Friday, October 31, 2008

End of October Ramblings

The blood pressure medication worked like a charm. My BP was at its pre-overweight level today. I know, since I bought a BP monitor. I went to the lab this morning, and they took blood to run a cholesterol test, as well as a blood glucose test. I got home, went to work. Got home... took my BP...
Apparently the "high" was no fluke. It was 159/100. I took the med with my supper, as the pharmacist recommended.

Last night the meds... or something... gave me wild and colorful dreams. That better come to a halt. I couldn't get woke up, though Tom did try at one point. I fought him off. And this is the LOWEST dose.

After I headed off to work, my Dr.'s nurse called... the test results are in. I "need to call" her.

Which Mr C told me after I got home at 7:20pm on a Friday night. So I get to wonder if Jeanie the nurse was calling to spare me a weekend of worry... or whether my blood tests merited immediate action of some sort. *sigh* I won't know until Monday.
DS #1 experienced his first earthquake last night. His building was evacuated. They thought it was an explosion. It was very mild... but just unexpected in the DFW area. Californians would not have blinked.
DS#2 called last night. He apparently has a "crater" in his left eye. Glasses can adjust him to 60/20. But he was informed he will eventually need a cornea transplant or face blindness in that eye.
DS#3 was offered a job at Wal Mart, pending a drug test.
DS#4 was finally contacted by "The Concho Pearl" movie, to 'volunteer' in some capacity.
DS#5 finished his third of a series in longer chaptered books, and was upset by the ending. The main character died, the antagonist lived. Book 4 awaits and I can't take him to the library until Monday.
DS#6.... Hmmm. He hasn't anything I can think of to report. He will be pleased.
My ONLYEST DD called before I got home, to talk to me. She hasn't called back.
My GD Alana caught 'cellulitis', and had to have a pus pocket drained... it extended deep into her leg and was severe enough to require being packed with cotton.
GS Gavin has learned to make a whiney sighing sound when told to do something. WAY too cute! It would be hard NOT to laugh if I were there to see him.
GS Tyrel discovered a shortcut off the porch... scoot to the edge, dangle the legs and DROP. Never mind if he is still a good foot off the ground, reports his other Grandmother.
Today was 'customer appreciation day" at O's. Free lunch to many. SLOOOOOOOOW to those of us supposedly working. Made the day feel like 20 hours long. Or maybe the long feeling day was due to getting up at the crap of dawn to go for blood tests.

For which the results are known.
But not to me.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Back to the salt mines...

I had a good time in Ohio, though we didn't 'do' a bunch of vacationy things. We hiked the rim trail of Conkles Hollow- where the kids took so many spectacular pictures last year. The "color" was peaking as we had to head for home. This was my first time to hike the upper trail. Unfortunately, I hadn't packed good walking shoes, but had only my comfortable slip ons. They are so close to being worn out... I had cramps in the arches of my feet long before the 3.5 mile trail was done.

The view is grand... and I was great entertainment for Tom and the twins. I am paralyzed with fear at heights, and in the places where the cliffs are undercut, or the trail strays to a couple of feet from the rim... my legs would shake and I would have to force myself onwards. They fearlessly tramp right to edges and peer over- and hop right over the deep, narrow crevasses that split the trail in a few places. Tom said I was in no danger of falling far, even if I had slipped into a crack- and he is right- even most semi-agile toddlers would be safe.

Uncle Buck/ Bob grew stronger daily while we were there. The day I first arrived was Sunday- he was nine days post op, four days out of the hospital. He came to Gramma Arlene's, and we sat out on the deck with a fire in the firepit, for about an hour. He went on home. Monday, he had to go to court ... and then Tom took him shopping for the two of them to get me birthday presents.

Which by the way reminds me! GRRRR! MEN! Bob had to be at court at 3:30 pm. It was about 30 minutes away. So Mom Arlene and I left the guys to go take care of business about 20 past 2:00pm. They knew supper was supposed to be ready by 5:00 or 5:30.

My nephew Eric showed up at 5:00, saying that Tom and Bob were loading into the car as he drove away.

5:30 came and went. The guys did not. 6:30. 7:00.

