Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Almond Herding

Since I am lactose intolerant, I discovered Almond milk. Very tasty stuff. Daniel and Sam and I got to musing on just how one would go about milking an almond. Their udders must be VERY tiny. This is why almond milk is rather expensive.
But as long as you are running a herd of almonds for their milk, you must consider other ways to make your herd pay. After all, not all almonds are milk producers!
You have your protein almonds... the favorite cuts being slivered or sliced. (Some uncouth people DO prefer chops!) Almonds served blanched, or roasted and salted. My favorite is the smoked almond... though smoking them tends to tear up your rolling papers.
Your almond ranch need not be vast to accomodate the almond needs of the average family. However, the climate has to be right... and I don't think Arkansas is going to be a great state for running a herd of almonds.
Ok... yes, we do have a tendancy to be silly.
If you don't already know, we have pictures of the recent trip to Texas up at http://www.moocrew3.shutterfly.com/pictures
Be blessed and thanks for reading.

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MOM said...

golly who knew.....when I was a kid growing up around all those almond ranches in California, that they even produced milk!!!!