Thursday, January 29, 2009

Goodbye, Uncle Bonnie

Yesterday, my Mom's older sister, Bonnie passed away. She was "80-something". When I was little, I somehow mistakenly called her my "Uncle Bonnie" instead of my Aunt. As sometimes happens, the title stuck.
We moved from California when I was 4 years old, and I didn't see much of Uncle Bonnie after that. About 8 years ago, she was visiting family in Texas and Oklahoma, and came and stayed a night or two at my house.
She was so funny- the kids loved her. She told them about her adventures in skydiving and white water rafting. (Which her DD later told us were totally fabricated... but still, they were great stories!). One TRUE story she told us was about getting on the wrong airplane and ending up someplace she didn't intend.
Yesterday was Uncle Bonnie's birthday... so she passed away on the anniversary of her birth.
Her mind had wandered far from her in the last few years, she wasn't even recognising her close kin.
May her adventures continue in a better place, with her youth renewed.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

What Cold Looks Like

While taking a couple of these, I was outside for less than 5 minutes, with slightly damp hair. When I came in, my hair was frozen, LOL!

Ice Storm, 43rd hour

How blessed we are to still have electricity!

The trees on the property are worse than decimated. (yeah yeah... any normal person would think decimated means almost destroyed... and what could be worse than that? But my kids learned that decimated means "reduced by one tenth".) These trees have been reduced by much more than one tenth.

The chinaberry/pear tree is nearly destroyed. The one beside it has lost several branches, and the largest part of the tree is leaning dagerously over towards the house. It isn't near enough to do more than break the bathroom window if it does come on over, but that would be bad enough!

Tom got home last night and insisted on clearing the build-up off my car. It was encased in more than an inch of ice/sleet buildup. I don't know why he wanted to do that... but he did. He said it was in case I needed the car in an emergency. Like I would try to drive on this stuff? HA! What sort of emergency could it be that would have me attempt the hills surrounding this backroad? If it were a serious enough emergency that I thought we needed an ER, I would call an ambulance... they have tire chains!

We have had ice induced emergencies in the past. Bill and Chris went out to the wood pile (by the house in Central High) to bring in firewood. An icy branch let loose over Bill's head (Of COURSE it was BILL, who would you expect?) and knocked him in the head. He didn't know if he was stunned or completely out cold. (Hahaha... cold! In the ice.... oh wait, this was serious, there was blood....) He came staggering back into the house covered in blood. Head wounds do bleed a lot. There was no way we could get out of there and the 17 miles to the nearest hospital. In those days we didn't have a second vehicle, and Tom was at work. So I (ironically) put ice on it, held the wound closed, and forced Bill to stay awake so we could watch for signs of a concussion. (Also hard to tell with Bill.)


In the back field, we haven't cut the grass all last year. Daniel and Sam discovered that they could walk on the TOP of the tall grass, the ice coating was so strong. When they would break through, it was a good 18" to the ground. The boys spent more time outside in the sleet and freezing rain yesterday than they normally do in a week. Ben fired up his forge and smelted down enough aluminum cans that he was able to cast 2 and a half "corn ear ingots". He has been using my cast iron cornbread pan, which has the little 'ear of corn' shapes.

I do have pictures, which I may be able to post, if Ben can get them from my camera to his computer. Check back later! The two or three pictures I took myself marked my only venture outside at all. I stayed inside, in my PJ's, all day.

I made an awesome soup in the slow cooker, from roast beast leftover from Sunday. It was even better than my favorite Beef Barley soup from Campbell's. I think Sam saved the day, as I tasted it early on and decided something was missing. He asked if I had my bay leaf in it yet. The secret ingredient that makes soup taste like soup!

Laurie, how are you and your family faring?

Have a blessed and WARM day today!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Don't want to speak too soon!

So far we still have power... it is almost 7:00 am Tuesday. Thankfully, Ben is off Monday- Wednesday.
We do have ice. Lots of ice. Freezing rain is still falling, as it has all night. Tom was on his way home last night and saw three vehicles slid off into the ditch ahead. One was a police car. He backed up from where he was, turned around and took a different route home. Took him 40 minutes to get here, when it normally takes him 12. He has already set out again this morning.