I was pacing the floor, worried half to death. Eric insisted they had been right behind him. He went looking for them. Called us about 7:40.. he had not found a trace of them. Scenarios of them hitting a deer- Bob's chest rupturing... Tom incapacitated... WHERE were they?

A bit after 8:00, they showed up, happy as clams.

That was as they were getting back from getting me 'birthday presents'. I had not heard a peep from them since we left them just past 2:00pm. They were sure Eric would tell me where they had gone.


They had not TOLD Eric where they were headed.. they had told the other nephew, Luke.

Luke who didn't come over because he wanted to go put in a job application in a town 30 miles away. As far as we knew (aside from Eric saying they were right behind him) Bob had been tossed into jail on the charges against him... Tom fought the judge over it and was also jailed... they had an accident on the way back from court.... Bob had a relapse....

WHY do men never think to let anyone know where they ARE, or the outcome of something for which others are waiting on pins to hear about?

By 8:20, when they DID show up, I was so relieved I was nearly sick. They could not understand WHY I was so upset at all.

Oh, the court date was postponed since prior cases ran overtime.

Tom got me a pair of Ohio State University house slippers, an OSU scarf, and a pair of OSU flannel sleep pants. Bob got me an OSU canvas tote; and an OSU baseball hat... in PINK. (Yeah I have been wearing it... no you can't have it).

Tuesday, Bob was a bit incapacitated.He rested all day. Wednesday, we had him hiking around the lake... 7/10 of a mile. He had to sit and rest about 1/2 way. Tom and I hiked at Conkle's Hollow on Thursday. Friday, we all circled the lake again. Saturday, the same. Sunday, Bob was so much better, he didn't even have to rest at the lake. Monday, we took him on a grocery run, and he hiked WalMart. (Almost giving ME hear failure when he hefted a 24 pack of Mountain Dew for the boys... his weight limit is 10 lbs. After I freaked to the point that a passer-by asked Bob if he were an open heart patient... we calculated the weight was just over 11 lbs. Not terribly over the limit (The passer-by was a cardiac ICU nurse, who heard me try to stop Bob and admonish him about the weight limit. She said the give-away was how white I turned when I couldn't get between the carts blocking the aisle to stop him).

By Tuesday, he was so much stronger, feeling so much better, we could SEE it. He had to go for a blood test at the hospital. Afterwards, we went to Kroger, where he walked around, and then he and Tom did a short hike to a lake we discovered not far from Bob's house.

Tuesday morning, before we went to Bob's, we stopped by the library. Some guy and the librarian were having a LOUD political discussion. They got more and more irritating... and when the guy stated a LIE as a confirmed truth, I came up off my chair. Tom beat me to the fellow... correcting his mis-information on The Constitution. The guy told Tom he has read what some very smart people have said about what The Constitution says. Tom countered that HE has read The Constitution for himself. The guy went on discounting anything Tom had to say. Tom told the guy he had "drank the blue Kool Aid of the Left". I was looking online for a copy of the constitution when the guy left.

But when I leaped up, I felt a heavy chest pain, like an adrenaline rush. It settled to a dull ache resembling inhaling pool water. We went on to Bob's.... then to his appointment at the hospital. I was having capillaries in my hands rupturing- very painful!
So, while waiting for Bob's prescriptions to be filled, I took my blood pressure. It was 206/102. In the high range of high BP. Plus the chest pain. We thought it might be a false reading, so went on to Kroger, where I tested again. Still up there. By the time we left on Wednesday morning, it was in the middle of High BP range.

So I went to the Doc today. Doc Ben is great. They got me in within hours. My BP was in the "low" range of pre-hypertension. They ran an EKG... normal. He has me scheduled to come in early tomorrow for cholesterol and blood sugar tests... and a followup next week. Meanwhile, I am on a very low dose of blood pressure medication. Once he has the heart squared away (he doesn't believe it is heart related) he wants to do a scope of my esophagus... see if I have any constrictures that make me feel as if I am choking on food. (I KNOW I am not literally choking... not on cottage cheese, yogurt, or orange juice). Anyway... the venture into the medical woods has begun.

We did eat a low fat, low salt, heart healthy diet while in Ohio. I miss salt and fat.

