Friday, December 25, 2015

Good Morning! A Blessed day to All!

The house is coming along... Unpacking, unpacking, and more unpacking. And hanging pictures!
 These two water color prints were done by Tom's sister Angie. They have been packed away for several years- waiting frames.
 They hang near the china hutch!
This very pretty lithograph has been boxed up and moved several times... always waiting for me to get it framed. This move, I was determined to finally do so. I measured it, and carried the measurements AND a small tape measure with me! I visited several thrift stores, and found this beautiful matted frame holding a lithograph that I thought was really awful. It was the perfect size... and $5.00. The peaceful shepherd scene looks like it was always intended for this frame. (Unfortunately, it did suffer a mishap. I broke the glass in putting the back onto the frame. The new glass was $23!)

I am so excited... Becky and the kids are headed this way today. And if Mr C has learned of it, he is keeping quiet. He does know Tommy is coming up for a few days, tomorrow. Tommy had planned to ride with Becky. Becky had planned to arrive Sunday. But there is a major storm system that is threatening to drop 3" to 11" of snow over the weekend across the route she will be driving. Her sweet hubby encouraged her to come early... and that interfered with a commitment Tommy has tonight. Still, we shall have four of the kids here for his 60th birthday! (Ben couldn't get off work, but he and Paula may get to come next month.)

Mr C discovered the guitar before we moved, so has had that part of his birthday gift presented to him already. I have quite a bag of smaller gifts collected. Two of his sisters went together and sent him a gift card, which arrived yesterday.

When he got home last night, he mentioned that he had forgotten he needed to take a covered dish to work today, and had thought of running to WM for something. However, it was 5:58pm. WM closed until 7:00am Saturday at 6:00 pm. Even at a scant mile from here to there, 2 minutes just wasn't enough. I was going to send some "sweet and sour" green beans. Tom was reluctant, and said he would just not take anything. Turns out he doesn't LIKE my S&S green beans, so assumes no one else would either. I got up at 5 and made some scalloped potatoes that he took quite willingly.

 I have stuff laid out thawing now, to make a lasagna. Becky is doing Trim Healthy Mama, and Tom and I are attempting to get back on plan with THM... so I am going to use zucchini instead of pasta in the lasagna. I can make a big pan of it up, and it should be ready by the time Becky arrives. Depending on how early she starts this way- and how often she has to stop-  she could be here before dark. And dark sure comes early!

On the downside of this visit... it is supposed to rain for the next three days straight. Local weather guessers are predicting a record breaking amount of rain. So the kids will be trapped inside a vehicle for nine or so hours, and then inside the house for the next several days. Last week's rain had us worried that water pooling in the yard was going to run over the foundation and into the house... and that wasn't record breaking rainfall.
Guess I best be getting on with the unpacking + laundry + sweeping, mopping, and general clean up + guest set up! Have a blessed day and Thanks for reading!

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