Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Perking Right Along

We are into week two of Nickole's visit. She is still stuck on math- I think I have it narrowed to just a couple of things. She needs to have that instant recall of her basic math facts drilled into her head. And she needs to stop hurrying to guess an answer. She knows how to arrive at the correct answer. But then she writes down something other than what she has already (correctly) stated the answer to be. Pay attention to the details!
We are at our local public library for their Summer reading program. I'm not sure how much longer we will have Nickole, but we are trying to do fun (free!) things. We can't be running to town every day, so there is a lot we are doing at home. I had planned some berry picking for this morning, but we had early storms come through. I don't mind exchanging a few pints of jelly for some much needed rain!
The garden is doing great. In a few days, we will be harvesting squash. I put a batch of Thai basil into the dehydrator this morning, so the crop can keep growing. I have been craving some of the Thai Basil Chicken that Tommy (Stephen!) made for us when he visited last month. The deer have enjoyed our beans and beets- we got none for ourselves! They discovered my freshly bloomed and tasty cucumbers and ate those all up this week. The tomato plants are certainly heavily laden! I can hardly wait to start canning.
Mr C has "dispatched" FIVE raccoons over the past 3 days, trying to get to my chickens. They could LIVE out in the woods, eating all the bounty God provides. We wouldn't bother them at all. But when they mess with my chickens... they don't get to live.
I got my hair cut Saturday, at the salon where Nickole was having her acrylic nails removed. This is my first professional hair cut since October of 2011. It is a longish layer cut. Still plenty of hair to ponytail, but I am able to brush it out myself.
The manicurist took her time, gently filing off the acrylic nails. She didn't use the power tools. It took just short of 4 hours to get them all off, as they weren't the type that can be "soaked off" with chemicals. Nickole was a trooper, and made fast friends with the salon owner. The nails aren't permanently damaged, but the damages done in installing the acrylic nails will take several months to heal. DO NOT put acrylic nails on young children. To prepare a person's nails for the acrylic ones, a power grinder (like a Dremel (r)) is used to remove all but a thin layer of the natural nail. Sometimes, too much is removed. The acrylic is laid (glued) to the living "quick" of the nail bed. In a growing child, permanent damage can be done.
The manicurist says even gel polish is bad at this age- stick with the simple stuff.
(If you ever are in Siloam Springs and need your hair or nails done, call Studio 108!)
Nickole tried salmon last night, and said she liked it. She was unwilling to even give it a taste at first... but mean old CowGranny set a timer! Once tasted... the timer wasn't even necessary! (Tom grilled it with lemon pepper, and a squirt of fresh lime juice.) Her "pizza squash" was eaten without complaint, and she endured eating her coleslaw for the reward of ice cream for dessert. (I added the seasonings and parmesan one would find in pizza sauce to sliced zucchini, and grilled it along with the salmon.)

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Homesick and/ or Bored

Today, Nickole and I drove Alana back home. Nickole informed Alana that she was leaving this weekend.
Which was news to me... Because, we have made zero arrangements to either take her back, or meet anywhere. In fact, Nickole actually has a salon appointment Saturday to have her artificial nails removed. I was told (by Nickole) they are "tips", and I thought they could be trimmed off. Actually, they are full acrylic nails with "french tip" paint. (Alana had to explain that to me!) I had asked for information on trimming the nails.
I learned that these have to be professionally trimmed. Or "filled in". Or removed. I called the salon recommended by a local person who keeps her nails done professionally. The manicurist I spoke to told me she will NOT put these nails on a child and strongly cautions parents against having it done at all. But she can take them off, so we have an appointment Saturday. ($40!!!) (Who can afford these things?)
Nickole doesn't want to learn her math, and told me "it doesn't matter, as (she) will have a new teacher for 4th grade and the new teacher will be teaching different math".
I have explained repeatedly, she HAS TO learn the basic math skills. The foundation skills of adding and subtracting- all the "different math" is based on being able to add and subtract. Two (or three) (and counting) meltdowns later, she wanted to call her Mom. Alas, her phone is out of data. So I called and spoke to her Mom. I said we COULD bring her back, but strongly suggest that she leave her here to learn the math.  Nickole talked to Mommy. Much begging and crying later ....She's staying awhile yet. ( I think she was surprised her crying didn't get her her own way). She's happy as a clam at the moment. Cowgranny ignores the tears and lets her wear herself out- tears and fit throwing simply do NOT work on Cowgranny or Umpaw.
 We are grilling salmon for supper tonight. There were only 4 pieces in the package, so my plan is to let Nickole have a  (kosher) grilled beef hot dog and Mac and cheese, and fresh fruit (on a lettuce leaf). Then most everyone will have a nice meal.  (The rest of us will have potatoes and salad with ours.)

