in the dryer. So I took the clothes from the dryer and was going to start looking for a rag in the load.

But first, as long as I was in the laundry room, I may as well start a load of clothes. And since this load of light clothes was not quite full, I could add the shower curtain. So back to the bathroom I went to get the shower curtain. I got the load of clothes going. Then I got a rag- which I had to create by cutting up a see- through bath towel. Back to the bathroom again. I got the toilet scrubbed, but had to go back to the laundry room to get tools to get the nylon bolts off the old toilet seat. Back to the bathroom again. Old seat off. More scrubbing ensues. (EEEEEWWWWW!!!!)

Eventually, the new seat was installed. The rest of the bathroom was sparkled clean. I got out the vacuum for the living room... but before I could get more than the rug done, Tom calls me. He is sending me for new brakes for the van. But first... I need to shower so I can put on clothes. I do not go to town in ratty pajamas. I get my clean clothes laid out, even remembered a towel... I failed to remember that the shower curtain was in the washing machine. I took an awkward , curtainless shower.

I remembered to take the van's VIN number with me to O'Reilly's... and good thing I did. The at-home look up, to be sure we had the part in stock, said my van used brake pads. The VIN number, put into the computer at work, indicated brake SHOES. I went with the shoes. Got home, decided I was about to fall out with hunger, and would eat something before getting back on task.

I went into the laundry room to see what we had to cook in the freezer... may as well cook for everyone while I am at it, right? I see neither the washer nor dryer are currently operating. So I got the load from the dryer, put the one from the washer on to dry, and started another load. I looked in the freezer (finally) and decided we had more chicken thighs than anything else... and elected to get these on to cook.

I decided to make a version of Aunt Jean's Chicken and Rice. I am the only one who likes it her way, with the slight hint of orange juice in the rice. I figured I could bake it in the slow cooker crock in the oven. But first... wash the crock out thoroughly. I got as far as measuring the rice and water, when Tom needed me outside. Seems Sam, the assigned Dad helper, has wandered off. Tom need three or four hands for what he was doing. So I left the kitchen, and got filthy nasty holding brake shoes in place while Tom wrestled with springs. He finally got all the springs attached... only to discover an extra part... it was  one of those "but first" pieces that go on before the springs. So, off came the springs and we started again.

I gave Dan instructions on finishing what I was doing to the chicken and get it on to bake. After the first wheel was done, both Dan and Sam came outside to chat with Dad as he worked. I came in and was REALLY feeling faint... I never had made it to a snack or meal! I popped a couple of pieces of Italian bread into the toaster and went to open some Marzetti's balsamic vinaigrette dressing. The lid is sealed on with a plastic safety sleeve, which I struggled to get off. Once it was removed... I thought, I out to shake this before I pour it. Well, I left out a step there... BUT FIRST I ought to be sure the lid is tightly closed before I shake it. A vigorous right, left shake -left Marzetti's strung across the kitchen... dripping down cabinets, dishwasher, stove, and fridge. My toasted bread popped up... but first I had to clean up the mess I had just made.

I gobbled down the toasted bread, just as Tom came in. His helpers had both abandoned him, and he was upset I wasn't out helping. So back out I go. He was struggling with the springs of this second wheel, finally getting them in place. He kept looking at it, saying, "Something isn't right." He finally stood up and stepped back. I found a small compression spring squished into the dirt where he had been sitting. Guess what? It was another "But First", before the other springs went on. At this point, Mr C decided it was time for a break. Time to step away for a few minutes.

The brakes are now in place. Mr C is getting the wheels back on, so it can go for a test drive. The chicken in the oven is starting to smell really delicious. The washer is finished with its load, but the dryer is playing catch up. The shower curtain is clean, but not yet rehung. And I am filthy with grease, dirt and brake dust. Guess I might as well of showered earlier, because I have to have another one now!

I ordered this baby doll for Kimber Ann's birthday. (Watch the mail, Becky!) As I went searching for it today... WOW. The price has almost doubled over what I paid for it yesterday! Mr C had wanted me to find a doll like Becky's Judy. This was as close as I could come. I also didn't want to spend more on one grandbaby than another, so I found one about the same price as Nickole's first baby doll was.

Let me remind my dear family and friends... if you are shopping on Amazon... please... pretty please... link to them through my blog!