The freezing rain is supposed to continue all day. (We are right in the middle of the heaviest band the weather guessers keep showing on The Weather Channel.)

But we are braced for the power to go out. Showers taken last night, candles and matches, the generator fixed and gasoline for it. Water drawn and stored. Sandwich fixings on hand, though we can cook hot food on the stove top. the cell phones are charged. All set in case we need to hunker down.

Well, all set except for Mr C being out in this driving to and/or from work.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Stop the Hunt

For the time being, our house hunt is called off. Mr C and I have had a noticeable lack of enthusiasm on finding a place to buy. Where we are right now is 'ideal', as far as location goes. It is out in the country, halfway (almost exactly) between his job and mine. Matthew's parents don't mind driving this far, so I can continue to keep him (and his soon to arrive sibling) as long as we are here. It isn't too far for Ben to drive to his job... though I am fretting about the ice storm due to hit today, and him driving in it.
Maybe we will be kicking ourselves in three years for not buying while the interest rates are low.
I had a busy weekend at O's. I got 'caught up' all the way to last week. Seems I run perpetually behind on resetting the displays, since I only work 3 days a week. Our store has a 'skeleton crew'.... running the bare bones necessary to keep the doors open. I am more 'counter person' than display man on Saturday and Sunday.
Daniel and Sam have just about finished their 'two year' math book. We are less than two weeks from finishing "Building Thinking Skills", and 2 of the 3 grammar workbooks we have been using. I was able to order some new curricula last week... which ought to arrive today or tomorrow.
I love getting new materials, but so much of the time I end up disappointed in it. I loved the Science books we had last year, so ordered the next grade for this year. It is reformatted and the ease of use is gone. GRRRR. I have yet to find a spelling course that works with dyslexic children. I keep trying... a different course is in the batch of stuff I ordered.
We are battening down the hatches for the ice storm due to slam us today. We're supposed to have freezing mist this morning, light freezing drizzle by noon, and freezing rain by 5 PM. Inevitably, ice storms knock out our power. So we have laid in sandwich makings, made sure we have itsy bottles of propane for the camp stove, candles, and have disinfecting the water storage cans on the agenda. It hasn't started yet, so I might make a mad dash to the bank and post office this morning. Maybe. Oh yeah... the cell phones are on the chargers as well. We will save filling the bathtubs with 'flushwater' until we actually do have the power go out.
*sniffle* No power means no internet. *sniffle*
Hey, another thing about the ice storm... it is supposed to hit Bill and Glynna as well. We all know what that means.... prime time for LR to go into labor! Babies love to make an appearance during the most inconvenient times!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Polar Bears

About suppertime yesterday afternoon, Daniel asked me what the overnight low was supposed to be. I knew what was coming: He and Sam wanted to camp out.

The low was supposed to only be 31*, and no rain. We had just had a fairly warm, but windy day. The winds died down. The boys set up their camp, a bit miffed that I wouldn't let them take any candles into their tent. No matter HOW careful they promised to be. They couldn't find any batteries for the electric lantern, but finally settled for a "Tap Light"... one of those battery powered lights that are supposed to be soooo convenient for lighting closets and such. Yep, I tried a set... they suck through batteries like an athlete sucks down gatorade. But we did have some extra batteries here that fit the Tap Light.

Tom went out this morning and peeked into the tent... they are still out there! He said that if they were in Boy Scouts, this would have qualified them for a Polar Bear patch.
I spent a couple of hours yesterday morning getting the receiving blankets made for Bill and Glynna. (I do a decorative machine stitched edge). My sewing machine (actually it is my Mom's machine, which she loaned me years ago and I never gave back...) had a teeny, tiny bit of broken off metal in the bobbin compartment. The bit is about the size of a broken pencil lead. The machine still sews just fine, but has sure developed a loud rattle.
Since I was busy sewing, I had the boys put dvd's in for Matthew to watch on TV. He came to me several times, clearly exasperated, and told me "That noise too loud!" LOL!

