Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Oh boy, a fresh new year!

I am trying to get new habits going in the new house. The kitchen stays clean. Beds made, bathrooms presentable. Laundry washed, folded and put up on the same day...
It isn't always all done. But I am trying. Even the guys are trying. Most of the time.
We had a great visit with Becky and Tommy and 3/5 of the grands. 6 out of 10 were here for at least a few days together. We didn't get too stressed, even though everyone was cooped up in close quarters, due to record breaking rainfall.
There are some new pictures up at Moocrew3 .
Tom had a nice 60th birthday, very low key. We made a pumpkin cheesecake. He had already found his guitar, so played that awhile, and was thoroughly clambered on by grandkids.

This past week, he had off on vacation. With no place to go, he worked on the garage. He built a storage shelf from scrap lumber. We unpacked lots of boxes, and have been dropping items off at the local thrift store so often, I am pretty sure they should assign us our own place to park.

Today is my first day home alone in weeks. I got my basic chores out of the way, and have spend a good deal of time working on the pantry. We have been living out of the boxes in it, for the most part. I got in there and unpacked boxes and did re-arranging.   
 This is the pantry at the moment....
And the next picture is taking a step back from the pantry... all of the non-pantry items that have been stowed away in it since the move. Mostly DVD's and a few VHS cassettes.

I got a good sale on ham at Aldi last week. Tonight, ham and beans. Since Sam has class tonight, he will get leftovers of his choice for his supper. Believe me, ham is never a leftover of his choosing. (That Sam I am, he doesn't like ham!)

That pile of stuff is just going to keep sitting there, mocking me, until I go deal with it. So I will say, have a blessed day and Thank you for reading!

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