Thursday, December 27, 2012

Mr C's Birthday

Today is Mr C's birthday.
The Individuals and I have been at a loss for what to get him. So, we made a last gasp desperate effort at shopping today.  I got him a new long sleeved T shirt, and added that to the lounge pants we had already found. Sam helped me choose two six packs- an IPA and a mixed six of Sam Adams that has two different IPAs and some other variety in it. Dan found him some device that holds a firearm steady so that it can be accurately sighted in. Sam had previously got him a pound of coffee, and my Mom got him two huge bags of coffee beans. I put an almond pound cake in to bake. We are doing a veggie tray and chicken wings.
Oh, and I re-organised the bedroom... thats a good present, right?
He is our last birthday for the year.  Next week we have Granny, and later in January there is Connor, and Tom's brother Bob. (And I should mention My Mom and Ralph's anniversary... it is Jan 2nd, if anyone wants to send them a card!)
Not much new going on.
Tomorrow Bryan comes for a last day with us. He is such a cutie. His Dad literally had to drag him to the car and force him into his car seat... he wants to stay HERE!
Not one WORD on the house. The owner has been spending a lot of time out of town.
That's it from all us in Arkansas.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

So tired....

What a year. Must have been the two (or was it more) world is endings that took it out of me.
Bryan's Dad asked me to keep him a couple more days- Monday and Friday. Today and yesterday, Alana has been his Velcro partner. He LOVES her.
I haven't felt very well the past couple of days. I felt pukish yesterday, but went to get the boys at work- rather than forcing Mr C to go. They quoted a Monk saying to me on the way home. "You are going to get much sicker... much sicker. First vomiting, then death ." "Can't we skip the vomiting and go straight to death?"
That is pretty much me. I sometimes think I would feel so much better, If I only vomited. However, "I" and "vomit" should never occupy the same state, much less the same sentence. Hearing my kids throw up, heck- hearing ANYONE throw up, is enough to set my stomach heaving, even if I were not sick before. The sound... the SMELL... augh... the writing of this that makes me think of that...
 Be right back.

Anyway, Friday is my late night, going to get the boys. I'm usually in bed by 11:30 or midnight. Then Saturday has been my earliest awakening day. Bryan here by 7:15 at the latest. So My Saturday energy runs low. Thursday I was up too late, then up early Friday. The grandkids here... I am worn out.

Nights haven't been well. For the last several nights, I have had dreams that I needed to clean the house. But my house looked like I should be on Hoarders. Even sleeping, I have not rested... just cleaned. Cleaning must have a psychological significance.

I did lose it once today, and told the grands they were on my  very last nerve, and not to make another noise. So, I hope I sleep well tonite. I've been an ogre to everyone!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Some updates...

I went and had my head eyes examined today. I will pick up my new glasses by the end of next week- if not sooner. They found no signs of eye disease, no cataracts, glaucoma, nor macular degeneration. I got single vision lenses again, as I read perfectly well without my glasses on. But I am REALLY near sighted! I am corrected to 20/15 vision. (Not bad for someone my age!)

After I dropped Daniel off at work, I stopped by O'Reillys. I have been babysitting the little boy of one of my former co-workers there. The little guys Gramma ends her temporary job this week, so as of  Saturday, I would once again be unemployed. The former co-worker mentioned to my former boss that I was going to be looking for a job. So, I can now drop all the 'former' stuff. I walked in, and two co-workers stood either side of the boss, their hands held as if in prayer. I start again in January, after Mr C's vacation. Not sure whether we are 'planning' to go to Ohio, or to Texas.

Did I mention we put an offer in on a mobile over in Colcord- some 20 miles west of here... in Oklahoma? We are waiting for word on some of our stipulations before making the offer formal... it is still in the verbal phase. I don't know whether it will happen, or not. Guess we will know in the next few weeks.

I teased Sam today about going for a multi-cultural experience, as he stood in the kitchen wearing a kilt. He was drinking Columbian coffee made in a French press, out of a Chinese teacup.

Connor and Alana are here for the next few days. They are playing video games on the TV at the moment, but if they don't stop arguing over it and getting violent with one another, they may not be playing it much longer.

Hope you have a blessed day. Thanks for reading. Hug someone you love today!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Misty moisty morning

Some things are going on here.... looks like we are in the midst of another time of changes. Maybe big, maybe just small.

One thing: Tom and I put in an offer on a mobile home. Same one we made an offer on back in '09. The ensuing years have NOT been kind to this place, so it needs some work. And while we have made an offer, it is not a done deal. There are questions that need to be answered by the current owner, and she hasn't been altogether forthcoming. It is back across the state line in Oklahoma. The tax rates are far, far less than Benton County.

I have been keeping a young child named Bryan. He isn't quite two yet... but he is a sweetheart. It was begun as a temporary gig- my last day is supposed to be this coming Saturday.

I go for my long postponed eye exam Wednesday. From there, I go pick up Connor and Alana. They will be visiting until the 25th. I have a small craft project for them while they are here. I still need to find ways of entertaining them. Four days with boring old CowGranny probably seems like an eternity to them.

Here is my latest art project. It is a canvas collage of photos of Tom, myself, our kids and grandkids. The spouses and parents and grandparents and such will have to wait for my next canvas!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Whoot! I'm at home! (Not the library)

And Blogger seems to be functional!
I have been sticking fairly close to home lately, being about halfway through my three week stint as babysitter to an almost two year old. While he is a very sweet, quiet  boy- he is NOT "little". He weighs 40 lbs., and won't be 2 until the 25th. Being sweet and quiet does not diminish his energy factor.
Daniel and Sam have missed a couple of weeks of volunteering... since I had no desire to take the little guy to the library with me for an hour+ ... and the two days I do not have him, the boys are working.

I am working on an art project... a photo collage on canvas, for myself. So far, I am still in the supply gathering/ prep stage. Some people are over-represented in my photos, others, I have to really scrounge to find good, sharp pictures where they are not making faces.

Me and Mr C

Case in point!
 Mostly I have been digging through old envelopes of pictures, and through some online albums. I've done a lot of crying when I come across some pictures.
Well, that is all for now. I can start blogging more often if I can do it from home!