I took my first dose of meds at supper, just a short while ago. I can tell I feel 'strangely different'. So I am closing. Besides, this is already epic length.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

I'm off into the wild blue yonder...

Ben will be home. In case anyone wants to call him. He has my cell. I have a phone card for the trip and will have Tom's cell while there. Plus, everyone knows how easy Gramma A's number is.
Love to all...

Friday, October 17, 2008

oh deer

Tom and the boys left for Ohio at 6:05 this morning. They were back by 6:20. Not even two miles from the house, a deer leaped into their path.
It was a slow speed collision- the deer lived.
But it damaged the van pretty well. They couldn't drive it all the way to Ohio. So decisions were made. The front headlight on the passenger side, the grill, the passenger front quarter panel are all broken. The QP shifted so that the door will not open. The running light is broken, the headlight itself is not broken, but its framework is destroyed. It points off in an odd direction.

Tom went on up with the twins in his car... but no room for the dogs. So Ben is going to stay home with Drover and Jaffa. They got on the road a little after 9:00, after contacting the insurance agent when it was light enough out to assess the damages.

I am sticking to my plan- work today and tomorrow, and fly up Sunday.

Ben doesn't seem terribly upset at not going. He will use the time to work on his refractory oven.

That's about all.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Tea tastes better...

In a mug someone had made special for you!

I just got my birthday present from my Mom... a photo mug from Shutterfly. It has a picture of me with my Mom and Dad when I was a newborn, one of me at six weeks old, and one from this past summer on it.

Thanks Mommy!

Another country heard from....

OK, so it wasn't really a country- it was my friend Angie! We have emailed a couple of times over the past six or seven months, but it has been ages since I actually spoke to her. Since I did, I know she is having a medical test today as a follow-up to a previous test, and requests our prayers for a good outcome.

Angie is one of my longest standing friends... from back before I ever even met Tom. In fact, she came to me after I had met him, and told me she had had a dream that I was married to Tom. I told her she could just go right back to sleep and keep dreaming... it wasn't going to happen. LOL- she has always had prophetic dreams!
I made the deeee-licious pork chops, mashed potatoes, and gravy, and peas'n'carrots for supper last night. Then the gravy attacked me. I think I am just going to have to STOP with ANY milk product... or investigate some lact-aide pills. I was miserable almost as soon as I finished eating- got that feeling like I was "choking"... like swallowing a big bite of dry food that just hangs in the esophagus. I get the same feeling if I eat cottage cheese, or ice cream, or yogurt. I KNOW the food goes down- even drinking water doesn't help when I feel like I'm "choking". I know it isn't choking, because I can breathe just fine. Stupid lactose intolerance... I LOVE gravy!
Wanda gave me a birthday present yesterday, since she won't see me til after my birthday. She gave me a "hurricane" candle holder from Home Interiors. Dan said it looks like a big wine glass, and Sam piped in with "I bet it could hold half a box!". Brats!
She also gave me a candle, some cuptowels, and some soap and lotion from Bath and Body Works.
Oh boy... I am already getting presents... I can stretch my birthday out for days now!
Today, we have schoolwork, the boys have their rooms to clean. Packing of the van, general readiness for the guys to depart in the morning. I'm sure this will involve the creation of more laundry to do.

Oh yeah... like now. I crabbed at Dan some weeks back- his constant shifting of the furniture to sweep under it was tearing up the floor. I told him to STOP shoving the couch (hide-a-bed) and recliners across the Pergo. I suggested some of the microfiber cleaning pads be placed under the feet of the furniture, so it would slide more readily. Dan uses bath towels. Dirtying up five towels at a time... I suppose they can use them to dry the dogs later. (Because the dogs do get bathed before anyone rides 800 miles with them!)

He cleans very thoroughly.
Ok... I can't think of what else I was going to say today, so I am off here for now!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Red Letter Day for Matthew. I sent him in to go potty... and he pooped. In the toilet. Maybe this is Too Much Information... but this is a big deal to me!

Too bad it is on the last day I have him before vacation. We will be back to square one when I have him again.