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

A few updates from our house

Good morning... (or whatever greeting is suitable for your time frame!)

First off, Thank you for the prayers! Dad is out of the hospital and doing well. I haven't blogged in a few days. During the time Dad was hospitalized, my (step) Mom Kathie got very sick and was also hospitalized. Dad was actually released a couple of days before Kathie. She is now home as well. I am shocked to learn Dad is actually back to driving!

Yesterday, we went and got Alana for a visit. Her summer is so packed, there wasn't many opportunities for her to get to come. I am thinking she and Nickole and I may do an art project today, and a field trip tomorrow. We have to take Alana back Thursday.

I posted a packing list for the kids to bring to visit. I failed to make clear a few things, I guess.  For one thing, it would be helpful if the clothes actually fit the child.
Secondly, the clothes should be seasonally appropriate. A winter skirt of heavyweight material isn't comfortable when the temperatures are in the 90*'s and higher. I know I specified bringing one long sleeved shirt or light jacket. To bring mostly long sleeved tops for a summer visit wasn't what I envisioned.
"Mom's friend's dress" really didn't need to come. Two pair of shoes (of four brought) do not fit. ("But they ARE cute! Don't you think they are cute, Cowgranny?")
Three pair of shorts that are too small to pull up are not helpful.

I've got two large drawers crammed full of clothes, and a child who basically has nothing to wear.

We have been having a pretty good visit. Smore's over the grill. Hula hoops and bubbles. Art projects. Wading in the creek. (And of course, some "summer school" to bring up failing math grades!)

The wild blackberries are not *quite* ripe. The local fruit orchard was hit too hard by the late frosts, and won't have any peaches this year, but may have other fruits in July.

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

CowGranny's House Day 1

I got Nickole picked up yesterday. We made it back to the house around 4 in the afternoon.
The Packing For CowGranny's House was a wasted effort on this one! SIX bags. We have two large drawers cleared in the chest of drawers, and the excess heaped in piles.
Once we got here, I had to get Sam's car cleaned up, so Nickole put on one of her swimsuits and we washed the car. She was looking forward to hamburgers for supper... until the hamburgers were actually on the table. *sigh*
(Mr. C cut it into bites for her, and Daniel and Sam made themselves ice cream cones as she ate. Umpaw ate over half of it for her.)
Since it was so late when we got back, about all we did was wash the car and cook supper. Nickole went for a little walk with Umpaw when he got home.
We had to repair one of the expensive and fragile toys Nickole brought. She dropped it before she even got into the house, and a plastic post snapped off. Fortunately, the post was hollow, and snapped off with a bit of a stump left. The hollow was just big enough I could insert a toothpick snugly, so I spliced it back together with a bit of toothpick and superglue. The day was saved.
We got a bit of thunderstorm last night, so I don't have to water the garden today. Not sure what our plans will be, but we will think of something!
I saw that the wild blackberries and raspberries are going to be abundant this year. They are not quite ripe yet, but beginning to turn! We ought to be making jelly by next week!

