Thursday, August 27, 2015

Life (is) going on...

Daniel made it home, having had a great hike in the Pecos Wilderness with a great group of friends. Before many days went by back here at house, he had landed not one, but TWO part time jobs. He is helping the neighbor of a friend build a fence, as well as working as a part time laborer for a local landscaper.
They have an interview with the Gentry Newspaper this weekend.
I was musing this morning about what the Twins learned on the AT. For one thing, they learned to appreciate hot meals and daily showers! With the two of them both working long hours on a daily basis, I have observed they have learned to plan ahead. They plan out their meals to carry in their lunch boxes- and even go get the items needed. Work (and school) related items are laid out beforehand, not relegated to last minute rushed searches. Some things, we still need to work on. Walking in the door is much the same as most folks experience with teens and school aged kids... a trail forms behind them. With this house being on the market (again), I need it kept looking neat. I figured one way to help contain the trail of dirty laundry would be to have a basket for it in their bathroom. The bathroom is too small for a basket- a problem I decided to solve by placing the laundry basket into the bathtub, where it is hidden by the shower curtain. When they need to shower, the basket can sit on the floor in front of the toilet.
I went into their bathroom this morning. The basket is sitting on the floor in front of the toilet... on top of a mound of dirty clothes. Really guys? REALLY?

Yesterday, the real estate dude came by to take pictures. I cleaned up as best I could, trying to make the place look good and spacious for the pictures. Why would I DO that? Something that would make the house more appealing to buyers?
We are a few weeks shy of having lived here 11 years... permanent renters. If the house doesn't sell, we continue to sit here- flushing our rent money down the drain every month. If it does sell, we HAVE TO MOVE. "We" seem set on the path of least resistance. If not forced into motion, we stay motionless.

My visit to the Doctor.... that was Monday afternoon. I was there for a referral to a carpal tunnel surgeon. I wasn't stressed. I was placid and happy to finally be getting a start on getting rid of carpal tunnel. I took a book. I read and waited- knowing before I ever arrived, my Doctor takes his time with every patient. I expected to be there until after 5:00 pm for my 3:30 appointment. I was mildly unhappy, but not shocked or terribly disturbed when my weight was taken. I've gained a couple of lbs. since my last visit, but lost more than 14 lbs. of the bulk I'd put on in the last few years. I was shocked at my blood pressure being 189/100.
Doc was NOT happy with that. I told him it was a higher than normal reading. By then, I had sat quietly another half hour. He took it again, and it was down a tad- 179/94. He said I wasn't going to have surgery unless it was down and staying down. So he put me on BP medication.
Mr C was even less pleased than the Doctor. He looked up all the herbs and dietary things I should be doing to have great BP like he does... set out the ones we had on hand and had me make a list of the ones I needed to get.
I got started on BOTH the medicine and the natural remedies. Mr C suggested I start out at half the Doctor's prescribed dose. It has been 3 nights of the herbal stuff and 1/2 the daily dose of Metaprolol... and I woke to 107/ 70 this morning. Guess they are working!
I have been keeping a record of multiple daily readings, taking the herbs, and walking. I go back to see my Doc on the 9th. Meanwhile, I have a preliminary visit to the surgeon on the 1st of September.

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