Have a blessed afternoon. Hope your day is not as full of "But Firsts" as mine has been!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Central High Mafia

The radio station we listen to at work in the mornings was talking about bullies. The discussion was prompted after continued bullying contributed to the suicide of a 13 year old.

When I was a kid, I was the one who stood up to the bullies. In Jr. High, I had some incidents where I was mean. I am deeply ashamed of these things to this day. But I tried to teach my kids to be considerate of other people.

My own kids only went to public schools for a total of 4 years. During their first year at Central High, Chris and Bill were not only the new kids, but they had never been in public schools. Mr C and I had told them they were NOT allowed to fight. This mandate led to a LOT of bullying at school. I finally lifted the fighting ban, telling the boys "You had better not be the one to starts the fight... and if you are going to fight, fight to win."

Within a few days, the school bully had again started picking on the boys. This time, they didn't have to take it.  In a short while, I was called by the school. Due to the situation of fighting a known bully, who had been known to go after the boys almost daily... Chris was not expelled. Once the bully had been publicly defeated, he gave the boys a wide berth. The defeat of the bully gave Chris a respect among his peers he had not had before.

The boys made friends. They talked to their friends, and this group of friends banded together. They called themselves "The Central High Mafia". Their group's aim was to prevent bullying. If someone was being pushed around, either physically or verbally.. the CHM would come to the rescue. They didn't have to fight. They just showed up. It had already been proven that they COULD defeat the bullies.

When the schools can't or WON'T protect the students from bullies... other kids have the power to intervene. Just by showing up. Just by standing with those being bullied. Just by saying, THIS is NOT OK!
Yes, they may have to fight, at least once. And with today's No Tolerance codes, they may get expelled. But if your child gets expelled for fighting to defend someone weaker from a bully... I hope that you will stand by your child. Tell them they have done the right thing.

Doing the right thing starts before you are out of school. Sometimes doing the right thing breaks the rules. Tell your children: Stand up for those who are weaker than you. Don't be mean, and don't side with those who would be mean to others.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Thirteen years ago

On this day, thirteen years ago... several of my kids were at rehearsal. I think this was the Rainmaker play. It was the day after Benjamin's birthday.
We got the call that no one ever wants to hear: Tom's father had passed away. Tom did not do well. Our dear neighbor Leesa came and got all the younger kids and took them home with her. I drove to the school myself and got Chris and Bill.
There was no sleeping that night. I was up preparing to fly to Ohio. There is always so much to do before any trip, when you are taking seven kids and two adults to another state. This time, there was no advance preparation. Not only did we have to travel, we had to have acceptable clothes, both for flying and for the funeral. Clothes had to be purchased, for the most part. At the ages my kids were, they were all growing so quickly nothing we already had would fit.

Eventually, clothes were washed, ironed, packed. Flight arrangements made, animal care arrangements taken care of. How awesome to be part of a caring neighborhood!
Today is the anniversary of  Bob C.'s passing. I haven't reminded Mr C about it... some anniversaries are best left unmentioned if not remembered. Not that we don't think of Bob.

American Eagle was awesome. Not only did they take care of all the flight arrangements, they had us met at gate transfer points and driven to destination gates. The kids were subdued, and so well behaved.

Tom's Dad went so quickly. We never know how long we have here on this Earth. Be sure you tell your family members that you love them! If you are estranged from any of them, make an effort... if only a card to say "I am thinking of you!"
Have a blessed day.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Dear, Sweet Children

This morning, I walked on the treadmill after work, as I do most mornings. When I got finished, Dan put on the "Eulalia" audio book we have been listening to... which delayed my shower until Mr C got home for lunch.

In laying out my clean clothes for after the shower, I saw the size 10  Lee Rider jeans that I got at the thrift store last time I was in Ft Worth. At the time, I couldn't fasten them, but I had high hopes for "after I finish my 150 miles". So, I tried them on before my shower. I had to lay down to do it, and I had a serious muffin top going on, but I could zip them! And still breathe. And get up off the bed and walk around.

So I came out to show Mr C. I prefaced my showing off the jeans by telling him, "I know I can't actually WEAR them right now, and I have a lot of "muffin" hanging over the top... but LOOK!! I can get in these SIZE 10 JEANS! Just a few months ago, my 14's were so tight I was needing to go on up to a 16. These are 10's!"

I started back down the hall and missed what Sam said to his Dad and brother, but they laughed... so I had to go back and ask.