Friday, May 25, 2018

Getting Nothing Accomplished

What did I do today? I got off to an early start at about 5:15. The poultry were released into their pen and fed. I got dressed and got my bed made. I even managed to get my shoes on. After several uncomfortable moments, I decided shoes were bearable.
Camp Cowgranny swapping was batted around among several of us on Facebook. I can't see actually getting to have everyone at the same time. It's just too much to co-ordinate. Maybe next summer, I should say Camp CowGranny is from This Date to This Date! Be here... or miss out!  If I had known sooner I would be disabled and unemployed this summer, I could of done it this year. *sigh*
I finished a letter to my cousin, got it ready to mail. Talked to my Mom, and to Becky. Then to Mr C. I had decided on Reuben sandwiches for supper, as I had a corned beef brisket left in the freezer. I asked Mr C to bring home rye bread. We decided it would be a better bet on rye bread for me to go to Siloam than for him to find any in Gentry.

So, I was gathering my going to town stuff and heading to the door when Sam called. He asked if I could feed him and a couple of his co-workers. Normally, they carry their lunches Monday through Thursday, and eat out on Friday. However, today they were working quite near our house. The only restaurant near them seemed "sketchy" (Sam said.) So, I agreed. A quick look at what can I make with what I have... had me deciding to go ahead QUICKLY to town and get the stuff on my list, plus something for lunch. I decided on trying Tommy's Basil Chicken recipe. I hurried to town and back. All I needed for making that was some chicken that was already thawed.

I scurried around making lunch. I made some tea- and then discovered I had NO ICE. None! Apparently someone had used what the machine had accumulated, and pushed it to "off" inadvertently.
The Basil chicken was good. I just used about a tablespoon of the chopped Thai peppers, as opposed to the quarter cup or so Tommy had used in his. I didn't want to make it too hot in case one of Sam's co-workers didn't like spicy food. This was a good thing, because it was still pretty much too hot for one guy. Plus, he didn't want egg on top of his. He is likely very hungry right now, because he apparently doesn't like salad, nor beets, nor mandarin oranges, all of which were options on the table.

When Sam showed up, he had one more co-worker than I had been counting on, so I barely made enough for the four of them.

My day was thrown for an interesting loop, and I just never got back on track. My arm has decided I am over-doing, and been having spasms all day.  I sat at the computer and calculated driving distances and halfway points. I pinned patterns for children's clothes on Pinterest. I pinned backyard games and play spaces. Crafts to do with kids. I'm psyching myself up!

I did the corned beef for the Rubens in my Instant Pot. Ran the dishwasher. I feel like I have accomplished nothing!

Thursday, May 24, 2018

The Gramma(r) meany....

On my Facebook feed today, I saw an advertisement in a local group that had me shaking my head.
Here is a "cut and paste":
"Free cat male litter box rained good with author cats and dove came with later box"
I couldn't help but try to figure out what was going on.
I am imagining a litter box for male cats. It is out in the rain, with several cats posing by the books they have written, when a dove lands nearby on a box.

But, I offered a translation in the comments, and people have been laughing at it.:
"Translation may be: Free cat. Male. Litter box trained. Good with other cats and does come with litter box."

The internet is quite a place. I hope the kitty finds a good home. That is, if it isn't a litter box for boy cats sitting in the rain, surrounded by writer cats and a dove. 
I wish I could draw!

Early in the Garden

 The first picture was taken May 14th.

 The second, this morning, May 24th.
You can see how much everything is growing... and Mr C got the support systems in place. Recycled fencing for tomato cages and trellises.
The cages are staked to the ground with rebar.
My clematis is in bloom!
And my house plants are adjusting to their summertime space. Linus the Kitty was basking in a sunbeam before he saw me come to the porch.
I should have paid better attention and not cut off the shovel bird in the right front corner! I love this property. It looks like a park!

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Packing list for CowGranny's house!