I am feeling much better today. I went to bed early, but sleep escaped me for the longest time. Tom had to shut the windows and turn on the AC despite the wonderful cool night breeze. Seems our delightful neighbors decided it was a great evening to burn trash. Their trash had plenty of things that shouldn't be burned. Things like plastic bottles... which give off a terrible smell. The breeze had their smoke drifting directly into our windows.
I called Bob yesterday. He was still in the hospital, but raring to go home. Somehow, speaking to someone yourself does more to calm the niggling little fears you may not even realize you have than having half a dozen people tell you that person is OK. Not that I ever thought anyone was lying, I just needed to hear his voice for myself. Bob sounded good. Strong. Very much himself. I am glad.
I think that little kids just KNOW when a person is not feeling well. Or maybe when someone is not feeling well, the regular, every day little irritants you normally don't even notice are magnified.
Anyway, It seemed as if Matthew just tried himself yesterday. I don't argue with toddlers... he wanted to argue everything.
I told him to go to the bathroom and potty... he looked at me and then went back to what he was doing. I am not known for tolerating someone deliberately ignoring me with good grace.

He must have asked 50 times... in a row... if he could go outside now. When I told him NO... he asked Tom. Mr C prevented me from spanking Matt's rear for that one. Tom didn't think Matt knew better than to do it.
Then, when his Mom came to pick him up, we sat and visited for a few minutes. Matt used that time to poop his training pants.
I am glad I feel better today, maybe normal kid behaviour won't bug me as much. And, this is the last day of keeping Matt before my 'vacation'. Just two more O'Reilly days. Not that I'm counting down or anything.
Well, maybe I am.
Tom and the boys leave day after tomorrow. Which means I have a gallon and a half of milk, as well as a gallon and a half of orange juice that has to be drank or dealt with. I considered taking the milk and juice to the neighbors, but I don't want them knowing we will be gone for a week. This isn't exactly a neighborhood where they would watch out for our place. It would just give them more opportunity for trouble. Sad.

Guess I better think of some high lactose meal to make.
Personally, oven baked pork chops with mashed potatoes and gravy sounds sooo good! But Mr C doesn't like breaded pork chops, nor meals that have a lot of gravy.
(That sort of makes us a really odd couple. Gravy is my favorite food. Becky once said she liked gravy, but her favorite food is ice cream. I told her ice cream would be better- if it were gravy).

Back in the days when I was married to whatshisname, his sister Nancy asked me how to make gravy. When I was showing her, she looked at me so strangely. She says, "Why, you aren't making gravy! You are making WHITE SAUCE!".
I guess that is what they call milk gravy in the north. I like onion gravy and brown gravy as much as I do milk gravy.
Well, Mr Matty Sunshine is awake and having his breakfast. His Mom brought a Sam's sized box of the Kellogg's cereal variety pack. This morning, Matt chose raisin bran. He didn't want raisin bran from the big box of double-raisin bran cereal. He wanted the little box. Okie Dokey. I'm agreeable. Pick your battles.
Have a wonderful day!


Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Ben is 20. Has been for a whole week now. Sunday morning, I told him to take a load of clothes from the washer and put them in the dryer. Twice. I told him twice. Then, later, I asked him if he had done so. Oopsy! He jumped up to do it right then. (First time was before I went to work. Second time was after work, then I asked him at bedtime had it been done.)
So Monday morning, I go and started a load of fresh laundry. It washed, and I opened the dryer to transfer the load on to dry.

There was the load Ben had dealt with. It was in the dryer. The dryer had never been started.

So this morning, after Ben got up, I asked him to run some errands for me. I woke with a horrible headache at 4:45 am, and took advil at 5:45. My mental pleading for the headache to abate and leave had done nothing in the first hour, so I doped it. Laid back down and eventually fell asleep. Woke at 7:30 feeling better.... for awhile. (Headache is back- wondering if I might actually be sick). Anyway, I had Ben run some errands for me. I gave him 2 bills that HAD to go out today, and asked him to pick up some stamps and mail the bills. He also put gas in my car and took care of a couple of his own errands.

