Saturday, October 8, 2011


The actual work part of my new job took off this week. I have learned the new systems, and can get the product received into stock. The goal is to keep the product always moving, going out as fast as it comes in. So anyway, I am getting the hang of it. looks like "just in time" too... they expect the receivers to be working Saturdays for the next five or six weeks.
I have made plenty of suggestions at work, as well as spoken up to the "big boss" when he questioned WHy we were unable to do what we were hired to do earlier this week. I gave him a real rundown of the problems we were having... mostly being lack of equipment. It is hard for four receivers and five managers to share two computers, and get done all the computer based work... especially when of the nine people, only two had access to even get IN the necessary programs. That was remedied quickly, after the little meeting. Big boss has a nickname for me already... "Troublemaker".
I also brought myself to the attention of pretty much the whole department yesterday. I tripped over a pallet and fell sprawling-splat at the feet of the supervisor and a couple of co-workers. I wasn't hurt. (And thankfully, no one clapped!) I got up, dusted off, retrieved my glasses, which had glided on across the floor another 10 feet. Later, I was told to report to the safety administrator. They HAD to file an accident report! And I had to have a mandatory drug test. (My second in three weeks, thank you!)  But then, the big boss came around to personally check on me and find out what had happened and if I was really OK. What a change from American Eagle... where I shredded open my hand on a tape gun, and my supervisor told me to put a band-aid on it and get back to work, that it didn't warrant an accident report andwhen it kept bleeding, she suggested direct pressure... but hold something on it tightly with tape, because I had work to do... (I have a SCAR from that!)

The trees here are so beautiful... all the fall colors are just popping up all around. A week ago, on top of the Ridge road, I could look across the valleys and I saw ONE red dressed tree atop a faraway hill. Yesterday, I slowed to look for that tree. It was hard to find amid all the other red, orange and yellows that are dressing the hills and valleys.
Sitting out on the deck and looking into the woods, there seems to be at least one leaf falling at any given moment, often many at a time. It seems as if there is some signal given that I can't hear, and dozens of leaves come cascading down. In the quiet, you really can hear ONE leaf falling, gently clicking and ticking against other leaves and branches as it drifts slowly down. When there is a breeze in the treetops, the leaves just rain down.

That's about all  have time for today. Hope you have a blessed and wonderful day.