Hi Grandkids!
I am looking forward to getting to see you sometime this summer!
Bring a sleeping bag if you have one, and if you have a special pillow, it is OK to bring it. But I do have extras, if you don't require a special pillow.
Bring your toothbrush, a hairbrush, and a light jacket or long sleeved shirt for wearing on cooler nights. BRING IT! If you aren't cold, you won't be forced to wear it.
You will need at least one pair of actual shoes. Feel free to bring an additional pair of footwear. (Flip flops and sandals are not suitable for hiking. Bring a pair of shoes.)
I have a washing machine, so you don't have to bring a whole bunch of clothes. Maybe three to five changes, including socks and underwear. I suggest that at least one of these changes of clothes includes a pair of pants , for cooler evenings. EDIT: The clothes you bring need to fit. They need to be seasonally appropriate. ONE long sleeved shirt or jacket is good. The temperatures here are pretty warm, so you do NOT need many long sleeved tops.
If you wear pajamas or nightgowns, you really won't need more than one set. (Unless you wet the bed!) So, if one set isn't enough, two ought to be. You don't need to bring five nightgowns!
A swimsuit. We may go swimming. Or, we may not. But the swimsuit is just in case. (Another item you don't need to bring more than one!)
You may bring an electronic device- but for those under 15 years of age, use will be restricted. Don't forget your charging cables if you DO bring something.
You may bring a toy or two if you want to. Edit: You do NOT need two BAGS of toys. Leave fragile toys at home, please.
So, what WILL you get to do here?
We have 30 acres, mostly woods. Explore. Climb. I have chickens that get fed, and shut away at night. I have a great big garden... so depending on the timing of your visit, you may get to help pick vegetables. We may get to go to the library.

Possibly: Go fishing. Make jelly. Have a bonfire. Visit a Park. Have Ice cream. Create something. Star Time. Catch lightening bugs. Camp out. Go hiking.
Not everyone will get to do exactly the same things. But we should have a lot of fun!
Can't wait to see you!
Love, CowGranny

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Almost Summertime

I have been trying to co-ordinate with various parental units of my grandchildren, and my Mr C regarding our "Camp Cowgranny" plans for this summer. So far, there is no plan!
I have one who is in a wedding in early June. Another who has all of June already booked. Another has late  July (Early August?) taken up. Two of them I have no idea when they even get out of school. Several other kids have lingering coughs that don't need to be passed around. My daughter/ camp co-chairperson is hoping to get moved into the bigger house before having kids for the summer.
We are trying to have the traveling spread among the participants so that no one is imposed on too much.
Mr C is going to Ohio June 30- July 9th. If he takes his truck, we MIGHT be able to squeeze in ONE kid, sitting close between us.
Other considerations: Becky and I both have major gardens we have to take care of.
I am unaware of other 'blackout' dates for any specific grandchild, so let me know.

I am considering seeing if one of our "hostage exchanges" can be at The Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge, and how many we can get together there for a couple of nights... and call it "Camp Cowgranny" for this summer. It wouldn't even necessarily have to be at the WMWR. Then let a couple of kids at a time come visit us for longer periods.

Here's what I was thinking:
 Plan A:
 I can meet Nickole's driver at the half-way point, and have her for a couple of weeks. Then meet Gavin's driver at my Mom's in East Texas, and have Becky meet me there. I take Gavin and Tyrel. Becky takes Nickole. We meet at the WMWR a week or two later, and camp with all who can come. I bring Kimber and Dakota back, and Nickole goes back to her own home, having spent time with me, as well as her cousins (at Becky's). If Connor and Alana are ready, they can camp at the WMWR with everyone, then follow Becky back home. This would let Connor have the road trip experience he was wanting. Gavin can come back from Becky's with Connor and Alana. Jennifer and Seneca can co-ordinate on Gavin's return, and Tom and I would still be figuring out returning Dakota and Kimber.
This leaves out the littles all together... Grace, Katie, Althea, Jasher (and too small to care Milo!) except for the possible campout at the WMWR (or where ever).

Plan B:
Jennifer & Seneca get Gavin up here. I get him back- or at least halfway. Most of the swapping would be in July that way. Becky has to be in Dallas/ East Texas around the end of July, so a swap out could happen around then.

Plan C:
Camp Cowgranny here on my property at some point during the week of July 14- 22nd. Come all who can. This would include littles if they can be delivered here.
Let the discussions begin!

Friday, May 18, 2018

Treasure Beyond Price!

