Monday, February 23, 2015

For a short month, February has been really long.

Maybe it is the weather. I haven't done my walking in over a week. I had done well, getting 10 miles under foot by the end of the first week. I don't care to go out in the cold, much less traipse along in the snow and mud, so no walking the past week... and it is snowing again. I can't complain about the snow- there isn't much more than enough to cover the ground and soggy my sneakers here. I have friends in other states who have run out of places to put the snow they have shoveled this winter.
 There is snow predicted this week for the nearest town to where the boys will be starting the AT hike. I am praying that it gets all the snow out of its system before the 9th!
I will probably STAY concerned... Mom's do that. However, I do know the boys have plenty of common sense. They are taking state-of-the-art equipment, but they also know low tech survival skills. They have access to enough funds that they can rent shelter in a town if any unexpected major weather hits.
In other news... Benjamin graduates Firefighter/ EMT school on April 2nd! He will be a bona fide Firefighter rotating regular shifts at the San Angelo Fire Department. Way to go, Benjamin!

I have now worked three Friday nights at The Wooden Spoon. This past Friday was Chicken Fried Chicken night. It is a BUSY night for the fry cook. It was the first Friday of Lent as well. Dan was trying to let me do the work, but he stepped in several times to keep up the pace... we were frying fish, chicken fried chicken, tortilla chips for the BBQ pork nachos, hush puppies. They have an extra (electrical) fryer that is set up on CFC Fridays. I felt like I'd been beaten with sticks when I woke up Saturday morning.

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