Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Public Speaking

Yesterday, my three youngest sons all had public speaking engagements. Tommy (Stephen) gave a short sermon in his Homiletics class. He got a 100 score! Tommy's class was at CFNI in Dallas, and I wasn't able to attend. However, one of his classmates recorded him and posted it to Facebook. So I did get to see it, and hear it (if I listened closely!).
  Later in the evening, Daniel and Sam were the guest speakers at a seminar at Lewis and Clark Outfitters in Springdale. Thursday they will do a second seminar at Lewis and Clark Outfitters Roger's location. For an unscripted gathering, they did an awesome job. I expect Thursdays engagement will be even better.
If you are anywhere close to Roger's, AR on Thursday, the seminar starts at 6:30 pm, at the Lewis and Clark store just off Highway 49. Mr C won't get to attend this second session.  Daniel ended the evening last night by reciting the poem he wrote on the anniversary of starting the hike. He left the audience wowed.

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