When Matt's Mom came to pick him up, she gave me an update on the baby they are adopting. It may arrive sooner than she expected... the birth mom is already dilated to 3 cm. That baby wasn't supposed to be due until March! I had put away my sewing supplies after finishing Bill and Glynna's blankets, figuring I had some time before starting on the ones for Matt's brother. I dragged everything back out and got about halfway finished before I had to start supper. (At least I won't have to mail these things!)
I never made it out of the house yesterday. I finished getting the box for Bill and Glynna packaged just moments before Ben was due to leave to meet his friend. So I just had him stop it off at the post office on his way to town. My only other errand I had planned while out was to shop a sale at the grocery store... and the sale lasts all week.
Matt's Dad is the one who usually drops him off in the mornings, while his Mom picks him up in the afternoons. The Dad just called- I have been up since 6:30 waiting for Matt to arrive. it will be 9:15 before he drops him off today. Now that would have been nice to have know sooner... like YESTERDAY. I could have been to the store and back before he got here. Or slept late. (haha)
My life sure seems to suddenly be filled with babies and adoption. Maybe I ought to invest in an Ergo carrier for ME!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

New Directions

My family is headed in new directions this morning.

Benjamin is going to go over to a friend's house. Big deal. Big deal? Since we have moved away from Marlow (almost five years ago), this is the first time Ben has gone over to a friend's house. We simply don't have friends. Maybe "friend" is too strong of a word. This person is a co-worker.

Last night, Ben and the twins went to a meeting of the "Tired Iron" Tractor club. They were invited by our neighbor Anthony, who I mentioned a few posts back. Anthony had also invited Daniel and Sam to come over with Ben and he will break down an engine with them. It was going to be this morning, but one of Anthony's cronies needed his help, so the engine work is postponed.

Today, Becky and Tommy are headed to their brother Bill's house, as are Christopher and Seneca. Four of the seven siblings are converging at Bill and Glynna's to help prepare the house for baby. Chris and Seneca are driving my niece LR to Bill's. My Mom and Ralph may even go, carrying up LR's possessions that wouldn't fit into Seneca's vehicle. Gee, Ben is off work today and tomorrow... maybe we ought to converge as well, and make it a regular reunion! (Not going to happen!)

I ventured out to WalMart yesterday, all by myself! (Seldom happens). I was gone a long time... distracted by the baby department and delayed by the lack of personnel in the fabric department. I picked up a few things for baby. (A couple of gender neutral gowns, socks, and onesies. Ok, so one of the onesies is blue... but it has a COW on it. I don't care if baby is not a boy... it will wear a onesie with a cow on it from its Cowgranny!

I also picked up some safety items... outlet covers and cabinet latches. I have already told Bill to install these as soon as they arrive. It isn't long before a newborn is mobile and looking to make new discoveries. I also got fabric to make my favorite flannel receiving blankets... using a full yard of fabric each just makes them so much more practical than the itsy bitsy pre-packaged receiving blankets. I got enough to make some for Dale and Wanda's baby as well.

I had left Matthew in Ben's charge while I was gone.... and got back home just as Wanda was coming out our front door. I got started right away on the blankets, hoping I can get the ones for Bill and Glynna packed and in the mail today or tomorrow.

Well, it is past time for school to start, so I had better get with the program. Have a blessed day!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Happy Birthday, Connor...


Today is my eldest grandson's 8th birthday. He is the spitting image of my eldest son... minus the scar on the forehead.Chris and Connor

Chris at age 10, below

Monday, January 19, 2009

It all happened so fast

Most people have at least five or six months to prepare for a new baby. These days, woman often know they are pregnant before they are actually "late" with their monthly cycle.

As of this past weekend, my #2 son, Bill and his dw Glynna are expecting a baby. Before the end of February. Possibly within the next week or two.

It wasn't that the baby was a surprise to anyone, the surprise was in the baby becoming Bill and Glynna's baby. A close relative of the family decided that she wanted more for her baby than what she herself had growing up. She recognised that the circumstances she is currently living in are exactly the same as her upbringing. Our family has worried about what this young mother-to-be was going to do with a baby. After much consideration, she decided that she was giving the baby up for adoption.

One thing she told my #1 , Chris, was that I always thought I would catch a break in life and when I was grown up have things so different than when I was a kid. But I look around me and everything is the same. I want my baby to have more in life than barely getting by.

