Monday, November 4, 2013


Yesterday, Daniel accidentally mentioned that our neighbor, who is out of town, had told he and Sam that we are welcome to pick apples from his small (4 tree) orchard. I'm sure he didn't MEAN to tell me, because I sent their happy little faces right over to pick apples today.
They brought back a bag of incredibly UGLY apples- but oh so tasty! I made 4 pints of applesauce- and it is SO good! They also got a sack of apples that had already fallen to the ground, and scattered them out in the field, hoping we can attract deer.
MMMM. Bambi.
Our poor neighbor is in for a terrible surprise/shock when he gets home. We forewarned him by phone that he has new neighbors immediately next door. He said he expected someone to move in, as he had seen them looking at the house. I'm sure he didn't expect to share a driveway with a car lot. Not a REAL car lot... but these folks have hauled in trailer after trailer of dead vehicles, including a 2.5 ton Army truck. I'm thinking these folks don't know they have encroached on the neighbors property, considerably. We counted at least 10 vehicles parked along the fence behind the new folks place... however, that strip of land belongs to our vacationing neighbor. We will see how this plays out when the neighbor returns later this week.
Mr C and the boys built a lean-to against the well house, using the porch left behind when another neighbor sold his trailer and moved away. The new owner blessed us with the materials of the old porch. So now some of our yard care things are more protected than with just a tarp. Not bad looking for being made of scrap/recycled junk.
That's about all for now.
(I dislike the time changes! My body is so confused!)

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