Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Tuesday at The Library

After almost a week of being "internet deprived", we are once again back online at home. We unplugged our modem router last week when thunderstorms blew through, and it promptly went out once it was plugged back in afterwards. Took the internet provider almost a week to get us a new router. I think Mr C found out he had a tougher time without the 'net than I do!

The boys refinished my big old rocker. It has lived out on the covered porch since we moved from our home in Marlow nine years ago... and I had had it a year or more before we moved. The finish was wearing off and the wood beginning to crack. It was sanded down... (May I point out that the use of power tools adds an entirely new level of enthusiasm to tasks being done by those of the masculine persuasion?)... restained, and now has had a layer of polyurethane added. I got another can of poly, so that it can have a second coat, but we haven't gotten that far yet. If I had thought to bring my camera to the library, I could of added pictures!

My boys are fixing to turn SIXTEEN! In less than 2 weeks. Things that interest them now include: Dirigibles, "old" things, which they term collectively 'steampunk'. (Though they do not embrace the modern steampunk styles that show a lot of ....er... cleavage and skin.) They like rocks, metal, and chemistry. Lately they have been experimenting with home brewing of sodas. Both still enjoy blacksmithing, chain maille making, and cooking. Yes, even Sam the Reluctant chef, has begun to experiment with food. Sam wants to learn to play the cello. Daniel is still into hiking, and would still like to tackle the Appalachian Trail. In case I failed to mention it here, both boys are now employed at a local Mennonite restaurant. Dan washes dishes on Thursdays, and is their fish fryer on Fridays. Sam took over Dan's Friday dishwashing. Sam says working for the Mennonites is great, they set such a great example of modesty.

I have gained back all the weight I lost in the last year and a half. My stamina and strength has gone away. Yesterday I began walking again, with just a mile. Using the small hand weights to get some arm strength back. One night last week, the boys were out cartwheeling, flipping and leaping about the yard. They didn't believe I knew how to do a cartwheel. So I showed them. My last cartwheel, ever. I seriously thought I had cracked the bone in my arm, but after the first 48 hours, it felt much better. I could just imagine me going in to the Doctor, trying to explain why I attempted a cartwheel at 51+ years old.

Well, that's about all I can think of for now. Thank you for your continued prayers.

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