Today I found some treasures so precious I can't stop the tears.
I am SUPPOSED to be cleaning house, because a son is bringing a person special to him to meet us (and I am SO nervous!)
I got a box of my Granny's photo albums while we were in Texas. I intend to give the pictures to those they will mean the most to, and make a memory book on Shutterfly of my Granny, for all her kids and grandkids to get copies of.
However, I haven't had time to go through the albums and look, as we have been so busy with gardens and such. Today I went to move the box into a more suitable location than my living room floor, so that I can (eventually) vacuum. I just had to look.
 So much for house cleaning.!

Many of the albums were "loose leaf", and several were the 'magnetic' (sticky) kind. I checked several photo backs... most aren't labeled. But behind a couple of pictures, I found handwritten pages. Opening these folded pages- songs my Granny had written. These were in her own precious (left handed!) writing. Songs I never heard her sing! These will have to go into the shutterfly memory book. But here they are now!

 Yes, the writing is faded and the script mostly illegible.
Here are the words, to the best of my deciphering:

A Song The Lord is my Shepherd (By Arretta Gibson Beard)
The Lord is my shepherd
I shall not want
He leadeth me Night and Day
He watches over me where ever I go
And leadeth me every step of the way
Though (indecipherable) (dark shadows?)
may gather around me
He gave me the courage to say
Dear Lord not my will be don(e)
But thy will be  (indecipherable)(born?)
I whispered Lord and I hear Him say
 My child I come for thee
to take you home with me to stay!

A Mountain Climber For Jesus (By Arretta Gibson Beard)
Wouldn't you like to be a mountain climber for Jesus
Away up in the skies?
A mountain climber,
 A mountain climber
Higher than the skies
If you only live for Jesus.
You would be a mountain climber
higher than the skies.
Your robes of sin
would be spotless white.
Friends of mine
If you would only believe in Jesus,
You would climb that mountain higher than the skies
It would take us home to glory
By and By.
Oh how my Granny loved to sing, and God gave her so many songs.
I thank my Aunt Jean and Cousin Jeanie for passing the albums on to me.
I am trying to get addresses for the people I recognize that may like to know Granny saved and cherished your pictures!

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Life of Leisure... Day 14

Tom and I are back from a whirlwind trip to Texas. Over 1800 miles in 6 days, start to finish. Mr. C's week of vacation, established back in November to meet new baby Coder.
We spent more time driving than we did in getting to visit anyone! But even short visits are good.
  We now have a good lot of the garden planted. Tomatoes, jalapenos, onions, cayenne, tabasco, tomatillos, okra, beets, radishes, turnips, potatoes, beans, and several herbs. I got a few more tomatoes planted from seed yesterday, as we couldn't find Roma tomato plants. While we were gone, something took out one of the tomato plants we had established. That took us down to 38... before planting Roma seeds. We planted squash and cucumber seed. In a week or so, we will be putting in some sort of trellis system for many of the plants. The tomatoes will need supports, and if we can get the normally sprawling squash and cucumbers to grow UP instead of out, it will be great. The plan is to use T posts and some recycled goat wire fence to make the trellises.
This year our garden sort of turns a corner. (As in, it goes around the storm shelter.) It's the sunniest area we have for planting.  Not included in these pictures, we have a planting area behind the carports, and raised beds farther up the driveway.

 Daniel and Sam put together this planter, for my Mother's Day gift from them.

Later this week, DS#4 Stephen (Tommy) (Child 5.0) is coming up to the area for a wedding. He is an awesome 'replacement groomsman', apparently. He's going to stop by and visit awhile. We are hoping to get to meet his girlfriend, who is also taking part in the aforementioned wedding.

I have been playing catch-up around the house. Pushing the limits of the arm's ability just a bit. I am somewhat better... I can now lift my cast iron skillets myself, if I use both arms. So today will mark a re-stock of the breakfast burritos in the freezer. (Frankly, I am tired of the mess from 3 guys cooking 3 breakfasts every morning. So two of you wanted hash browns? And you can't cook them in one skillet, because one wanted diced potatoes and one used shreds? And the egg skillet isn't big enough for the potatoes... three dirty pans!!!! EVERY. Morning.)
(And the toaster? I put it away THREE times yesterday!)
Yeah. It's past time for me to refill the freezer with burritos.
   I saw a bird hovering like a Harrier just outside the glass storm door.
On checking, I found a small nest just over the porch light.  I am NOT keen on the birds nesting there, and was going to remove their nest. But, I was too late! Four wee little eggs are already there. I think it is the same family that set up in one of my house plants on the porch last year. (I was later getting my plants outside this year.) So, they get to stay until the babies are out of the nest.