Within hours of the mother making her decision public, the news spread through our family grapevine... as my Mom says: Telegraph, telephone, Telemom. (Tell a Mom). I called up two of my children who had stepped forward several years ago, when rumours of another relative wanting to give up her baby came around. Bill and Glynna were dialing their phone to reach the baby's mother before my voice had faded off the receiver.

The mother is happy (another family member close to the situation said thrilled) that someone in the family wants her baby. Bill and Glynna are scrambling to get their home and lives prepared for the baby.

We are all still praying for the mother, as well as the baby. She is giving up a precious gift.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Progress, LOL?

The 3 year old I babysit, Matthew, still doesn't speak clearly. He seems to find that pointing and one syllable demands work for him with most people.
For the last eight or nine months, we have been working on that. When he (several times daily) plunks his sippy cup down next to me and says "Enny" (empty), I agree with him. "Yes, it is empty." I go on with whatever I was already doing. For awhile, he would then pick up the cup, bang it down beside me again, and repeat "enny".

I have been teaching him to ASK for what he wants. We seem like a preacher and a groom... repeat after me ... "May I..." "Aye Yi" "Have some..." "asum" "More juice, please?".... "Or doose pease".

This morning, I am wiped out tired from not sleeping last night. (I think I am sick... maybe just tired.) Matt brought me his cup and started with the "enny". I told him, "Say it properly." He smiles his big grin and says "it popperwee'".

I was trying not to crack up.

I said, "Matthew, what do I want to hear?" He turned and pointed to the only sound in the room... the TV. Daniel was doing a workout video.

I had to re-phrase myself again. "How do you ask for a drink?".

He grinned and said, "Ay I av some more doose pease!"

Whoo hoo! This is the first time he has actually repeated the entire sentence without prompting!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I did it!

I just made my first batch of home made laundry detergent. The first load to wash with it is in the machine.
I still haven't found a local source for washing soda, which is one of the key ingredients when making it from scratch. (I used a kit.)
While I did get off to a very energetic start today, I think my gitty-up and go has gotty-up and gone. The counters are still piled wide and deep with accumulated clutter. Despite having been told TWICE, then reminded by pointing out the location of the pooper-scooper... Ben did not clean out the kitty box. He has gone on to work now.
Dan and Sam have been fussing at Matthew... who has torn down the curtains over the back door twice today. He wants to go out and play. So sorry- we are trying to do school work here and are NOT playing outside. The last time, the curtain rod bonked him on the head, so maybe he will quit twisting up in them. They fuss at Matt too much. The curtains fall down every other time someone goes out the back door- having just been re-hung after falling on Tom prior to bonking Matthew.
Matt finished his lunch... leftover pizza. Then he threw his plate into the trash! ARGH. I know he is trying to help. Throwing... and I do mean THROWING dishes into the sink breaks them. I have told him just tell me when he is done and I will put his dishes in the sink. "O-Tay", he says agreeably... and promptly does whatever I have just told him NOT to do.
My patience is getting a good workout... I am trying not to be short tempered with everyone.
Maybe I will get a nap today. I say that all the time- but I think last time I actually took one was the day of the last endoscopy. I haven't had a single bout of the "choking" feeling lately, since November or so... until the other night when we did the deer steaks. I did OK even then, having gravy and everything. But a couple of hours later, Mr C made some "ice cream"... frozen fruit, milk, some wheat germ and flax all whirled together in the blender. I ate two tablespoons of it. LESS than 1/4 cup... way less. And the chokieness feeling started. I had to sleep sitting up.

What I am wondering is: The Doc says that this is NOT a symptom of lactose intolerance. But bloating IS. I had eaten gravy earlier... maybe the bloating from the gravy pushed the hiatus hernia up into the chest area that causes the choking feeling. Drat... I hate giving up gravy.

Already a busy day...

I did a quick check of my internet browsing this morning, and got a load of laundry on to wash.

My check re-issue was so fast. It arrived yesterday, but I didn't make it up there until today to pick it up. I went right over to the bank and deposited it- no chance to launder the replacement!
Home again, I made some pancakes for breakfast. Blueberry for the boys and toasted pecan for me.
Now we are on schoolwork.. all of this before 9:30 am.

I have still procrastinated about making a house appointment for Friday... and there are several on our list to see.

