Wednesday, July 30, 2014

July has certainly slipped away on me!

Our garden has started to wind down, for the most part. Aside from the roughly 80 Quadrillion peppers that are going gangbusters on the 13 plants. (4 jalapeno, 4 bell, 2 banana, 2 chili, and 1 ghost), we have a few tomatoes still straggling along, despite the blight. We are discussing doing a small fall garden; perhaps spinach, lettuce, and some different varieties of squash.
I made 5 pint-and-and-a-half jars of spaghetti sauce this past week. Froze the last of the fresh squash into a casserole.
 I have bell peppers and tomatoes I have to do something with this afternoon- likely freezing the peppers in portions for fajitas. The tomatoes, possibly some more fresh salsa or just plain canned tomatoes for chili this winter.

Tom and I have our 30th anniversary this weekend. Every idea for any sort of doing anything at all has been shot down. (Oh well, why should 30 years be any different than the previous years?)

Daniel and Sam are preparing for going on Trek with the Zesch Home Church group next month. They are already weighing packs and planning meals.
Tommy prepares to head back to Christ for The Nations International in another week.
Benjamin has started the paramedic training portion of his firefighter training.
Paula is doing so very well on the Gluten Free diet- her kidney issues appear to be under control.
Tyrel just had his 7th! birthday.
Kimber, Dakota, Jasher, and Grace are all growing like weeds.
I am assuming Nickole and Gavin are preparing to head back to school. Nickole will be in Kindergarten; Gavin will be in 2nd grade, I think.
Connor and Alana have had a busy summer. I am hoping they will get to stay a few days before school starts back, but here it is the tail end of Summer before school starts again, so I don't know if we have time.

This past weekend, I got the living room re-arranged and deep cleaned. (Well, except I missed dusting the ceiling fans and washing the light sconces on said fans.) The re-do on the living room involved swiping a bookshelf from my bedroom, which led to minor re-arrangements in there. Plus, I finally hung the twinkle lights up to 'frame' a headboard. It is really pretty. I still would like to find a sheer fabric to drape over the lights.

I can't figure out how to turn the photo!
Guess that's all for today. Have a blessed day!

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