Sunday, October 13, 2013

Day Off!

Today is the start of my weekend... Hooray for Days Off!
I got to sleep in until 7:15!
Then the smell of food cooking awakened me. Mr C had done some whole grain pancakes- "grinding" Teff, Amaranth, and flax seed meal (which he added to a store bought baking mix). He had coffee made.
 I have to be up for awhile before I eat, though he did offer to cook me a pancake. (Tried one later, they were very good!)

Going over my list of things I need to accomplish this weekend, I realized I had not started (closed the lid on the washer) a load of white clothes I had put on to soak yesterday. So, got more clothes added and actually started the load.

Cleared off countertops... demanding the rotisserie oven be put back into the 'laundry room'. It takes up a lot of real estate, but cooks chicken wings better than any other method we have tried, with less effort. Put up all the little things that don't live on the countertop, but don't always get put away. Started the dishwasher- also forgotten last night!

Went to the garden and picked jalapeƱo  peppers for the jelly. Demanded the individuals perform such tasks as get out my big stainless steel pots- filling one with water for the jelly's hot water bath. Emptying the compost bucket before I started on the peppers. Getting out the slow cooker.

I got a roast beast on to cook.

Washed my canning jars, and then all the cast iron pots and accumulation of too-big-for- the- dishwasher items that have been begging to be taken care of since I cleaned the kitchen Thursday. (We take turns- the Individuals and I- as we all three work part time.)

Made the jelly.
Got clothes from washer on to dry.
And then it was 10:30.
Quite an auspicious beginning for the weekend.

Now Mr C and I are headed to Sleepy Hollow, we are out of a few products found most easily there.

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