Thursday, February 18, 2016


Valentine's Day isn't really "celebrated" at our house. I sent the grandkids a card and a couple of dollars each, instead of the little box of chalky conversation hearts I used to send. Mr C said he wasn't getting me anything. That's pretty usual. I about fell over the one year he got ALL of us a box of candy and flowers. I didn't get him anything either. No heart shaped goodies were either purchased nor hand formed this year.
However, since long before we moved to the new house, Tom has been talking about us needing new furniture. He hated the set I picked out (with his permission, if not his supervision) the entire 10+ years we owned it. Green microfiber sectional, with reclining love seat and hide a bed couch. Well worn, and filthy despite many cleanings. Moving here was not only hard on the furniture... but the furniture simply did not fit the layout of this house. We got rid of the corner piece of the sectional, and I have kept my eye out at second hand shops for a couple of months.
The day prior to Valentine's Day, Tom mentioned we should just do it- buy new furniture. I suggested some of the second hand stores, but he wanted new. So, on Valentine's Day, we went furniture shopping. A local store was having a gigantic moving sale, as they close one warehouse showroom and move to another. That was where we went.
*MY* chair is the white two piece "Grandma Kathie"  on the left

The 'bonded' leather couch does NOT fold out into a bed.

We bought "separates", rather than a set.

Poor Jaffa. He was suddenly bereft of his favorite lounging places. Mean old Mom had started out not allowing dogs on the old furniture. I was chasing them off every time I turned around. Tom and the boys would allow the dogs onto the furniture when I wasn't around. Mixed messages don't confuse dogs TOO much, as long as the people who order them around are consistent. When I would walk into the room, the dogs would reluctantly get off the furniture the guys had allowed them on.
Eventually, I gave up trying. However, with the new stuff, Jaffa has met a consistent front. He is NOT allowed on the furniture. He has been AMAZINGLY good. No one has caught him on any of it. Not so much as a hair, or doggy shaped indentation.
He does like to be elevated though. I took an old PVC laundry sorter frame, and re-purposed it into Jaffa's very own bed. The cloth is Velcro-ed on, so it can be removed for washing.
Good Dog

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