It is cold, and supposed to get colder. Tomorrow's high calls for 26*. At least my longjanes came from WinterSilks. In a way, I was disappointed in them. The advertisement says 100% silk cotton. The tag says 100% cotton. It IS a very fine, soft as silk cotton. Next to silk, cotton is my favorite fabric. And I did get them on clearance.
At least the caftan is nice- it is 60% silk, 40% bamboo. Very soft and drapey.

******The following is a Domestic Whine. Feel free to skip it- unless you live here*********

The clutter around here is starting to drive me batty. PUT STUFF AWAY! Every morning, I get up and start clearing the countertops. I usually fill both sides of the sink with dirty dishes. HOW do five people dirty enough dishes to fill both sides of the sink AFTER the supper dishes are done? Yesterday's dish doer is pressed into unloading the dishwasher before breakfast, then I reload it and start it. We had three FULL loads of dishes BEFORE supper yesterday. Am I the only person who can use the same glass or mug all day? And if you MUST get a fresh glass every.single.time. why can't you put your used glass into the sink?

ARGH! Shall I start in on the hiding of the dirty pans because you don't want to wash them? Or "saving" all your dirty clothes until I have finally caught up on Mt Washmore? AM I the only one who can SEE the floor needs swept or the trash needs to be taken out? Really, you don't have to wait to be TOLD to do something.

Have a great day, y'all

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Look what I swiped

Pictures! Jade, Seneca, Amber, and Gavin

Any time now

Daniel and Sam are on their schoolwork.
Sam is having trouble relating how estimating 59 as 60 would help him determine a starting place for how many times 59 will go into 2006. I don't see where his trouble is . He has a tendency to be a smart mouth, and cuts me off when I tell him it is easier to see 6 going into 20... "Yeah but what does that have to do with the 59 and the 2006?".

Maybe one day the little light that blinks will turn into a real laser.
I had the same trouble with long division. No matter how many times the teacher explained it to me, I didn't get it. It was my younger brother Ricky who finally caused the light to come on for me. Maybe Ben can explain this to Sam...
I talked to my BIL Bob yesterday, the first time *I* have spoken to him in several weeks. I overhear snippets of Tom's end of conversations with Bob from time to time. Tom wanders the house, indoors and out, while on the phone. Bob spent another night in the hospital with chest pains last week. The doctors on call didn't believe it was his heart, and sent him home the next morning without him having seen the cardiologist. He has an appointment to see a doctor today. His chest has been hurting severely- the ER docs said it may be a pulled muscle in his chest wall. Prayers for him are appreciated, for his health and finances.
This is the week- I am not sure of the exact day, that Tom's nephew David passed away eight years ago. I have two kids older than David ever got to be.
Well, Matthew has decided to open his eyes. I best go feed him breakfast before lunchtime!

Monday, January 12, 2009


This has been a busy day. Sam wasn't feeling well- he has the crud that had me all week. Daniel and I took Matthew and went to run errands. The library, then WalMart. Home, unloading moments before Matt's mommy arrived. I had planned to order Connor a copy of The Dangerous Book For Boys as his birthday present... but instead found him several Transformers items today. So after Matt was gone, Dan stayed home and Sam went with me to the post office. Connor's birthday gifts are in the mail... as well as some stuff to Becky and Tommy that was left behind from their trip here. (Two boxes to two destinations, in case you are confused as to why I sent Becky stuff with Connor's gift)!)

Maybe we can get the Dangerous book next year.

While Matthew's Mommy was here, she made it official. They are taking the baby! Matthew's new baby brother is due March 9th. This is providing the birth parents don't change their minds. If we are still in this house then, I will have a new kid to sit by the first of April. Wanda will take a few weeks off to baby-moon.

For supper tonight: chicken fried deer steaks, with mashed potatoes, gravy, and green beans. This is an all-time favorite meal. Thanks Becky, Stephen and Tommy for the venison!

I went to a different web site to look at houses this morning. We have been looking at Realtor dot com, which professes to have ALL the listings in any given area. It doesn't. I went to United Country and found two places we MUST see. Both are lower priced than any we have seen to date, and well within our budget. They may be within our driving limits... which we will see.

Yawwwwn. I think being sick has zapped all my energy, despite finally feeling better. But I have a great dinner to prepare, so I best be getting to that!

Good Morning!

