Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Small change(s)

Last week's casserole was a big hit with the guys. Tom ASKED to take leftovers for his lunch the next day! When I have time, perhaps I can add it to "Cooking with the Cow Crew".
Friday saw me washing dishes at The Wooden Spoon- and I was offered (and accepted) more hours! I am now Assistant Culinary Utensil Sanitation Specialist on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, 10-3. That starts TODAY! Today, being Valentines Day, the Spoon is having a rare non-Friday evening opening. Normally, The Wooden Spoon is open M-F, 10:30- 2. Then on Friday evening, 5-9 pm. On these rare occasions when the Spoon has a special opening, they take reservations, such as tonight. I get to work tonight as well- so it is almost working a double. Not quite, though, as I only have five hours this morning, then perhaps five more this evening.
I like working at The Spoon. Nobody yells at me. People do not cuss, at all. People help one another in every task, if help is needed. We all have a common goal- to cook, serve, and clean up. And everyone helps. If I fall behind in dishwashing, people step in and help put away dishes, or scrub stubborn pots. If I am all caught up, I find ways to help. Last week, I got to help the salad maker prepare the carrots for the salads.
The owners of the Spoon work with people when they need time off, so I can go with Tom on his vacation weeks- something I couldn't do with most jobs.  Starting at 10 on Tuesdays and Wednesdays will give me time to do my garden chores, and take care of the chickens when we eventually get them. Getting off at 3 leaves time for canning, if I need to,  and cooking supper. Fridays I will be working 8- about 3:30 or 4.

My Dad's 80th birthday is coming up in a few more weeks. Grand Daughter Alana's is the day before Dad's- she will be an amazing 14 years old! Even closer than Dad's birthday is Nickole's. Nickole will be 8! Dad doesn't want a party- feeling his 75th birthday party was quite enough of a disaster. (They were robbed during the party, and less than a week later, Bill Joe passed away.) So, we are honoring his no- party wish. However, I want to ask everyone reading this, to PLEASE send him a birthday card! Contact me if you need his address. His birthday is March 6th, so please mail your cards by the 3rd or 4th.) Maybe his grandchildren can enclose pictures of their families- I haven't sent him any swiped pictures in a long time, and little ones grow up so fast. (He also likes dark chocolate caramels with sea salt, and loves to read- if anyone wanted to send a gift!)
For now, the time has come to prepare for work. Have a blessed day!

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Cecilia Warrick said...

Glad you like your job at the Spoon, sounds really nice Tammy.