Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Gasket replacement..

I think I may need a new gasket. I was sooo fed up with the stupid "SOGO search Engine" that pops up, unrequested, about 15 times a day... that I decided to find a free virus scan/ fix. The first couple I tried told me upfront that they did not support windows 98. I finally found one that didn't reject my windows outright.
Until after I spent 55 minutes downloading it.

The SOGO nuisance requires completely closing the window I am working in, once it appears. I cannot go forward with anything in that window. Many times, I have to completely turn off the computer using the push button hold down. NOT good for the computer.

I really may need a new gasket. Steam is still escaping around my ears.

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Mom said...

gosh I thought I had missed an earlier blog about your pressure cooker..haha Hope you got it going..sure wish you had a brand new shiny 'puter...or should I wish I was rich so I could give you one!! Then we could both be so happy. love you