Thursday, October 6, 2016

The Ducks are in the pond!

I can't say that all of our ducks are in a row... but they all seem to be swimming in the same pond!
To clarify: Mr C and I are buying a house. We are set to close Monday the 10th.
I have been trying to make sure everyone is on the same page- including reminding people that Monday is Columbus Day. I expected our loan officer would not be there, but he says yes, he will be there.  It is Mr C's regular day off. The sellers are suppose to be moved out. The paperwork is all in order, and in the proper hands.
I have even packed about six boxes.
God worked things out so that we even have HELP to move!
Ben and Paula, their kids, and Paula's brother Eric are coming to visit Monday evening. (They were planning to come even before the house was ever on our horizon.)
Becky and Stephen and their kids are coming Tuesday evening. Again- the visit was co-ordinated more than a year ago!
My Mom and Ralph are coming up tomorrow to help out for the week.
Jennifer is bringing Connor and Alana just to visit everyone Wednesday night.
So, Wednesday, we are having a big spaghetti supper.  We will have 21+ people there!
I have run into a few snags... like "no internet"! (After being told there was/ wasn't /was for sure/ now there is for sure NOT internet available.) Looks like we will have to go satellite for about a year- then our electric company will have Fiber optic internet service available.
Guess it goes without saying, I am quite excited. I get to see my Mommy, I get to see most of my kids, I get to see most of the grandkids, and I get a house!

I got a crown yesterday... Not the queenly gem encrusted kind. The kind that costs about the same and allows you to continue to consume food. But once the dentist got my poor chipped and broken tooth all cleaned out... she tells me "Oops! You need a root canal! There was old infection beneath the filling that was drilled out!"
She stuck my shiny new crown down with temporary cement. The endodontist can't see me until the 26th. Afterwards, I will go back and get the crown glued on tight!
Hah. Just caught another duck trying to waddle off! I have to drive to Jay, OK, tomorrow and become a member of the Farm Bureau, or they can't insure us Monday, and the deal will go skittering off track again.
Looks like sewing the stuff for the kids is getting pushed back for awhile. Too much on the plate.