He got home, and just to be sure, I asked him had he mailed the bills. Yes, he had. However, the book of stamps still had all 20 stamps attached. I asked if he had purchased separate stamps for the bills.
Um. No. He just mailed them.
So he had to go back to the post office and have the mail clerk dig out the unstamped letters, so he could stamp them.

Monday, October 13, 2008

"I caught the Ugly"

Bob is doing well. He is now in his own room at the hospital. Tom has talked to him a couple of times on the phone. I have talked to Arlene and to Luke (Bob's Mom and Son). They are holding up well.
Tom and the boys head that way Friday. I fly up on Sunday. We have been having discussions of just how to accomplish the return trip. I figured I would be driving back with the boys the next Sunday, leaving Tom to fly back two weeks after that. He would have access to Bob's truck to get around while he is up there. Tom figured I would fly back... and he and the boys would drive back when he is ready. So the return plans aren't set yet. I'd just as soon do it Tom's way. But if I do, the boys are going to have to take school work along. They cannot go 3 weeks without lessons.
Tom went to town yesterday while I was at work. He got groceries and sundry items we needed. One item I had on the list was haircolor. I specified the brand and the color designation, as well as two choices of sub-types among the brands. I really didn't expect Tom to get the haircolor. Confront him with too many like items to choose from, and he just decides I can get that on my next trip myself. But he got exactly what I asked for.
So last night I re-colored my hair, getting rid of the four inch wide skunk stripe I had going. My natural hair color is more silver than dark now... and I really do like the silver. I just don't like the skunk.
Tom came in and saw the coloring while it was still in my hair. His eyes got wide and he said "Your hair is orange!". (More of a bright copper penny, but anyway!) I told him it would be different once it was rinsed out. He asked why was I coloring it. So I told him.
I got it all rinsed out, the bathroom picked up, and my hair combed out. Ready to leave the room, I went to shut the medicine cabinet door/mirror. It is old, and slightly "sprung" so it doesn't stay closed well.

I pushed it gently closed, I swear!

It shut with a ker-snap! Cracked diagonally from bottom to top.

Of course, Mr C has to quote from Spongebob- the episode where Spongebob and Patrick have bad breath: "You caught the ugly!"
(For non-spongebobbers, both Spongebob and Patrick have eaten some awful stuff, causing folks around them to flee for their lives from the duo's bad breath... breath so bad it even cracks mirrors. When the mirrors break, SB is convinced it is because he is ugly). Mr C says the mirror doesn't like the new haircolor.

You know how new color is... right now I look like a Duracell Copper top battery. In a few days it will tone down to medium brown with copper highlights.
Dan is back to practicing on his little ocarina. He and Sam each got a small one for their birthday several years back. They have taught themselves to play songs from the video game that caused them to want an ocarina in the first place: " The Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time".
They also saw Bob Hope playing a larger ocarina in one of his movies. I think it was in the "Road to Zanzabar", but I could well be wrong about that.

Sam has been teaching himself the tune from the Marx Brothers movies, where Groucho tells Chico, "If you get near a song, play it!" (Animal Crackers). The song is, I'm pretty sure, "Sugar". (Sugar in the morning, Sugar in the evening, sugar when the sun goes down...". Seems all my kids have a good ear for music, and the ability to translate it from their brains into the instruments they pick up and play. This is an ability they did NOT get from me.
Anyone want to doggy-sit for a week? I sure don't want to take these mutts along to Ohio. Oh well, if we use Tom's plan, he will have them going both directions, and I will not have to deal with them at all!
Ben is hard at work. He is building a refractory oven for his metal working. He is building the oven from refractory bricks... which he is making himself! Yes, from scratch, brick by brick. He has gathered the odd assortment of ingredients necessary... including bentonite clay. He was unable to find fine powdered bentonite clay. The bag he did get looks remarkably like kitty litter. Bentonite is, in fact, often the type of clay one finds in kitty litter. To get it as fine as he needed it, Ben began grinding it in between two of Tom's round metal barbell weights. It was very slow going. Then he found a food processor at a garage sale.
He mixes the bentonite, some portland cement, masonary vermiculite, and other ingredients, and packs it into his brick mold... which the twins constructed of Legos!
He is still looking for something to use as a crucible.

