Wednesday, October 1, 2014

October 1th

Goodness, already October.
We had a nice family reunion with my Mom's Taylor side on Saturday. There were about 30-35 people there. Afterwards, the twins and I went on down and stayed overnight at my Dad's and Kathie's house. We got to see them, as well as Robbie and Ruby. We had to leave fairly early the next morning, so it was a very brief visit.
Everyone is doing well.
Mom started going to the gym back at the start of the year. Kathie and Dad started a few months ago, and all are really getting into shape. As for me... round is a shape!
Tom began a low carb diet a couple of months ago, and has lost a goodly amount of weight. I am cooking with less carbs, but myself, I am not saying I am on a low carb diet. I still eat tortillas and such when I have them available! I did switch to green tea instead of coffee on a daily basis, and have dropped at least 8 lbs. (Some days the scales say it is 12 lbs., but the 8 is solid for sure gone.)

Monday's mail brought an invitation to Tom's dad's side of the family, Coder Reunion. It is this coming Sunday. In Ohio. No, I really don't think we will be attending that one. Less than a week's notice? I am wondering if perhaps they really didn't WANT us to come, but felt it was wrong to NOT invite us. Sam says I am reading more into the belated invitation than was probably intended. I suppose benefit of the doubt is just that the organizer of the reunion let the date sneak up on her.

Daniel has been working hard to persuade Sam to accompany him on the AT hike. They are also discussing plans on what they will do when they return... and leaning heavily towards following in Ben's footsteps and going into firefighting. Sam is looking at backpacking supplies. I would feel much better about them going together than Dan alone.

I got to work a day, last Friday. I was sent to a local greeting card manufacturer/distributor. I got to work on an assembly line. It was fun, but at times I felt like Lucille Ball in the Candy Factory episode. The team leader said she hears that a lot from the temps! And I just this very minute got another call from the temp agency. Apparently, I impressed the employer. I have been requested by name to come test for another position! Whoo hoo. I'll head that way as soon as I finish here.

Monday afternoon, Mr. C helped me clean out my front flower beds. We pulled out the dead rose bushes, and I put Stella d'Oro lilies (corms) in their place. (Aunt Lennie will be proud of me- as I spoke on the phone to one of the kids the other day, I was pulling weeds from the back of the house, where she and I pulled them last year!)
Both indoors and out are beginning to look so much better.

Mom got me an ENGRAVED bottle of adult beverage for my birthday, as well as a copy of the book  I posted on here a week or two back. Mom's birthday is the 4th, Ben's is the 7th, and Kimber and I share the 20th, if anyone wants to mark their calendars! Tom's sister Joyce ends the birthday month on the 31st.

Have a blessed day, I am off to take a placement test for the staffing agency!

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