I have my voice back, barely. Just about the first thing I used it for was to call my boss and request he re-issue my paycheck.
See, it so happened that this nasty stuff in my chest started breaking up Saturday. I had my fresh paycheck in my back pocket, because I don't take my purse into work. (No place to leave it secured). The breaking up of the crud in my chest had me coughing up a lung or two. I was coughing so hard I had a wee accident.
I'm sure fellow Moms can relate to bladder seepage issues. The coughing gave me much more than 'seepage'. I had on my long work shirt, and called Mr C to bring me fresh garments NOW!
He did, and without teasing.
I changed jeans without any of my co-workers taking any notice. I bundled up my dirty clothes, and brought them home.
My check was totally forgotten until last night, when I was listing things I needed to do today. I found my jeans were all freshly laundered.
No decision on a house yet. Mr C is looking online at some mobile homes that have some acreages. They are less expensive than the places we have looked at so far.
I best be getting Connor a birthday present pulled together. His birthday is coming right up, on the 20th.

Friday, January 9, 2009

What Can I Say?

Not Much.
I have been fighting off a sore throat and hoarseness for several days now. I am not winning. I am whining. I have to go to work today, where answering the phone is an integral part of the job.

We only looked at the two houses I mentioned, all week. I don't think we are one bit closer to buying one than we were six months ago. Silly me, I feel like Charlie Brown with Lucy holding the football. I fall for it every time. Maybe we will make a decision and take one of those two houses.

We met one of our neighbors last night, an older fellow who lives on the other side of the trailer where the little boys won't stay away from the pond. The family with the boys moved to Indiana over the Christmas break, we learned from this fellow. This guy had been talking to another neighbor, Mr Coker, and had heard of Benjamin and his forge. (On the opposite side of our house, the property owner (Mr Coker) came in to O's one day, and we went to talking. I told him about Ben and his forge, and then he came and talked to Ben one day himself.) The guy who came yesterday is named Anthony. He wants Ben to work for him when he can. I forget all the stuff the guy has, that he can teach Ben to use. Mostly, Ben will start out with yardwork and handyman stuff, as Anthony is in poor physical shape. Anthony had been hiring the father of all those little kids for his odd jobs.

(Hey Tommy... If you are ready to come back for awhile?)

So another tie to this house. I will now have Matthew 5 days a week, Sun thru Thurs. I haven't heard more about whether or not Matthew will be getting a baby brother in May. (His folks were asked to take another baby, Matt's biological cousin). I could soon have my hands full of babysitting. Or not be doing any sitting at all, IF we buy a house farther away from where we are now.

LOL. See, I still hold on to hope.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


I have noticed that homeschooling has given us some very interesting children. A couple of months ago, I was returning from the store with Daniel. He asked me what *I* would do to fix the economy if I were the President. Very thought provoking, and there are no easy answers.

Yesterday, Dan was working on some grammar worksheets. He was requested to write a sentence telling what a pronoun is. I asked him to tell me about pronouns... and he did. But that didn't answer the worksheet question. I told him that a pronoun replaces a noun in a sentence. This he knew. "But Mom, that is what a pronoun DOES... the question wants me to tell what a pronoun IS." Very astute. He had me there... so we resorted to the answer key. Sure enough, the answer that was wanted was really what a pronoun does. (I began thinking of the song "Running on Empty" by Jackson Browne. Never confuse who you are with what you do...)

I was going through some nooks and crannies, digging out some books I had intended to incorporate into lessons several years ago. One was on "Great Composers". I left it laying out so that I can put it to use once Tom goes back to work... we can't deal with too many distractions at a time. Talk radio is on when Tom is home. That is distracting. If I put on the music CD to play a track of each great composer... it would be chaos. Mr C will mock my efforts. That's just what he does.
Anyway, Sam saw the book laying out and asked about it. He flipped through a few pages, then announced that the only Great Composer he recognised right off was Bitch.
I am sure my jaw dropped, as he turned the book to show me BACH. He knew it wasn't pronounced exactly as it looked... but he didn't quite remember which letters were pronounced differently.

The Valley of Indecision...