This is pretty cool, how the boys have taken an interest in this and begun learning all they can about it. Dan and Sam have become Ben's shadows and helpers. They are learning the melting temperatures of various metals, and other properties of the materials they are working with. Including work safety. (Like, "Don't breathe bentonite dust!")

I have a lot to get pulled together this week. My stuff for Ohio will go up with Tom and the boys. We have to go to the library- probably this afternoon.
Extra school work to take along (so the boys don't get rusty) has to be printed up and packed.
The details of settling the house and instructions for the house sitter have to be written up.
So I better get at least some of that going!
Have a great day, Thank you again for your prayers.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Surgery Update

Thank you to everyone who prayed! Bob has made it through surgery (5 hours) and was taken off the ventilator just a short while ago. He has at least a 2 month convalescence ahead of him.
The plan is still for Tom to head up Friday. He may stay for 3 weeks, using up the remainder of his vacation time, to help with the early stages of recovery.
I go up Sunday and must return the following Sunday. I hope your day has been well, Thanks for reading.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Triple By Pass- Updated

Just got word, BIL will be having triple by pass heart surgery in the morning.
This will be open chest surgery, requiring at least a 2 month convalescence.
The surgeon is reputedly wonderful and has done many of these.
Thank you for continuing in prayer for him.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Yesterday, Ben called his Gramma Arlene to thank her for the birthday card she sent him. Her phone rang unanswered- which is unusual since she has both call waiting and an answering machine.
A short while later, she called back. My DH's brother Bob is in the hospital. He went in during the night Monday night/ early Tuesday with chest pains. After learning he is not in immediate danger, the hospital began to run tests. Tom found out last night that Bob had not gone 'immediately' to the hospital with his chest pains... but had been having them for a WEEK!

The tests so far are inconclusive. The enzyme they test for after heart attacks is 'borderline', so they cannot say if he DID, or did NOT have a myocardial infarction. They did a stress test today, but decided to keep him another day and do catheterization dye tests tomorrow.

All prayers for his swift recovery are appreciated.

Today is the 11th anniversary of Tom and Bob's dad's death- so the timing of this hospitalization really has everyone freaked out.

Monday, October 6, 2008

At What Point...

do you stop telling someone EXACTLY how to do something, and just go with general instructions?
I put a frozen roast into the microwave this morning, to thaw just enough to get the absorbent pad off of it before cooking. Dan saw it in the microwave, and asked if he could get it on to cook.
I said sure.
He has watched me dozens of times.
Or so I thought.

So I first discover, ten minutes into the cooking... the slow cooker is turned on, but not plugged in. Funny how that affects the cooking, not having any power. So it got plugged in. The leftover coffee and onion soup mix were already in, as we always do it.

After a couple of hours, I went and turned the roast over... and discovered the absorbent pad still stuck to it.

It wasn't as bad as the time a few weeks ago, when Ben boiled several in with the chicken. This one didn't dissolve into the broth. I peeled it away and inspected... we could still proceed with the cooking. I asked Dan why he hadn't removed the pad. Apparently, I had never told him to do so.
So, Moms out there: When you are teaching your children to cook, don't neglect telling them the 'obvious', at least the first few times through a recipe. Dan HAD "seen me" cook the pad before. Or so he thought. He had seen me leave one on a roast that I had not first microwaved to loosen the pad. He didn't see me remove it as soon as it has loosened enough to do so.
Ben decided that for his birthday, we are having fajitas for supper. Ben is not much into sweets. He seldom eats cake, and almost never has ice cream. I asked him what he wanted for a "birthday cake". He suggested maybe glazed doughnuts.
Then, the scent of the candle we got at Oops! made me think : Ben loves rice krispy marshmallow treats. I suggested those, and the decision was made. Fajitas, rice krispy treats, and jalapeno poppers.

List in hand, I head off through the rain to the store.

After hunting all over the store, checking the freezer section three times, then checking fresh produce, I found the store had ONE jalapeno.
So I enlisted the aid of a store manager. He knew right where the frozen jalapeno poppers were located.
No wonder I failed to see them... they were far back on one of the top freezer case shelves, and I am a bit vertically challenged. He handed me a box.

