Friday, December 19, 2014


I've never done well with dealing with disappointment. At my age, you'd think I'd be a pro. Ben and Paula aren't going to get to come. Vehicle problems.
I know you don't take off across three states with a vehicle making bad sounds. (Unless you are Jack Wilson.. but that's another story!)
Meanwhile, Mr C and I fixed my Dyson! It really sucks now, almost as good as new! AND the problem was diagnosed, so it will CONTINUE to suck.

In other news... fibrocystic breast "disease" also sucks. Overnight, a golf ball sized lump. Nasty fluid, mostly expressed. Mr C took me to town and we found evening primrose oil, which even the online diagnosis places say is good. Taking internally as well as external applications.

While at work today, I was typing my company ID number into the system to start an order I was pulling. It crossed my mind, do you keep the same employee number "forever" at Dayspring, as at some companies? (You do at AMR, You don't at O'Reillys) I wondered if Bill still remembers his number, and figured I'd call and ask him this afternoon. Yeah... I forgot. Which is good. And bad.

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