Wednesday, May 4, 2011

May the Fourth Be With You

I love that one!
An issue at work Saturday left me shaking my head. I HOPE the kid was kidding, but I fear he is not.
At 18 years old, and graduated from high school... he was supposed to mop the bathroom at work. He set up the wet floor cones. He got the mop and bucket... whether he used clean water or not is debatable.
And he mopped slopped water all over the bathroom floor. Despite used tissue and paper towels and other debris on the floor.

When the Assistant manager asked him, "Why didn't you SWEEP before you mopped?"
"You didn't TELL me to sweep first."
"DUDE! You always sweep before you mop... it's PART of mopping!"

The kid passed it off as a joke. But as we all kidded him about it later... he still lives at home and his MOM cleans his room.
I have left notes in the break room suggesting that when the younger employees spill food and soda, they should clean it up right away... Momma does NOT work here.

My kids, by 18, may of had me clean their room a couple of times... but they were NOT happy about it. Because if *I* cleaned their room, they were in trouble and stood to "lose" much of their "treasure". (Mom cleaned with trash bags.)

The other young people I work with had "tougher" lives. They had to clean their own rooms. It shows in they do know how to clean things now. They can sweep and mop without step by step instructions. They can one and all cook a meal. And operate simple household appliances, such as washing machines and vaccuums. (Sadly, Sam hasn't mastered the "dryer" and "dishwasher" yet. He can get the clothes INTO the dryer... but fails to remember to turn it on. Sam  also forgets to turn on the dishwasher.) But, there is hope, he is just 14... so before he is old enough to be on his own, he ought to have mastered these appliances.

These life skills DO have to be taught. A friend has gained two step children, when their custodial parent passed away. At 16 and 18, these two kids have no clue how to do the most basic of chores. Their custodial parent didn't learn the skills to pass on to these kids. So it is an uphill battle in remedial life skills just for them to learn that you tuck a shower curtain inside the bathtub before showering. You do not pile wet, dirty clothes onto the floor of your carpeted closet. Girls do not leave menstrual messes all over the bathroom.

It is sad that kids are growing up so coddled they cannot look after themselves.
That many lack common courtesy and respect for their fellow citizens.
OK, ranting is over.

Once more Happy May 4th.
 May the fourth be with you!

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