Saturday, May 28, 2011

Becky and Stephen

Today is my daughter's and son-in-law's fifth anniversary. Congratulations, Becky and Stephen! They are still as happy and as in love as newlyweds.
Becky met Stephen online. It was all my fault, Mr C likes to say.
I was brand new to the internet, and had googled "twins". Researching the many thousands of interesting websites led me to iVillage, and their community boards. iVillage had more than boards on twins... they had "40-ish Parents", "Raising Kids in A Rural Area", and "Tons of Kids" boards. I made friends online... a remarkable thing for me. I have never been very good at making friends.

I got to know Nola from the Raising Kids in a Rural Area board. We would "talk" almost every day via instant messenger. More often than not, Nola and I had "parrots" on our shoulders. Becky standing behind me, and Stephen standing behind Nola. If Nola and I had to leave the computer, we encouraged Becky and Stephen to talk to one another... home schooled kids getting an opportunity to socialize.

One of Nola's lifelong friends moved to the area where I lived. Nola came to visit on a vacation, and we got to meet in person! Becky was gone the first time Nola came by, but the second time, Stephen and Becky finally got to meet in person. Soon, Stephen was making the five hour drive to visit us without his Mom!

They didn't rush things... they were friends for four or five years before they were old enough to even consider getting married.
Now, they have 2.3 children and are living a life blessed by God.
Happy Anniversary, Becky and Stephen!


truth said...

What a great story! Why didn't I know that? Happy Anniversary Becky & Stephen.

SandyAnnDee said...

Happy Anniversary to them! What a sweet story!

Becky said...

6 years Ma!