Friday, October 31, 2014


About  a year and a half ago- perhaps slightly longer... I broke a molar. Eating a grilled cheese sandwich. Once my mouth got used to the new shape and sharp edge of the broken tooth, it really didn't bother me for quite awhile. Occasionally, I would get a twinge of pain, but nothing serious. This fall, once 'allergy season' hit, I started having toothaches. (Would it be teethaches when referring to multiple teeth?) They would hit suddenly- usually in the evening of days I forgot to take allergy medication- and involve the top and bottom teeth on the right side. I figured it had to be sinus related... how can you get six+ teeth hurting all at the same time?
A week or so before we went to Ohio, I was getting an ache in the broken tooth. Noticed it when I'd eat hot or cold foods, sugary food, or brush my teeth. I relentlessly scrubbed the tooth any time it would happen... and with aid of ibuprofen, the pain would eventually subside. One occasion, mere days before our trip... I was in severe pain. Swished with peroxide, took a generous helping of ibuprofen, and slept it off.
The same things happened in Ohio- the night before we left I was in dire pain. So, upon our return, I made the dreaded dental appointment.
The dentist got me in quickly. I expected to have the molar pulled. The dentist was persuasive about saving it if at all possible. I agreed.
So she got in, had a look, routed out the old filling and bits of cracked tooth... and said that an extraction was the only answer. The next hour and 20 minutes were intense. I had to have numbing stuff injected three times. Saws, pliers, drills, and mallets... My tooth had been with me 54 years and wasn't giving up without a fight.
It had also been infected. So, I am on antibiotics and painkillers. As of yesterday, I can add yet another painkiller to my list of allergies. Codeine and hydrocodone we knew about. Now, Percocet/ oxycodone is on the list. They all make me ITCH terribly. A prescription for non-narcotic Tramadol was given today. And even that has knocked me on my hiney. I am trying to be careful and not dislodge the clot, which would result in "dry socket"... very painful!

Tomorrow we have friends coming for dinner.
Yes! I invited people over, and Mr C didn't object. Back when I invited them, I felt much better than I do now. But the boys did a decent job on cleaning house while we were in Ohio, so a good family effort tomorrow ought to make us presentable enough for guests. Planning on a cookout: stuffed burgers, hot dogs, tater salad, veggie tray. Appetizer of jalapeño jelly over cream cheese. We may also do stuffed jalapeños, as a hard freeze is expected tonight, and all our peppers will need picked this evening. Iced tea and lemonade to drink. Dan is making a berry trifle. (Abbots Special Abbey Trifle  from the Redwall Cookbook) . The potato salad is made and chilling in the fridge.
Today is my turn on the kitchen, so I need to get enough oomph to go get it done. My face hurts and I just want to sleep!
Have a blessed day!

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