We seem to be there a lot.
We haven't found any more houses to look at that fall within our small budget allowance, except a few mobile homes. I am 'down' on the mobile homes for several reasons: They require a 20% down payment, vs. 5% to 10 % on a 'stick built' home. For the most part, mobile homes are made to STAY as they are. No painting the pre-printed 'wallpaper' walls. Their cabinets are the lightweight fiberboard material, rather than wood. And mobile homes just seem to accumulate wear more rapidly than a 'stick built' home.

So within our budget are the the two houses I mentioned in the two previous posts. The wet basement house- with a kitchen floor and rusty bathtub that will need immediate attention, as would the wet basement. It has going for it: a fenced front yard, no VERY close neighbors, and an option to buy up to 30 acres. It is only 8 miles to where I work, about 18 miles for Tom. The garage needs a new door.

The second house has close neighbors on both sides. No fences to keep the TSD at home. It would be 22 miles to work for me, about 32 for Tom. So the added gasoline expense. It has small rooms, and sits on 5 acres- no more to be had. However, it has a very nice garage, a nice kitchen with solid wood cabinets, pretty much could be moved in as soon as the owner moves out. And he doesn't have much inside to move. (The first place is vacant).


Monday, January 5, 2009

House Two

We went and looked at a second house today. It is a 'real' house on 5 acres. It was a pretty fair place. The carpeted areas were distinctly 70's... the kitchen was nice- REAL cabinets with wood grained formica. All of the rooms were small, but it did have a 'social garage', with a stage for karaoke, a pool table, and bar. It has neighbors on both sides, very close. Strange how folks will go way out in the country and then build houses practically on top of one another. This house has two actual bedrooms, and two "sunrooms", either of which could be a bedroom. No central heat or air. Did I mention all of the rooms are small?

It has screened-in breezeway leading to the garage, plus a 'gazebo', and several outbuildings. This place has a lot of "+", and a few "-".
My Granny had her 94th birthday Saturday. I didn't send a card in time, and didn't try to call her in the nursing home. I did try to call my Aunt Jean, who goes to see Granny every day. She wasn't home, but I left her a message. I miss my Granny.
Matthew is back from his vacation. We left him sleeping this morning, with the boys in charge, while we went out to look at the house. It was nearly 11 when we got home, and Matthew was STILL asleep! He must have got into the habit of sleeping late during his vacation. So he is having breakfast at lunch time.
I have a roast beast in the slow cooker- already smelling delicious.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Adventures in Househunting...

Becky, Stephen, Tommy, and Tyrel headed for home today. I was sad. I cried for a few minutes.

Mr C distracted me with the house hunting search.

We looked at one he had already done a drive by on- just across the OK line. It would be only 1/2 mile farther to work for me... but from the opposite direction. We pulled into the yard... and almost at once, the neighbor came over. Except it wasn't the neighbor, it was actually the homeowner. She let us in to see the place. It is a real old fashioned brick home... on 5 acres, with a total of 30 available. Has a half basement, 1.5 baths, Out in country, trees, a big field. All good.

On the negative side... the basement is wet. As in, standing water in the corners. Mold growing on the wooden closet doors in the basement. A definite musty smell in the house. The house has carpet through most... but icky wood floors in the kitchen. I LIKE wood floors... so for me to say "icky" is BAD. It would of helped the showing if the old homeowners stuff was all out... there are random piles of junk in places... and an overweight cat haunting the basement. A nasty, rusty bathtub. Overall, it needs work, but definitely still a possibilty. Gorgeous yard, big trees.

Then, to humor me, Mr C agreed to go see one place Too Far Away, as based on the internet map.
By the time we reached the place the internet showed that it should have been, we were more than 45 miles from where we live now. But I had noticed that the numbers on the houses were steadily growing smaller as we looked for this place... and they should of been growing larger. So we turned around and found the eastern end of the highway on the opposite side of The Town Too Far Away. We drove a very long way towards where we already live... and found the place. It isn't as secluded as we would like... but not exactly in town either. And a 23 mile drive to work for me, 32 for Mr C.

Not So Far Away As Originally Believed.


So we made an appointment to go see it in person on Monday. I have seen the 22 pictures it has online... and found a lot to like. But the proof is really in the in-person visit. We have seen plenty of great places online that have been a real life wash out. This place has fruit trees, outbuildings, and a garage.