Wednesday, January 1, 2014

January 1, 2014

When I had thought of resolutions, all the common ones came to mind right away: lose weight, eat healthier foods, exercise. Lacking real motivation, I figured I may as well not commit to things that I am really not greatly interested in following up on.
In lieu of resolutions, I thought I'd make myself a "Bucket List" of some ideas I'd like to accomplish this year.

Create something "every day". (Even God rested after creating for 6 days, so I'll be happy with 6:7!)
Things I could include:
Home made soap
Salves with essential oils
embellished picture frames
photo collages
letters of encouragement to friends
writing a book
put together a cookbook
'bedfast' helper (organizer to keep essential items nearby, but out of the way)
bulletin /message display board
flower garden/ cut flowers
new items in veggie garden
baby items
surprise boxes for family members (everyone loves surprise presents!)
stepping stones
'garden' path
yard sculptures
tree faces
gnome abode
drying food
wire sculptures

let go of so much "stuff" that I have treasured! (take pictures and let the objects GO!) (Some of them, anyway!)
Go through my clothes and purge. If I can't wear it, give it away.
Try to not read so much. (This will be a hard one!)
Aim for making my home a peaceful and relaxing abode
think of 30th anniversary celebration

Be blessed! and may this year be heavy on blessings and joy, light on sorrows and disappointments! Thank you for reading.

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Truth said...

Love this list! I'm inspired. I just may go write my own list of things I'd like to get done this year. I should add "read more" to mine.

We celebrated Michael's 60th birthday on our anniversary because it was when we could get the most people together. Each of the kids wrote their dad a letter telling him how much he means to them. He cried like a baby through the reading of each one.

Some family members are more comfortable doing this than others and some have expressed that they would not want to be in the center of attention like that. I wonder if they would be comfortable just having the letters to read privately.

And yes, you should write more!