In bold letters across the front, it says "Three Cheese Jalapeno Poppers".

For $3.09! Gee Whiz if it wasn't a special birthday request I would not of bought them.
I went ahead and got TWO boxes, so everyone could have at least ONE.

We got home, and I was telling Ben how expensive these were. As I was putting the box away, I realized it must have a lot of packaging or these were three very heavy jalapenos. I read the back of the box. Serving size: Three peppers. Number of servings per box: Three.


I looked on the front of the box. In huge letters: THREE CHEESE JALAPENO POPPERS!

Finally it dawns on me!
"THREE CHEESE, Jalapeno Poppers"

Not THREE, cheese jalapeno poppers.

Did I start this post wondering about my kids culinary skills?

Still laughing at myself.
Eighteen pepper poppers ought to be enough for everyone for sure.

Rainy Day off...

It is Monday... and a rarefied day off! Semi-unexpected, as I mentioned last week, Wanda swapped me Sunday and Monday off from Matt in exchange for this Thursday. I was thinking of a field trip for the boys... but it is a rainy day and supposed to be severe storms moving in quickly.
Be praying for my Mom and Ralph... driving home through severe storms. Pulling a travel trailer. Yuck! I'm sure Mom will be in knots by the time they reach home.
She said that there were fewer folks at the reunion this year for various reasons- illness, gas shortages, and in my case, work. The twins were especially missed, many people asked about them. Their favorite reunion relative was one of the people who was too ill to come.
I suppose that if we DON'T go on a field trip, we best get our school lessons started. How do you like that?... even my 'days off' are only from paid positions, not from all responsibility.

We can make Ben a birthday cake. Find out what he wants for his birthday dinner. We still haven't got him a present. (Hey Tommy, what did you get for your birthday this year?) I found one thing I intend to get him from O'Reilly's for his forge stuff.
I suppose I should just quit rambling, since I really don't have much to say. Have a blessed day!

Friday, October 3, 2008


The twins are supposed to be doing schoolwork. Instead, they are outside. They are helping Ben make an electromagnet. And it is working.
So I am not screaming at them to get in here and do the worksheets I printed out, on this beautiful fall day. They are outside learning something. Shhhh! I don't want them to know it is educational.
Nothing makes something lose its appeal more quickly than finding out it is educational.
It is almost time for me to go to work. The whirlwind weekend work schedule.
The laundry room looks good. The laundry itself is pretty well caught up. I sat and matched socks this morning while Dan and Sam worked on sorting out subject and predicates. The basket of matched socks is now much more full than the basket of unmatched socks. The boys cleaned off the porch for me yesterday afternoon. My big tree was brought inside- the frost will be here before we know it. So we are getting things accomplished.
We went to the import store yesterday. I bought an "oil change pan". It is a large, wide plastic bowl... I didn't see "oil pan". I saw "dog water bowl". It will hold plenty of water, while being stable enough it won't get tipped over. I also bought TWO boxes of caramel apple "Sugar Babies". They are a vile green color- but oh so tasty. The boys have been "sneezing" them into their hands, and "eating the boogers". Oh yeah- gotta love teen and tween boys. Which reminds me...

Benny will not be a teen next week. My middle child is entering his twenties. On Tuesday. *sniffle*
Have a great day!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Cheatin' Easy Sammichs for supper

Tonight I am making a recent family favorite for supper. I take deli-sliced roast beast, and put it in the slow cooker with hot water and dry onion soup mix, plus a dab of beef bullion. Leave it to heat through.

Before you are ready to eat, saute several sliced sweet onions in olive oil, to the caramelization phase.

Serve on (whole wheat) hard rolls, grilled on the stove top, with swiss cheese and the caramelized onions.. A dish of the onion soup sauce on the side for dipping... Ahhhh. It is fast, easy, tasty!

We are having a side salad of bagged salad mix, with tomato added.

Ben said he always eats too much of this... it is just too tasty!

Same- O Same around here

Matt's mom picked him up yesterday and asked me to do another day trade... So we won't have Matt this coming Sunday or Monday, but will have him Thursday instead. I told her about taking Matt to the store, and how good he was.
She asked if I made him ride in the basket.
I said Yes.
So she ventured to ask: "And he didn't pitch a fit for you?"
I told her: "He isn't allowed to pitch a fit."