        Maybe some bird houses would be good projects for "Camp Cowgranny". I'd really like to have some bat houses as well. For sure, my Grand campers will be getting good garden vegetables, and farm experience. (For several, it will be just like home!) Camp CowGranny is a time for the cousins to spend some time together, as well as with CowGranny and Umpaw.

It's time for me to get busy around here! Besides breakfast burritos, today's agenda is:
 *Floors (sweep, mop, vacuum)
*Declutter (I have at least half a dozen items to be carted to the shed until needed.)
*Supper (the plan is stuffed pork chops and roasted vegetables).
I'd best Get On with it! Thanks for reading!                                                                 

Saturday, May 12, 2018

New Grandson; Ponderings

Last weekend, Mr. C and I traveled to Texas. We first drove 688 miles to Beeville. Got to spend a short 3 hours visiting DS#1. From Beeville, it is just over 300 miles to Ben and Paula's house. New grandson Milo Gabriel is a carbon copy of his elder brother Jasher. I got to hold Milo once, for a few minutes. He and Paula are trying to remain in a germ- free seclusion, as many of the family in Western Central Texas have been ill, and no one wants baby to get sick. The day after our arrival was Grace Remington's fourth birthday. That is one sassy little girl! We stayed the second night with Ben and Paula, then left them for Becky's house for our third night. It was too short of a visit, but it is "prime" garden time, and we have a larger garden in the works. From Becky's we drove to Eastern Texas, and stayed the night with my folks. It was a brief visit with both of my parents and step parents, less than 24 hours. Thursday saw us headed home.
  Unfortunately, it was too late for most of the plants in my greenhouse. The heat, and lack of watering DAILY (even multiple times daily) saw the demise of most of my not-yet planted pepper plants, and a majority of my sprouted flowers and herbs. :( (Sad face.)
The dishes had piled up, and our trip gear made the house into a chaos zone. One of my chickens that insisted on escaping the pen at every opportunity met her demise. It was an annoying homecoming.

Friday, Tom and I got up and got started on the gardening. We planted, ran to Lowe's, did laundry, and dishes, and cleaned. Today was much like yesterday. Both Daniel and Sam had the full weekend off! (Last weekend, at least one worked Saturday.) I worked on my flower bed, and hanging baskets, and planted herbs.

This evening, I sat at one of our picnic tables. The yard is mowed, the garden was being watered. It looks like we live in a park. Most of the day was spent outside. I pulled weeds (left handed) from one of the islands of irises. If I work diligently daily, I may be able to keep up flower bed weeding.

Since being out of work due to the tendonitis, my arm use is REALLY limited. If it hurts, I no longer "push through the pain", as I did when I believed it was arthritis. When it hurts, I STOP. I am amazed at how little it takes to set the arm throbbing.

I instant messaged with a grandson this evening. I am so looking forward to having the grands over the summer. I can't do all at the same time, and have to plan for which pair best with one another. I haven't set a "Camp Cowgranny" date as of yet- a time for all the grands who CAN be here, to spend time together for a few days.

My nieces remember spending time with MY Granny, (their "GG") and doing things with her. If those short times they got to spend with her made such a lasting impression, I am hoping my time with the grands will leave them with good memories of me when they are grown up.
This summer will be a LOT of garden work, and some local swimming and library activities. I am thinking we may do nature notebooks, and possibly a study on bats. Then, when "Uncle" Becky has them, possibly a trip to see the bats in Mason, TX. (MAYBE we can build bat houses for here!)

So, there are my updates. Keep my grands in prayer that illness be healed and not spread among the family. Thank you for reading!

