Tuesday, February 10, 2015


This month is already 10 days old. Half of it has been typical winter weather, cold and overcast. The sun has insisted, the other half of the time, that SPRING is here. The trees and the bees seem willing enough to believe. With the weather hovering at 70ish, the boys as excited about the trail as squirrels on espresso, and Staffmark NOT sending me on assignment, I decided that perhaps I'd better get back to walking.
Baby steps- It has been what, four years? five? since I was walking daily. Today is supposed to be a nice day, before the cold sets upon us again. I have accumulated 4 miles since Saturday.  (This isn't counting today!) Worst part of this is pollen... I am taking the two different "24 hour"  (HAHAHA!)
allergy tablets. Some days they work better than others. And I can certainly tell if I miss a dose. (Side note: the doctor told me to use these two tablets, alternating one morning, one evening.)
Anyway... I'm trying to be more active.
Four weeks from now, the boys will have spent their first night on the AT. Their tent came yesterday afternoon, so they practiced setting it up and camping out last night. Both had to be at work early this morning, and I've been worried that our exuberant neighbor dog will discover the tent before they get home from work. The neighbor dog loves to play with stuff we don't exactly consider toys. One of her favorite things is my garden gnome "Tom Bombadil" I repainted last summer. At least I ASSUME it is the neighbor dog playing with it... I keep finding the gnome in various places around the yard. Since he is seldom sitting upright when found out of his place in the flowerbed, I don't think it is anyone playing the creepy gnome game.

I have started training at The Wooden Spoon to be the Friday night fish fryer. It will be one day a week I know I will be working. If I get called to pick up hours for Staffmark, Yay! I will just need to be off by 2:30 or so on Fridays. And in the few months I've worked for Staffmark, I don't think I have been at work even until noon on Friday.
Guess this is all for today!

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