Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The Reunion...

This past weekend was the annual Taylor Family Reunion in Broken Bow. I seized the opportunity to give my Mom a party.  Mom was one kid, five grandkids, and six great grands  short of all the progeny showing up. (Or that is MY count, I may of missed some!)

My brother Robbie and I were there. Four of my kids. Seven of my grands were there.

Kimber, Dakota, Alana, and Nickole

Connor, Tyrel, Kimber, Alana, Rose, Jasher, Dakota, Nickole

We had a really good time. I made all the little girls skirts, and the vests that Jasher and Tyrel are wearing. And if you can see them, I made little bead necklaces for the girls, and a stone necklace for Connor. Tyrel got a beaded key chain.
One funny thing- a family was having a birthday party in an adjacent park. Their guests didn't show up... and Nickole went right up and joined them. When called back, the adults throwing the party invited all the reunion kids to come!
Jennifer brought Connor and Alana down from Claremore. Glynna and her parents brought Nickole from Comanche. Laura Rose drove over from Duncan. Ben and Paula, Stephen and Becky, and their offspring all drove up from West Texas. Even my Dad, Kathie, Robbie and Ruby came up from East Texas. Ricky had planned to come, but ended up sick in bed.  (Jennifer took these pictures. I hope that others will soon have their photos shared!)
After the reunion, we went down and stayed the night at Dad and Kathie's house. We sure need to be getting down there more, and staying more than overnight, so we can help him get the house done. He has SOME stuff that could be done with supplies on hand.
Well, until next time, Thanks for reading.

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