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Another new normal... Life of Leisure, Day One

  Today was my first full day of unemployment in over a year. I went to work yesterday and tried to make casseroles. Actually, I DID make casseroles. Quite a few of them. (About 60?) in four varieties. By the time the second batch was completed, I knew I wasn't going to be able to do this until my arm is better. I guess as I worked, the determination on my face got more and more grim. The fourth batch wouldn't of happened at all, if  a customer had not already pre-ordered several. The bosses sent one of my very favorite people to come and assist me.
So, from what I have learned from researching what the Doc told me: My arm needs to rest from repetitive motion for six to twelve MONTHS. Once this initial pain is gone, there are some very specific sets of exercises I will begin to stretch and strengthen the tendons.
My "life of leisure" , Day one:
This began pretty much like any regular day off during the week. Mr. C woke before the alarm, tossing and turning and thrashing around. He gave up on sleep, and got up and turned on the closet light. Which shone right into my eyes. I flopped over. Mr C proceeded  into the Necessary Room, and turned on the light. Which shone right into my eyes. I pulled the pillow over my head and determined to go back to sleep. Finished in the Necessary Room, Mr C went out to make the coffee, turning on the kitchen light; which, as always, shone right beneath the air gap in the pillow and my face. Seeing I was awake but unwilling to arise, Mr C asked me whether he should awaken Sam, who didn't seem to be up yet, or let him arise on his own? Sam had a road trip today and needed to be at work by 5:30, and it was already 4:15. I got up just about the time Sam headed out the door.
  I had an Important Errand for my next "day off". Seeing as I am now facing a number of consecutive "days off", my plan was to go get Sam's new car registered in Oklahoma.
  "But First"... I finished my cup of coffee. I went out and let the chickens out of their coop, into the pen. I fed them and gathered some greenery (weeds) for them as a treat. Then I watered the garden. Watering the garden is its own But First series... But first, I had to drag the hoses from the well house out to the raised garden. (I think we have 2 one hundred foot hoses, and then a fifty foot hose.) The hoses reach, but barely. Then I have to disconnect our new sprinkler, find and attach the hand spray nozzle. Then go back and turn on the water. And try to get water sprayed against the wind to the far reaches of the raised bed garden, because the hose isn't long enough to go around and spray from upwind. Then the hoses get re-situated so that I can water the row of potatoes on the SW end of the ground garden. Next, I move the hoses again, and  water the little seedlings and pre-sprouted planted containers in the greenhouse. (It looks like my peonies will be blooming by the weekend!) (While I am gone to meet the new Grandbaby!)
Finished at last with the small amount of watering (We are expecting rain tomorrow, but these needed water TODAY!) I came back inside. Having done all the chores outside in my PJ's, I got dressed.
I stripped the bed, and got the mattress pad on to wash. Unloaded the dishwasher, then re-loaded it with yesterday's dishes. (When I got home yesterday afternoon, I could scarcely move my arm, and didn't clean the kitchen. Or fix a meal.) I spent a few minutes online, wrote a letter to a friend, wrote an email to another,  and made a couple of phone calls to people who don't mind being called so early. I got the washed mattress pad into the dryer, and the sheets on to wash.
THEN I headed to the Tag Agency (20 miles away) and got Sam's Subaru registered. I had a specific routine I was planning to follow when I got home: Do the laundry do-si-do (Clothes from dryer, clothes from washer on to dry, and more clothes put on to wash.) Clean the bathroom, sweep the kitchen, clean off the table, and then: cut out a dress for one of the grand daughter's birthday.
BUT First! I need to make sure I put Sam's registration paperwork and insurance verification back into his glove box. Except... I can't FIND the paperwork and verification. I didn't get out of the car between the Tag agency and home. I looked in the car. In my purse. In the car AGAIN. In my purse AGAIN. Finally called the Tag Agent. Yep... The paperwork was still there. So, another 40 mile round trip.
 So much for all my plans. I got the bed remade. And fixed supper. (Beef and barley stew from leftover roast beast.) I got the table cleared.
Tomorrow is another day in this Life of Leisure!