Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Today is Tom's sister Angie's birthday.
It is also Volunteer Appreciation day at the library. The boys arrived a bit later than normal for their volunteering today, as the "appreciation" is from 4-6pm. No sense in making two trips to town. We arrived around 3, and they will get their gifts and such, and we will head for the house some time around 5 or so. (We decided on Sonic's half-price hamburgers for supper, and they start that at 5:00pm.)

The new fish seem to be adapting OK to life in a fish tank. I laughed yesterday when I noticed one of the newbies is already following me around when I go near the tank. he has figured out that a person near the tank usually means FOOD!

I don't recall what I was dreaming about last night, but I do remember I dreamed I was hiding in a very small space. I woke up curled into a tight ball and aching all over. I stretched out and slept a few more minutes before the alarm went off, but I can sure tell I slept tensed up.

Well, I don't have too much going on today... same stuff, different day. (My cleaner version of SSDD). Work has been VERY busy. With so many new stores opening across the nation, they have asked for a lot of items back that we normally stock several of... resulting in me having pages and pages of shipping each day, rather than just a few items per category. After the endless days of rain, the sun coming out has spiked sales, so I had a bountiful amount of incoming freight today. I didn't get off until NOON!

And here it is... time to relinquish the computer, my hour on it is up. Have a blessed day!

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