Monday, December 23, 2013

Time with the Grands...

We have Connor and Alana here for a few days. Looking for ways to entertain them, Jennifer suggested Alana was wanting to make a Gingerbread house.
I thought, we can do this- some graham crackers, frosting, gumdrops, right?
My mommy and Mr C were horrified!
So we made real gingerbread houses, from scratch. First we had to make the gingerbread. Alana complained it was too tiring, as mixing the batter got stiffer and stiffer and she has these little arms! But we got it made. Sam drew out the patterns, which I cut out and we baked.
Then Connor (reluctantly... this was NOT his idea!) and Alana decorated the components with candies and royal icing. The components then had to 'set'. It was after supper, almost bedtime, when I assembled their houses. (Interest had been lost by both kids by then, and holding the pieces together  by hand as the frosting set was an act of more patience than they possess!)

Alana says when she grows up she is NOT going to be a baker, it is too much work. She will make her kids gingerbread houses from KITS!

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