Friday, February 21, 2014

Feb. 21st

It is the week after Valentine's Day. The card I got Tom is still sitting on the table- ungiven! I may have to use it next year.
It has been a tough week at work. Yesterday was the only day so far I have NOT worked over. Guess I am making up for missing last week.
The other dishwasher at the Wooden Spoon quit last week, so Sam has worked every day, and is doing a double today, as he did last Friday.
Tommy is working long, long hours at his job, in addition to going to school. He works 6pm to 3am tonight- pretty much RUNNING the entire time as he parks cars for the valet service. Very glad I am not doing it... I don't run. (Last time I ran was at Tom's Mom's birthday gathering this past April, when I saw a grandbaby about to fall off a rock wall. Pulled a muscle in my calf and limped the rest of the trip!)

I decided this afternoon I needed to accomplish some stuff around the house. This is my day on the kitchen- anyone want to guess what the only completed task in the kitchen has been, so far this afternoon?
If you guessed, "Cleaning up the Microwave"..... you'd be right.
Floors, still unswept and in need of a mop. Dishwasher partly loaded. Supper for two.... still undecided. Countertops still cluttered with the daily debris, stovetop never got wiped by last night's kitchen personnel. But the microwave looks nice!
Ahem. I take after my Mommy. Start with what doesn't show!

Mr C worked on the washing machine Becky gave me! I have wanted a front loader as long as I can remember, but we just have never had the money in hand when the need for a washing machine occurred. Becky was given the washing machine when one of her in-laws got a new set. Stephen fixed it countless times- and awhile back bought Becky a brand new commercial grade machine. Mr C said I could have Becky's old machine, which we knew needed a new seal.
So I ordered a new seal.
Being  a (former) aircraft inspector, the first thing Mr C did when the part arrived was to look it over minutely. He soon discovered the reason I got the seal at a huge discount... It had a cut (gouge) in it. Not "all the way " through, but bad enough it would not have held up very long. The seller sent a new seal... God sent us lots of snow and ice and freezing weather.... Granny passed on...
Finally, a break in the weather on a day off!
Mr C put the new seal on, then set the machine up outside for a test run. (He is a smart man!) The seal didn't leak. But the pump does. So I have ordered a brand new pump. And we got new hoses. So when the new pump arrives and gets installed... my "free" washing machine will have a good $220 invested in it.
I am so excited!

This week, my Grand Daughter Nickole will be five years old (The 25th). Time is certainly flying. In less than 2 weeks, my Grand Daughter Alana will be 11 (March 5th). And the day after Alana's birthday is my Dad's birthday. This year is tumbling tail over teakettle already.

Be blessed! Thanks for reading!

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