Sam had commented, "Size 10... HUSKY".

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


October has always been one of my favorite months. Not only does it have MY birthday, it also has my Mom's birthday, and Benjamin's birthday. Ben is my "middle" child, my fourth born. I am linking here to his birth Story, for those of you who have not read it before.

I love that the weather is cooling down. Not too hot, not too cold. The mornings are crisp and clear, and I can see a million stars as I leave the house for work.

Here is a picture of the loot Tommy brought me from his Brazil trip this summer. I asked him for a small rock. Lacking rocks in Curitiba, he found a bit of a quarried stone slab. He also got me a sparkly bracelet, and a bottle of Adult Beverage. On his layover in Chile, he found me two very interesting rocks. One is almost perfectly round. At some point between its purchase and my receiving of the Adult Beverage, Tommy noticed that it had been made in Chile. So it gets to represent TWO countries.

Oh, please notice: New back steps! Mr C called with a list of 'complaints' on the house: the well house door off its hinges, a leaky pump within, and rotten to crumbling back steps. All are now rectified!

This is sure a beautiful day today. it will be in the upper 70's... later. For now, I JUST took off my sweater. (The brown one, Mom... It was NOT shrunk... it was that heavy when I got it. Guess it is just the nature of thick cotton sweaters. Oh, I have also worn the green silk shirt. LOVE it!)

I have a pot of beans simmering on the stove, and a ham bone to go in them later. (Sam is already grumping about that. My Sam doesn't like green eggs OR ham .) Maybe I will do corn muffins, since I am about the only one who eats cornbread. Even the smallest skillet of cornbread is "too much".

Thanksgiving plans are still under discussion. I had figured we would probably have it with Tom's family in Ohio, since we haven't done that in five years. But I'm not sure we will. Arlene said we can discuss it when we come up there... which is less than 2 weeks from now. She REALLY doesn't want to dogs to come, as they bother her kitties. But I don't know what to do with them. The co-workers who kept them earlier this year were NOT amenable to doing so again. I said I can take them to Becky's house, but Mr C said it was too far/ too much gas for that purpose. (He forgets the side benefits... seeing the kids and grandkids!) So I don't know what to do about them.

I need to come up with another goal to strive for in my walking. Since hitting the 150 mile mark... I have already slacked off twice! The goal needs to be a) reasonable and b) far enough from now to keep me focused on it... without being so far away I can ignore it. Suggestions?

Hey, maybe I ought to set myself some WRITING goals! Like, a deadline for getting the long promised cookbook done. And deadlines for increments on it. I keep encouraging Chris to write... we bat around ideas for novels... but neither of us gets too far. It used to be... "If only I had a typewriter.... If only I had a word processor..."
Now, I HAVE a computer! I ought to write more.

Have a wonderful and blessed October, everyone. Hug someone you love. Be thankful for what you have!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Today was library day

I got a late start, as work was pretty heavy. It was nearly 10:30 by the time I clocked out, which was leaving plenty of the things to do that have a flexible deadline. Tom was home right on my heels, for lunch.

Sam was making home fries, so I tossed a few hamburger patties into the skillet. We had burgers and fries for lunch. For supper, I am going to make some sort of au gratin potatoes, with a bit of burger in them... seems like a repeat of lunch! I will add some chopped chilies, cheese, and maybe some cream of  WhateverI'veGot soup. Top it off with some Blue and Gold bacon. Hmmm...  Bacon-Cheeseburger Tater Casserole. How is that for a name?

Tonight is another of Alana's soccer games. Don't yet know if I will be going to it or not.

Becky was talking about us starting a line of greeting cards. Funny thing, I had just said the same thing to an old friend a few days before. Corner some little market niche. I'm sure whatever niche it is, it will be offbeat and funny.

"That's No Short Sheep! That's my MOM!"

Maybe we should go with the line of "Misfortune Cookies" that the kids and I discussed after a Chinese dinner. I have actually FOUND "Misfortune cookies". It doesn't say what the ones you can already buy say... but ours were pretty funny. "Hope you enjoyed your last meal".

My Mom's birthday was yesterday. I really was unprepared for it this year. I got her a bottle of  Blackberry Adult Beverage, and took her jars of seedless blackberry jelly, and some of the jalapeno jelly the boys and I made earlier this summer. Today, I finally ordered a quick gift for Benjamin.. he will be 22 later this week. Ben views any attempt by me to get him to read my blog, as entrapment. So I can show you what I got for him.
DRAT! It just occurred to me, I didn't go through my own site to order this, so I don't get advertising credits!

