Saturday, June 21, 2008


This is my 100th post on blogspot. That is a lot of mostly nothing to say, isn't it?
The house was not bombed yesterday. Instead, we went today.

Ben and Tommy went out doing whatever they wanted to do.... Tom and I and the twins took the two stupid dogs and set out. We planned to go by the post office first. Jaffa puked before we got there. The PO wasn't opening until 9:30, and it was just 8:45. So the puke got cleaned up, and we decided to take the 'scenic route' to Jane, MO., to go to Wal Mart. Just as we got to Gravette, AR., Drover began puking. I voted to take them back home and leave them on their chains.

On the way home, one of the two dogs did it again- all over the seat. I was sooo glad to continue without them. Still having 3 hours to kill, we set back out for Jane, in the car instead of the van. We stopped at the Bella Vista PO... which was closed on Saturday! GRRR! I reminded Tom we can get stamps at WM... so we went on.

I exchanged Dan and Sam's jeans for some that fit... and Daniel picked out a new 'dress shirt'. He and Sam prefer the dress shirts for every day. (Once home, both boys dressed up... and went out to climb trees!!! WHY can't they wear ratty jeans and old T shirts for that?)

Ben and Tommy arrived home moments before we did. Their diplomas were delivered in the mail today. They did excellently on their test scores. Whoo Hoo!
Once the house was aired out, we put away the groceries, had naps, and sat around. I got started on "The Sackett Companion"... which I have found really interesting reading.

Yesterday, I put in three more applications (in Columbus). Mr C began talking today about one of the houses we looked at last year... around here. For the amount they want for that mobile home on 4 acres, we can have a REAL house on 13 acres near Laurelville. I really do NOT want to settle here.

Oh yeah... we forgot to get stamps! Guess that is something for Monday.

I was thinking of trying to think of a list of 100 (somethings) for my 100th post. But I couldn't, so you are spared!

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