Friday, December 31, 2010

The best laid plans

Often have to be scrapped and re-invented!
The plan to go get the twins from Becky, meeting at my dad's this weekend.. has been scrapped. Daniel and Sam wanted to stay an extra few days, to see the new year in with a bonfire with friends. (They may have to scrap the bonfire if it is as windy there as it is HERE!)
Becky has also been allowing the boys to do some "real" driving on the property there. Here, they have been allowed to start the cars, and pull forward or back up, but not really drive anywhere. Stephen has been teaching Daniel to run a trapline.
We had pretty much figured to just roll the plans to meet over until next weekend.
But then the reality of January actually being TOMORROW hit.
I have to work the 3rd at an inventory in Rogers. Then the following Sunday (the 9th), my whole store has to show up at another store (mandatory-be-there-or-lose-your-job) for inventory of the main supply hub in our area. This is the same weekend Stephen had other plans for as well.
Since I am normally off on Sundays, I didn't even think of that inventory being only slightly more than a week away.... after all, it isn't until January 9th!
The great meet and retrieve the boys plan flexs and rolls with the new info. We will meet (somewhere!) on the  15th.... after I get off work. By then, the boys will have been gone an entire MONTH!

(They took their schoolwork with them. Homeschooling is wonderful! And the boys are pretty self-motivated. When they aren't, Becky is a good motivator.)

Perhaps you remember several weeks ago, Tom and I re-potted the big tree...
and I rescued its "babies". The babies have begun to get roots, so I transplanted several of them into pots with soil today. Mr C came in for his lunch and asked what kind of plant did I have?
I told him it was the babies from the big tree. He asked if I was trying to turn the house into a forest!
I told him, no... but that I CAN give the babies away.

Maybe they will make nice house warming gifts for Ben and Tommy...  maybe I should take one down to Dad and Kathie... since the big tree actually came from Kathie's dad's house....

Maybe I can give one each to my Mom and Becky... and see who kills theirs first.

Right now, I think I may start my black-eyed peas... have them for supper today as well as for tomorrow. Perhaps I will even put the "recipe" on the cooking blog.
Have a blessed day!

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