Ben, Tommy, and Daniel are all enterprising young cooks. I located this book on But I ordered it from Amazon. I'm bad like that. I find something on one site, then shop around for the best price I can find!

Mr C is fretting about going on his vacation in a couple of weeks. I do hope he doesn't change his mind about going! Two weeks here at home will drive both of us bonkers!

Oh, a matter of prayer. God is never too late. Our elderly neighbor Richard- the one whose great grandkids have been such a terror to us over the years due to his pond... Well, his mobile is being foreclosed on and due to be hauled away. The grandson who took such advantage of him, ran up the bills so high that Richard got behind on the house payment. He owns his land outright, but his poor old trailer is set to be hauled off this week. I just can't see that it has enough value to repossess. Trailers as old as this have virtually NO resale value. It will cost more to haul it off than the home is worth. I guess the bank can't just "forgive" and let it go... defaulters have to be taught a lesson, right? The lesson of not helping out their ungrateful kin? Richard will be forced to live with his daughter. Please pray for him!

well, That is about all for today. time to get started on that bacon cheeseburger tater casserole. Have a blessed night!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Family Reunion

This past weekend, I got to got to my Mom's paternal side of the family, Reunion. I took Daniel and Sam with me. I had to work Friday morning. It was a fairly heavy day, but I got home a bit after 10. The boys set to loading the car, while I jumped on the treadmill and HIT MY GOAL! 150 miles! YAY!

We were on the road shortly after 11:00 am. The boys checked out the audio book from the Redwall Series, EULALIA as we drove. We arrived shortly before 3 in the afternoon.

Dan and Sam were dispatched with some random male relative to retrieve chairs and tables. Mom and I said our hello's and got hugs... then we went to the campground to set up our camp. Niece Tammy had set up her tent earlier in the day, selecting a nice area with several camp pads, as we were coming later, as was Becky. We go to the campground to see that Tammy's site had been encroached. Someone had literally begun setting up tents all around hers, ignoring the tent pads. They were between her tent and the picnic table designated for her site, they had tents backed up against hers. Rather than argue, she picked up her tent and we moved to another place. We got our camp set up, and returned to the lodge to visit.

Later in the afternoon, Tammy and I made a run to town for camping supplies that had been inadvertently left behind. We were still looking for my son Bill and his family. The cell phone rang just as we reached town. It was Bill! He was at a gas station in town and needed directions to the lodge. We happened to be at the intersection where the gas station was located just at that instant! So we turned into the gas station and met up with Bill, Glynna, and Nickole. Then we all went together and got our store items. Bill and Glynna checked in to their motel, and we all headed out to the Deer Creek Resort Lodge.

Becky was reached by phone... it was after 4 in the afternoon, and she had just found out that her husband Stephen was not going to be able to come with her. So she set out with her two children for a nine hour drive in the dark. Just as it began to get dark, we left our folks at the Lodge and went to camp. Tammy and I visited, sharing a bottle of white wine. Dan and Sam made s'mores. We spoke to Becky a few times, but the phones had pretty bad reception. The twins elected to stay awake and wait for Becky. I expected that she would need to stop and rest along the way, so I didn't stay up.

About 3 am, Becky arrived. I got my shoes on and got out of the tent. She handed me Kimber and went back to the truck for blankets. Kimber had not seen me since June. It is 3 am, dark, cold, and her Mommy just handed her to a relative stranger in the woods and ran off into the night. Poor baby probably thought she was being sold to gypsies!

Becky decided to sleep in Tammy's larger tent, rather than struggle to set up her own in the night. The real morning arrived soon. I got up, forgetting my glasses in the tent. Becky handed me Kimber, asking me to hold her under my jacket while she got her some clothes. I sat down by the fire, and asked Sam to get the coffee pot on the fire, with hot water in it. Sam complied. I told Dan to do something.... Becky came back. She and the twins began snickering about something. When I asked, "What am I missing, what is so funny?" They all burst into laughter. I suddenly noticed I had THREE twins. The Sam that I had ordered to start the hot water was TOMMY! He had come with Becky!

So I now had five of my seven kids at the reunion.
There are pictures up at Moocrew2.