Tuesday, February 2, 2016


I dreamed of Stacey last night. Like I often dream of Bill Joe... while we are talking, I enjoy the visit, but at the same time know they are dead. They know they are dead as well... but dead doesn't mean they aren't still in existence. It means they have moved out of their fleshly body on to the realm of the Spirit. In our visit last night, Stacey showed me that there is a doorway, or gate if you prefer... between this life and the life with the Father. The gate is always there, but our mortal eyes cannot see it until it is time to decide- Do I want what is on the other side more than I want my life here?
  In my dream, Stacey told me she was given that choice... stay here, or go through the door. She told me she saw so many people who loved her, waiting there to welcome her. She saw the Lord standing by the path- not rushing her. Did she want to come now, or stay longer in her mortal body? She laughed and said that this was what she had waited her whole life for- meeting Him. She told me grieving is for those who stand on this side, but one day every one she left behind will understand- there is no sorrow on the other side of that door.

I woke up with less grief. If it is only my mind putting these so-real encounters into my dreams, I would rather keep on dreaming them. It shortens the time until I see Bill Joe, Roger, my Grannies and Papa. I awake feeling as if I HAVE visited with them awhile, and now have to go on with my job here. Our time on earth is short in comparison to the eternal.

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