Wednesday, November 28, 2012


I'm still around. I still have to blog from the library, because of our outdated browser not being supported by Blogspot. Yes, I could probably update the browser to Google Chrome. But I was told NOT to... and since I no longer have any tech-support children to guide me through the process, I haven't even tried to update the browser.

This week I started keeping one of my former co-worker's little boy. It is supposed to be a temporary job. He is a quiet, cute little guy. Very non-verbal. He growls for "no", and squeals for "yes". (Or unhappy/ happy?) He did manage to say "cracker" for me. My new "days off" are Wednesday and Thursdays.

Dan and Sam have asked if we can switch library to Mondays, so they can concentrate more on schoolwork the rest of the week. Dan may give up working Thursdays as dishwasher, to Sam. This would have them both working two days a week, rather than Dan three and Sam one. When the boys talked to me about it, they said it is as much for Dan's schoolwork as it is for Sam's finances.

I had a nice surprise for Thanksgiving! Tommy came up to see us, from Texas. This is only the second time he has been back to Arkansas since he moved away more than five (?) years ago. Our Thanksgiving dinner was later in the day, as Mr. C had had to work his regular shift. We had a nice meal... and I had to supplement the leftovers Friday to make my turkey pot pie. (The Individuals and I agreed we need to cook another turkey soon, so there is one thawing in the fridge right now!)

I am trying to work my way through some issues deeply imbedded in my brain. Mr. C says I am overly sensitive, and perceive things as snubs, when no malice is intended. I am extemely bothered by such things as being asked along on an outing... and then excluded when the outing occurs. I know much of that is left over from childhood. My step-sister's Aunt had said I could go shopping with my step-sister and her cousins... then never showed up to get me. I was later told they didn't really want me along in the first place. On a couple of occasions, my grandparents were going on a trip and had said I could come along... then 'forgot' to stop by and pick me up.

I was the child with no social skills. I was ALWAYS the last person deeded to whichever team got to 'choose' last. Not once was I ever chosen. So I grew up with some serious self-doubt issues. I think I have overcome this for the most part, but then I run face first into it. I take it 'too personally' when people appear (to me) to go out of their way to avoid me.  If a person has told me I am to be included in something, I do still get upset when I find out that my inclusion was forced upon them- I am again not 'chosen'. Or just plain 'forgotten' when the even took place.

Hey, I'm working on it!
Be sure and hug someone you love today! Thanks for reading.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Almost Thanksgiving!

Let me start today's post with a big Happy Birthday to grandbaby Dakota Rose, who turned one year old on Sunday! Today is daughter-in-law Glynna's birthday- a happy birthday to her as well!

This year, I have seen so many people posting daily things that they are thankful for, on facebook and in other places. I still managed to let Thanksgiving sneak up on me... It is slightly more than a week away. I still haven't gotten a turkey, which is on my agenda for today. I really don't need too big of one, as it is only Tom and I and the twins Individuals. It isn't that we haven't been asked anywhere- we have been. But Tom works Thursday, so our meal will be late... or else on his lunch break. The elder kids all have plans of their own. With Mr C working, we cannot go anywhere... and no, he cannot get off, as others already have that day off.
With just the few of us, it is going to be pretty low key... just our traditional foods- most of which we keep onhand anyway. Other than the turkey, I need whipped topping and some turkey broth. (If anyone would care to join us, let me know! I assure you we will have plenty, even if you are last minute.)

Becky called me last night, asking if I had seen any of the petitions going around the Internet regarding various States desiring to leave the union of the United States of America.  Until she brought it to my attention, I had not. Now, I am hearing rumblings everywhere. The petitions actually have enough signatures to be credible- and Texas reserved the right to peacefully secede back when it joined the United States. However, I cannot see that the powers that be in the United States, would allow such a large portion of taxpayers to escape. Civil war would ensue...
I wish there were an easier way to depose a tyrannical government, but history proves there is not.

Have a blessed day!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

November 2012

Here we are at the tail end of 2012.  Hard to believe, isn't it?
Yesterday, my BIL Bob's first grandbaby was born. Since the baby is from his son, that makes little Leigha Mae Coder the very first Coder grandbaby as well. (Tom's sisters children/ grandchildren don't bear the Coder name. So far, Tom and I have Jones and Johnson grandchildren... no Coder grandbabies!)  Leigha Mae was born 11/5/12, at 4:59 pm, weighing 6 lbs. 3 oz. She is 19 inches tall.
Welcome to the family, Leigha Mae.
Connor and Alana spent the weekend with us. They were great! Connor picked up Daniel and Sam's juggling blocks, and was given a few pointers on juggling. By the time they left, he was getting so he could do it. To save Jennifer's house and Connor's feet from him trying to juggle canned goods as he learns, I made him a small set of juggling circles. I can't quite do "balls"... but made small round cloth sacks, filled with rice.
My beautiful niece Laura Rose got married Saturday to her fiance, Chris Boles. Laura was joking with me that she is now Laura Rose Boles... like the New Year's football game! I didn't get to attend the wedding, but from the pictures I have seen, and descriptions, she was a beautiful bride! She is a beautiful girl by any account, any day. The glow of happiness was apparent on Saturday.
Congratulations, Laura and Chris! May you have many wonderful years together.
Today is election day. We didn't drive by the polling place where I will be going to vote, but the places we did drive past had lines clear out the doors and around the buildings.
I'm glad I am wearing a sweater... I went back inside to get mine as we were leaving the house. Though it is warm enough indoors and in the car, I dislike leaving the house without proper weather gear. Probably a lesson learned from the times growing up when we broke down along the road.
That's about all for today. Have a blessed week!