Thursday, September 10, 2015

Howdy! Guess a few updates are in order...

First of all, Doctor visits!
The surgeon was visited on the 1st. He assured me he "stopped counting carpal tunnel surgeries (he is a hand specialist) at 1000, and that was several years ago." He is "90% sure I have carpal tunnel which will require surgery"... but just to be sure, he sent me to a neurologist. He won't do surgery without the neurologist report. (So... is this why Doctors "practice"? After thousands of surgeries, he isn't sure I have carpal tunnel?)
   I saw the neurologist last Thursday for an "electrical resistance test". I would hope every is fairly resistant to be tasered repeatedly. This Doctor assured me it wasn't an actual Taser. "Tasers have prongs which shoot out from across the room.", he said. This one was applied directly to my skin, with conductive gel for a good jolt. The nurse had told me that I would have some small needles inserted into various places in my arms and hands. "They are real small needles, like acupuncture- not like hypodermic needles." I guess she's only ever HEARD of acupuncture... because these were NOT the small needles. This was more like sharpened electrical fencing wire- I have seen finer gauge hypodermics used on horses!
   The Doc's only comment about the results of the test was "You have been putting off this surgery for awhile, haven't you?" as he directed me to make another appointment back with the surgeon. (Who will discuss the test results with me.) The repeat visit at the surgeon's office is Monday the 14th.
   Yesterday was the blood pressure follow up visit with Dr. Benjamin. 127/70. (SCORE!) I admitted I have only been taking 1/2 of the prescribed dose. He was good with that, since I got good results. We also discussed the stinking seasonal allergies, which have resulted in my annual respiratory infection. I left the office with four prescriptions. One antibiotic, one "dose pack" of prednisolone, and two different nasal sprays.
Daniel and Sam were featured in last week's local newspaper. They were headliners, the lead story above the fold! (Second story, bigger picture... Bird eating a bug!) (Yeah, there is that much local weekly news.) The guy didn't get his facts straight. He made the hike sound like Sam's idea... after Daniel's three years of planning, Dan was credited with "going along with his brother." Sam's trail name of "Link" was given and explained. (It is the name of a video game character who plays an ocarina. Sam carried his ocarina along with him and played it at rests.) Daniel's trail name was Folklore- which was not given in the story. The story called him "Ocarina"- a fabrication by the writer. ("Folklore" was given to Dan when he mentioned they could expect rain during the coming night, based on the activity of the birds around their camp.) Pretty much every quote from Dan was attributed to Sam, and Sam's quotes attributed to Daniel. Still, front page!
On the first of the month, I hit a local truckload sale, and bought 80 lbs. of chicken leg quarters. (Maybe I ought to write a chicken cookbook!) We have had BBQ grilled chicken, grilled chicken, chicken casserole, Mexican chicken casserole, chicken pasties, cold chopped chicken on salad, and tonight: chicken gumbo! (Lest you think that is ALL we have eaten- last night we had beef and bean burritos, and one night- grilled pork chops.
I got to work 6-11 today at the Dayspring warehouse. Tomorrow, The Spoon!
I got sculpey clay to make some items for little gallon jar terrariums, but haven't gotten any further than buying the clay and "pinning" ideas on pinterest.
That has pretty much been September so far. Thanks for reading!
I also want to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my Grandson Gavin, who will be 9 on the 11th, and my brother Robbie, who shares the day.


Truth said...

How annoying that a journalist couldn't give a more accurate account on the twins story. Sounds like surgery may be in your near future.

Eighty pounds of chicken??? You must have a giant freezer. You should write a book, "90 days of Chicken Recipes" or something like that, lol.

~Tammy~ said...

Not really a giant freezer. I was surprised at the weight of the boxes. Each box is 40 lbs, and measured about 24x20x8". They fit into the chest freezer with no problem. The box does take up one entire refrigerator shelf for thawing. Mr C insisted to break it apart and cook in smaller batches. (I had planned an all day cooking marathon.)
So I held the giant block of frozen sections over the sink and ran cold water over it, working the sections loose. Since they were still frozen, we repackaged them in gallon zip bags and put them back into the freezer to use as we needed to. I think the package said there were 35-50 quarters per box. I did note there was only 7% "solution" added to these. The last bag I bought at the grocery store was 15% "solution". ("solution"! Ha. Fancy name for salted water!)