Nope. I refuse to be dictated to by a three year old. I told his Mom not to let him get away with disobedience. Matt heard me tell her this, and started at once to do things he is not allowed to do here. I told him to stop. Once.

(There is no counting down to obedience... That tells a kid he doesn't have to obey you right away)

He looked at me, he looked at Mom... and continued.
I got my spoon and swatted his backside. The first time he has been swatted with Mom here. He stopped misbehaving, but set up a caterwauling that could possibly be heard for miles.
Mom led him outside as the screeching intensified. I told Matt, "That's ENOUGH. Stop the howling right now." He quit in mid screech. Dried up the tears and wailing instantly.
Mom was impressed.
Or maybe thinking: "What sort of a mean woman have I been leaving my poor baby with all these months?"

Today's 'plans': After lessons this morning, we will go to the "distribution" store that Ben and Becky "discovered" while she was here. The twins have really been pestering us to go. It is one of those chinese import stores that has a hodge-podge of ultra cheap junk. (Like we need more junk.) Afterwards, maybe I will get those pictures picked up... since I will be half way to Siloam Springs anyway. I also want to get the laundry room done. Hmmmm. The possibility of using the distribution store as leverage to get the laundry room done has just crossed my beany brain...
My Mom and Ralph made it safely to the reunion site. Mom said the campgrounds at Beavers Bend are nearly empty this year. The price went up several dollars over last year. So far, the rest of the family hasn't started gathering... but this is just Thursday. The Taylor reunion is Friday- Sunday.
Mom's birthday occurs while they are at the reunion this year. She has her cell phone in case (subtle hint) any of her grandkids might want to give her a call.
well, I suppose I best go put clothes on. Yeah, it is after 9 and I am still sitting here in my PJs.
Have a wonderful day!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

October FIRST!!!

My favorite month.
Is it because this is my birthday month? I still look forward to birthdays like a little kid. Even though I will be 48 this year. I have been working on a wish list at Amazon... though so far, it only has books. I deleted almost all the stuff that has been there since we lived in Marlow.

Less than three weeks until we go to Ohio... oh yeah, oh yeah! (Wanda asked if Becky and Ty are coming along.... or Tommy? I don't know. I haven't even spoken to Tommy in weeks. He is like his Dad when it comes to using a telephone. He doesn't, unless forced.

Oh, At O's last weekend, I got to reset the floormats, steering wheel covers, and seat covers. There is a line of TINKERBELL stuff. Totally cute.

But unless I miss my guess, this is not going to be a big selling line. All of the girls who have seen it have ohhed and ahhed... and been vetoed by the guys. Any vehicle that has the potential of being driven by a male driver will never be decked out in Tinkerbell. I told one guy, "It takes a real man to drive a fairy car". He said that man was NOT going to be him. Maybe I will sell some to a teen girl driver who has her own car. If she has a boyfriend... they would take his car to go out!


On my agenda today... after we accomplish our school work, I want to go pick up the pictures I sent for developing at WM last week. Then stop by the local grocery that has a huge meat stock up sale going on. Tomorrow is my day off... no plans for it yet. Maybe tackle the laundry room ... again. I have so many "hot spots" of clutter that need to be dealt with. The table, the desks, the school file cabinet. Who knows, maybe they will show the house while we are gone. (can you all say riiiiiight! ? They have shown the place five times in the sixteen months it has been on the market.) Still, I like coming home to a clean house.


I continue to dream about moving almost every night. Last night, in my dream, we decided we would buy the house we were renting. Except it wasn't THIS house. It was one with a barn and acreage. Not anyplace we have ever actually lived.
I tried posting this earlier...but my computer is acting weird again. The post is shorter... Oh well. It isn't like I was saying anything important.

I braved taking Matt to the grocery store a bit ago. He was actually well behaved! Hooray. We stocked up on a major meat sale going on. Quick trip, local market.... In Training pants... and he not only behaved, he stayed dry. It seems like a major accomplishment.

Oh, I didn't go as far as WalMart. Tomorrow is another day!